The vision of higher awareness for the golden age in Russia

What is the vision that higher awareness has for the golden age in Russia, or rather the vision for the golden age for the Russian people. Higher awareness has talked about the era of the nation states coming to the point where it is no longer useful. There was a time in the evolution of society on earth when nation states were necessary. We are coming into an age, where the importance of nation states will begin to fade as it already has to some degree. There are people in certain nations that have not paid much attention or have not believed it, because they still have a very strong national identity. Yet the reality is that higher awareness is not really concerned with nations, but concerned with people.

The task of higher awareness on earth is not to raise up nations, it is not even to raise up civilization as a whole. The task on earth is to raise up people, this means individual people, but of course also groups of people. From the perspective of higher awareness, all of these outer divisions and characteristics that human beings place such great importance upon, are not important. Higher awareness does not discriminate or judge, based on the sex of the physical body, or the sexuality of the physical body, or the race, the skin color, the hair color, the eye color, the nationality, the political beliefs, the religious beliefs. All of these things are not important to higher awareness.

Why is this so? Because you do not ascend as a man or a woman, as a white or a black or a Hispanic or an Asian person. You do not ascend as a Russian, an American, a Chinese or a Japanese. You ascend by transcending all human divisions.

What is the Age of Higher Awareness? Well, it is an era that is meant to bring earth closer to higher awareness. What does that mean? It means that humankind, must begin to transcend all of these outer divisions that today, serve primarily to divide people and put them into conflicts with each other.

Look at history and how religion has created conflict after conflict. Look at how political ideologies have created conflicts and how nation states and national identities have created conflicts.

Do you envision that the golden age will be an age of such conflicts? Or do you envision that it will be an age free from such conflicts? Higher awareness envisions the latter. So, if you still see conflicts as part of the future on this planet, you are not seeing the golden age, for it is an age where all war and other conflicts will be transcended. This cannot happen as long as people are divided by these outer divisions, or as long as they consider them so important.

This is not saying that all divisions will disappear. Obviously, there will still be men and women. People will have different skin color and different hair color, although towards the end of the golden age the skin color will become much more uniform, racial characteristics will begin to fade away. Still, it is not going to be an age of total uniformity, but it is going to be an age where these dividing and divisive factors fade in importance.

Consider a symbol that is meant to illustrate something in images you can relate to. Consider that there is a large space station at some distance from the earth. It is not in the physical realm but in higher realms. This station has a huge electromagnet that pulls on the earth. It pulls the earth and all people towards the golden age ideals, the golden age ideas and the golden age consciousness. There is a magnetic pull. It is of course a part of the magnetic pull of the upward pull of the entire universe, but it is specifically focused with a particular vision for earth. This vision is a planetary vision. It has simply transcended any national focus, not focusing on one particular nation as being important.

This should allow you to see that naturally, the vision of the golden age is not that Russia saves the world, or brings the golden age single-handedly. Neither is it the vision that the United States does this or any other nation. The vision is focused on people, regardless of where they live, regardless of whether they live inside this artificially drawn border, or that artificially drawn border. You can find expressions in various places that God created certain nations. Truly, do you see the ultimate Creator of the universe drawing national boundaries or borders, on this little planet called Earth?

There is of course a certain grouping of lifestreams that embody on earth, based on their history together, where they originated, and so on. What has been happening now for at least a couple of generations, is that higher awareness has blurred these lines between groups of people. Many groups of people that have for lifetimes embodied together have been softened up, so that the more mature members of certain groups embody with other groups. So that some of the more wounded members of a particular group embody in other groups, for example, in other nations.

When you look at the last hundred years, especially of the Russian nation, you will see that the Russian people have been exposed to tremendous trauma. Many people have been embodying in Russia from the 1800’s and up to recent times. They have therefore been traumatized by the many different events that have taken place. Some of these people, have been moved to other nations where they have an opportunity to heal these traumas. They may, if they heal these traumas in this lifetime, embody in Russia again if they desire to do so.

Some of the more mature people from Russia, have been allowed to embody in nations that are further along towards the golden age than Russia, so they can get the perspective and the ideas of how things can be done differently. Meaning they can come back to Russia and then help bring Russia forward.

When you understand this perspective, you understand that the concern is really not to bring Russia into the golden age, Russia as a nation, but to bring the Russian people into the golden age. What will that require? Well, it will require that the Russian people begin to transcend the national identity that has been created over a long period of time, going back to Czarist times, to the age of serfdom, through communism and even the period after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Putin’s takeover of power and so on.

There is a national identity that has been reinforced over a long period of time. There is a national identity that is deeply elitist, where there is a small elite that rules the general population of Russia. Where the general population are relegated to a particular role as serfs or workers, but certainly not as leaders. There is also very deeply rooted in this national identity, this entire concept that the Russian people are willing to suffer and sacrifice for the good of the nation. This gives them a sense of being special, a sense of superiority, there is also this desire, or this projection that Russia is a very special nation that has a special role in the world.

Now, is this completely untrue or does Russia have a certain role in the world? Well, as said before, there are several nations that have the specific purpose of outpicturing certain things, so that the world might see the effects of this and therefore learn lessons from it.

For example, the Japanese people volunteered to take on this burden of the atomic bombs being exploded in Japan, in order to demonstrate to the world the effects of nuclear warfare. Many other nations have also demonstrated various things. Russia has in a sense, been used by higher awareness to demonstrate the effects of communism. What communism does to a society, what it does to people. First of all, demonstrate that it is not a sustainable political and economic system. You can say that there are a variety of other lessons that Russia has outpictured that the world can learn from.

Now when we say that Russia and many other nations are meant to help the world learn certain lessons, is it only the rest of the world that needs to learn the lesson, or does Russia itself also need to learn the lesson? Well, of course, Russia itself is also meant to learn the lesson. When a country vows to teach the world a lesson, it is not because that country has already learned the lesson and therefore is more advanced. It is actually because that country very much needs to learn the lesson, perhaps more than most other nations.

What does higher awareness envision as the golden age changes for the Russian people? It is, of course, that the Russian people begin to learn the lesson from the communist past, begin to rise above a certain consciousness that is holding them back to this day, therefore they can transcend this entire period that they have gone through, that they are still going through, because they are still stuck in it.

This is not blaming anyone for this. It was very difficult for anyone to be under the communist yoke for seven decades, then suddenly be given freedom and then having to manifest a modern democracy. So again, no blame here. But the vision for a golden age is, of course, that the Russian people, a critical mass of them transcend the mindset. Therefore rise to a level where they are simply done with that phase in their history, they can leave it behind and now they can enter an entirely new phase.

What is that phase? Well, higher awareness is concerned about people. One of the plans that higher awareness has had for a very long time is to bring forth technology. Technology was the only realistic way to free people from this serfdom, this slavery, where the majority of the population spent all of their time and energy and attention on just surviving physically. In other words, people’s lives were focused on the needs and the demands of the physical body, which prevented them from doing what the earth is designed to do, namely that you use the physical body as a vehicle for your growth in higher awareness. For people to make really significant progress in awareness, they need to be freed from the drudgery of physical survival, they need to have free time, free energy, free attention.

Now, if you look at what we have called the modern affluent nations, you will see that people there do have more freedom of time, energy and attention than most people in Russia have today. You can look at most people and see that they are not spending that time on growth, they are spending it many times on empty entertainment. Personal growth is not necessarily linked to the physical activities that people perform. You have to recognize here that when people are severely burdened by having to sustain their physical bodies and using all their time and attention on this, everything is focused on the body. When they have free time and energy and attention, suddenly changes begin to happen.

For many people they may not happen at the conscious level, although you do see in most modern affluent nations that there is a slow, gradual, upward raising of awareness in all aspects of life not only the spiritual side of life. In many nations today, people are open to yoga, to mindfulness, to other forms of spiritual practices or healthy living. So, there is indeed progress, even though it does not center around a particular spiritual movement or philosophy.

The reality is that the way people were living in Russia during Soviet times, made it very, very difficult for them to grow spiritually. The way many people still live in Russia, also makes it very difficult for them to grow spiritually. On top of that, you have the fact that so many people were traumatized and this also makes it difficult for them to grow spiritually. When people have a very difficult daily life, it is also very difficult for them to heal their traumas. When you give them an easier daily life, even if they are spending it on seemingly empty entertainment, there is still a healing process that begins to occur. You can just compare this to physical healing.

What is it that doctors throughout the centuries have universally prescribed for people who are physically ill? They need rest. Why do hospitals have beds? Because when the body rests, there is a natural mechanism in the body that is activated so that the body can heal itself. If the person is constantly in physical activity that process cannot work. Well, there is a similar mechanism in the psychology. If people are stressed and living under great strain, where every day is an effort, every day is stress, they are always feeling burdened, they are always feeling there is something opposing them that they have to struggle against, then they cannot heal emotionally, mentally, or at the identity level.

A more affluent lifestyle, where people do not have to worry about money for their normal expenses, where they do not have to work too many hours a day, where they can live in decent housing that does not stress them, they have decent working conditions, they are not afraid of their own government, they are not afraid of speaking out, they are not afraid of meeting with other people; when people have these more relaxed, stress-free conditions, the healing process will begin. It will of course not be as fast as if they deliberately used tools for healing their psychology but it will be what most people are ready for on the planet.

The first step that higher awareness would like to see happen for the Russian people, is that they would have the same standard of living or close to it as what you see in the most affluent nations. This would allow the souls who are still in Russia, and who are wounded from the last hundred years to begin healing. It would allow people to start looking at new ideas, looking at psychological ideas, looking at spiritual ideas and so on.

The first priority in manifesting the golden age in Russia and for the Russian people, is to raise their physical, material standard of living. Many, many people in Russia live in these concrete apartment buildings built during soviet times. They were not built really for human beings. They were built based on a very mechanized, materialistic view of human beings. There is simply a certain stress involved with living in these kind of buildings. There are many people in the rural districts of Russia who do not have modern amenities.  This also gives a certain stress, especially during the cold winters. Of course, the cold winters give a certain stress but this is something that we cannot do anything about in the short term, what we can do something about, is of course the way people live.

This is the primary goal for bringing the Russian people into the golden age. It is of course a goal higher awareness has for many other people around the world, who also live under these poor material conditions. You can look at Russian society and say that many people in the cities have a more affluent lifestyle, and of course they do. But there are still too many Russians who do not have this kind of a lifestyle.

The goal is to bring up the bottom line (so to speak) where it gets above a certain level as to what you see in some of the more affluent nations, where very few people are truly poor, very few people are homeless. If they are, it is because of certain conditions, such as addictions or whatever it might be.

This is the first priority. This does not seem very glamorous compared to the dream of Russian superiority. But this has never been the dream of higher awareness. The sooner the Russian people let go of that dream, the sooner they will come to that higher standard of living. The dream is part of what blocks the progress, what holds Russia back at the level it is at.

For this higher standard of living to be manifest for the broad population, there will need to be dramatic changes in the economy of Russia. Higher awareness envisions that the current elitist economy will be replaced by an economy that gives more economic opportunity to all people. This will require dramatic changes in the exposure of the corruption, the oligarchs and how they are influencing the political system. It will require dramatic changes in the political system, basically it will require the removal of Putin, or the death of Putin, whatever the growth in the collective consciousness precipitates. It will of course require dramatic changes in Russia’s attitude to other nations.

The Russian leaders have this desire to create an artificial tension between Russia and other nations as a way to keep down the Russian people. This needs to be replaced by the recognition that Russia will grow much faster, and have greater affluence if it co-operates with other nations on an equal footing, so that these other nations can trust Russia and trust Russian’s foreign policy.

You could say: “What is it higher awareness envisions for the Russian nation?” Again, this will be a great shock and disappointment to those Russians who are still trapped in the old nationalist mindset. The reality is that what higher awareness envisions for Russia is that it becomes like most of the other modern nations. Modern democracies with a free political system, free elections, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, a free economy, a more equal economic opportunity, greater fairness and justice in the court system, no secret police, no aggressive foreign policy, no intent to take over other nations, no desire to create super weapons that can destroy other nations, all of these things.

In other words, when higher awareness looks at the world it clearly sees that as we move into the golden age, nation states will become less important, national divisions will soften up. What does this require? This will require that nations begin to trust each other because they trust that this other nation, regardless of what past we have had, will not attack us, will not manipulate us, will not subvert us. When we make an agreement with that other nation, it will keep its end of the bargain, as we keep ours.

This is what has made the modern nations prosper. This adherence to principles of “do unto others.” Naturally, higher awareness envisions that this will happen for Russia as well. So far Russia has rejected or resisted the upward movement towards the golden age. Yet consider the image of this space station that creates a magnetic pull on earth. If you look at the planet, you will see that there are some nations that have responded positively to that pull, have allowed themselves to be pulled up. There are other nations that have not yet been able to allow themselves to be pulled up, but they are slowly working towards it. Then there are just a few nations who are actually resisting the pull and refusing to be pulled up, unfortunately Russia is one of those nations.

Naturally, higher awareness envisions that Russia will transcend this, so that higher awareness can do for Russia what it has done for other nations, or rather it can do for the Russian people, what it has done for the people of other nations, bring them up to the next phase, which is of course the affluent lifestyle with free time. It does not mean this is the ultimate phase in the golden age but it is the next phase. It is sort of the basis for moving into the golden age, and then there are other phases.

There is much that will be brought forth, new ideas in all aspects of society, new technology and so on. It is quite frankly, meaningless to talk about these things for Russia, when Russia is at its current level. In other words, there are nations that have entered the beginning phases of the golden age but Russia has not. Until it does, it really does not matter what comes after the beginning stages, because you cannot get there without going through the beginning stages.

So, this is the primary vision of higher awareness. This is the next step for the Russian people. It will require dramatic changes, so dramatic that many of the older generation will not be willing to make them. Certainly the political apparatus, the economic elite will not be willing to make them.

Nevertheless, as a critical mass of people begin to accept these ideas and ask themselves why they do not have the kind of lifestyle that they see other nations have, then the change will happen. It can be delayed by the political economic power elite. It cannot be stopped. It has been delayed only because there are still so many people that have been manipulated into holding on to the old, or feeling hopeless that they cannot change the system. But as the equation shifts and we reach that critical mass of people, then it will change.

In a sense it has already begun to change, because it is of course not so that from one moment to the next we reach that critical mass. We are gradually moving towards it, one person here, one person there, one event here, one event there, so we are already moving towards this, but we have not yet broken through.

When will we break through? Well, difficult to predict what will be the sign of the breakthrough. One of the signs will be Putin, and you can watch him. Either he goes out of embodiment, he somehow decides to leave office, or he changes his approach to being the leader of Russia. It is possible that people can shift their consciousness.

You can also watch the economic power elite. Some might decide to leave Russia because they have made enough money and now they want to spend it. Others might realize that it is not sustainable what is happening in the Russian economy. Some of them may fall. Some of these big conglomerates that they have created, may simply go bankrupt and be replaced by another form of corporation or company. These are some of the things to watch out for in the outer. What you can watch out for in the psychology of the people, is the level of tension that they have internally. Right now it is quite high for many people. Even though many do not recognize it because they think it is normal. It is just the way life has to be.

It will gradually begin to relax as it already has for many people. When you see this spreading, where the people become more relaxed, they do not take the government as seriously, they do not believe most of what is being told to them. Then, that is also a sign that we are nearing that shift that will change the equation.

How can you help pull up the collective consciousness in Russia, unless you yourself transcend the aspects in your own psychology that are holding Russia back, that are part of the national identity. This cannot be forced. It is a creative process. Higher awareness is looking for those who have a positive approach to the path, are not so identified as Russians, but identify themselves as spiritual people who have chosen to embody in Russia in this lifetime to raise the collective consciousness. You do this by starting to raise your own consciousness. When you understand this, then you can take advantage of these teachings. You can make tremendous personal progress. You can have a major impact on the collective consciousness of Russia.

Be a little patient with yourselves, be a little patient with your nation. Realize that as Rome was not built in one day, the Age of Higher Awareness is not built in one day, one year, one decade, one century, not even one millennium. The Age of Higher Awareness stretches from now through the next two thousand years and it is a progressive golden age that will get higher and higher and higher. So much higher by the end of this two thousand year period that people from today would not even recognize society.

You can look back two thousand years ago at Roman society, and say they had a fairly sophisticated civilization among the Romans. The majority of the people lived of course in more primitive conditions. So, you can say there has been some continuity over these past two thousand years. Still, if you took a Roman from two thousand years ago and put them into a modern nation today, they would suffer severe future shock and hardly be able to comprehend the changes that have happened. What higher awareness envisions for the next two thousand years are far greater changes than have happened in the last two thousand years.

This is a very big change. It will take time. Therefore be patient, be patient and allow things to unfold, because they are unfolding. Spring has come, the buds of the flowers may not yet have unfolded, but the sap has risen and created the tension so that any day they can burst forth in this beautiful color of summer. Even in Russia, the flower buds are filled with the life-giving energy and it is just a matter of time, before they unfold to a much greater color than you see today.

One key to the Age of Higher Awareness is the Freedom flame that only a small portion of the Russian people have embodied. But it is a big enough portion that it can do the work that it needs to do, to bring the Russian people towards that greater freedom politically, economically, psychologically that means they can begin to experience the beginning stages of the Age of Higher Awareness.