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NOTE: The thoughts in this section were released before the events in Ukraine in 2022. There are thoughts about Russia today in the section about Ukraine.

SECTION: How the more aware people can help change Russia (2010)

Dare to imagine a golden age in Russia and surrounding nations

There is nothing in the past of any nation that higher awareness cannot purify

Overcoming the great projection game

Let the cosmic wrecking ball shatter the structures that limit your growth

Imagination, acceptance, oneness: A new formula for alchemy in the golden age

You, women of Russia, are all daughters of God!

Only those who seek to raise up all life will enter the Age of Higher Awareness

Communism was an attempt to destroy the figure-eight flow between East and West

The fall of communism was not the victory of capitalism

SECTION: A higher potential for Russia (2013)

Will the more awarer people let the manipulators lead the world?

The beings of higher awareness love the Russian people

Anchor the Flame of Peace in Russia!

The energetic records of torture from Soviet times

Who will embody the Freedom Flame in Russia?

Allow yourself to feel the Joy of Christ

Seeing with the eyes of a transcendent artist

SECTION: Why Russia hasn’t changed, and how it can (2017)

Banishing the consciousness of failure in Russia

How to change anything on earth

The exploitation of women in ancient and modern Russia

Why Russia cannot free itself from the past

SECTION: Overcoming the consciousness of superiority and the sense of being unwhole, traumatized and focused outside oneself. (2021)

Why Russians won’t listen

Higher Wisdom for Russia

Russia – en equal nation among other nations?

A new opportunity for Russia

Ending the abuse of power in Russia

Russian women need to step forward and demand change

The vision of higher awareness for the golden age in Russia