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What it takes to be a good president of the United States

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Only the aware people can free America and the earth from the power elite

Only the more aware people can change the destiny of America

How can America be one nation under God?

A democracy must have a foundation of common, reliable knowledge

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Section: Higher Awareness Solutions to America’s Problems

Articles about how higher awareness can contribute to solving America’s problems

Sharing the wealth of America with the people who create it

Taking America from human judgment to higher discernment

From the United States of America to the United Peoples of America

What does it mean to be an American?

The New American Creed

Winning the political game in the Age of Higher Awareness

Total transparency in government

Freeing America from the slavery of capitalism

Why Americans do not demand better leadership

The power elite and American foreign policy

Americans have a right to demand better leaders

A higher form of democracy in America

Americans must overcome the false Jesus

Is America a Christian or a Buddhist nation?

Section: Choosing America’s future

Will America be a compassionate or a confrontational nation?

A natural versus an unnatural economy

Is it possible to preserve American democracy?

Do you want to be comfortable or take America to the next level?

A natural economy based on natural energy

A good president must be neutral and represent all Americans

Only women can bring change to American society

Is America a free society?