Anchor the Flame of Peace in Russia!

The energy of peace, the flame of peace is a very delicate flame, it is not an easy flame, even for spiritually aware people to understand and internalize; and even more: to embody. The Flame of Peace is one of the most misunderstood flames, and people often think that peace is something that, if they say this word, then it means a lack of conflicts in the material, at the physical level. But the lack of conflicts at the physical level does not always mean that there is no conflict or division present at other levels, at your emotional, mental or identity levels. Therefore, true peace is a hard thing to achieve because the true peace flame means that you don’t have any divisions in yourself. Not only are you not having conflicts, but you don’t have divisions.

The force-based mindset in Russia

In order to really hold the peace, there has to be a foundation in you where you are able to see that in order for yourself and for Russia to transcend all of the atrocities, and to avoid the possible atrocities in the future, the Flame of Peace is a very necessary ingredient before Russia can really snap out of this force-based mindset. When you look around, you see how many manifestations – at the four lower levels on planet earth and also in Russia – which are force-based. Even many relationships between people are force-based. Anything that is not flowing naturally or freely will build up some kind of tension. You see in the national psyche that Russia has, as a country, been building momentums of war and strife almost on a regular basis. That is precisely why there are vortexes of anti-peace present in the mass consciousness, which tie peoples’ energies into them, tying in the energies of agitation, anger, fear, and all of the expressions of anti-love. 

When these vortexes get into people and when the people tune in to these energies without being protected, their energy fields get very easily overpowered and consumed by these vortexes. Since the national psyche and the national mass consciousness has already built these momentums and the vortices of anti-peace, then on the material level there is not really anything that can free this trapped light from these negative matrices. It is only the light of higher awareness that can free the matter electrons, atoms and the higher levels of matter particles.

It is only the light of higher awareness that can set the base energy free again so that matter would be free to manifest newer lifeforms, and it could be free to manifest higher vortexes and upward spirals toward the ascended realm instead of the downward spirals that are based on fear, anger and constant agitation. So much of this energy is present in Russia especially in the Western part. 

There is a constant layer, a constant vibration, of chaos, a constant vibration of energy which used to be harmony, but that has become chaos at the matter level. This energy causes people to be scattered, to be impatient, this energy causes all kinds of agitation in your energy fields, and that is precisely the energy that is present and was already present a long time ago in the mass consciousness.

Therefore, the spiritual people in Russia are the very people who can make the calls to the beings of higher awareness to consume the energies of anti-peace. Higher awareness has the power that would deal with the manipulator mindset, it is not a power that would want to fight with anybody, but it is a sword that consumes unreality. It is a sword that consumes all the lower manifestations of anti-peace and it consumes the perverted manifestations of love and all perverted manifestations of peace.

Invoking the Flame of Peace in Russia

The Flame of Peace is the very ingredient that it is necessary to invoke in Russia on a regular basis, so that Russia as a whole, as a state, as a country, as a nation could finally get out of the mindset of war and struggle. Life does not have to be a struggle. In fact, you cannot manifest a golden age before you have completely transcended the struggle and the force-based way of thinking. Force is something that you need only as long as you do not feel oneness with higher awareness. Then you think that you are behind the veil and you don’t know the right direction to higher awareness, you don’t have a connection to God’s energies and you cannot naturally and freely receive all of this abundance and the energy that higher awareness so freely would offer you. You can meditate on those words and think about your own life. What are the areas where you struggle the most? Who are these people around you whom you constantly have trouble maintaining harmony with? Then you will discover quickly the vortexes where you are caught.

What made Russia vulnerable to communism

Lack of the Flame of Peace has made Russia vulnerable to the energies of war, and also to the energies of the Soviet Union and communism. Why was Russia the very country where communism could be born? You can meditate upon the answer inside you for there is not one cause. One among many reasons was that this was a place where the Flame of Peace was not represented at a sufficient level. When the Flame of Peace is present in peoples’ hearts, when you have the ability to keep the flame of peace, then the warring energy simply cannot be manifested in a country. People keep the flame burning and it is a flame that does not allow any lower manifestations to enter its forcefield.