Taking America from human judgment to higher discernment

Why America is not a Christian nation

One of the major blocks to bringing America into the Age of Higher Awareness is Christianity in America. Why is it a greater block in America than in many (for example) European nations or in Canada? Because there are so many people in America, and certainly the Christian leaders among them, who say that America is a Christian nation. Have they not bothered to read their own constitution? Does not the constitution make it very clear that America is not a Christian nation? It is a secular nation because it is based on the separation of church and state. Do they not see that the Founding Fathers of America were very well aware of how things were and had been in Europe? For over a thousand years the Catholic church had a stranglehold on the nations of Europe and in many ways prevented their growth, and certainly was instrumental in preventing the freedom of the people. The Founding Fathers did not want to create a nation that could be dominated by one religion, like they had seen in Europe, and the Middle East with Islam. They wanted to create a nation where there was freedom of religion and freedom from religion if that was what people chose. 

Certainly, they wanted a nation where the government had freedom from religion and was free to enact laws that were based on the desires and the will of the people and not what some religious authority imposed upon them—as had been done by the Popes throughout the Middle Ages. They saw the limitations of the system, they were very well aware of the need to separate church and state and this is the kind of country you are living in. Therefore, America, if it is true to its own constitution, can never be a Christian nation. 

What would be the reaction of the Christian leaders? “But didn’t Jesus tell us 2,000 years ago to go out into all the world and preach the gospel and turn all people into his disciples?” Ah, yes he did, but did he say to go out into all the world and make all people members of a Christian religion? He did not. 

There is something that they will not ponder, those who claim to be representatives of Jesus Christ in America today. Are they willing to ponder whether there is a difference between the way they see Christ and the way Jesus is? Are they willing to look at the most crucial place in the scriptures where Jesus said to Peter: “Get thee behind me Satan?” Are they willing to consider why he did this? Are they willing to recognize that Peter was superimposing a man-made image upon the Living Christ and Jesus refused to conform to it? Are they willing to see that they are doing the exact same thing today, superimposing a man-made image upon the Living Christ and he still refuses to conform? 

Do Christian leaders know the real Jesus?

There are, of course, many of these leaders of the Christian churches who will say: “No, we have contact with Jesus, we have Jesus speaking through us or speaking to us, so we know the real Jesus.” But do they? Are they willing to consider whether they know the real Jesus? 

If they are, they need to look at the history of their own religion. They need to be willing to trace their roots back. Whether they are Christians or Anglicans or Calvinists or Lutherans or this or that, if you look at the history of the Christian religion, you cannot deny that all modern Christian churches are based on the foundation set by the Catholic church in the year 381. If you are willing to look beyond that and go back to what Jesus actually said, what he actually did, anyone who is willing to apply normal common sense, normal human intelligence, can see that there is a vast gap between what Jesus preached, how he acted, and the image of him created by the Catholic church from the very beginning. Jesus never claimed to be the only son of God. He did not deny that he was a son of God but all people are sons and daughters of God. Jesus never set himself apart in a fundamental way and why is this? Because the essence of his message back then and now is that there is a path of initiation, a gradual path of initiation, that can lead any human being from the level of consciousness they are at right now, towards succeedingly higher stages of consciousness until they reach the higher awareness that Jesus demonstrated. 

That is why Jesus said: “Those who believe on me, (meaning truly those who are willing to internalize his teaching and apply it to themselves) ye can do the works that I did and even greater works.” You can do greater works because Jesus started a trend of raising the consciousness. As the collective consciousness is raised, it becomes easier and easier for people to reach higher levels of consciousness, which is why it is, despite the efforts of all the false preachers and the manipulators, easier to manifest higher awareness today than it was 2,000 years ago. That is why many more people have the potential to manifest it and express it. 

How the gradual path of initiation was obliterated

Now, what has this got to do with America? Well, if you look at the historical facts, you will see that a considerable number among the Founding Fathers of this nation were Freemasons. This is not hereby saying that all people in America should become Freemasons. The fact of the matter is that this is something that these Christian leaders do not want to look at because they, of course, consider Freemasonry a false religion. What is the essence of Freemasonry? It is a gradual path of initiation that leads to higher levels. Now, the specifics of how the Masons do this are not particularly high and not particularly relevant in this age. They were what could be given at a time when the Catholic church aggressively and violently suppressed all other forms of religion. The Freemasons started as a secret society because that was all that could be created at the time, and the real purpose was to present people with a gradual path of initiation. 

The very historical fact, which is undeniable for anybody who is willing to look at it, is that the Catholic church suppressed any form of religion that diverged from itself. Then, go back and look at the formation of the Catholic church and look at what actually happened in that process. What happened was that the entire idea of a gradual path to higher levels of consciousness, leading to a state of higher awareness, was completely and absolutely obliterated from the Catholic church. 

This was done by elevating Jesus to being so above other human beings that they could not follow in his footsteps because he was the exception not the example. This is something that the Christian leaders and their followers are not willing to look at, but it is not difficult to see this if you stop denying historical facts. The Catholic church completely obliterated the path of initiation, a path of initiation that had existed for thousands of years before Jesus’ appearance in the flesh, and that existed in many other movements at the time throughout the Middle East. With the formation of the Catholic church this path was suppressed violently throughout the regions where the Catholic church had influence and it was that way for almost a thousand years. 

For that matter it is still that way in the mainstream, but as you see in America, more and more people are rejecting that form of religion, which says you need an outside authority in the form of a church and its priesthood here on earth. It also says you need an external Saviour in the form of this “Jesus graven image” they have created, who comes and saves you. Or you need the blood of Jesus to wash you clean from your sins. It is a total denial of the fact that your sin is a result of you making choices with your free will, and a total denial of the fact that no matter what choices you have ever made with your free will, you can come to make more aware choices and thereby free yourself from the consequences or the sin (or the karma or whatever you want to call it) of your previous choices. You can never make a choice from which you cannot free yourself by making a more aware choice.

Manipulators in the churches of America

This is the very essence of free will, and it is exactly what the manipulators have been attempting to deny and obliterate since they came to this planet. All of the major churches in America, and many of the smaller churches in America, are led by people who are either manipulators or who are well-meaning people whose minds have been completely taken over by lower forces. If people could see this, if Christians in their churches could see what kind of leaders they have and what kind of non-material forces are behind those leaders, they would be shocked to the core of their beings and they would walk out of their churches, most of them instantly.

Why do you think that when Jesus encountered the Scribes and Pharisees he called them “sons of the devil” and said that they would do the lusts of their father? Because they also were either manipulators or had their minds taken over by forces working against the raising of awareness. Those who are hypnotized by these false preachers need to have a shift that makes them see what they cannot see now. This does not mean forcing them to accept something but giving them the choice, then allowing them to make the choice. 

Speaking to people about a higher teaching

How can the more aware people tell other people about what they know? Free will is free will—you do not want to force others. Do not take the teachings of higher awareness and go into a fanatical state of mind, like you see with so many Christian preachers or even Christians who have been awakened and suddenly now think they have to go out and preach to everybody. Do not feel compelled to tell other people. When you freely share without having any intention of how other people should accept or not accept what you are saying, you have a much better opportunity to reach their hearts.

What is going to make a difference is reaching people’s hearts, not speaking to their minds—or speaking to their fears as many of the leaders of the Christian churches in America are actually doing. It is valuable for you to share your own process of how you came to the realizations you have come to, but not with the purpose of converting others to a particular religion. 

What does it mean to make people Jesus’ disciples? It means that they understand the path of initiation, which can lead you to the Christ consciousness­—or whatever you want to call it so that people can lock in to it. Many will (because of the false Christianity and its aggressiveness) reject the word “Christ.” Well, then call it higher awareness. The words are not as important as conveying the central message that each human being has an opportunity to raise their awareness, and that by raising your awareness every aspect of your life will improve. As you will have experienced, many of you, that your lives have improved tremendously after you found a certain teaching and started applying it. You can, in fact, look back and see that you have actually been reborn spiritually, psychologically reborn and you have become what Paul called “a new being in Christ,” whether it is in Christ or in higher awareness. Christ was meant to be a universal word, it has become a sectarian word, but whatever word you use, you have become a new being. You are not the person you were before you found your teachings. That is what you can convey because that is what people are hungry for. They want to know that there is a way out of their troubles.

The increasing frustration of Americans

Look at America. More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the state of government. More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with their daily lives. More and more people are feeling a pressure, they do not know what it is but they feel stressed. They feel pressure, they feel they cannot stand it—something must change. All of this would have been unnecessary if Christianity had not been put on a false track by the manipulators. If there had been a path of initiation, Americans would have been aware that this nation is the land of opportunity, meaning really the opportunity to raise your consciousness. 

Back when America was founded, naturally the people of Europe had been suppressed by the feudal system, by them having no opportunity to improve their lives materially. What they saw as the land of opportunity was that they could come here and they would be given a piece of land on which they could grow their own food and live independently of any landlord who would come and take the fruits of their labor. It was a major revelation for them, a major opportunity and naturally they were focused on this. 

Naturally, for the first several centuries of America’s history people have been focused on improving the material way of life. Perfectly natural for a new nation, especially given the state of poverty that most people were in. If there had been just some understanding of a path of initiation, then Americans would have known the purpose for accumulating material wealth. A material high standard of living is not a goal, it is not an end in itself. The purpose is to give you free time so you can now focus on following that path of initiation and raising your awareness. 

Of course, since the 1960’s many people in the so-called New Age movements have found such a path. Ironically, in the “Christian nation” of America many have found it through eastern teachings because they still have some element of this path. Others have found it in other ways. Many, many people have already discovered this path but many, many more are longing for it, are ready to discover it. If they could make that switch, then there could be a tremendous shift. So many of the problems you see in America could be changed very quickly. When people have a goal for their lives (they know where they are going and they know how to move towards that goal in a logical systematic step-by-step fashion), then their entire attitude to life changes. Many have started out at a certain state of being depressed, being agnostic, being stressed out and then, when you discovered that there is a path, everything switched for you. This is what you can describe to other people by sharing your own path, your own experiences. Nothing is more inspiring to other people than hearing such testimonies. There are many, many people who are ready to hear about your path, your life. 

Changing how people communicate

Look at America again, look at Americans, look at how many people are becoming increasingly stressed and dissatisfied. Look at how many people are taking this into extremes of drug or alcohol abuse because they do not know how to alleviate the stress so they try to find some temporary relief from it. Well, if you have a purpose and a logical path to get there, you do not need relief, you do not need escape. You just need to go further on the path. 

The most important thing that you could do for other people is to be willing to share your own path, partly because they can lock in to it but also because it is important for you to share your path. If more and more people become willing to share openly and honestly, it can actually have the impact of gradually changing how people communicate with each other. 

Look at the Christians in this nation, look how they talk to each other and to other people. Everything they say to each other or to non-Christians or to those who are outside of their own church is based on what? It is based on a certain judgment of how a human being is supposed to be, specifically how a good Christian is supposed to be. Everything they do is based on them having a standard in their heads of how you are supposed to be and how you are supposed to not be. It is a completely black-and-white evaluation and judgment of what it means to be a human being. They evaluate everything based on this. 

Now, there may be some Christians who are into humanitarian work and who, at least in their outer actions and speech, have set aside this judgment so that they can supposedly help out everybody. But in their minds they still have the judgment because it is the hallmark of any religion, any thought system, dominated by the manipulators. What did the manipulators have to do to really mess things up (as the popular saying goes) on this planet. They only have to do two things: Set up a standard and project that everybody had to live up to the standard, and those who did were right and those who did not were wrong. That is all they had to do.

Rising above black-and-white judgment 

Jesus came 2,000 years ago to counteract this by giving a path of initiation where you could raise yourself above this black-and-white thinking. When you had reached some measure of discernment, you would stop judging your brothers and sisters. You would internalize the truth behind the statement “judge not lest ye be judged, for with whatever measure ye meter out to others, it shall be meted out to you.” 

Christ consciousness – higher awareness – is a state where you discern very clearly. At the beginning stages of higher awareness you are still affected by black-and-white thinking. Many people are beginning to move into discernment and they very clearly see what is evil in the world and what is wrong with the world. They tend to focus so much on this that sometimes they go into this warring state of mind of thinking they have to go out and combat evil. That is why you see people get sucked into the crusades and the whole consciousness behind the crusades. You see that in people today as well, but you also see those who can see what is good and evil but they cannot separate evil from the people. When you come to the higher stages of discernment, you see that evil – you do not even call it that anymore – is all a certain state of consciousness. 

You can see, of course, that a person might be affected by this state of consciousness, might be identified with a certain outer self. Nevertheless, you also, when you have discernment, see beyond this. Therefore, you are not judging the person and therefore you are not doing what the Christians are doing. You are not relating to that person based on a sense of judgment and therefore based on the sense of superiority that you are above the evil you see in the other person. That is why you see Christians clearly set themselves apart. That is why you see many other spiritual movements clearly set themselves apart because they are still in the old mindset and cannot rise above it. 

The more aware people can step up to that higher level where you have Christ discernment. You have risen to that level of discernment where you do not judge other people. If you can create groups that have that kind of environment, you will attract people who will long to be in a non-judgmental environment and be able to talk about their questions, their feelings, their thinking about spirituality and about life. 

What is the need to judge, what is the need to judge other people when you see the underlying oneness? Of course, there are people who are not on the path, but you do not need to judge them. You do not need to interact with them more than necessary. You are not trying to help them because they are not at the level where they can be helped by you. You focus on the people you can help and there is no need to judge anyone. 

The American sense of superiority

It truly, truly is necessary for aligning America with the Age of Higher Awareness that some people become the forerunners for going beyond this state of judgment. What can this lead to in the more long term? Well, of course, you who are among the top 10% can actually set the collective consciousness on a new track. It can lead to the point where you overcome what is one of the subtle and unrecognized elements of the American psyche, and it is the judgment between those who are Americans and those who are not, the distinction between America and all other nations. Many have felt (even though they were not consciously aware of this) that they must be worthy to live in this great nation and therefore they are entitled to have what they have. Therefore, America is the greatest nation and America is better than all others. 

This creates a separation between Americans and other people. It also creates (which is far more devastating for the growth of the nation) a division between groups of people who live in America where there is so much of the inferiority-superiority dynamic going on. Various groups are seeing themselves as being superior to other groups of Americans, therefore seeing themselves as being in an antagonistic struggle with these other groups. Just look at the fact that this nation had to go through a civil war to stop slavery. 

Well, what is slavery? Is it not a total division of humans into two separate classes, the property and the owners? People are not property. You cannot own another human being. It is a complete anti-thesis to the Law of Free Will. It is a complete anti-thesis to the true teachings of Christ. All are created equal, all have been given the same opportunity and there is no value judgment in the mind of Christ and higher awareness.

There was this very deep division, and you can see that there is still this very deep division, not only about the issue of slavery but many other issues. You see, of course, still this very deep division between those who have light skin and those who have darker skin, whatever is the politically correct term for those with darker skin. You see this division today. Do you really think this division exists in the mind of Christ? Do you really think that Jesus has any kind of judgment, has any kind of opinion, about people with dark skin or red skin or yellow skin or this or that? 

America and the defense of the Holy Land

Higher awareness sees beyond all of these outer divisions. Why did Jesus appear in the Middle East? Because there is hardly a place on the planet that is more divided by these outer differences, more focused on outer differences, than the Middle East. Jesus did not appear there because it is a holy land, as so many Christians in America think. They think America has to defend the modern state of Israel because it is the Holy Land. Do you really think that Jesus wants a major war or confrontation because Christians in America feel they have to defend the Holy Land? Do you really think this is what Jesus wants? 

The manipulators are quite clever in using the lower aspects, the dualistic consciousness, to set up the scene for conflict. Thousands of years ago there were certain manipulators who managed to take a small, not very clearly defined, tribe in the Middle East and give them a sense of superiority that they were God’s chosen people, that they had the superior God? Whereas all of the other tribes in the area only had idols, they had the superior, the almighty, God and they were the sons of this God. Do you not see that by creating this state of consciousness, the manipulators set the Jewish people in an inherent conflict with all others? 

Then, by taking other people, such as certain Arab people, and giving them the sense that because they had received the religion of Islam, they were the superior people, they created even more conflict. Jesus came to the Middle East to give people a way beyond this conflict consciousness, namely to walk the path of initiation that leads to higher discernment. He came there not because it was the holy land but because it was the most unholy place on earth. It still is because they have not used the teachings and the example Jesus gave to raise their consciousness. They are still rejecting it but so are the Christians in America rejecting it. 

That is why the manipulators have now managed to set up this conflict. The manipulators used Hitler to create the Holocaust and they used the obvious atrocities against the Jewish people to create the modern state of Israel. They have used the Christians in America to be so fixated on the Holy Land that they are willing to commit the military resources of America into an all-out war to defend the Holy Land. There are Christians in this nation who are willing to create World War III over the State of Israel and who, if it came about, would see it as a sign that this is the Battle of Armageddon. It means the end is near and Jesus is going to appear in the sky and take them and the members of their little church to heaven and send all others to hell. This is how they think in their hearts, even if they are not willing to speak it outwardly. They have people in Congress, in the Senate, in the military, in the media, in the power elite who actually believe this. If there was a threat, they would be willing to commit the military resources of the United States to an all-out war to defend the State of Israel. They have already been instrumental in committing many of the resources (whether hidden or known) to set the State of Israel up as a nuclear power, something that anybody with common sense can see is completely devastating in a densely populated region such as the Middle East. How would Israel be able to use its nuclear weapons without killing itself in the process, its neighbors are too close. 

Awakening without being overwhelmed

Does this not show you, when you think about this, that this cannot come from higher awareness? If it does not come from the mind of Christ where does it come from: the mind of anti-christ. Does this not show you that the people who are promoting these ideas do not represent Christ in America? They represent anti-christ because they are manipulators or their minds are completely taken over by a lower consciousness. 

This is not said in order to make you feel that there is so much opposition that it is overwhelming. Many people have been brought up to look at life a certain way and then suddenly something happens. You make a shift in your mind, you find maybe some teaching, spiritual or otherwise, and people are awakened. You wake up, you realize that things are not the way you were brought up to think they are. You were brought up with a certain illusion and you did not understand how things really are. You see many, many people in America who have gone through this. Some after the election of the last President, other people going back decades where they have awakened to realize that there are certain forces in America that are ruling the country behind the scenes. They have gone into various conspiracy theories and this and that. You see many of these people who go into a phase where, now they see so much more than they saw before. They see so many more problems and it becomes overwhelming to them. They feel almost paralyzed because how can you as an individual do anything about this?

Do not go into that reaction, do not feel overwhelmed because what is it that you as an individual can do about even the most overwhelming problems on earth? You can walk the path to higher awareness. That is the most efficient way to remove evil. You do not have to battle the dark forces.

The more aware people are not doom sayers 

The reality is: You are not powerless. You are all making an invaluable contribution to the raising of the collective consciousness on the planet and in America. Nothing is hopeless, the darkest hour is the hour before dawn. Yet, this is not a particularly dark hour in the history of America. These teachings are not in any way doomsday prophecies. They may seem very sombre, very direct and they are exposing many things that may be shocking to you. Nevertheless, why tell you about problems unless you can do something about it? Higher awareness has no desire whatsoever to put you in a state of fear, a state of hopelessness or a state of feeling that nothing you do really matters. Everything you do matters—when you are walking the path. Every step up you take on your personal path pulls up on the collective consciousness. 

That is what it truly means to be a disciple of Christ where you recognize and realize that you are not doing this just for yourself. You are actually doing it to raise the whole, and you are raising the whole. You may not always realize this. You are in your daily lives, you are in your daily routine, you are struggling with whatever conditions you are facing and you do not always take time to step back and realize that by the very fact that you have been willing to raise your consciousness, you have made an invaluable contribution to raising the whole. 

It is part of Christhood, higher discernment, that you recognize that you are not a separate being. Duality is the state of separation; Christhood is the state of Oneness. As you walk the path of higher awareness, you naturally begin to feel more one with all life—that is why you can stop judging other people. That is also why you can stop judging yourself, and you can realize that because you are one with all life, raising yourself pulls up on everyone else. 

Take a step back mentally and recognize that you have made major progress on the path to higher awareness. You are not the same person you were, five, ten or twenty years ago. It is not just after you found certain teachings teachings. You have been making progress all of your life because you have learned from the various experiences you have had. Acknowledge that by making this progress you have made an invaluable contribution to raising the collective consciousness. You can continue to do so. Yes, you can do outer things, you can use specific tools, you can talk to other people, but the most important contribution you are making to the forward progression of this planet is by raising your consciousness and attaining higher awareness. That is, of course, what the leaders of false Christianity will deny and on those fruits, ye can know them.