Freeing America from the slavery of capitalism

We will build upon the concept of this compulsive desire for winning that you see in the American national psyche. One outcome of this is that many Americans think that America won the Cold War because the Soviet Union was dissolved and communism had to retreat and the people were freed from the communist yoke. This is, of course, correct in the sense that people in the former Soviet Union or those in the Warsaw Pact have been freed from the yoke of communism, at least to a larger or smaller extent, smaller in Russia than in most of the other former Soviet Republics or Warsaw countries.

Have Americans been freed from capitalism?

However, before Americans become too overexcited about having won the Cold War, we might look the other way and ask ourselves: “Have Americans been freed from capitalism?” The fact of the matter is that capitalism and communism formed the archetypal example of a dualistic polarity. Totally created by the manipulators, totally set up to be in a never-ending, irresolvable, irreconcilable struggle and conflict. 

Of course, you can say the struggle ended in the sense that communism collapsed but has it ended in the sense that has the other dualistic polarity ended, has capitalism ended? There are, of course, many Americans who would say: “No, and we don’t want capitalism to end because capitalism is the greatest economic system and it is a free economy of free enterprise.” It is one of the greatest illusions in America that people think a capitalist economy is the same as free enterprise. There is nothing free about a capitalist economy—except that the power elite have total freedom to exploit the people. Of course, the freedom to exploit is not really a freedom, at least not a freedom that is found in the Constitution. 

Capitalism is a form of slavery

A great breakthrough would be to radiate into the collective consciousness this awareness that capitalism has only one purpose, and that is to enslave the people under a small power elite. We can look to the communist system and see that it was a system controlled by a small party elite who had the physical means to control the people. This was brought about by an unrestricted willingness to kill those who opposed the system. In the Soviet Union, this was initiated by Stalin who was willing to kill any amount of people that either opposed him or whom he thought opposed him. In China you saw the “Great Chairman Mao” being likewise willing to kill any number of Chinese that he thought opposed him. 

This is one way that the manipulators like to set themselves up in control of the people. By creating the physical control, the physical power apparatus whereby they can kill anyone who opposes the system and therefore forces people to go into this state where they basically have a choice: “Do I want to stay in embodiment or don’t I?” If I do, I must submit to the system because if I object, I will instantly be killed and possibly my entire family will be killed as well. There is no blame here that so many people submitted to this system. There was not really that much else they could do unless they wanted to go out of embodiment. 

It is, of course, relatively easy to see for many Americans that there was a power elite, that there were a certain type of beings who had this total insensitivity to life. What is much harder for Americans to see – but what needs to be seen – is that the capitalist system is not free, it is not a free economy. It is a system created by another group of manipulators who also have the desire to control but who have a different approach as to how they accomplish this. These manipulators are, one might say, more subtle, more clever in a way than the manipulators who created the Soviet Union. They have realized that as the collective consciousness has been raised, there has come a point where people have become aware of certain of the more obvious forms of suppression and the people have become willing to revolt against this. 

They, of course, saw that this was what actually led to the birth of the American nation, as out-pictured in the saying of Thomas Paine: “Give me liberty or give me death!” You see that in the Soviet system where they were totally willing to kill, it attracted people who wanted to stay in embodiment and did not want to be killed. In America you have seen a certain amount of people who have the attitude: “Give me liberty or give me death,” and the manipulators saw that it would be impossible (or at least very, very difficult) to control America in the same overt way through physical means as it was done in the Soviet Union. This did not mean they gave up. They simply said: “Well how can we, then, control people, how can we gain control of the American nation?” 

How the elite perverts freedom

What the manipulators will always do is they will seek to take something that is given for the benefit of the people and make use of it. What can they do in America? Well, they can take the concept of freedom and make full use of it so that they can do absolutely anything they want, because they have set themselves up as an untouchable elite that is not even seen by the people, or at least not seen for what they are. You might say that the manipulators who controlled the Soviet Union were also, in a sense, a hidden elite. Even though people knew there was a party elite who was running the system, they were still not really seen for who they were. They exercised control by restricting the freedom of the people in a very obvious manner. At the same time, they had to pay a price for that in the sense that they themselves also had to, at least to some degree, follow the system.

It is clear, for example, that even though the party elite could take to themselves certain privileges, there was a limit to what they could take. For example, they might have a bigger apartment than most of the people in the nation but it was not a mansion. They might have a dacha in the country, a summer house in the country, but it was not a palace because there simply was not the money in the economy to support that. What you saw in the Soviet Union was that it attracted a certain kind of manipulators who were more concerned about having power than about having money or privileges. They were more concerned about restricting the freedom of the people and less concerned about being able to do anything they wanted. 

What America attracted was another group of manipulators, who do not need or do not want that absolute physical power and control. They want a more hidden form of power, they want money but they first of all want the freedom to do anything they want, regardless of the consequences that it has for the people. They were driven by this desire to set themselves up as people who have so much money that they could use this to gain privileges that were far, far beyond the population. At the same time, they were untouchable because they were not elected. Even though it was publicly known that they had lots of money, it was not really understood how much money they had, how they were able to use this to influence the political process and how they could do whatever they wanted personally with that money. 

You simply see that with communism, it is obvious for most Americans that this was a repressive system. Capitalism is simply another form of oppression where the people are oppressed by a small elite. Most Americans have not yet awakened to see this but they certainly can. It is quite possible to have another paradigm shift where Americans wake up and suddenly see that it is obvious that there is a power elite running America behind the scenes and that we cannot allow this to go on. What you see is that the manipulators in America said: “We have a country here who gives a certain amount of personal freedom but also economic freedom. So let’s make use of this economic freedom to accumulate wealth and use that wealth to exert influence on the nation and use that wealth for our own gratification.” In other words, they were determined to take the freedom of opportunity that was given in the early days of America and use it for their own gratification. 

American businesses are inhumane

Therefore, if you apply the psychological models that have been created, you have to say that these people were the archetype of a narcissist. They did not care whatsoever about the consequences of their actions for other people, they were willing to do anything for their own gratification and they did anything. They used the economic freedom to seek to create monopolies, to destroy other businesses, to create unfair competition. This is really the hallmark of a capitalist economy, it is dog-eat-dog. It is everyone against everyone else. It is do whatever it takes to get ahead, no matter what consequences this has for other people. 

This, then, leads to a consideration of the state of American business, and especially the large corporations who are not even truly American corporations because they have now gone multinational and therefore are not truly American businesses anymore. You cannot even say that they have any loyalty to America whatsoever or any dedication to preserving the American way of life. What was created during the 1800s by these early industrialists (the financiers and those who attempted to create monopoly capitalism) was that they set American businesses on this track where business has become a fiercely competitive sport, where the only way to get ahead is to be more ruthless than the competition. 

This has, of course, created a system that is so typical for the manipulators (and that you see in the feudal systems of Europe) where the elite has absolutely no concern for how their actions affect the people. They do not care about the people whatsoever, they just look at them as tools, as a kind of property that can be exploited to an almost ultimate degree. It needs to be stated that American business, the American business climate and especially the large corporations are completely and utterly inhumane.

It is based on a complete denial of the essential humanity of the American people. They are seen only as worker bees to be exploited until they have worked themselves to death and then be discarded. There is absolutely no way to express this in diplomatic terms. It is a completely inhumane system and you see so many people who have been sucked into this system, who have been bought off with a bit larger salary than those other people, who have then spent 60-80 hours a week for 30 or 40 years until they are burned out and do not even know what to do with themselves after they retire. So many of them die within a year or two after retirement simply because they were worked to death in an inhumane system that did not care whatsoever about people but only cared about profit that then can be used to exert power and to buy privilege.

Capitalism is by nature against a free economy

It needs to be seen that capitalism is by its very nature against a free economy. It is based on destroying the freedom of the economy by destroying the freedom of the people, destroying the opportunity of the people to come up and challenge these larger businesses. It is based on destroying the competition and, of course, destroying people in the process. You see so many examples of this where businesses have used illegal, inhumane, unfair tactics to destroy the competition. You see the concept of hostile takeovers, you see how a large corporation will close a factory and fire 10,000 workers in order to boost their stock price by 10% and therefore give larger dividends to their shareholders. 

You see how, just as politics has become a game, business has become a game where it is only a matter of getting ahead, and it does not matter what is the human cost of you getting ahead. This is seen so clearly, or at least can be seen so clearly, in the 2008 financial crisis. You can even see some of the popular movies that have been made that actually, at least to some degree, portrayed the mind-set of these leaders of the investment banks and the regular banks and their attitude and how they reacted afterwards. 

What is not portrayed in these popular movies is what is going on behind the scenes, how these people actually talk amongst themselves, how they plot and plan and how they look at the people and talk about the people. I can assure you that if you could hear how some of these high level financiers talk about the people of America, talk about America’s political system and talk about America as a country, you would be shocked. Americans would simply say: “Why on earth are we allowing these people to even do business in America? Why haven’t we run them out of town tarred and feathered?” 

The reality here is that if America is to become aligned with higher awareness, more Americans, a critical mass of Americans, need to acknowledge the existence of a power elite who all suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, having absolutely no concerns whatsoever for the population. It is necessary that the people say: “How can we possibly maintain freedom in America as long as we allow these people freedom to do whatever they want and to exploit the freedom of America, to exploit the system and to exploit the people?” 

Why on earth should the majority of a population in a country allow a small elite to exploit them? Why—when you have a system where the majority have the power to vote in a new form of government that will challenge this elite and restrict their ability to exploit the people. Why should this be allowed? Again, this needs to be one of those realizations that come to a critical mass of people where they wake up and see that the emperors of business, the emperors of finance, have nothing on. 

You cannot allow people to make money on money

In the Age of Higher Awareness it will be very, very clear (and it will at some point be instituted by law as well) that in a free nation you cannot allow people to make money on money. You cannot allow them to use money to make more money. In the Age of Higher Awareness the large financial banks, the investment banks and other financial institutions that you have today will simply go the way of the dinosaurs. 

They have already become so large, and you can see in 2008 what happened. No human being could foresee or calculate the risk of these sub-prime mortgages and how they were sold off so the whole system was in danger of collapsing. It should also be possible for Americans to see that what the government did was to use the people’s money to bail out, the elite. They had created the situation that was threatening a collapse of the system and the government bailed them out. 

In the Age of Higher Awareness there will be no concept of “too big to fail.” What you see in this very concept “too big to fail” is exactly how the power elite have set themselves up so that they have created the impression that the people could not do without them. If these big investment banks were allowed to fail, then it would have such devastating effects on the economy that the people would suffer. 

Well, if you go back to the feudal system of Europe, you would see that for a long time, until that system started falling apart, many among the people actually believed that they could not exist without the feudal lords. They thought that the feudal lords were the knights who could raise an army and defend them against invasion from this or that force. Who were the feudal lords of one country defending the people against? The feudal lords of another country. 

Again, this is the power elite setting themselves up so that the people have to submit to one group of manipulators in order to protect them from another group of manipulators. What was the dynamic that the manipulators used when the Soviet Union was created? Well, Americans needed to be protected from communism and therefore they needed to submit to the elite that was running this country. They have managed to create this belief that the people cannot do without the elite and the institutions they have created.

The noble class families of America 

This is the old boys network in politics where you have this group of old families that are like the noble class of America. They have managed to put themselves in a position where they have formed a network of families who all believe that they are absolutely necessary for the survival of America, the economy and the people. They believe that the people could not do without them. They have managed to create such a network, that branches out into so many aspects of American society, that many, many people who are not part of those few families have actually come to believe the lie. They have drunk the Kool-Aid. They also believe that America and the American people could not do without the financial elite, the power elite. That is why they managed to sell the politicians (who were elected to look after the interests of the people) the lie that these investment banks were too big to fail. 

The irony is, of course, that when they are not in trouble, these very same people will hail the capitalist system and claim that the system can regulate itself! You see, when you look at the history of this, that in previous decades there were laws enacted that restricted all of these financial instruments. The dominant families then managed to gain influence over the Federal Reserve and its chairman, over presidents from Regan forward. They managed to make them believe that it was not necessary for the government to interfere with the financial markets because capitalism was such a wonderful system that the market mechanism would regulate itself and weed out those who could not make it in the system. 

This is what they say when they themselves are not in trouble. They say: “Oh, the system will just regulate itself,” but how does it regulate itself? By some businesses failing. Then, the minute their own business is in danger of failing, they say: “Oh no, now we don’t need to let the market take care of itself because our business is too big to fail.” So now the government needs to step in and do something and bail them out. Well, if capitalism is such a wonderful system, let the system work, let them fail. 

You see the hypocrisy, you see the contradiction, you see how utterly ridiculous it is to let people who are in such a state of blindness, inability to see, to let them run the economy, the financial system of this nation. All of these financial instruments that they have created are created to enrich the elite. 

Those who keep accumulating money

Ask yourself this: “What creates value? What creates something that increases the economy, adds to the wealth?” Well, you either have to bring forth an idea or an invention, you have to manufacture a product or you have to provide a service. These financial instruments created by the elite, they are not bringing forth a new idea, they are not manufacturing a product, they are not providing a service—unless you consider enriching the elite a service but certainly not a service to the people. They are not adding value to the overall economy. 

It is the labor of the people that is adding value. What are the financial instruments designed to do? To take the value that has been created by the people’s labor and concentrate it in the control of a small group of people. They are literally siphoning off the wealth created by the people and bringing it under their control. The effect of this is very simple. There is a limit to how many mansions, how many yachts, how many Rolls Royces, how many private jets you can buy. There comes a point where these people have so much money that they could not possibly spend it. That is when they go into this obsessive-compulsive reaction of wanting to accumulate more and more money. For when can you actually feel secure? 

There is a program on television that portrayes the lives of billionaires and the conclusion of what was said on this program was that all should feel sorry for the billionaires for their lives were just so stressful. It was consumed by trying to protect their money and trying to accumulate so much money that they could feel secure, and these poor people were just so stressed out that we should all have pity on them. It is true that some people do get sucked into this obsessive-compulsive disorder of feeling fundamentally insecure no matter how much money they have. It is partly (it comes with the territory) because you realize you have stolen that money by manipulating the system. You know that there is somebody else out there who is also willing to manipulate the system, and you know that there is a risk that instead of seeking to steal money from the people, they will come after you. 

It is a dog-eat-dog world and nobody can ever feel really secure when they are in that state of mind. They get to this point where they accumulate more and more money and what does it do? It takes the money out of circulation. If the money is accumulating in accounts overseas, most of them not even American accounts, then it is not being spent. If it is not being spent, then it is not being used to buy the goods and services that other people produce. That means it actually lowers the overall economy, the wealth of the economy. 

An economy that goes from crisis to crises

Whenever there is a crisis in the economy, the commentators on TV always talk about consumer spending driving the economy. Just ask yourself this: If the financial elite are taking money away from the consumers, is it not just a matter of time before we have the next crisis? That is why you see that the American economy, instead of being on a steady growth path, has gone from crisis to crisis now for a long time. You can look at the history and you can see that every time the government allows certain financial instruments, such as selling mortgages (instead of a bank holding the mortgage until it is paid back), it has resulted in a financial crisis within a few years. How many times do we need to repeat the same mistake before we realize that it just does not work, at least not for the people? 

For every time, of course, the elite have made a huge profit before the crisis manifests. If you step even further back, you understand that behind this there is a small group of manipulators, some of whom are not even concerned about money and privileges. They have only one goal: to create chaos and destruction. They want an economy that goes from crisis to crisis but is that what the American people want? Is that what the Founding Fathers wanted?

If you had a truly free economy in America, then you could look at the fact that the American people are quite willing to work, they are willing to work hard. This means that they are increasing productivity, and you can see that productivity has been increased dramatically for the past decades. If a people are willing to work and increase productivity, they are multiplying their talents. This means that the economy in that nation should be steadily growing without ever having a crisis. If you have a free economy, then the people who make money on their work and save it for their pensions, for example, they should never have to fear losing that money in a crisis. 

They should never, ever have to fear losing their life savings due to some financial crisis. If you have a free economy, you have a freedom from the risk of crisis. It is simply child’s logic, it is not rocket science. Anyone who is willing to take a look, can see this. Therefore, you can look back at the last several decades and beyond and see that the American economy has gone from one crisis to another and therefore it is not a free economy. This simply demonstrates that capitalism is not a free economy, it is not an economy that benefits the people. It is the dualistic polarity that survived the struggle with communism but America did not win, the people of America did not win, only the power elite won. 

The more aware people need to educate yourself on the money system and to spread this awareness. You can make the calls and again take what was said about the public discourse. You are not talking to other people in order to prove them wrong. In many cases you can benefit from studying that old Greek philosopher Socrates who never actually made statements but merely asked questions. You can take the teachings and you can present them, not as the statements but as a series of questions. You can ask people: “Well what do you think about this? Do you really think the economy is free when we have one crisis after another?” By doing this, you can help raise awareness and get people to think, instead of creating this antagonistic dialogue where other people feel you are trying to prove them wrong and they go into a defensive reaction and try to prove you wrong and we get into this there always has to be winners and losers. 

The economy of the Age of Higher Awareness

The vision for the Age of Higher Awareness is to create a society where there are no losers because the people of America have a free economy, a steadily growing economy. That means that the value of their labor will not be degraded by inflation, they cannot lose their life savings. They do not have to spend 30 years paying off their mortgage on the house so that they end up spending three times as much on interest payments as the price of the house. 

You have an economy where the wealth stays with the people who are using it to enjoy life and therefore are contributing to the overall growth of the economy. There will come a point where the vast majority of Americans have such financial freedom, they have a steady job, they have a steady income, they have their house, they have their pensions taken care of, and now they find they actually have money that they can use to help people in other countries or even help people in America. 

They can then use this money no longer to raise themselves but to raise the whole because the power elite have narcissistic personality disorder but the American people do not. If you look at ordinary (so to speak) Americans, they are very much willing to help. This has also been manipulated by the elite but in the Age of Higher Awareness Americans will overcome the focus on self and be willing to help others. This, of course, cannot happen until Americans are free from this manipulation of the financial capitalist elite. 

The economists who can receive new ideas

There is a movie about the financial crisis that portrays how the government reacted to it and how the secretaries involved with this were attempting to deal with the crisis. By looking at this, you can see very clearly demonstrated how the leaders of the government, the elected representatives of the government, had a very, very limited vision of what they could do about a situation like this. This is caused by the fact, as I said, that you have this small group of people who have such an influence that they have managed to make so many people buy into their basic philosophy. This is another black cloud that is not only hanging over Washington, D.C., but also over Wall Street and the financial district in New York and elsewhere. 

It is, for that matter, a worldwide phenomenon where those who are in that system are so blinded by a certain state of consciousness that they cannot really see. First of all, they could not see that the system was about to collapse, but they have very limited vision for seeing what could be done about this. It is, of course, fine that the leaders of investment banks have a limited vision because it can only lead to their banks collapsing. It is not good when those in government also have that limited vision and simply cannot see how to create a system that is of the people, by the people and for the people. 

You can make the calls for the creation of a new awareness, for the stepping forward of people who are able to tune in to these ideas and who have the expertise to formulate them and to implement them. There can, in the beginning, be a vision of a new type of economy that is not based on the exploitation of the people and therefore has the potential to become a truly free economy. The people who have the potential to receive the ideas for the higher awareness economy need to tune in, to align themselves with the vision of higher awareness and to receive these ideas and have the courage to implement them. There is a way out, there is a way to bring the economy forward. There is more than one way, of course, and higher awareness will release this to those who are in positions to do something about it.