The beings of higher awareness love the Russian people

What does it take to become a student of the beings of higher awareness? It takes that you are willing to become more. How do you become more? Only by looking at yourself and making the assessment: There is more to life than what I am manifesting right now. There is more to experience. There is more to express. There is more to bring into manifestation. This is not a process that originally involved any kind of guilt, fear, self-condemnation, anger, criticism, judgment. It involved none of these.

The challenge for the beings of higher awareness

When you first come into embodiment as a new lifestream, you are not burdened by this consciousness, which truly comes only from the manipulators and their projections. You do not see that you are in any way lacking at your present level of attainment. Just as you see a baby on earth who does not see itself as lacking because it cannot shovel oatmeal into its mouth without getting it all over its face, nor does it see itself as lacking because it cannot get up and walk on the first try.

There is not a trace of condemnation or anger in higher awareness. It has no desire whatsoever to make anyone feel inadequate or guilty, or feel like they are not good enough. We are not living on a planet that is ideal. As a result of the manipulators that have been allowed to embody on earth, you now have situations where many people have gone lower in consciousness than the place at which they started their series of embodiments on earth. You have the situation that the entire planet has gone much lower than the level at which it was created by the beings of higher awareness. 

This presents a delicate challenge for higher awareness. In order to teach a student how to become more, higher awareness has to make the student see that it has a potential to become more. In most cases, this will cause the student to look at itself through those elements of the manipulator consciousness that it has absorbed into its being, into its lower vehicle, its soul vehicle, over many lifetimes. 

When many students first come to the path of higher awareness, they encounter the light. They sense instantly that the light that is being expressed from higher awareness is higher than the energies they have in their own energy fields. This can often be a shock because suddenly there is a new sense of co-measurement where you can feel you are impure compared to the energies coming from higher awareness. Do you see the challenge this presents to higher awareness? 

If higher awareness does not give you the light, it cannot awaken you. If it does give you the light, then you will look at yourself through those elements of the manipulator consciousness that you have in your being. This may cause students to feel guilty, inadequate, impure, imperfect or any of the perversions of the god-qualities. Higher awareness has no desire for people to feel this way, but it is inevitable that all go through a period where they have to deal with these elements of the manipulator consciousness in their own being. 

Higher awareness desires to see all go through this period as quickly as possible. It desires to work with nations and help nations go through this period as quickly as possible. It is truly inevitable that you must come to this point of a rude awakening where you encounter the light, you see there is something more, and you see that there is a gap between that more and where you are at right now. You realize you are not where you could be, you are not where you want to be, you are not fulfilling your highest potential. In coming to this realization, you cannot instantly throw away the elements of the manipulator consciousness that prevented you from coming up higher. Therefore, you will look at your situation through that filter and thus will inevitably condemn yourself according to the elements you have in your being. 

Assessing the situation in Russia

The very conditions that keep you from coming up higher, are the ones through which you will look at yourself when you realize that you need and want to come up higher. This goes for an individual. It goes for a nation. Higher awareness has a great love, you would say, for Russia, but we could say for the people who live within the borders of the nation that happens to be called Russia. 

Even though the beings of higher awareness have certain plans and see that certain nations have the potential to play certain roles in these plans, they are not truly first and foremost concerned about nations. They are concerned about individual lifestreams and groups of lifestreams. It is not their task to make Russia or the United States ascend. It is their task to help YOU ascend. Of course, in you qualifying for your ascension, you will be part of a group that may very well be associated with a certain nation. Everything comes together in this very complex dance where the nations of the world become symbols for certain groups of lifestreams. Therefore, it is practical at the present level of consciousness to talk about certain nations and the inhabitants of certain nations and the challenges they face.

What is the assessment of the current situation of Russia and the people of Russia from the viewpoint of higher awareness? If you go back through history, you will see that there was a point where Peter the Great decided to move the capitol of Russia from Moscow to St. Petersburg and build an entirely new city. This was because he was inspired to some degree by higher awareness. It was also because he had been willing himself to go through the process of acknowledging that there was more to be manifest in himself and in the Russian nation. 

He was willing to make an assessment of the state of Russia at the time, the consciousness of the people, the state of its development, its government, its infrastructure. He was willing to look to the West, to look to Europe, where at the time there was a higher level of development than there was in Russia. He was willing to make an honest comparison and say: “We are behind. We are lacking. We can do better. What will it take for us to do better? We must transcend the old state of consciousness.”

What he attempted to do was to build a new Capitol, and what he truly envisioned was that it would be a chalice that could receive new ideas and visions for how to raise Russia to a higher level. This process was well begun by Peter, but the succeeding Emperors and Tsars could not continue the momentum. They started reverting back to the old consciousness. This then caused the unfortunate situation where the last Tsar was so out of touch with both higher awareness and the consciousness of the people that he was not able to institute the reforms that were long overdue.

There was a vulnerability so that Lenin and the Bolsheviks could move in and promise the people that they could give them what the people knew was needed. This was of course not a true promise. After the Bolshevik revolution, Russia started a downward spiral where the people actually lost the level of development they had before the revolution. This has caused many people in Russia to become disillusioned, to become so used to life being a struggle that they cannot even envision that it could be more. If you look honestly at the philosophy behind communism, you will see that it actually said, between the lines, that the ordinary people, the workers, could only have a certain level of material living standard. Not only was it not possible to have a higher standard, but it was not desirable, according to the system and its philosophy. 

Accepting the abnormal as normal

If you will think about this common life experience, you may receive an insight into an important aspect of human psychology. Did you ever, as a child, sit and watch a clock to see if you could spot the movement of the arm that counts the minutes? This movement is so slow that your eyes do not have enough contrast to notice the movement. Only if you look away from the clock and look back some minutes later do you see that the clock has changed position, that the hand has changed position relative to the numbers but the movement itself is so slow that it is difficult to detect. Likewise, the human mind needs a certain contrast in order to detect change. 

If change is so slow and gradual, then the mind will not always notice it because you get used to it. You get so used to the fact that things are bad, that you almost come to accept it as normal that things are this way and now you no longer see them as bad, you no longer see them as lacking. Well, this is precisely what happened to the people of Russia during the Soviet era. They gradually became used to so many things that they came to accept them as normal. “This is just the way things are, there is nothing we can do about it.”

If you accept a state of less as normal, how will you ever become more? This is in a way the central question that at a philosophical and spiritual level is facing Russia today. There are still so many people in embodiment who grew up during Soviet times and who were so used to a certain standard of life, and who have not yet shifted out of it, so that they are actually holding back progress in Russia. 

You who are the more aware people are, of course, not in this category in the sense that you have consciously acknowledged the potential to grow and the potential for Russia to grow, even in all ways. Yet, many of you still have remnants of this consciousness because you grew up with it and you grew up to see it as normal. It is not easy for anyone to step back from what you have come to see as normal and then see that it is actually less, that it is actually lacking, that there is a higher potential. 

The growth potential for Russia

You can look to other nations and see the same mechanism, for it is universal. The concern is not other nations here, the concern is Russia. Russia today is indeed going through a process that is much the same as what happened under Peter the Great. Only, today it is not just a few people, but today there are many, many people who have the opportunity and the affluence to travel abroad. When you do travel abroad, you see that things are different in other nations. If you will look honestly, you will see that there are nations that have a higher standard of living, where the buildings are more beautiful, better maintained, where many things function more smoothly, more effortlessly and where even daily life is not such a struggle. 

This is a growth potential, for when it reaches a critical mass there is a potential that people can look at Russia and say: “Why are we not as far along as other nations? What will it take for us to catch up, or even go ahead in certain ways?” When you come to this realization that you are lacking, that you could do better, then you will inevitably have to deal with those elements of the manipulator consciousness that you have in your being. 

This means that Russia will have to deal with the elements of the manipulator consciousness that they have not transcended in the national psyche. One of these elements is indeed the desire to be in some way superior to other nations, to feel that Russia is special, that it has power in the world, that it is respected and feared. During Soviet times, there were many people who knew that they were completely powerless to influence the system. Yet at the conscious level they did not feel so powerless because they had accepted life as normal. The system had given them the sense that because they were part of the Soviet Union, they were part of a powerful nation. This gave them a certain compensation for their personal lack of power. They derived a sense of power from the nation, from the system, not an individual sense of power.

What is the solution to this? Communism suppressed the individual and individual creativity, replacing it with a national, or a system-wide identity where people saw themselves not first and foremost as individuals, but as part of the nation, the system, the army, whatever. The only solution to this is truly the flame, the light, of spiritual self-sufficiency. Spiritual self-sufficiency means that you do not need to feel that you are part of a nation that is feared. You gain the sense of power from within yourself by knowing you are a non-material being, you are an extension of your higher self, you are an extension of higher awareness. Once you feel the power of higher awareness flowing through you, such as when you are invoking higher energies, you know that this is real power and that all the power structures of this world are as nothing compared to the power of higher awareness. They are just mirages. It is all just a facade. It is all seeming imposing only because nobody has said: “But the Party Chairman has nothing on.” 

Russia looking to the West

When you accept something as normal, how can you see its unreality? How can you see that it is simply a lesser manifestation and that it can be transformed by higher awareness? Let us, to put a little distance, go back to the time of Peter the Great. There were noble people, noblemen from Russia, who traveled to the West and experienced what life was like there, what the culture was like. They saw that Russia was behind. Most of these noblemen said: “We also want what they have in the West.” And so they set about trying to manifest this outer result.

Peter the Great himself saw a greater vision. He saw that for Russia to truly manifest a higher state of physical life, it would have to manifest a higher state of consciousness. He saw that there was a higher state of consciousness at the time in Europe than there was in Russia. He wanted to bring about that higher state of consciousness. Yet, there were not enough people at the time who were ready to grasp this vision and that is precisely why it did not become a sustainable upward momentum. What happened with the succeeding Tsars and even more with the leaders of Soviet Russia was that they also looked at certain things in the West and said: “We want this also.” 

For example, Stalin wanted the military power that would make the Soviet Union feared around the world because he wanted that sense of personal power, of being in charge of such a powerful apparatus. Yet, he was not willing to transcend the consciousness because, from the moment of the Bolshevik revolution, the potential for a transcendence of consciousness was cut off at the leadership level. It was simply no longer possible that the leaders of the Communist system could transcend the very consciousness built into the Communist philosophy and it could only go to a certain level. What was the result? 

Numerical versus real superiority

They could not gain military power through creativity so they had to take it through force. It was not a matter of building a better tank, it was a matter of building a bigger tank, building more of them. This is thinking that if you had numerical superiority, you would also have real superiority, thinking that if you had more soldiers, you would have superiority. Yet, had there been a war with the West, the Soviet Union would have lost. It would have caused great losses on both sides and a severe setback for civilization, but the Soviet war machine would have come up short, severely short, despite its seeming superiority.

The point for with this example is that today Russia is at a crossroads. You can again look to the West and say: “They have nicer cars, bigger houses, better organization here and there, we want that also.” But if you do not transcend the old consciousness, you will continue to seek to take it by force, and you will continue to lag behind. The reason for this is that the old consciousness that was so solidified during Soviet times cannot give room to individual creativity and this is what drives innovation in other parts of the world. The greatest lack in Russia is a lack of individual creativity. This is not saying it is completely lacking, but that this is the greatest point where Russia is behind because of the Soviet suppression of individual creativity. 

The lack of individual creativity

You who are the more aware people can do an immense service by looking at this, acknowledging how creativity was suppressed. Even those of you who were born after the end of the Soviet Union still have been brought up to suppress your creativity because there are still remnants of the old consciousness that influence the educational system and society as a whole. Individual creativity is expressed through the individual but it does not come from the individual,. It does not come from the ego and the outer mind, it comes from the higher self and the higher awareness. You all have the potential to unlock your individual creativity.

You can also look at the nation of Russia and you can do the energetic work to unlock this on a national level and to consume the old consciousness that still seeks to suppress individual creativity. You can be willing to look at Russia and say: “Why do we have bumpy roads? Why do we have buildings that are falling apart? Why do we need to accept this as normal?” 

You do not need to be critical. You just need to recognize that this is not normal, this is not the highest potential for Russia and that you could already now start doing better with what you have if it was applied. This is not asking you to make bricks without straw. This can be accomplished with what you already have if it is applied better, more consciously, more creatively, and with greater determination and vision.

The beings of higher awareness love the people of Russia and want to see you have more, both materially and spiritually. The material world is the lowest level of manifestation and everything that you see here is an expression of the higher levels of consciousness. Thus, real change must begin with a change in consciousness. If you who are the aware people are not willing to go through this change in consciousness, how then shall the nation of Russia go through it? Who else can be the forerunners for a shift in consciousness if not you? 

Spiritual people decide the future of Russia

You are the ones who decide the future of Russia. You decide by what you are willing to look at in your own consciousness, in your own life experience, in what you have witnessed in your nation, and in what you can learn about the past that you were not taught. You then decide how you are willing to transcend this consciousness in yourself, and thereby you determine the future of Russia. 

Although this is straightforward, there is no condemnation, no desire to make you feel guilty or inadequate. Higher awareness has a vision of the golden age and a vision for almost every nation. It certainly has a vision for what the golden age can be in Russia. But higher awareness does not envision the golden age in Russia by having Russia imitate the West, for higher awareness sees the unique creative potential of the Russian people. 

It doesn’t mean that the Russian people can do better than other people, for better and worse are dualistic terms. It means that the Russian people have a unique characteristic as a group, and therefore can manifest a unique expression of the golden age principles and consciousness. This is what higher awareness desires to see for Russia. Not that you look at the West and say that we have to do everything the same way, but you look at the West and say: “How could we do those things in our own way, but in a way that is better than what we have done in the past?”

Honoring all spiritual people in Russia

Higher awareness honors all of the people in Russia who have been open to the spiritual side of life. Even some during Soviet times, where they kept this very private but yet in their hearts they were open to the spiritual side of life in some form. There were those who, even during Soviet times, were living in other countries and found spiritual teachings, using spiritual tools to give calls for Russia. There were those who, after there was more freedom, found spiritual teachings and started groups in Russia, using spiritual tools with great diligence. 

All of these people – including many people after Soviet times who have been part of various spiritual movements or teachings – all of these people have made a contribution to the shift that has occurred. Russia has passed a critical point where it would be difficult for the manipulators to take Russia back to the way it was in the past. This is not to say that Russia cannot experience setbacks, as you already see happening to some degree. Yet, from a purely spiritual level, so much has been cleared in the identity realm that it would be almost impossible for the manipulators to turn things back.

Much clearance has happened in the mental realm. Some clearance in the emotional. But there has not been a sufficient clearing in the emotional level because the intense emotions produced during Soviet times are still sitting there as these downward spirals and vortexes, pulling on the national consciousness. Yet, some clearance has clearly taken place. All who have been spiritual have contributed to this. 

A sensitive person can feel a clear difference in the energies between the Western part of Russia and the Eastern part. You will see, when you look at history, that there were atrocious battles that took place during what you call the Great Patriotic War, but which the rest of the world calls the Second World War. You will see that that is where the power centers were, where the communist apparatus was centered and where it radiated out its influence. You will also see the greatest concentration of people. Anywhere in world there is a tendency that areas with a great concentration of people have lower vibration, in general. There are exceptions, but in general.

When you look at a map of Russia, you can see the Eastern part has a lower population, has vast areas with little population. Based on this you can see that there is a potential that the Eastern part of Russia can receive an outpouring of light which then can form the figure of a horizontal figure eight that can begin to stream through the West, where it can then be reinforced by the aware people in the Western part of Russia, sent back East and then returned. You can envision this process for Russia and use spiritual tools to open up a greater flow of energy.