Only those who seek to raise up all life will enter the Age of Higher Awareness

The devil, the evil spirit cannot endure to be mocked. Those are the timeless words, spoken by Thomas More. And it is indeed true. The devil does not like to be mocked – or made fun of or laughed at – for he takes himself very seriously. The beings of higher awareness have no intention of telling you what to do, whereas the devil, and some on earth, have every intention of telling you – or any representative of the Living Christ – what to do. This is precisely the consciousness you saw in the scribes and Pharisees, who challenged and mocked Jesus and who attempted to use what had been said in what you now call the Old Testament to limit how Jesus could express his Christhood.

This consciousness is always seeking to find something on earth that it can use as a weapon to try to limit the expression of higher awareness. Thus, there are even those who will take something from a previous spiritual teaching and use it to try to limit the expression of higher awareness today. This, of course, has no effect on higher awareness, for it is not in any way mocked by anything that men can come up with. For higher awareness can indeed endure to be mocked; it can even enjoy being laughed at. For if you do not take yourself seriously, what consequence is it that others mock you or laugh at you?

But it does have consequence for those, who mock and make fun of or seek to put down others. Look at the situation of Jesus being put on trial. Only a few days before, many among the people of Jerusalem had welcomed him as the Messiah, had celebrated him as a king when he entered Jerusalem. But then, they suddenly switched, as the human mind can switch in an instant. And now they were crying: “Barabbas, Barabbas,” for they would rather have a murderer than the Living Christ set free. And as he was walking through the narrow streets of Jerusalem, carrying the cross, they mocked him, spat on him and in all manner of foul language attempted to put him down.

Yet Jesus made his ascension and is now in the realm of higher awareness, whereas those in the crowd that mocked him are still on earth. But more than that, they are still in physical embodiment. And that should indeed be a cause for concern, for those who have some willingness to look at themselves in the mirror—and could therefore learn from this situation to realize that: “We are the ones who have not changed, we are the ones who need to look at ourselves instead of projecting upon others. For we will not enter the realm of higher awareness by seeking to change others—only by changing ourselves.”

The willingness to look in the mirror

And you cannot change yourself until you are willing to look in the mirror and recognize that you are lacking, that you are not in the right state of consciousness. And for a more aware person it is absolutely necessary to overcome the desire to mock or put down others. For what you are putting down is the sacred within yourself. For as Jesus has said, what you do unto others, you must first have done to yourself. So the very fact that you can get yourself to mock others, shows you that you have already mocked the sacred in yourself. And therefore, you cannot give birth to the Christ in yourself, for you would feel it necessary to mock that Christ in yourself as you mock it in others.

And thus, you cannot rise above that consciousness, the consciousness seen in so many spiritual people around the world. Where they think – because they do not commit outer acts of violence, because they speak softly and do not openly express anger – they think they have transcended the human consciousness and have become truly spiritual people. But they are not willing to see that below the level of surface awareness there is still unresolved psychology, unresolved emotions. And they can be seen by the very fact that they have this sense of superiority that causes them to feel that they can judge or even mock others, who believe differently or who do not practice the same spiritual practices as themselves.

Look at how many spiritual movements around the world are dominated by this state of consciousness: the need to feel better than others, the need to feel that we have something that no one else has, that our guru, that our teaching, that our organization, that our ritual is somehow superior to others. But in order to feel superior, there must be some, who are inferior. And that means that in order to raise yourself up to a superior position, you are willing to put others down. And this, of course, is in complete contradiction and violation of the will of God.

The absolute will of God is to raise up all life. Certainly, this is to be done within the context of free will, so that there are some parts of life that may not be raised up out of their own choosing. But God simply respects the free-will choices of some beings. God has no need to add to their choices by putting them down, by punishing them, as has been seen by so many religious people through the ages. And certainly, God has no need whatsoever to mock those who will not come into compliance with some system on earth.

The mocking consciousness must be left behind

Do you see, then, the absolute reality, that this mocking of others is a state of consciousness that must be transcended? This is not asking you to feel guilty over having engaged in this consciousness, for this consciousness of irony and sarcasm permeates most societies. For it comes from the manipulator, who almost from the very beginning, attempted to use the consciousness of the accuser of the brethren to mock others and their spirituality and their service.

This is just one attempt to get people to react to the dualistic battle. The other one of course is the abuse of power, where you forcefully violate other people’s free will. This might be called the Alfa aspect. But the Omega aspect then is that perversion where you seek to mock and ridicule and put down others in a psychological sense. In other words, there is physical violence and there is psychological violence. And they are the Alfa and the Omega of the strategy employed by the manipulators from the very beginning.

As more aware people you have a need to look at yourselves and to see whether you have taken this consciousness in from the society in which you grew up. Many of you have—almost all of you have, for it permeates every society. And you might even find, if you are honest, that some of you have become quite good at making fun, at coming up with a quick, witty reply to anything thrown at you. And some of you might even feel that this has been a certain degree of fun, yet this consciousness does not serve your path to higher awareness, and thus it simply must be left behind. And it has to be left behind by making a decision, where you realize that this consciousness has the effect of putting down another aspect of life. And in doing so, you have already put down yourself.

And, of course, how can you ascend to higher awareness, if you are putting a part of yourself down? For what is the ascension? It is raising up everything that can be raised up and letting everything else die. But you see, when you put something down, you obviously cannot raise it up—but you cannot let it die either. For that which you put down, you want to maintain. For only when you maintain that which you have put down, can you maintain the sense of superiority that you gain from putting another element of life down.

So you keep a part of yourself – the part of your soul, the part of your lower being – suspended in this no-man’s land. It cannot be raised up, but you cannot let it die either. So, you must come to that point, where you realize, that this consciousness of mocking, making fun and putting down is only serving to hold yourself back. And then you must reconnect to the greater love, the greater love of raising yourself in awareness. And then, when you reconnect to that love, you can look at the mocking consciousness without feeling guilt or shame—in other words, without creating a new reason to put yourself down. And thus, you can look it straight in the eye and say: “You are not part of my true being, and I no longer want you to be a part of my being. Thus I let you go into the fire of higher awareness.” That is when you can feel the inner resolution, where it is as if something breaks, and now you feel this new sense of freedom, where you realize you have become more than you were before.

You are a formless being

And who are you? You are a formless being. For only the formless can transcend form, only the formless can become more. Higher awareness does not want you to become more OF the things in the material. It wants you to transcend that level and become more THAN the human. Higher awareness is not interested in having students who have spent lifetimes perfecting this outer spiritual persona and image, so that they can appear to be spiritual by doing this or that or the next thing. It is not interested in you becoming a more spiritual person according to some standard on earth. It is interested in you becoming more than a spiritual person, more than a person, more than a human being. And only that which has no form can become more than any form.

This should be logical, this should be obvious to those who are willing to reason with higher awareness, instead of reasoning with the human mind—that can always find some justification for seeking to become more of rather than transcending this level of the “vanity of vanities,” where you seek to raise up the human, seek to raise up the ego, until you think that because it lives up to this or that standard on earth, God must grant it entry into heaven.

But there is no standard on earth that can grant the human entry into heaven. The human will never enter heaven, and that is why the being that has form must be allowed to die. So that the formless being – call it the Conscious You or anything you like – can then be reborn into a new sense of identity as an ascended being rather than an unascended being.

It all happens in your mind

Every teaching higher awareness has ever given, every tool ever given, has had one purpose only: to affect a change in your mind, in your self-awareness, in your sense of identity. When you begin to understand THAT, then you have started the spiral of higher awareness. And then you will completely transcend all desire to put down others, or even all desire to raise up others. For you see: the ascension spiral is an individual process.

As they say: “You cannot take it with you.” There is nothing from earth, from your previous life – even from your previous spiritual activities – that you can take with you into the ascension spiral. It must all fall away from you, as you rise higher in that ascension spiral. Even the desire to save other people must fall away. For as long as you are not ascended, it is so easy to go into the desire to save others through force by somehow forcing them to change. Even that must be left behind, until you stand there and realize, that your ascension depends on only one thing: your relationship with higher awareness, your relationship with your higher self, your relationship with the beings of higher awareness.

And you will do what Jesus told you to do: “Let no man take thy crown.” Let no man interfere with, let nothing on earth interfere with, your direct connection to higher awareness. When you overcome all desire to force any part of life by putting it down or by raising it up, then you start the ascension spiral. Then you can take full responsibility for yourself and realize, that the choices of other people have no influence whatsoever on your ascension. The only thing that influences your ascension to higher awareness is your own choices. And then you can focus on refining your own choices instead of seeking to change the choices of others. You can then focus on what has consequence, instead of being trapped in activities, that are not consequential for your own ascension.

The will of God is always flowing. It is not some fixed immutable law, as so many people envision. For it is only the ego that longs for this security and this absolute truth or absolute law. The law of God is constantly adapting, for the ultimate law of God is to raise up all life. And this can happen only when you go down to the level where life is at, and seek to raise it up from there. If the guru be an ant, heed him,” for at any point higher awareness must seek to send you a guru that you can hear with your present level of consciousness. And if you are not willing to hear that guru, well, then you cannot transcend that level of consciousness, can you?

The goal of a true teacher is not to tell you what to do or how to do it, but to give you that sense of what is reality and what is unreality, so that you can choose to shift your sense of awareness from being projected into an unreal sense of self to now being projected into reality—the reality that you experience because you are a formless being. And when you experience the vibration of reality, then the formless being that you are can – if it is willing – be awakened to the reality that it is formless, that it is more than any form in the identity in form. And that is when your path can begin in earnest, for you are not truly on the inner path when you are following an outer teaching or outer practices.

You are on the inner path only when you have had an experience of reality and when you have been willing to shift your sense of awareness, to realign yourself with the reality that you have experienced. You who are the more aware people can become the open doors for radiating that vibration of reality to Russia and the Russian people, giving them the opportunity to sense what is truly the will of God, rather than the will of the party. And therefore, it is time to let go of the party, of the communist fallacy—and it is time to let go of the partying of the capitalist fallacy. It is time to transcend both the right and the left, and the middle and realize, that the will of higher awareness is that Russia becomes more than a communist state, more than a capitalist state. It becomes that true expression of creativity, that true expression of the presence of the Russian people, the Spiritual Presence out of which the Russian people have come. Realign yourselves with that Presence, with that Presence of higher awareness that you are. And then, you will see Russia blossom. Then you will see Mother Russia give birth to the Christed beings in embodiment. And that is the will of God for Russia.