Banishing the consciousness of failure in Russia

There is a national demon of Russia, the demon of fear, specifically the demon of the fear of failure that has so affected the people who have embodied in this nation for a very, very long time. This is also the fear of being judged by some authority that has near absolute power over you. As you all know, you are spiritual beings. What authority on earth can have absolute power over you? They might have absolute power over your body but they do not have absolute power over your spirit, for the only being in the material world that has absolute power over your spirit is YOU and your free-will decisions.

Banishing the spirit of failure

This national demon of Russia that has for so long attempted to keep the people who embody in this nation from being willing to make their decisions. They are not willing to make decisions and face the consequences and not judge themselves based on this black-and-white judgment that if something does not live up to a certain standard, it must be a failure.

Higher awareness can banish the spirit of failure, the fear of failure, even the consciousness of failure. When you are willing to look at yourself, learn from any event and come up higher, you cannot fail. You can never fail when you are willing to grow. The only possible failure in the physical octave on earth is an unwillingness to grow because you are not willing to look at yourself and see: “What could I learn from this experience, what could I learn from this event?”

What is it you fear? Ask yourself this question: “What do I fear would happen if I failed?” Look especially at your relationship to God, how you look at God, how you have been programmed by the manipulators and the false religions over centuries, many, many lifetimes, to think that God is an angry being in the sky who looks at you with a black-and-white judgement. If you do not live up to some super-human standard of perfection, then God will condemn you to an eternity in hell.

What utter falsity this image is. It is false because the true God is a God of unconditional love. It is also false because the true God does not look at your imperfections while you are in the unascended state. That is why he has the the beings of higher awareness, and they do not look at your imperfections as the manipulators do or as they want you to look at them. They look at them not even as imperfections but simply as a certain stage on the path.

Russia at a tipping point

Letting go of the fear of failure is important for this entire nation of Russia, which is truly at a tipping point. You can come to these points where there are certain geometrical configurations in the emotional, mental and identity realms. Some have been engineered by the manipulators, some have been created by the beings of higher awareness, some have been invoked by the more aware people. You can have these points where a nation can go either in a downward spiral or in an upward spiral. The difference between whether it goes up or down can be very, very small and that is why a small group of people has the potential to tip Russia in a positive direction.

It is not a matter of you raising the entire collective consciousness, which would be impossible for a small group. It is possible to shift this geometric matrix so that it goes in an upward direction rather than a downward one. This is not just talking about one issue here, such as corruption, but this is not the only issue. The real issue here in this nation of Russia right now, and it has been for some time, is whether the Russian people, or a critical mass of them, are willing to make decisions. This is not talking about outer decisions, but about a decision about how they see themselves, what kind of nation they want to live in, and what kind of leaders they want to have and what kind of leaders they do not want to have.

This is not setting up a standard here. It is not saying that Russia should be like this and Russia should be like that. The plans for the golden age of Russia have a wide range, from lower to higher. It is the Russian people who must choose, but it is clear that the decision has not been made. “What kind of people are we? What kind of nation do we want to live in? What kind of leaders do we want to have? What kind of leaders do we not want to have?” These are the four essential questions and the more aware people can have a major impact on whether the balance tips and the Russian people become more willing to consider these questions.

It is not simply a matter of corruption or not corruption. Even if you could get rid of all corruption tomorrow, it would not solve all problems in Russia, as it would not solve all problems in any other nation. The fact is that in order to get rid of corruption, the Russian people have to answer these questions of who they are, what kind of nation they want to live in. These are the most important questions facing this nation right now. Of course, many other nations are facing the same questions, but that is not your concern. Do not start pointing the finger and saying: “But this nation and that nation isn’t doing it.” That is not the issue. The question is: “Do you want Russia to move forward?” If you do, then it is a matter of focusing on what needs to change here, what needs to change now.

What is possible for Russia?

When the beings of higher awareness look at many nations, they face a certain dilemma. They always face the dilemma of what is possible given the state, the level, of the collective consciousness. In almost every nation on earth, there is a sufficient number of people embodied and they have a sufficient level of higher awareness that they could make a serious difference in that nation. There are always two questions: “Will they awaken to why they took embodiment in that nation and will they free themselves from the element of the mass consciousness that they have taken on but which is not theirs?”

How do you look at yourselves as Russians? Do you look at yourselves as Russians first, or do you look at yourselves as spiritual beings?” Do you see, there is a certain collective consciousness in Russia? It has been built over centuries. It is, because of the size and the population of this nation, a very heavy, very dense cloud of energy that overpowers most people. What will it take for Russia to move forward? It will take that a critical mass of people awaken themselves from being overpowered by this collective consciousness and stop identifying themselves with it.

This is, of course, the same in every nation, but again we are focused here. Is it realistic that the majority of the people in Russia could do this? Well, if you look back a number of years, it was not realistic. What was then determined by the beings of higher awareness? It was determined that they would send a large number of people into embodiment in Russia who have the necessary level of inner attunement, of higher awareness that you could be the forerunners for this awakening by awakening yourselves from identifying with this mass consciousness.

The collective consciousness of Russia

There are elements of this consciousness, but the most important ones are your willingness to make decisions, overcoming the fear of failure, the fear of failing and whatever may come after you fail. If you are willing to do this, it might help you to recognize that you are here because you volunteered to embody in this nation, at this time. This means you did not personally contribute to the creation of this collective consciousness and therefore you have the potential to awaken yourselves and depersonalizing it, and realizing: “This is the consciousness I have taken on on behalf of my nation. But this does not mean that I have this consciousness as a part of my being. I have taken it on as you take on an overcoat in order to protect myself.”

Only, this time what you are protecting yourself from is just being hurt by living in this environment. By taking on the collective consciousness, you are in a certain way protecting yourself from being overpowered by it. In order to awaken yourself, you need to recognize that: “This is not my personal issue. It is something I have taken on and in order to take it on, I need to recognize that I have also taken on a certain belief about myself.” Such as that you are not worthy, such as that you have to live up to certain conditions in order to be worthy, or maybe there is something inherently wrong with you, that God created you with a flaw, or the many other elements of this consciousness.

You have taken on this consciousness and you have the potential to shift out of it by shifting your consciousness very slightly.

You are in embodiment to shift the collective consciousness but you cannot do it alone. You can only do it when you become more and more of an open door for the energies and the impulses, these sort of energetic matrices that are coming from the beings of higher awareness. It is a matter of co-creating a golden age for Russia. The beings of higher awareness cannot do it alone because they do not have the authority. You cannot do it alone because you do not have the power. Together they have both the authority and the power and therefore, it will manifest when you accept that it is not only possible, but it is real, it is here, it is now.