Allow yourself to feel the Joy of Christ 

Consider the words of the song taken from the Bible “… and he shall reign forever and ever.” You can interpret them as meaning that Christ is the King who shall go beyond and endure beyond all of the kingdoms of this world. 

Yet you can interpret it also, through this mindset of separation, as an expression of the desire that many beings on earth have: to create a kingdom on earth that shall endure forever and ever on earth. If you look throughout history, you will see that there has always been a certain group of people who have had this desire to set themselves up as the leaders of a kingdom or other kind of state that will endure forever. 

Was it not how the leaders of the Egyptian Empire of old felt? Was that not why they went through such trouble to build these elaborate monuments to the kings and embalm them so that they would supposedly endure forever in the afterlife, but also so that their kingdoms would continue to endure? Was it not the dream of many ancient civilizations that they would create the ultimate civilization that would endure forever and ever? Was it not the dream of the Roman Empire? Was it not the dream of both the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church to create a Christian empire that would take over the entire world and would endure forever and ever because it was supposedly built on the sponsorship of Christ? Was it not the dream of those who created the Soviet Union to create an empire that would take over the world and would endure forever and ever based on communist principles? 

When you look at this long history and you look at these leaders who have always set themselves up as a privileged elite, who have suppressed the people and abused the people in order to create their empires, you can, of course, clearly see as the more aware people that this is for the people in the dualistic mindset or the mind of separation. You see that only people who are trapped in a mindset of separation could even conceive of a need to create a kingdom on earth that would endure forever and ever. 

The lie that you need an intermediary between you and Christ

Those who have risen to the mindset of Christ will see that there is no need to create anything on earth that will endure forever and ever because earth is only a temporary schoolroom, and it is the lifestreams who lock in to the Mind of Christ that will endure forever and ever. But how will they endure forever and ever? Only by transcending themselves forever and ever, for the only endurance is self-transcendence. This is the reality of the Mind of Christ as opposed to the false image portrayed by the vast majority of Christian churches that you see on this earth. 

They want to create an image of Christ and project that that image is reality, and that is why they have created the image that Christ is remote from the people and thus the people need an intermediary to access Christ. This is the very consciousness that you see in disguised forms in all abusive, totalitarian, centralized regimes. The people are powerless; they need an elite. If they follow the elite, the elite will give them the promised land—if the people give the elite the power and privileges that they crave beyond anything else. Those who are the living people who understand at least some aspect, who have tuned in to some aspect of the Flame of Christ, see no need for any permanence on earth. They know that permanence is in the ongoing transcendence of the River of Life or the Holy Spirit. 

The Flame of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency in Russia

The Flame of Spiritual Self-sufficiency has been anchored in Russia. This Flame of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency is an aspect of the Flame of Christ. It is the antidote to all totalitarian schemes that portray the people as powerless and portray that only a small elite can have power. This was what Jesus came to do 2,000 years ago: to set the people of Israel, and beyond that to the world, free, from the power elite of the Jewish priesthood that had set themselves up as intermediaries between the people and God. 

You may recall that Jesus said: “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars’ and unto God that which is God’s.” His concern at that time was not primarily the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was, of course, an example of a worldly power abusing the people, but his primary concern was to deal with those who had set themselves up not as worldly rulers but as spiritual rulers, saying that the people could not access God except by going through this elite. This is what Jesus wanted to expose, and he wanted to give the people the tools to rise above it and attain spiritual self-sufficiency. 

Of course, the Bolshevik leaders, the communist leaders of Russia, did not say that they had access to God. But nevertheless, by promoting the communist philosophy that there is no God, they did in a sense set themselves up as intermediaries between the people and God. They said: “There is not even a God to access, and we have the power to define God out of existence. Only the state matters.” 

The key to shaking off this consciousness is the Flame of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency, where people acknowledge that there is no power in this world that can prevent them from going directly into their own hearts and contacting Christ, and through Christ contacting God directly in their hearts. The only intermediary that the people on earth need between them and God is the Christ Consciousness. 

Christ is not confined to anything in this world

The Christ Consciousness cannot be confined to an outer church, or an outer organization, or an outer priesthood. The Christ cannot be confined by anything in this world. That is what Jesus came to teach and demonstrate.

“This is my body which is broken for you—all of you.” The body of Christ is broken for all, which means that all have access to it. You can all decide that you are willing to be the open doors and access Christ directly in your heart. Of course, you can also continue, as many who call themselves Christians are doing to this day, upholding the image that Christ is so remote that you need the physical intercession of a church and a priesthood. That then shows that you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself, and you are not willing to do what it takes to absorb the body and blood of Christ. 

What will happen when you take in the body and blood of Christ? Well, as many who have been in the spiritual path know, when you take in the light it flushes out and exposes whatever unresolved substance is in your being. You all know this and you all have had the courage to face it, thus you should not have any hesitation to absorbing this Flame of Spiritual Self-Sufficiency and spreading it throughout Russia. And of course, people in the rest of the world can do exactly the same for their nations. 

You, who have been on the path, will not feel that the flame will make you uncomfortable or will expose any more than you are already exposing by your regular practices. You might feel that the flame flows through you and thereby challenges others, those who will not make their own decisions, who will not take responsibility for their own path and who want someone else to make decisions for them. Be not concerned about this. Let the light shine through you and let the light do its work. 

You realize that you are not the doer, therefore you do not need to feel responsible for other people’s feelings, or even what they might accuse you of when the light makes them so uncomfortable that they cannot stand it. They might even blame you for bringing this disturbance into their life, as you will see that just about any messenger, or guru, or representative of higher awareness has been blamed by the people who will not absorb the light, but who feel that their excuse for rejecting the light is being challenged by the presence of the messenger. 

This is what Jesus experienced many times during his embodiment on this earth. People felt disturbed by the light that he expressed and therefore blamed him. They thought that if they could kill Jesus, they, by killing the physical body, would shut off the light. Thus, they would get over their discomfort and could continue in their willful ignorance and their denial of the Christ in themselves. 

You can only deny Christ in someone else if you have already denied Christ in yourself. This is an eternal principle. Thus, if you deny or reject that the Christ is in any other human being, you demonstrate that you have denied Christ in yourself. Had you acknowledged Christ in yourself, you would see that Christ is everywhere, and thus also in all other human beings. It may just be a potential that is not acknowledged by these people, but it is still there and thus the reality is that the Christ Consciousness is everywhere and this is what you can acknowledge. 

The potential for transformation is always there

It suddenly makes it easier to bear the conditions on earth and to look at the conditions on earth, and then look through them and see the Christ light shining even from behind the worst conditions and thereby consuming them, transforming them. As indeed, you saw Jesus perform healing miracles, so to speak, of taking a withered hand and almost instantly transforming it into a healthy hand. There was no magic, there was really no miracle, other than the fact that in his mind, he did not accept the permanence or the reality of the withered hand. Jesus saw it only as a temporary image projected upon the base energy, and he saw the reality that he could project another image and that this would then be the manifest reality.

The potential is always there for this instant transformation, and this should give you great encouragement as the spiritual people. It is easy to feel that you have been doing spiritual exercises for years or even decades and maybe you don’t see the results you desire in your personal life, maybe you don’t see it in your society or on the planet. It could be easy to look back at spiritual movements and the effort put forth through those students, and it could be easy to take the glass is half-empty approach and look at the problems that are still around in the earth. You might then become discouraged and say: “What was the point of all this work when there are still so many problems?” 

Everything in the material world is an expression of the consciousness of humankind and there are many things that are hidden in the subconscious. People do not see what is in their consciousness and therefore in order to be free, you have to bring it to the surface so that it becomes visible. It is also so with problems in the world. It is not that there are more problems in the world today, it is that there is more awareness, more communication of the problems that have been there all along. 

Certainly, there are some problems that you might say are new, but the consciousness behind them is not new, it is only the expression that is new. It is new because, as the light is being invoked by many spiritual people, the light flushes out what is hidden in the subconscious. The very fact that you see so many problems in the world today is a sign that the planet is rising because they can no longer be hidden and ignored. 

Even wars make the subconscious visible

You may look at, for example, the great wars you have seen over the last century and you may think that they were caused by certain geopolitical or economic factors. The deeper reality is that these wars were the expression of many, many things that were hidden in the collective consciousness that were not acknowledged. They therefore came together to precipitate the conditions that led to the war, the energetic conditions in the three higher bodies that led to the war in the physical. 

The very fact that many of these conditions have now become more recognized, more seen, more obvious is contributing to a diffusion of the energies in the emotional, mental and identity levels. This is actually reducing the risk of another great war. Therefore, you should be encouraged rather than discouraged by the fact that there seems to be more problems, and then you need to recognize that this is only a temporary phase and you need to see that beyond this is the Christ reality. 

You can look at Russia, for example, and see that during the Soviet Era, there was such control that there were many problems that could not be expressed. People were so suppressed that they could not, for example, get into drugs. Or they could not as easily get alcohol as they can today. There are many other things in society that were suppressed by the regime. 

Thus, you can say, as even some say about the Nazi regime in Germany, that there was more law and order whereas now there is more chaos. But when things were suppressed, they were still there in the subconscious. They were constantly seeking expression, and this is what creates a tension that then eventually becomes so big that it cannot be released any other way than through the most extreme forms of inhumanity, namely war, torture and the like.

Now you see that many of these things are coming to the surface more on an individual level. Therefore, they are actually being defused, which is healthier for the over-all, although certainly harder for some individuals. Nevertheless, this is still according to the individual consciousness and their unwillingness to take responsibility for themselves which you see in, for example, drug addiction and alcohol addiction. People give themselves up, give up their lives and responsibility for their lives, to a chemical substance and the demons behind it so that they do not have to internalize the light, and transcend their own consciousness.

This is to some degree the same in organized crime. Even in bureaucracy where people refuse to think and just blindly follow the rules and give the stamp or don’t give the stamp, but always follow the rule never applying their humanity, never looking at the situation from the heart and saying: “Here we could potentially make an exception.” Not the exception you see in corruption where you can pay for it, for this is still not Christ discernment, it is still not the heart but just the outer mind that mechanically takes what it can get.

You who are the spiritual people can look at the positive. You could look at the glass as being not only half-full but more than half-full and that the light of Christ is rising in the glass. It may, in the not too distant future, start overflowing. Visualize the Light of Christ overflowing the Cup of Christ and flowing out to all areas of Russia and the world. For when the cup is raised up, higher awareness.