What does it mean to be an American?

How can we unite the peoples of America? We need to change the public discourse so that instead of being antagonistic, it becomes open-ended and seeking for a higher solution, a higher understanding. Naturally, when you have a polarized debate, the effect of this is that it seems like there are only two possible solutions to any issue. Not only is this dualistic but it is not difficult for many Americans to realize that this is always a manipulated debate.

Freedom from the power elite

Whenever there is an issue where there seems to be only two options, you can be sure that the debate has been manipulated by the power elite. As Americans, you are dedicated to freedom and what does freedom mean—freedom from what? What was the vision of the Founding Fathers? Why did so many people leave their lives in Europe and other nations and come to this country with an uncertain future ahead of them? It was because they wanted freedom from the power elite. That is the central theme in the creation of America. If you go back to Europe at the time when America was created, you will see that the people were very heavily suppressed and controlled by a small elite, the kings and the noblemen. 

Higher awareness wanted to create a “United Peoples of Europe” in order to not only take Europe and the world beyond the warfare you had seen in the Middle Ages, but also attempting to avoid the first and the second world war. This, of course, did not happen because the power elite was not willing to work on unity because they wanted to have their power, they wanted to set themselves up as being in control. If you were to create a United Peoples or a United States of Europe, then the kings of different countries would feel that they were losing their power as the supreme regent of that country. Naturally, the vision for the United States of Europe was similar to the United States of America where the president was not a dictator and where there were checks and balances that could hopefully prevent the power elite from taking over, as they had always done before.

Dethroning the power elite in America

You can look at America and see that even though there are checks and balances, the power elite has still managed to take over and take control of America. Thus, in order to unite the people of America, they need to understand that one of the main purposes for the creation of America is precisely to give people freedom from the power elite. Therefore, the people need to be willing to look at what it is that the power elite does in order to control them. 

One of the primary tools used by the power elite is to create this very polarized public discourse because people cannot talk to each other as human beings and therefore they cannot see what they have in common. If you, look at the history of the creation of America, you can see that one of the major purposes for creating America was to bring people together from many different backgrounds. Again, you look at Europe at the time and you see that Europe was divided into separate nations that had often been at war with each other. They were very identified with their national identity. It was very difficult for the Germans and the Frenchmen to get along, and the British as well. You had this very antagonistic situation because people were so identified with their national identity. 

What did we create with America? We created a new nation that was in the beginning a blank slate. It was open country, there was nothing there. People were allowed to come from many different backgrounds, many different nations, and when they came here, they were given the opportunity to be free of their old identity, to start anew and say: “Who do I really want to be, what kind of a life do I want to live here in this open space?” 

The vision and highest hope for America was that people would be able to let go of their old animosities, the old consciousness. They would be able to come together in this new physical space, see beyond the old divisions and discover the basic humanity in themselves and in each other so that they could become the United Peoples of America. Naturally, it would take some time before this could possibly manifest because birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, people from different nations and backgrounds (partly because they spoke different languages) would tend to congregate together in certain areas. In many cases, they would build on what they had taken with them from the old world instead of freeing themselves from it and adopting something new.

Nevertheless, as you can see from history, it did not take many generations before most of the people who had settled America had adopted at least the English language so they could communicate with each other. They also very quickly started feeling more or less free from the old national identity from Europe so that they adopted an American national identity. You see that despite the fact that they may still have maintained some customs from their old nations, there was still a certain coming together in realizing that as Americans, we are here, were are in the same boat and it is better to cooperate than to work against each other.

What does it mean to be an American? 

There have, of course, always been certain groups who clearly set themselves apart. There have been, of course, the difficulties with Native Americans, with African Americans, with Hispanic Americans and so forth and so on, but there has been a certain national identity that has been built. What has happened in recent decades is that people have become less focused on that common national identity and they have become more focused on their differences. It is as if the vision that we are Americans has faded into the background, whereas the divisions have become more important: Republicans, Democrats, Hispanics, this and that division, especially religions, Christians against all others, materialists and atheists against all religious people and so on. Because the Internet has been taken over by the more hateful people, then this has taken over the public discourse. 

How can we, then, change the public discourse? How can we get the more balanced, moderate people to enter the public discourse and make their mark on it? How can we help people move beyond these divisions? Well, we can only realistically do this by raising their sense of identity. This means that we need to talk about what it really means to be an American.

There is a tendency that people in America take many things for granted. They think that if you are born in America and you have a birth certificate, then you are automatically an American and you are entitled to enjoy life in America. Well, from a higher awareness perspective, a quite substantial number of the people who live in America and have a birth certificate and a passport and a driver’s license, cannot be considered Americans because you do not automatically become an American. Being an American is a choice. You must make a choice to adopt a certain state of identity, a certain outlook on life and it can only be a conscious, aware choice. You are aware that you are more than a human being, you are more than these outer divisions. As a way to help people with this, higher awareness will release a new American Creed for what it means to be an American.

See the New American Creed

Give the people what they want

Thus, this is a gift. As it spreads, as the more aware people help spread it, it can reach the hearts of many people. It is not copyrighted, you are free to do with it whatever you see fit. 

The more aware people can be forerunners of this shift in awareness by seeing that you are not identified based on these outer divisions, whether it be Republican or Democrat, whether it be nationality, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, whatever you have. Connect to that essential humanity in yourselves and see it in others. 

In the previous age it was the hope of Jesus that he could create a religious movement, a spiritual movement, that would unite people by giving them the Christ discernment that would help them see that essential humanity in all so that people could be united in Christ. As you see, during that age, this was a very difficult challenge for people to meet. You saw what was done to Jesus’ teachings to prevent people from uniting in Christ. That is why the teachings of Jesus were turned into an outer religion that has been one of the most divisive factors in the last 2,000 years. In fact, there is no question that the Catholic church and even later Christian churches have been the single most divisive factor in the old age. 

This shows you something. It does not show you that the manipulators have more power and therefore can pervert anything. It shows you that the manipulators are very good at using the psychology of human beings to look at their level of awareness, to see what desires they have and to use those desires to give people the impression that if they follow the manipulators and accept their system, then the people will get what they want. This is what you saw in the Catholic church where you saw that Jesus taught the inner path but the majority of the people were not ready to follow that inner path. They actually wanted an outer religion that gave them what the scribes and the Pharisees and the Jewish authorities promised people at Jesus’ time: “If you adhere to our system, if you obey us, if you follow the rituals that we give you, if you adopt the beliefs that we give you, then you are guaranteed to be saved.” 

People who were not willing to take responsibility for themselves could not grasp the inner path taught by Jesus. That is why they adopted the outer religion created by the manipulators because in a way it gave them what they wanted. It gave them the belief that by following a few simple outer rules, they could be saved after this lifetime, but aside from going to church on Sunday and following these outer rituals, they could live their lives any way they wanted. This is the essential consciousness that the manipulators have used to manipulate people throughout the ages. 

A new spirituality in America

The reality of the creation of America is that at the time, the people who came from Europe had been so heavily suppressed by the feudal system that they did not long to come to a new nation based on a spiritual foundation. They simply longed to have a piece of land where they could grow enough food to feed their families. That was their basic desire at the time. America, in a sense, fulfilled that for at least some of the people who came here, whereas others, of course, ended up in even greater poverty. 

America has gradually been raised to the point where, even though the economy is heavily manipulated and even though there is a small power elite that accumulates most of the wealth, there is still a great number of people in America who are able to take care of their material needs and still have some free time, still have free time to follow a path of raising their awareness. This has reached a certain critical mass where there is the potential for a series of shifts—if people can be awakened and reconnect to their higher desires beyond these outer desires, the more immediate desires. There are still many people, of course, who want to live their lives any way they want and then feel they will be saved in the end. That is why they are members of the Christian churches who make that promise. There are many more people in America who have become dissatisfied with Christianity, who have looked into either other religions or some other form of spirituality, and they are the ones who can drive the shift in the collective consciousness. 

What the more aware people have the potential to do is to be the forerunners for these shifts. First of all, by shifting your own consciousness but also by sharing your process of how you have raised your awareness. The shift is this: The old model that you see in the world, you see it in religious and political contexts, is that some people believe that they have the highest truth or the only truth or the absolute truth. Therefore, they believe that the way to change the world is to convert all other people to their system, to make other people accept their beliefs. The shift you can make is that this is no longer the highest approach. It never was the highest approach, but it is no longer a relevant approach in the Age of Higher Awareness. 

It is not a matter of converting people to believe in this or that idea that may be beyond their present level. The real issue here is to help people see that there is a path for raising your consciousness and that this path benefits you. This is where you can look at yourselves and how finding the path benefited you. Perhaps it answered your questions, perhaps it helped you heal your psychology, perhaps it helped you get beyond some limiting psychological condition. Whatever it was for you individually, people who have those same issues, they are the ones that you can reach out to, not with this attitude that you need to convert them to specific beliefs, but that you need to show them that they can raise their awareness. 

Uniting people by accepting differences

You cannot create harmony by making everybody the same, making everyone believe in the same. In the Age of Higher Awareness, everybody will not be a member of a particular outer church or religion. Instead, all people can find the concept that there is a path for raising your awareness and that this benefits your life, your daily life. They can find that in various forms, whatever appeals to them. How do we unite people? Not by making them, not by converting them, into all believing the same thing. We unite people by helping them find a path for raising their awareness.

When people do raise their awareness, they will at some point discover the essential humanity and that is the factor that will unite them, not the outer beliefs. Do not attempt to make people believe something. Give them the tools for raising their consciousness until they experience from within. Allow them to have a different experience than you have had, for you are all different.

The more aware people can make the shift that is described in the book My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus of accepting that you are having a subjective experience and that you are not here to try to make your subjective experience universal by exporting it to other people. Let them have their subjective experience but dedicate yourself to raising your awareness so that your experience becomes less and less subjective but still individual. Give people the path so they can raise their awareness, so that their experience becomes less and less subjective but still individual. Then, rejoice in the fact that when you see the basic humanity in each other, your individuality, your differences are not in competition, are not in opposition. They complement each other for that is why God created individual beings.