Brief thoughts about America

The American president and guidance from higher awareness

Higher awareness was instrumental in inspiring the founding fathers of America to establish this nation with a form of government that was an alternative to the kingdoms of Europe. The principles upon which the United States of America is built were nothing short of revolutionary at the time, given that most nations had a tyrannical form of government with all power concentrated in the hands of one king or emperor and his closest advisors.

As a result, the people themselves had virtually no say over their own destiny or the destiny of their nations. At the whim of the king – who in many cases had severe mental problems as a result of inbreeding among the royal families of Europe – their nation could be plunged into war at a moment’s notice. It was indeed to give the people influence over their destiny that a new nation was founded on the concept of inalienable rights for all people, meaning rights that no institution on earth – neither king, nor emperor nor president – had the right to take away or violate.

These rights are sacred rights, meaning inviolable. As such they can exist only in a nation that holds something sacred—as opposed to a nation that either thinks might is right – as the typical tyranny – or thinks there is no God and thus nothing is really sacred, but everything is defined by the human ego, which has now become trapped in its own circular logic.

And while the concept of inalienable rights – even when written into the Constitution – is no substitute for the discernment of higher awareness, it was a good first step toward the form of government that will be enacted in the Age of Higher Awareness. It was the design, that as we neared the end of the previous age, a critical mass of people would begin to embody the inner teachings of Jesus and embody higher awareness. Whereby they could become the instruments for taking government to a higher level, of not simply being guided by outer rules but also being guided by higher awareness.

It simply is not possible to write rules for everything. And even if it were possible, it would not be in alignment with the higher laws, for the Law of Free Will mandates that people must always make decisions and reap the consequences—as the main tool for people’s growth in consciousness. Thus, while working with the founding fathers to establish the first modern democracy, higher awareness was well aware of the limitations of a democratic form of government, first of all that it can only survive in the long run if a critical mass of people attain a critical degree of discernment. For no rules can guarantee the survival of democracy against those trapped in the duality consciousness—who are willing to twist any rule in order to re-establish their modern version of the feudal societies in which the power elite has unchallenged power and privilege.

Guidance for those lacking higher discernment

At the time of the founding of this nation, there was not a critical mass of people with the necessary degree of discernment. Even the founding fathers themselves did not have sufficient diescernment, as an honest study of their lives will reveal. For example, the person who penned the Declaration of Independence and spoke of inalienable rights, Thomas Jefferson, was unwilling to give up his comfortable lifestyle based on slavery. Higher awareness made up for this lack in order to get this nation founded.

Higher awareness can make discernment available to the sitting government, so that its members, and especially the president, can access it when they are willing to attune their minds to it and seek higher guidance. For example, George Washington during the revolutionary war often prayed for Divine guidance and received it as his mind was open and able to grasp my directions. The same for Abraham Lincoln and a majority among the other presidents.

This guidance is always subject to the Law of Free Will, which means a person can receive only what his or her mind is open to receiving. Thus, it is entirely possible that a person can have preconceived opinions and beliefs that the person is not willing to question or look beyond. And thus, the person simply cannot receive guidance, which, of course, is not confined to any man-made belief systems but given from the level of higher awareness—although stepped down to some degree, but not to the degree of compromising the higher principles.

Throughout the history of this nation, no president has had the sufficient level of discernment to be a true leader of the American experiment. Thus, the very survival of this nation has been secured ONLY by the fact that every president had access to higher awareness, which has the potential to make up for any lack on the part of humans in embodiment. Thus, in many cases, this guidance provided the crucial difference that helped a president – or his advisors – make the decision that secured the survival of the nation. Of course, given free will, there have also been many instances, where a president ignored this guidance and made decisions that endangered the survival of the nation. Yet on balance, so far the nation has survived and has moved forward, although it has at times been a bumpy road.

America does not have to fight anti-christ

The American government has fallen into precisely the trap of thinking it has to save the world. This nation was founded to represent higher awareness in the world, to represent higher truth. And thus, America has a role to act not only as a bastion for freedom, but as an ambassador for freedom, to bring freedom and a more enlightened form of government around the world.

America has become unbalanced, thinking that it has to do this by fighting those that it identifies as the representatives of anti-Christ, be it Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China or Muslim terrorism. There are of course forces in the world who represent anti-Christ. Yet if you think that you can bring the kingdom of God by using violence and force and military might to destroy all the forces of anti-Christ, then you have not understood the teachings of Christ. For did he not say, resist not evil, but turn the other cheek? Ah, and how can you turn the other cheek and keep turning the other cheek when they hit you again and again? Well, you can do so only when you have the non-attachment of the Buddha—is it not so?

For otherwise, when they hit you the first time – or the tenth time – you will become angry and think you have to do something to stop them. But you see, what America should have done after 9/11 was to literally – and figuratively – turn the other cheek. And that would have done more to bring about the judgment of the forces of anti-Christ than anything that has been done through military might and billions and trillions of dollars—that could have been used better to feed the sheep of Christ.

The awakening that needs to happen is indeed an awakening of the American people to the reality, that even thought they have a mission and a sponsorship, they have taken that mission in a wrong direction by becoming unbalanced, by becoming too eager, by becoming too focused on and attached to specific outer results. So that instead of reaching for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, they have sought to use the superior military power to force those results that they thought had to come about.

Those who exemplify – who embody that state of consciousness to the ultimate degree – are those who are members of the power elite. The vast majority of these people are absolutely convinced that they are doing the right thing. Many of them are even convinced that they are doing the work of God or serving the cause of Christ. For they truly believe that they are superior to the people, and therefore they should rule the people and rule this nation.

This is completely contrary to the true goal of awakening the people, whereas it is the forces of anti-Christ, the false teachers of anti-Christ, who want to force the people into the fold of what they define as the true kingdom of God according to their dualistic standard. This hardened mindset has imprisoned Washington D.C. and the entire Federal Government in the United States, thereby blinding them to the Middle Way, the Middle Way that could have avoided the national embarrassment of Iraq. The American government will gradually start coming back to – or rather will start finding for the first time – that Middle Way.

For there to be true change in the Middle East, there must first be true change in America. For America is now so invested in the Middle East – through their involvement with Iraq, through their involvement with Israel and other countries – that there is no way to bring about a peaceful situation in the Middle East without America participating.

But there is no way to bring about peace unless America first comes to its senses, first comes to the Middle Way and finds a balance, realizing what it truly means to be a representative of Christ in the world rather than falling into the trap of playing one of the dualistic roles defined by the unconscious mind.