Welcome to the Age of Higher Awareness

This site is based on the fact that the Earth is moving into an age characterized by higher awareness in all aspects of individual life and society, some might call it a golden age. This change will be driven by individuals who raise their own awareness and then express that in specific areas of society.

This site presents a large number of ideas that are meant as an inspiration for the more aware people. There is no claim to authority. The ideas stand on their own and have value only if they inspire you and help you reach a wider perspective or an intuitive insight.

The purpose of the site is to empower the more aware people to become the forerunners for the shift towards a higher level of awareness in specific areas of society. Almost no matter what your interests or expertise, you will find ideas that can stimulate insights and intuitive experiences that help you see how you can personally make a contribution to shifting the equation on Earth.

We invite you to enter the Age of Higher Awareness and  have an AHA experience.