Americans have a right to demand better leaders

Let us build on the idea that people have been fooled into fighting for the cause of freedom. Let us put out the question in the collective consciousness of America: “How can killing another human being ever advance the cause of freedom?”

If you know the teachings on the manipulators and the duality consciousness, you recognize that one of the primary things that people need to be free from on earth is the deception of the manipulators where people have been manipulated into killing each other for some epic cause. A cause that was defined by the manipulators and had either the purpose of creating chaos and destruction or the purpose of getting people to misuse their free will in order to seemingly prove God wrong. 

You see that anytime, literally anytime, where people have been manipulated into killing each other for some cause, that cause was defined by the manipulators, the entire situation was manipulated by the power elite. Therefore, truly, you never can advance the true cause of freedom if you are killing other people. As long as you think that it is necessary to kill other people, perhaps even justified in order to advance some cause, then you are not in alignment with higher awareness or the mind of Christ or the mind of the Buddha. 

Would Jesus abuse children?

Consider the consciousness where, because people feel like sinners, they are not willing to speak out. They think that they are not worthy to speak out and therefore they remain silent in the face of abuse, manipulation and lies. You have the statement made by Jesus in the situation where a woman was caught in adultery and the crowd wanted to stone her, and Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone.” This statement has, of course, been used to reinforce the consciousness that unless you are without sin or perfect, you should not criticize anyone else. The reality is, however, that Jesus made that statement in a specific situation where these men were willing to kill another human being.

If you want to take it literally, you could say: “Only those who are without sin should consider killing another human being.” In other words, if you recognize that you are not without sin, do not ever consider killing another human being. Of course, if you are without sin, you would never even consider killing another human being. 

It is also an example of the fact that whatever statement made by any a teacher of higher awareness in the dense environment of earth, the manipulators can find a way to pervert it or make use of it to further their own ends. They have certainly made use of this statement, especially after they came up with the idea of original sin. They have used this in the Catholic church where there was hardly anyone for a thousand years who dared to criticize the leadership of the church. Even today, you see how this very consciousness of not thinking you can criticize if you are not free from sin, if you are not perfect, is one of the main reasons why it has taken so long before Catholics have exposed the sexual abuse by priests. 

There is still this concept, this consciousness, that the people are ordinary sinners, that the leaders of the church although still human beings are in a higher class than the ordinary people because they are leaders of the church. Therefore, those below them should not criticize or point out any flaws. Do you see how perverted this consciousness is? 

Let us just take at face value what the Catholic church claims, namely  that it is the true church representing Jesus Christ. Well, in that case, if the leaders of the church are representing Christ, they obviously should never do anything that Christ would not do. Certainly, very few people would imagine that Jesus would have abused children. You see, if they really represent Christ, they should be in a higher state of mind. Therefore, if they are not, then they are not representing Christ. Therefore, it is not only legitimate but necessary that the people speak out and stop the abuse. Again, if the church has any legitimacy as representing Christ, then if there are actions taken by people in the church that are off course, if they are not pointed out, how can the church ever get back on course?

How the manipulators use ritual 

There is a very heavy consciousness of not thinking that people have a right to criticize those above them. There is this heavy consciousness that people are sinners but the manipulators are clever enough to know that not everyone is going to completely subscribe to this. Even if they do believe in this, there is a certain inbuilt drive in human psychology that people want to improve their position. It is very difficult to make human beings accept something as permanent. You can see this outplayed when people, as they so often do in America, sit in front of their televisions and flip channels. The mind finds it difficult to stay on one topic for a long time but wants to shift into something else. You can see it in how many people struggle with meditation where it is so difficult to make the mind focus on one thing for any length of time. This is, in a sense, a saving grace. When the manipulators come up with a concept of original sin, it seems to be a permanent state and there are people who will long for some way out of this permanent state. 

The manipulators have come up with a way to try to divert that longing. First of all, they have done it by the whole concept that you will be saved by the external savior after you die. Jesus will come and save you and take you to heaven if you have been a good Christian. They also do something else, which is perhaps even more subtle. They create a certain culture where, on the one hand, you are made to feel that you are a sinner, you are imperfect, you are not good enough. But then the manipulators define a set of rules and rituals, and then they project that those who follow the rules and rituals, they are now better than those who do not. As a diversionary tactic to get people to not look critically at the belief that you are sinners, they give you this diversion of saying that by following all the rules, by following all the rituals, then you are better than you were before, you are better than those who are not doing it. 

You see this in the Catholic tradition, for example, where some people literally are afraid of not going to mass. They feel it is disastrous if their family members do not go to mass. You see it also in spiritual movements where, for example, you can see in Tibet how they have created these elaborate rituals, even the prayer wheels where they believe that by performing this (rather mechanical) ritual over and over and over again, they will actually make progress towards whatever they see as their goal. 

In many spiritual movements there were strict rules and people became obsessed with following the rules. It was truly an obsessive-compulsive disorder that not only drove people to follow the rules, but it also created this very judgmental culture towards those who did not follow the rules. This was especially dysfunctional because it prevented the people from being united in higher awareness. 

You have the story of Pentecost where the disciples received the Holy Spirit because they were of one accord in one place. Well, many spiritual people have been in one place but be so divided by this judgmental attitude that the Spirit could not descend. The more aware people can come to a higher level. For when you come to that point of being in the neutral state of mind, you have no need to follow rules and you have no need to judge others based on whether they are following the rules. Rules fade away in higher awareness. 

What is higher awareness? Well, an important component of it is to be in that neutral state of mind, being non-attached because there is nothing that compels you to do anything. This is not all there is to higher awareness, as there are stages of awareness but it is certainly one component of it. When the Buddha sat under the Bo tree and was tempted by the demons of Mara, he could avoid reacting to their temptations only by remaining in that neutral state of mind. You cannot be in a neutral state of mind as long as you have these separate selves that are pulling you, compelling you, to do this, do that, do the next thing. More than that, these selves are telling you that you are not good enough, that there is something you have not done on earth, that you are supposed to do something on earth but you have not done it yet, you have not accomplished it. 

Looking at how America fits into the whole

It was never the intention of the teachers of higher awareness to get people to join a particular outer religion. It was the intention to help people to walk the path towards higher awareness, seeking to raise all life. The most important shift that could happen for aligning America or rather Americans with higher awareness is that they begin to look beyond themselves, to look at the whole. How can we use the privileges and the freedoms we have to help others? Take the discourse about American foreign policy being an extension of the manipulators and the power elite. You can see that there may be some trepidation about how America would be able to actually help the whole rather than serving the cause of the power elite. Nevertheless, there are enough Americans who either have begun to shift, or who could quickly begin to shift, that they could be willing to come to that state where they can look neutrally at what is happening in America. Therefore, they can speak out about what is not right and demand change without going into an angry, dualistic reaction. There are enough Americans who can be neutral enough about looking at how they can help others without perpetuating the cause of the power elite. 

Why Americans cannot fight the power elite

An important shift would also be that Americans will understand the way that the manipulators are setting up these artificial conflicts. People need to come to this understanding that there are many Americans who are dissatisfied with their government. There are many Americans who believe something is wrong, something is hidden, something is going on behind the scenes. There are many Americans who subscribe to various conspiracy theories but it is very important that people begin to see that when the manipulators can no longer hide from the people (when the manipulators are beginning to be exposed, the people are beginning to see that there is a power elite and see how they are manipulating) this does not mean that the manipulators will just give up. They have one last-ditch attempt at staying in control of the situation and it is to try to get the people to fight them. 

All of the knowledge about the manipulators and the power elite are not given in order to get you or anybody else in a state of mind where you go and fight the power elite. It is not efficient to fight the power elite. It is, in fact, not possible to defeat the power elite by fighting them. This is one of the themes demonstrated in the book My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus and it will be very difficult for many Americans to get this point. They are so inflamed with fighting for the cause of freedom, they are so ready to fight. They have been so indoctrinated by movies that the ultimate solution to any problem is to whip out the machine gun and start blasting away at anything that moves until you are the last man standing. 

People need to begin to realize that many times in history, the lower forces, the power elite, have pulled the people into this antagonistic reaction where the people are willing to use violence to fight the elite. Whenever that happens, it only opens the door so that an aspiring power elite can use the dissatisfaction of the people to defeat the established power elite and the people end up being under the control of this new aspiring elite that now becomes the established elite. We go from one elite to another and it is time to break this deadlock. 

Removing the elite without a violent revolution

It is time that the people rise above this and realize that it is actually possible to remove the power elite from America without having a violent revolution but what is the key to doing this? Well, knowledge is power. You need to bring knowledge but in order for this knowledge to be received and have an impact, it has to be brought from a neutral state of mind. In other words, a state of mind that is not seeking to inflame, not seeking to get people to fight, not seeking to appoint a scapegoat, not seeking to put other people down. It simply states things as you see them to the best of your vision. You state things from a neutral state of mind and when enough people do this, it will shift the equation. 

There are enough Americans who are at a level of consciousness where they can respond to this kind of neutral exposure of what is happening. As more and more people begin to accept these ideas, as more and more exposures come forward, then gradually the consciousness will begin to shift. People suddenly see something, see how obvious it is and then they are ready to make a change. Again, not through a violent revolution, not through criticizing, condemning, putting down, not through mudslinging or any of the other American pastimes, but simply by being determined and by realizing that as Americans we have a right to demand a better form of leadership. 

You take the American Creed where you see yourself as being on the path towards raising your consciousness. When enough Americans are willing to commit to this, they have a right to demand a leadership who is also on that path of raising awareness. They have a right to demand a leadership that realizes that they can only govern based on their vision, based on their state of awareness. Therefore, a good leader is constantly seeking to raise his or her awareness.

You have a right to demand a leadership that does not at any point claim to have the absolute truth or the only truth. In fact, you have a right to demand a leadership that does not claim to have a dualistic truth where they say: “Our party will make America great and the other party will destroy America.” You have a right to demand a leadership that is not divided along these dualistic polarities but is able and willing to come together and neutrally look at what is best for America, what is best for the American people, at least the greatest possible number of them. You have a right to demand a leadership that is not bought or controlled or blinded or persuaded by a small power elite, seeking to take advantage of America’s freedoms for themselves while denying those freedoms to the people. 

These are reasonable demands for Americans who have pledged themselves to the process of raising their awareness. You are true Americans when you have pledged yourself to that path of raising awareness. Therefore, you have a right to demand a higher form of leadership in America and say: “I am a true American. I demand a higher, more aware leadership in America and I accept that my call compels the answer. Therefore, I accept that America is from this moment set on a new course.”