Total transparency in government

There is a sentence that has always been a guiding light, not only for America but for democracy in general. It is that there is a government “with the consent of the governed.” In other words, the people who are being governed are in agreement with the government and how it functions. This also means that in a truly democratic nation, whether a republic or another form of democracy, a government only has legitimacy when it has the consent of the governed. 

What does it take for a government to have the consent of the governed? Is it enough that every four years the governed go to a little booth and put a mark on a piece of paper and vote in representatives? Then, in those four years, the representatives can do whatever they want and, come four years, they will either be voted back in or they will be voted out. Is that the consent of the governed?

So what does it take to have a government that has the consent of the governed? In order to describe this, we need to use a word that scares the power elite more than any other word on earth. Nothing scares the manipulators, the hidden power elite that attempts to run any country, more than this word. What is the word? “Transparency.” 

How can a government have legitimacy unless it has the consent of the governed? How can it have the consent of the governed unless those governed know what is going on in government? Thus, for there truly to be the consent of the governed, there must be total, absolute, undiluted, unrestricted transparency in the government. 

A society where nothing is hidden

In the Age of Higher Awareness there will be, at some point, total transparency in all levels of government. There will, in fact, be total transparency in all levels of society. The reason for this is, of course, that there will come a point where higher awareness will release the technology to read the energetic records. There is a certain level of energy, a certain level of vibration, that serves as a recording device. It is as if there were a billion camcorders or video cameras spread throughout the earth and they are constantly recording everything that is going on. What they are recording is being stored on a massive server complex somewhere. This is just using the images you have, it is not implying that the energetic records work that way. 

Imagine that everything that happens in the hidden corridors of power, everything that is said, how decisions are made, how deals are made, all of this is recorded in these energetic records. When the time is right, the technology will be released whereby you can go into the energetic records, go back to a certain date, a certain situation and play back what happened in that location, almost as if you were the proverbial fly on the wall. Who killed JFK? Oh let us go in and play back what actually happened. Well, it was the power elite, of course. 

Just imagine what the release of this technology will do, what ramifications, what reverberations it will have throughout society when it begins to dawn on people that they cannot hide anything anymore. Now, go down to the present situation and see how many things are hidden all over the planet. Crime! Could there really be crime on earth if the criminals would always be caught? Corruption! Could there be corruption if they would always be caught in the act or at least would be caught after the act? Now apply this to the political process of the United States. There is a vast distance, a vast gap, between the public appearance of the political apparatus and what is actually going on in the corridors of power. Imagine you could remove that gap and imagine what that would do. 

In a sense you could say that if the American government functioned the way it was meant to function, it should not matter because then there would not be the gap. Because there would be such integrity among those who are part of the government apparatus that they would never naturally do anything that could not stand the light of day. 

Those who think they can get away with anything

We are not in the ideal situation. A cloud has enveloped Washington, D.C. and the people in government, both the elected representatives and those in the bureaucracy, those in the lobbying groups, those in the power elite groups and the networks and the “old boys” networks.” They all think, they all take for granted, that they can do these things and keep them hidden. In other words, they think they can do what they know the people would not accept and get away with it. 

It is exactly like Harvey Weinstein who thought he could continue to abuse women and if someone spoke up, he could just pull out his checkbook and buy their silence. These power brokers think they can do the same. They think they have gotten away with it for so long that they can continue to get away with it. There will come a day where the access to the energetic records will be released. But we do not have to wait for that day because the more aware people can work for the exposure of these hidden dealings. 

You can make the calls for the shattering of the energy veil that is clouding the minds of those in Washington, but that is also preventing those from the outside, those who are not part of the inner circle, from seeing and then exposing what is going on. If you read the book or watch the movie about the Watergate scandal, you see how two journalists kept digging and digging and how there eventually was someone who gave them more and more information, some insider who decided to expose what was going on.

You can make the calls for this to happen in many fields. You can make the calls that there will be a raising of the collective consciousness where suddenly it is as if the scales fall from people’s eyes and they look around and say: “But isn’t it obvious that there should be transparency in government? How can we have a democratic nation if we don’t have transparency? How can we give our consent to those who govern us if we don’t know what they do and say in the corridors of power? Why have we never thought about this before? Isn’t it obvious?”

It is not hopeless, it is not so that there is nothing you can do. That is another cloud that envelops America in its entirety. It has pacified the people where they think, as the saying goes: “You can’t fight city hall,” and, of course, much less can you fight Congress. Higher awareness is very optimistic because the manipulators, the power elite, they think they can get away with what they have gotten away with for so long. We know that they cannot even fathom the power of the aware people making the calls for the exposure of these hidden wheelings and dealings.

The situation is not hopeless

Truly, things are not really as hopeless as you might think they are. Look at yourselves and see if you have allowed yourself to be affected by this cloud of hopelessness, this cloud of despair, this cloud of unknowing that has enveloped the American people. Then, free yourself from it. Tune in to higher awareness and realize that all aware beings are optimists because they see the hidden potential of how it is possible to awaken the American people and to make them stand up. 

Imagine that there was a million-man march in Washington demanding transparency in government. Who could object to this? One way to outmaneuver the manipulators is to put them in a situation, as they are so good at doing to you, where they have no way out. Because if you demand transparency in government, who in the government can oppose this without exposing that they are not committed to democratic principles and the constitution?

They will attempt to hide behind  national security. “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” Nevertheless, one may allow certain things to remain hidden for the sake of national security (as artificial of a concept as that it is, or at least has become). Yet, certainly, you cannot say that the old boy’s network, who are making wheeling’s and dealings in the Senate or the House, that this is covered by national security, at least when it has nothing to do with military secrets or any such things. Surely, there will be things that cannot be pushed under the rug upon which it says “national security.” 

This can be a real awakening, a galvanizing of people, where they realize that: “We actually have a right to demand transparency.” This can have many ramifications. We have talked about the gauntlet of running for office. It is, of course, true that people should not have to be selected through such an aggressive process. Nevertheless, it has also had the effect of making people realize that if you have skeletons in the closet, it may not be the best idea to run for public office in the current situation. As it has selected certain people (of the balanced people) who have withdrawn from the process, there are also some very corrupt people who have decided to withdraw from the process because they were afraid that certain things would be exposed in their past that they did not really want exposed. 

When the aware people do the work, then you can have a situation where this will be reinforced so that those who are corrupt will not dare to run for office, those who are the compromisers will not dare to run for office. You can get into a situation where those who have something to hide cannot run. Only those who have nothing to hide can run. Who are those who have nothing to hide? Those who are honest, those who have integrity.

Hiding something is not human nature

When we are talking about transparency and exposing everything, we are going against what we might call one of the characteristics of “human nature.” This is not truly human nature, but it is the dualistic, separate self, the nature of that self. The separate self has something to hide and always wants to hide because it wants to have special privileges, it wants to get away with things, it wants to do something that it thinks is for its own good and then hide how it actually harms others. 

This is the essence of the power elite. They want to establish a privileged position for themselves by taking away the wealth of the people but they do not want the people to know about it. You will also find among many, many normal people that there is that certain element of wanting to hide something. There is a certain resistance in the collective psychology towards total transparency.

You already have this concept of the surveillance society, “Big Brother is watching you,” and the manipulators are very clever at using this. They will actually attempt to use this to say that: “Well, if you the people are demanding transparency in government, you should also be subjected to have total transparency so that you can’t hide anything.” Many people will actually then withdraw and say: “Ah well, we’ll just let the politicians hide something so we can continue to hide what we don’t want out.”

Transparency and privacy 

What will happen as we move towards the Age of Higher Awareness is that this will begin to fade away. There will be a realization that the majority of the people may have certain things to hide but they do not have nearly as much to hide as those in the power elite, those in the governing elite, those who are in the political apparatus. They have much more to hide so they have much more to lose from transparency than you do.

There will come a point where people will recognize that of course you have a right to privacy. We are not talking about using the energetic records to go back and spy on what you are doing in your home. That is not how the energetic records would be used. You have a right to set a standard for those who govern you and it is not a matter of exposing their private lives, not even their sexual improprieties that many people have indulged in as they were young. It is a matter of exposing that which is clearly corrupt, that which is clearly the “old boys network” and you have a right to demand that this gap between what they say and what they do is removed because they cannot hide what they do.

The more aware people can become forerunners for this by coming to the point where there is nothing you feel you need to hide. The reason the manipulators and unaware forces, have an inroad into your consciousness is that you have some unresolved psychology. When you resolve that psychology, you come to the point that Jesus described as: “The prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me.” The ultimate form of protection is transparency. Whatever the lower forces direct at you, goes right through because there is nothing in you that can create a reaction, there is nothing in you that they can stir up. You know very well that the rays of the sun will make things get hot but only that which has mass can become hot. The unresolved psychology, the misqualified energies in your four lower bodies, is something that has mass and the lower forces can direct energy at it and stir it up and agitate you. When it is not there, there is nothing that these lower fear-based energies can hit and stir up. There comes that point where you actually do not need protection because you are transparent and that is the ultimate defense.

Shaking the foundations of the power elite

This is not something you can make the American public see in the near future, but you can certainly be instrumental in helping people see that the further you go back in time, you see that it was easier and easier for people to hide something. You can also help people see that in any dictatorship, the dictator has always been able to hide certain things. You may say that the German people supported Hitler but the German people did not have the full understanding of what was going on with the Holocaust, because they certainly would not have supported that.

You can see how, during the thousand years where the Catholic church had a stranglehold on the minds of Europe, it was because they had excluded all competing knowledge and teachings, such as the Greek philosophers. They were actively suppressing anyone who questioned their authority, and any dictatorship has to do this in order to stay in power because even a dictator needs the consent of the governed. It is a limited consent because it is based on the people not fully understanding what is going on.

In a democratic nation with the Constitution of the United States and your inalienable rights, you can see that you cannot allow yourself to have the government hide from you in the same way as a dictatorial government is hiding things from the people. If your government has as much secrecy and as much hidden wheelings and dealings as they have in China or Russia, what makes you think your government is any better? You have a right to demand that higher level of transparency—if your government claims to be more legitimate than the governments of Putin or China. Of course, they all do, do they not? Do they not all take pride in: “Oh, America is a free nation, we are not like Russia or China.” Well, then walk your talk. 

Give people the transparency because the real difference between a free nation and a dictatorship is simply the level of transparency. The more transparency in government, the more freedom in that nation. The less transparency, the less freedom. It can be no other way. This is not rocket science. It is what should be common sense and common knowledge and common awareness.

The more aware people realize that when you resolve your psychology, you have no need to hide anything. There are many among the American people who also really have nothing to hide in their private lives. They have never done anything in their lives that they would be ashamed of admitting publicly. They have integrity. They have honesty. These people can be galvanized to realize that they do not care that you have greater transparency because they have nothing to hide. 

Only those who have something to hide will oppose transparency. This is what you can project into the collective consciousness until there is that awakening. People suddenly look around and say: “This is obvious. Why haven’t we demanded this before? Let’s go to Washington. Let’s print up the banners. Let’s go there and demand : TRANS-PA-REN-CY, TRANS-PA-REN-CY, TRANS-PA-REN-CY.” When a million people do that, you will shake the foundations of the power elite in America. When you ratify it, when the people stand up and bring it into the physical, it will make a difference.