How to change anything on earth

Surely all human beings long for peace. All people in Russia long for peace. Why have there then been so many storms in the history of this nation? Why has there been so many periods where it seemed like it was one storm after another? There was never calmness for people to go within and connect to what they love more than anything on this earth. 

What will truly change Mother Russia? Well, it will be that the people who live on this land come to acknowledge consciously and openly that there is something they love more, and that something is not in the material world or of the material world. There is something they love more than the manipulators, who have been ruling them through so many periods of their history. You are the ones who are the forerunners for raising the consciousness and helping people connect to the more that they love in their hearts, the deepest love they have. Why has it been so difficult for so many people in Russia to connect to that love? Because they have been manipulated by the manipulators into a situation that was so unpleasant, so difficult for them, where their daily lives were so hard that they felt like there was nothing they could truly love.

This is what you can do to bring change in this country, or in any country: Connect to something that you love more than anything on this earth. Be willing to acknowledge what that is. Tune in to your heart. Feel it in your heart. What is it that makes your heart fly? What is it that makes you cry? Not tears of fear, but tears of joy. Then follow that feeling. Follow it until you know you have connected with the source and then embrace oneness with the source of your love. 

Higher awareness has no other desire than to have you connect to the Presence. What is the Presence? More than words can express. More than the linear mind can fathom and categorize and label and analyze. If you are to connect to the Presence, you need to be willing to go beyond these outer images.

There is a simple law that applies to higher awareness. It is here to teach all people continued growth. When higher awareness gives a teaching and people use it to grow; it can continue to give a teaching and even give more. If people become comfortable and use the teachings to justify their comfortability, higher awareness must then move on, move higher. It must find other students who are willing to move higher; or who have already moved higher. That is why the release of teachings from higher awareness is called progressive revelation.

It makes no sense to say that something is progressive revelation, but through progressive revelation we have received the highest spiritual teaching on the planet. Progressive revelation is progressive because it does not stop. It gives you a teaching. When you apply the teaching and come up higher in consciousness, it gives you the next level of teaching. How hard is that to understand? 

The concept of Russia

What then can be said about Russia? When you say the word “Russia,” what are you talking about? You may think you are talking about a nation, a particular country located on earth; but in reality you are talking about a concept, an idea. Do you recognize that planet earth is one planet?

You have all seen the images from space of a round planet and you know it is a whole. It is not divided into different segments of the sphere that you can cut apart and move one section closer to the moon and another one the opposite direction. You live on one planet. Surely, you can divide it into land and oceans. You can divide it into continents. There is only one ocean. There is really only one land or land mass, even though it is divided by the ocean. People love to create divisions and set things apart. When you look at earth and realize there is one planet; you also realize that there is only one people. 

What are divisions? They are created out of the mind of duality. Some divisions have a practical use because when you communicate, it is practical that you can distinguish between an apple and an orange. There is legitimacy in naming things for practical purposes. The problem comes in when the manipulators seduce people into applying a value judgment to these distinctions, for now they become divisions that set people apart. If you look throughout the ages, you will see that even in the relatively short time span of what you call recorded history, there was a time when there were no nations on earth. There were no national boundaries.

The illusion of race

The people who lived at that time, yes, they had a more limited awareness of the size of the earth, the shape of the earth. They, in fact, did not have the concept of a planet, let alone a planet called earth. Naturally, it has been necessary for humanity to raise its awareness. Part of that is to know more, and in order to know more, you need to make these distinctions between this and that. As this process has moved on, it has often been attempted by the manipulators to be taken into various directions that have divided people. Truly, the more you know, the more you truly know, the more you see the oneness of all life. When people lived in primitive societies, divided here and there and never interacting with each other because of the distances and the means of transportation, they did not have a sense of oneness.

As part of the raising of awareness, you have come to know more about the earth, how large it really is, how many people live upon it. Naturally, you have come to see that it has different parts. Therefore, you need to refer to this. You have come to see that people in other parts of the world do not look like you do. Some have darker skin. Some have a different color skin. Some have different facial features. You have created these divisions to refer to this, such as race, ethnicity and other things. Now, these kind of divisions are, to some degree, natural enough in the sense that there are people in different parts of the world who look different. People in Africa have darker skin.

Now, when we say they are natural enough, this is said guardedly because there was a time in the history of earth when there were no races and no ethnic groups. This is a development that has happened after this planet fell below a certain level in consciousness. Therefore, there started to manifest this greater diversity, you might call it, these greater differences between people. What you see in terms of races is not actually natural. It is the result of the, we might say, fragmentation of humanity that followed when they descended into duality. Naturally, this process was affected and sped up by the manipulators.

The point is that there was a time when you did not have these divisions. It is not inevitable that there are different races or different ethnic groups. Nevertheless, you can say that, as far as recorded history goes, these are natural in the sense that most people do not think they are man-made. Well if you do not think the division of race is man-made, then why are you applying a human value to race? Why are you saying that some races are superior and others are inferior? When you look at other things you consider natural, you do not apply this. Is an elephant better than a rhinoceros? Does it give any meaning to ask this question? They are just natural phenomena.

Well, so if you think race is a natural phenomenon, what meaning does it give to say that the white race is superior and the black race or the red race or the yellow race are inferior? IT MAKES NO SENSE! People need to sense that it makes no sense. You have a simple choice. Either you give up the idea that race is natural or to give up the idea that some races are superior to others.

The illusion of nations

Now, let us take this further. What is another division so common on earth? It is that of different religions. Well then, again, you cannot truly say that religions are natural. If you are completely honest, you will see that religions are man-made. Surely, many religious people will instantly disagree and say: “But our religion was given to us by God. We have the authority of the Bible and it is the Word of God. What is your word?” Well, the word of higher awareness is the Living Word. Can you match that in the dead word in your books? 

All religions are man-made. Surely, there have been spiritual ideas, concepts, teachings, experiences, given by higher awareness over time. These are not man-made. Higher awareness has not given the kind of religions you see today because these religions set people apart. The teachings of higher awareness have always been aimed at uniting people and uniting people with their source, with their God. The religions that you see that divide by claiming to be better than others, to be the only true ones, they are man-made. They are creations of the manipulators designed to play on that most basic aspect of the ego, the inferiority/superiority dynamic.

You can go back and see that there was a time when there was religions, but there still was only a vague idea of nations. You will perhaps say that we have talked about nations since the Greeks, since the Romans, maybe even before. But you do not understand that what you call a nation today is not what people saw back then. They did not see the Greeks so much as a nation, as a group of people. You have a much more linear rational conception of nations today than people had in the past.

You often have this tendency to project the modern, rational, linear, analytical thinking upon the past; but people did not think that way just a few hundred years ago. What has happened is that, even though the concept of nations was useful for a time and had its place in the evolution of humankind, it has also been used from the beginning by the manipulators to create divisions. That is why we can say: “What is Russia? It is a concept. It is an idea.”

Human beings and other human beings

The greatest problem on earth right now is the belief that promoting or defending an idea justifies the killing of human beings. It was never the intention of higher awareness that the idea of a nation should be used to justify killing people who belong to another nation. There is no division on earth, no division possible on earth, that justifies the killing of other human beings. Take note of what is being said: not the killing of human beings, but of OTHER human beings. Because a human being cannot kill a human being. It can only kill an OTHER human being.

You must see that other human being as different from yourself, as separated from yourself, as belonging to a different class than yourself. Therefore, it is justified that you kill them. Look at the history of especially the last hundred years and look at how many wars have been started because of these national differences. It was only a hundred years ago that the First World War ended and that the Bolshevik Revolution followed.

What was the Communist mindset based on, the entire philosophy of Marx and Engels, the entire philosophy of Lenin that justified the creation of the Soviet Union? It was based on the creation of another division. Transcending national boundaries, much like religion; but this time a religion that denies God and raises the state to the status of God. Again, you create this idea that the state, that the Communist system, is more important than any individual or any number of individuals.

You see, again, all of these artificial divisions between human beings. How many times have they been used as a justification for killing other human beings that you only see as other because they have been labeled by the thought system that defines your ideas? You saw even how there have been wars between Russia and other nations and the Russian people have been seduced into killing those from other nations. After the Bolshevik Revolution the Russian people were seduced into killing each other, and this continued until the end of Stalin’s reign. It has to some degree continued after that and continues even today.

Why the willingness to kill in Russia?

You need to ask yourself why are so many people in Russia willing to kill others in defense of an idea? It is because they are not willing to make their own determination of what is true and not true, what is real, what is unreal. When you are not willing to apply the heart to sense the vibration, to feel within what is real and not real, then you become easily seduced by an idea. Of course, you find this in every nation. Many people will read this and think: “But look at all these other nations. It isn’t just in Russia.” Perfectly true—and perfectly irrelevant to improving life in Russia.

If you are living in Russia, do you want to improve life in America? Then why are you concerned about changing the people in America? If you want to improve life for yourself, be concerned about changing yourselves, for that is the only measure that can improve life here. The propensity of the Russian people is to want to point the finger somewhere else, and want to say that if all of these people have the same fault, then it is not so bad that we have that fault and: “Therefore, we don’t need to change until they change.”

Why are there nations in the world that are further developed than Russia? Because they have been willing to change themselves, instead of pointing the finger at someone else. That is how you evolve. That is how you grow; whether you are a nation or an individual. It can be no other way. It is no other way. So many people over the ages have thought it was a matter of them getting power and them getting a stronger will. What is the old Chinese proverb? That you can conquer the whole world; but the one who is the greatest is the one who conquers himself. What is the value of having a will that can subdue all other people, if you cannot look at yourself and consciously raise yourself, become more as an act of will? Those who have the strongest will are those who are willing to look at themselves and to apply their power into raising themselves; instead of changing or suppressing or controlling others. These are basic lessons.

Why nations states will disappear

Russia is just an idea. The borders of Russia are just lines drawn on a map. They are not drawn on the planet, except in those places where you have built walls or fences. There will come a point in the Age of Higher Awareness where the idea of nation-states will have been transcended and there will no longer be these individual nations. There will be regions of people who have come to see the basic humanity in yourself, whereby you see the basic humanity in others and therefore, those others are no longer others. They are human beings like yourself. When you see this, does it matter that there is a national boundary between you? Does there need to be a national boundary between you? Can you not find a different way to relate to each other than based on your national identity?

What is the value of the increase in technology that has made travel easier? What is the value of the internet that allows people to communicate over large distances? It is all that it helps to break down the boundaries between people, for when you physically go to another place on earth and you experience the basic humanity of the people there, then you realize that there is something more than the outer division. 

Many Americans have been brought up with these artificial racial divisions and many white Americans cannot see the basic humanity in black Americans, and many black Americans cannot see the basic humanity in white Americans. They have not been able to transcend these racial divisions and connect at the level of the heart. You will find many people, especially many white people in America, who have intellectually built this idea that they should not look down upon black people and they should not treat them differently. This is an outer thing they have taken on, for until you connect to the humanity in another, your relation to them is just based on the outer mind. You can force the outer mind to override a certain program, but it is the connection of the heart that sets you free.

Sharing your basic humanity

You who are the more aware people, you all experience this bond between you that is more than the outer divisions. Whether you come from different parts of what you call Russia or whether there are those who come from what you call other nations, you connect to the basic humanity in each other and it is this that you can give to others. You may give it to people as you meet them. You may radiate it into the collective consciousness. You may make calls for it, if you like, but the real essence of the process is to have that experience. Dare to have that experience of connecting to the basic humanity.

Now, before you can do this with each other, you must, of course, first have done it with yourself. There are many, many spiritual people throughout the world who have studied a spiritual teaching for a long time, practiced spiritual practices, performed rituals, but they have not dared to connect to the basic humanity in themselves. What is the basic humanity in you? Well, it is ultimately your higher self. It is also the Conscious You. It is also to some degree, part of your four lower bodies that can also experience that sense of connectedness that comes from Above. It is not that your four lower bodies are completely unable to sense your higher self but it can only sense it through the Conscious You.

If the Conscious You is not conscious of its source, then your four lower bodies will be filled with division. When you become conscious of your source, then you can have that sense of connectedness, that oneness in your identity body, in your mental body, in your emotional body. Therefore, you can dare to express it physically when you meet other people. If you have not connected to it in yourselves, if you have not depersonalized your life so you do not take everything personally, so you are not so concerned about yourself, then make that effort to do it.

It is truly possible for each one of you to take the path and recognize that it is the path of depersonalizing everything on earth so that you are not attached to it because you realize that you are more. How will you depersonalize anything if you think that you are just the outer self that reacts to any situation that does not please it? It is only when you know you are more, there is something you love more than the outer self, that you will be able to separate yourself from the reactionary pattern of the outer self and say: “This, I want no more. I want MORE.” Then, higher awareness can help you.