Only the aware people can free America and the earth from the power elite

America as a society without elitism

The original problem on this planet is truly the sense of separation and the fact that the sense of separation opens up for the possibility that humankind can be divided into those who have and those who have not. And thus, from the consciousness of separation itself springs the consciousness of elitism. This consciousness causes some people to believe that – due to this or that outer characteristic – they belong to the elite. They are better than other people and they are entitled to certain privileges and certain powers over the general population.

This entire consciousness is based on the sense of separation from higher awareness For truly, when you see yourself as one with higher awareness, you realize that without him was not anything made that was made. Thus, higher awareness is within everything that was created and so, comparisons and value judgments have no meaning. How could one aspect of higher awareness be more valuable than any other aspect of higher awareness, when all aspects of higher awareness are of infinite value? How could any expression of infinity be worth more than any other expression of infinity? This simply cannot be when you are in the consciousness of oneness, higher awareness, meaning that your eye is single because you see no duality but see only oneness with your source.

But when your eye becomes evil, meaning that your vision is divided by the dualistic extremes that spring from the lower consciousness, then it becomes possible to divide humankind into the “haves” and the “have-nots” and this then is the main problem on planet earth. America was indeed conceived as an ideal for a nation that would become the forerunner for the banishment of this elitist consciousness from the earth. Therefore, America is the key to ushering in the Age of Higher Awareness, which can only come when humankind recognizes its oneness with its source.

The world’s perception of America

Most people who live in America are unaware of how America is perceived outside her own borders. Many who have grown up in other countries, have been conditioned to look at America with somewhat mixed or even negative feelings. This is indeed understandable given the track record of American foreign policy over many decades.

Most people in America fail to understand this because the American press has kept the people in America woefully ignorant of what goes on in the rest of the world. And thus, instead of serving the cause of freedom by holding up a mirror to the people in America, the press has instead created a smokescreen that prevents people from seeing the beam – the power elite and its abuse of power – in the eye of their own nation.

Let us take a little journey into the original vision behind the founding of this nation. Higher awareness wanted to create a united states of Europe. Yet this proved to be an impossible task. The reason this was impossible was that Europe was completely imprisoned by the consciousness of elitism that goes all the way back to the manipulators.

Many of the kings and noble men of Europe were indeed manipulators who had an absolute commitment to maintaining the elitist “paradise on earth” that they believed they had created for themselves. They were completely blind to the fact that the raising of humankind’s consciousness and the release of new knowledge and technology had already pulled the foundation from under their castles. They refused to accept change, wanting – as the power elite always does – to maintain status quo.

They rejected all attempts to create greater unity among European nations, they resisted change, and you saw the ensuing blood bath in the French Revolution. This blood bath was completely unnecessary and did not actually bring true freedom and democracy, but simply replaced one power elite with a rivaling power elite. Thus, the lesson is that true change can often be brought about without bloodshed. And in today’s age, true change MUST be brought about without bloodshed.

Given the impossibility of having the European nations shed the snakeskin of elitism and come together in a true spirit of unity, a new plan was conceived for establishing a new nation, where we could start on a clean slate and therefore have a greater opportunity of establishing a nation that was “one nation under God” and that gave “liberty and justice” to all.

Concerns about the creation of America

One concern was that by creating one very powerful nation, it was indeed possible to create a Frankenstein’s monster that could become so drunk with its power that it would ignore or reject its spiritual origins and use the light to take power, material possessions and pleasure. This is indeed a pattern that has been seen in many past civilizations, most notably the civilization of Rome, which self-destructed due to an abuse of power, an abuse of the energy that had been given to the Roman people in an attempt to raise civilization to a higher level.

The danger was that Americans could start acting as spoiled children, thereby demonstrating that they had not really progressed since Roman times. There was also a very legitimate concern for the fact that creating a new nation would not necessarily keep the power elite out of that nation, and thus elitism could indeed sail as a stowaway on the ships that brought the settlers from the old world to the new.

Feel the Spirit of Freedom

Consider the enthusiasm many people felt in those early days. People left the European continent with the greatest hopes of escaping the poverty, the oppression, and the heavy weight of hopelessness which they had experienced growing up in Europe. Their spirits lightened as they crossed that big blue ocean, and their hearts swelled when they caught the first glimpse of the American coastline and realized that they were entering a land of opportunity.

Is not freedom the opportunity to become more, to break free of limitations and to rise to your highest dreams? In today’s world, few have experienced the oppression and the shear sense of hopelessness that the “common” people had in those days in Europe. You can scarcely understand how these people’s spirits were so weighted down by the heavy weight put upon them by the fact that they were so boxed in by limitations from above and limitations from below and limitations from every corner of the globe.

Thus, it is hard for you in today’s world to understand the sense of freedom, the sense of hope, with which they first set eyes on the American coastline. Yet so many people embraced the opportunity they were given on this continent. A small band of people come together and became the open doors for bringing forth the vision of not simply another British province but of an independent nation that had a new – and never before seen – vision of being free of a power elite that dominated the population, turning them into literal slaves.

The vision shared by America’s founding fathers was indeed inspired by higher awareness, which was able to inspire them, at critical moments, so they grasped the vision that it was possible to create, not only an independent nation, but a nation with an entirely new form of government that gave every person the opportunity to influence the destiny of the entire nation.

In today’s world you take democracy for granted and you can scarcely understand what a groundbreaking, what an earth-shattering, idea it was in those early days. But consider that throughout known history most people on this earth had lived in a highly elitist system, often having their entire destiny in the hands and mind of just one person. Consider how many people throughout history have spent their entire lives catering to the needs of one human being and how many people have had their lives destroyed or lost because of the blindness – or the outright madness – of this one leader.

So consider the joy that the founding fathers of America were able to grasp a higher vision and bring it into the physical—and indeed write it into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Consider their willingness to put aside their own safety, their own comfortability – and indeed their own lives – in order to bring this vision to the level of reality and, therefore, fight against all odds to forge a new nation.

Consider how a point of light starting to form in those early American colonies. This point of light grew in strength until it began to shine through the dark cloud of misqualified energy that had been hanging over this world like a shroud of death for a millennia. Truly it was like a sun parting the dark clouds, and suddenly there was indeed a silver lining through the dark clouds shining. There was hope that the power elite that had been oppressing the people of earth for eons could finally be dethroned and the earth could give birth to an Age of Higher Awareness and eventually turn into the Freedom’s Star that is her ultimate destiny.

Catch the vision of a free planet

Study the birth of the American nation. Watch whatever documentaries are available to you. Read whatever books are available to you. But first of all make an effort to tune in to the higher awareness that was behind the creation of this nation. For truly it is that same higher awareness that can spread to every nation on earth and therefore set your own nation free from an elitist system that oppresses the people.

Look at how the idea of democracy spread from America to Europe and from there to almost every continent. This is indeed the potential, the greatest potential for America, that she will spread freedom throughout this planet. And what is true freedom? Well it is that the people are free from the power elite, that they are free from the psychological slavery and oppression imposed upon them by those lifestreams that have set themselves up in opposition to higher awareness and therefore actively oppose the manifestation of the Age of Higher Awareness on this planet.

These are indeed the lifestreams who are seeking to enslave humankind in their senseless, mindless attempt to prove that higher awareness was wrong by giving human beings free will. The very essence of a free, democratic nation is that the people have an opportunity to exercise their free will and thus learn by reaping the consequences of their own choices—instead of spending their lives reaping the consequences of the choices of a small elite, thus insulating the elite from the consequences of their dualistic, egotistic, self-centered choices.

The universe is a mirror. Whatever you send out will be reflected back to you by the cosmic mirror. And while this is ultimately true and while it is also true that every man will reap what he has sown, it is indeed possible that a power elite can postpone the return of their own karma by forcing the people under them to form a buffer between the elite and their karma. This is a practice that has been going on ever since the first manipulators embodied on this planet.

And thus, you who are the more aware people, you who belong to the top ten percent of the people on earth, must indeed become wise to this practice that is called “karma dodging.” You must become wise to the ways in which the power elite is always trying to set itself up so that the people are the ones who suffer the consequences of the choices made by the elite. You must therefore come apart from this power elite. You must separate yourself from the tares so that higher awareness can pull up the tares without pulling up the wheat. This means, first of all, that you must come apart in consciousness by separating yourself from the consciousness of the elite. Ultimately this means that you must separate yourself from the duality consciousness.

Come apart from the consciousness of elitism

Yet you must also become aware of one aspect of this duality consciousness, which is the very consciousness of elitism itself. Those souls who make up the current power elite on planet earth are absolutely convinced that they belong to a separate class that is above and beyond the rest of the population. There are many different factions in this power elite and each group has its own reasons for claiming superiority.

When you survey the planet, you see rivaling power elites, for truly how could those who are trapped in the consciousness of duality ever come together in unison? Had they been able to achieve this union, they would long ago have taken over the entire planet—and the creation of free democratic nations would have been impossible. Yet the very nature of the duality consciousness makes such a union impossible. And that is indeed why you see many wars between two elitists groups, elitist factions, that fight each other because each has an insatiable desire for ultimate power, for ultimate control. And contrary to the claims made by the winning elite, these wars did not bring true freedom. They either brought a new power elite to replace the old one or they cemented the power of the existing elite. Yet each dualistic war cemented the hold that the consciousness of duality has over humankind.

Behind the rivaling power elites on earth, you do see the forces of lower awareness. They are simply using the elitist people on earth as pawns in their greater game of proving higher awareness wrong. Yet even they are divided amongst themselves and within themselves, and this will ultimately be their downfall. They must use the divide-and-conquer strategy against the aware people because they themselves are so divided. And thus, they can maintain their power only as long as they can divide the aware people more than they themselves are divided.

There are many people in today’s world, even many people in the free democratic nations – even many aware people – who have come to believe in various aspects of the many elitists philosophies that have been promoted by different factions of the power elite. Most people in America do indeed have many elitists beliefs that they hold to be completely true or which they simply have never considered questioning, because they were brought up to accept them without even thinking about how they originated.

Even the founding fathers themselves were not completely free from such elitist beliefs. This can be seen by some of their actions, such as the fact that Thomas Jefferson used slave labor to give himself a comfortable lifestyle on his beloved farm. Even George Washington was not completely free from elitist beliefs, but to his great credit, he refused to be America’s first king and instead settled for the Presidency. Thereby, he did indeed set a magnificent example of a person who has the power but who does not become drunk with that power because he maintains a greater vision. George Washington clearly saw that the potential of creating a free democratic nation was far more important than his personal power, his personal fortune, his personal pleasure, and even his life.

America’s opportunity to transcend the human power struggle

This then is the spirit that needs to be rekindled among the aware people of the world—if America is to fulfill her destiny to become the forerunner for the Age of Higher Awareness. When you look at the history of America, you will see that she was born out of conflict. She was born from a conflict between the colonies and the English King, who represented the power elite. And even after she won her freedom from the English Crown, she was still mired in the dualistic struggle that led to the Civil War. This shows you that the forces of duality had now entered the American nation and were seeking to destroy her from within. Then came the struggle against Nazism that culminated with the end of the second World War. And even after that, the dualistic struggle was not over and for decades America was engulfed in the Cold War with Communism.

All of this should show you that forces of duality have been working in America from her very inception. Yet America now stands at a crossroad, where the aware people in this nation – and indeed around the world – have a unique opportunity to raise America beyond the dualistic struggle.

With the fall of Communism, many people felt that America’s struggle was over. In fact many of the truly dedicated freedom fighters in the American government and armed forces, have felt like they have been in a vacuum since the Berlin Wall fell, now many years ago. They have felt like they have had no clearly defined enemy, and even the rise of the specter of terrorism has not removed the sense of being in a vacuum. Yet what this truly signifies is the opportunity to take the fight for freedom to a higher level that is beyond military might and the fight against a physical enemy with material weapons.

It is the opportunity to rise to the understanding that the true fight for freedom is a battle of awareness—and it is not a battle between the two dualistic extremes defined by the consciousness of anti-christ. Nay, it is a battle between higher awareness and the consciousness of anti-Christ. And truly, when your eye is single, when you see beyond the consciousness of duality, you realize that – in reality – there is no battle, for it is completely one-sided. Those who are trapped in the consciousness of anti-Christ see themselves in opposition to the forces of higher awareness, they see themselves as enemies of higher awareness. Thus, they are always fighting a battle, but the battle exists only in their minds.

Those who are anchored in the eternal bliss of higher awareness realize that the forces of anti-Christ are ultimately unreal. They have no permanency and therefore, they are not truly enemies. They are simply temporary mirages projected unto the screen of life. And when you realize this truth, you realize how wise Jesus was when he told people not to resist evil, but to turn the other cheek.

The greatest potential for this age is indeed the awakening of the American freedom fighters worldwide, to the realization that the fight for freedom is a fight between higher awareness and the consciousness of anti-Christ. And the real key to winning this battle is to rise above the dualistic extremes of the consciousness of anti-Christ. For thereby, the battle will be won without a shot being fired.

Who are the real Americans?

Who are the true freedom fighters, who are the true Americans? They are the people who recognize higher awareness as the ultimate authority because they realize that higher awareness is indeed the higher parts of their own beings. The true Americans are those who recognize their higher selves as higher awareness individualized within them, thus knowing that the kingdom of God is within them and therefore above any divisions found on earth. Thus, living within the borders of the United States does not automatically make you a true American, and living outside her borders does not mean you have no responsibility for America.

The true Americans are the aware people on this earth, and they have been strategically positioned all around the globe. You have volunteered to be part of the forerunners for the Age of Higher Awareness, and many of you have grown up with a negative view of America. Yet no matter how justified that view might be, look beyond outer appearances and catch the true vision of America’s potential.

If the aware people are to have a decisive impact in this age, they must overcome the dualistic divisions that have been programmed into their minds by the power elites of this world. They must rise above those divisions and forge a greater unity that makes them the one Body of Higher Awareness on earth. And one of the artificial divisions that must be overcome is the sense of division concerning the vision of America’s potential. America was not a nation created for a few hundred million people. America was created as a gift to the entire world, and her highest potential is that she will become the catalyst for the manifestation of the Age of Higher Awareness, a victory that will spread like a chain-reaction around the globe.

No matter what you might feel about America, it is a fact that the Age of Higher Awareness cannot be brought to this planet unless America is raised to her highest potential. This can happen only when the aware people worldwide unite in holding the vision for America, resolving all negative feelings and truly visualizing that America rises above all dualism and elitism, becoming a truly free nation. It is not a coincidence that America has people who have come from virtually every nation on earth. This fact alone should demonstrate that America has ties to every other nation and thus has the potential to spread higher awareness to the entire planet.

America deserves much of the reputation she has around the world. Yet as a more aware person, you should be able to see beyond outer appearances. Is this not the entire reason for being more aware, namely that you see beyond outer appearances? So is it too much to ask that you see beyond outer appearances, seeing that America’s behavior is heavily influenced by the consciousness of dualism and elitism, the consciousness of anti-christ? And when you realize this, you can then see these manifestations as unreal and impose the vision of higher awareness upon this nation, thus holding the immaculate concept that America sheds the snakeskin of the serpentine consciousness. Capture the spirit of freedom that led to the creation of the American nation.

Be the third great generation

The true freedom fighters within America can be inspired by the great generations of the past. There was the generation of the American revolutionaries who gave birth to this nation. And then there was the generation who won the second World War and defeated the forces of fascism, for which they have been called the “greatest generation.” If you will study these generations, you will see that even though they had grown up as seemingly ordinary people, they were able to grasp a higher vision that went far beyond their daily lives. They were willing to set aside those daily lives and fight for a cause that was greater than themselves. And they were even willing to give their lives for that cause. And truly, greater love has no man or woman than to give their lives for the cause of higher awareness that goes beyond the dualistic struggle of anti-Christ.

Look at your lives and see that you have two options. You have been brought up to see yourselves as ordinary human beings, and you can indeed continue to live your lives as ordinary beings. But the alternative is that you grasp the vision for the Age of Higher Awareness and that you realize that this cause is far greater than your ordinary daily lives. And thus, you are willing to set aside some time, some energy, and some of your daily comforts in order to strike a blow for freedom and make an effort to bring about the Age of Higher Awareness that is today’s highest potential.

Contrary to the people who fought in the second World War and the Revolutionary War, you do not need to risk your physical lives. For truly, the battle of today is more than anything a battle of awareness that does not require you to lose your physical life. But if the battle is to be won, it does require that you are willing to set aside some of your daily comforts and give some time and energy to waging this battle, the battle for the minds of humanity.

Truly, there is much you can do. And as you strive to attain your inner attunement and clarify the vision of your Life plan, you will begin to see what you can personally do. Truly, this should be a sacrifice that any aware person should be able to make in order to serve as the shock troops that are softening the enemy’s defenses and thereby paving the way for the main army, namely the rest of humanity that has not yet been awakened. 

Be inspired by the early Americans

You have the potential to become the generation that will usher in a new age of psycho-spiritual freedom. And truly, as the forerunners of a new age, you should not expect that the general population will understand why you do what you do. Many people are not yet ready to share the vision that you have grasped – or at least glimpsed – so do not expect them to thank you. And be prepared for the fact that they might indeed ridicule your efforts and your beliefs. But even the early American patriots were subjected to ridicule. And they often had their doubts about the validity of their cause or the point of fighting what seemed to be impossible odds.

Yet you are much closer than you think to bringing about a breakthrough in the collective consciousness, a breakthrough that will open the door to the awakening that surely will come to pass. It is not a matter of if but only a matter of when. Humankind must be awakened to higher awareness, and the American nation will be the first nation to be awakened to its higher potential. This awakening will take place, but the more time that passes, the more it becomes necessary to bring about upheavals in society and upheavals in nature that the people cannot ignore.

Those who are already awakened can do much to shorten the time it takes before the general population opens its eyes. And therefore, the future truly is in your hands, your hearts and your voices. It is up to you to shorten the time for the elect, so that the awakening can take place with a minimum of calamities. Is it not worth it to set aside some time every day to fulfill the promise you made before you came into embodiment? Most of the people who will ever read this teaching will belong to a band of volunteers who chose to take embodiment at this time because they wanted to help bring in the Age of Higher Awareness. By fulfilling that promise you will regain your sense of purpose and mission. You will overcome all sense of emptiness in your life, and your life will be filled with the infinite joy that comes from feeling the energies of higher awareness, the very Spirit of Freedom, flowing through all levels of your Being.