Ending the abuse of power in Russia

Consider some thoughts about the abuse of power. They are not specific to Russia or the Soviet Union, but they apply to many other situations and many other nations throughout history. First of all, what is abuse of power? Well, the ultimate law for the universe is the law of free will. The simplest definition is that the abuse of power is when you violate the free will of others. This can be done, of course, in many different ways. You can prevent them from seeing various options, in having the knowledge of what they could potentially choose. But specifically, what you see on earth in many cases is that people are forced to make certain choices and not make other choices. They are put in a situation where, in reality, they have no other choice but to comply with a small elite that defines for them what their life can and cannot be. In other words, you have a power elite that defines what life is like in this society, what the citizens of this society are supposed to be like, what the boundaries are within which they have to live their lives. This is one aspect of the abuse of power.

The other aspect of the abuse of power is the willingness to force others to comply with that definition of society. If people will not comply, then you are willing to punish them, potentially destroy them. This is the abuse of power we will address here. Certainly, when you look at world history, you can see that it has taken place in many, many nations – many, many instances.

What is being said here has a certain universal appeal, but we will use Russia as an example. Not because of any any desire to put down Russia, but because if the Russian people are to rise above this abuse of power, they need to look at what has been going on in their own nation and learn from it.

Where does the abuse of power come from? Well, it comes exclusively from the manipulators. Before manipulators embodied on this planet, there was no abuse of power. There was the unwise, unaware use of power. There was, what you might even call, misuse of power. But, there was not a specific abuse of power where you want to force others, and you are willing to destroy those who will not be forced.

This is what came with the manipulators. This is a creation, we might say, of the manipulators. It is their hallmark. You can look at the history of Russia and you can see that Ivan the Terrible clearly illustrated this willingness to abuse power, to kill and torture those who would not comply. You can clearly see it in Stalin, and how he was willing to destroy all of those who did not submit to him, but actually even willing to destroy those who did submit to him, even those that were completely loyal to him. But, in his paranoia, he still got suspicious and was willing to destroy them.

You look at the present Russian government and you see the reaction that whenever there are public demonstrations in Russia, the police is sent in and they are very, very harsh towards those who are arrested. They beat them up unnecessarily and some are in prison for longer periods of time. We may say: “Is this as bad as it was during Stalinist times?” No, it is not, but it is still the abuse of power. Given that the leadership of a nation is always a reflection of the consciousness of the people, one must then reason that the Russian people have not overcome the consciousness behind the abuse of power. That is why they need to see it out-pictured again in another version, so they have another opportunity to look at this and come to this decision where they use their willpower to say: “No more! We will have no more of this abuse of power, we will not allow ourselves and our children to be exposed to this abuse of power. We demand change!”

What is the consciousness on behalf of the people that allows this abuse of power to take place? Well, it comes from this dualistic polarity between the superiority complex and the inferiority complex, where on the one hand you feel superior and on the other hand you feel inferior. What must the manipulators do in order to get people to submit to them? Well, they must make the people accept that they are inferior to the manipulators. In a sense, the manipulators have an inferiority/superiority complex. In order to get a group of people to follow them, they have to get these people to adopt an inferiority complex, the people are inferior to the leader. You see this in virtually every nation.

If you look far enough back in history, there has always been a group of leaders who claimed to be superior because of whatever—whether it was a religion, they were chosen by God, or whether it was historical necessity. They claimed to be superior, and then the general population that had submitted to them, accepted themselves as inferior. It was believed during medieval times in Europe that the noble class were a different kind of people; they had blue blood. You see many examples of this throughout history. In Russia during Czarist times, there was serfdom. The serfs were projected as being inferior, and most of them had accepted this. The upper class and the Czars were superior, within a different class of people.

Now comes the shift, the Bolshevik Revolution where you have, supposedly, this ideology that is aimed at creating a classless society. But, was the Soviet Union a classless society? Of course it was not, because you still had the ruling class—those who were at the top of the party apparatus, even those who defined the ideology (Lenin), and then those who were the extreme, abusive leaders, such as Stalin. You clearly had different classes. You see that even during Soviet times, there was a clear sense of inferiority that was projected on the general population by a small elite who felt superior. This is what the manipulators must always do. They must find a way to project that the general population is inferior, they cannot rule the country themselves, and that is why they need the elite. Of course, at the same time, they are projecting that the elite is superior and that is why they are the only ones who are fit to rule.

It is relatively simple to see that this is what the manipulators must do in order to get the population to submit to them. But, of course, there are certain subtleties here. One subtlety is this: Can you indefinitely put a group of people down? Well, you can for a long time, as you see in many nations – sometimes for centuries. You see it, even in Europe, where the Catholic church managed  to get the general population to accept that they were sinners for almost 1000 years. It can be done for a long time. But, you cannot do it forever, and the reason for this is the upward pull from the rest of the universe, the upward pull of the individual. Then, there is the inbuilt drive in the individual to become more, to transcend itself to rise higher.

What have the manipulators done? Well, they have not necessarily, consciously been aware of this, but they have sensed it and so they have, on the one hand, put people down so they would submit to the manipulators. But on the other hand, they have attempted to use various ideas to make these people feel that submitting to the elite actually makes these people superior in a certain way, namely, superior to other groups of people who have not submitted to this elite.

In Roman society, you had the belief that the Emperor was God on earth, and therefore, inherently superior. Those around the Emperor were also superior. But, there was this great belief in the superiority of the Roman Empire, so even though the ordinary citizens of the Roman Empire were clearly inferior to their leaders, they were still superior to all those who were not Romans.

You see how this was carried over and taken over by the Roman Catholic church. All people were sinners. They were clearly inferior to the Pope, the church hierarchy, and even the secular hierarchy supported by the church. But they gained a compensation for this inferiority by feeling that they were superior to all non-Catholics. Of course, during the Middle Ages, where the national consciousness grew stronger in many nations, you saw various nations that built this sense that, even though the people in that nation – be it Germany, France, England, Russia – were inferior to the ruling elite, they were still superior to people in other nations. You had some version of that even during Czarist Russia and then, of course, came the Bolshevik Revolution.

Now clearly, the people were unable to interpret the theories of Karl Marx, they were unable to determine the party line and the party goals. They were clearly inferior in terms of ruling the nation or playing a part in it. They had to only submit to the party or they would get destroyed and killed. But the compensation for this was; they were superior to those who were not in a Communist country. With the Soviet Union, the Russians were superior to all non-Russians. Supposedly, Communism was the classless society. Well, what is the classless society? Is it not a society where everyone is equal, meaning none are inferior, none are superior? But, this is not what you saw in the Soviet Union, where there was a clear hierarchy. Anyone outside the Soviet Union was inferior.

Well, there was the Warsaw Pact countries. They were not quite as inferior as those in the West, but they were clearly inferior to those in the Soviet Union. But, even inside the Soviet Union, the Russians were clearly superior to all other Republics, and even within the Russians, clearly the party officials were superior to all ordinary Russians, so to speak. You will see here that the abuse of power always contains this dynamic. Why is this? It is because there is a limit to what you can do with raw force alone. Surely, Stalin took this almost as far as it can be taken in terms of the willingness to kill anyone who objected, or even to kill people randomly. Nobody could ever feel safe. But still, this was not sustainable for that long.

The manipulators have known this for a long time and that is why they have always combined raw force with some kind of idea that makes people accept the status quo, that makes people accept that they need the ruling elite–they cannot avoid or get away from the ruling elite. This is a set of subtle beliefs, sometimes a religion issue, sometimes a political ideology, sometimes, just some ideas are used, such as the theory of evolution, for example. It comes in many disguises, but there is always this: “You the people are inferior to the elite, but because you have submitted to the elite, you are superior to those who have not, those who are outside the influence of the elite, you are superior to them.” This then ties in with this fear of making a mistake that is deeply ingrained in many people on earth.

This, of course, is again engineered by the manipulators. It is another mechanism that has been created by the manipulators in order to get people on earth to follow them. It is this projection that there is a standard for right and wrong. If you are wrong, you are absolutely, epically wrong and the worst possible thing will happen to you, whether it is burning forever in hell, or some other kind of punishment.

If you are epically right, then you will receive the ultimate reward, whether it is entering the Catholic heaven, or the Communist heaven. This has instilled in many people on earth, especially the original inhabitants of the earth, this fear of being wrong. This is because before the manipulators came to earth, there was no abuse of power. But, after the manipulators came to earth, there was abuse of power, and the manipulators managed to get many of the original inhabitants to follow them in various abuses of power, such as waging war against other groups of people.

The original inhabitants realized – after they left embodiment, after they looked back and evaluated their life – they realized they had made a mistake in following the manipulators. They had made, what they could only see as an epic mistake. Why was it that way? Because they had taken on the epic mindset of the manipulators, and they were evaluating their actions through this mindset. That is why, when they realized they had followed the manipulators – even though they did not call them manipulators – they had followed those who abused power. And they felt, they evaluated, that they may have made an epic mistake, and many of them vowed to never again allow themselves to feel the kind of regret, remorse, shame, or guilt that they felt for having made this mistake.

It was not really that they had made the decision: “I will never again follow abusive leaders, leaders who abused power.” Their decision was not so much related to their actions, it was more related to their feeling, to their experience (“I never want to experience this again!”).

The shock of having followed the manipulators was so traumatic that people vowed: “I will never experience this shock, this trauma again!” You have large groups of people around the earth who have this. You have large groups of people around the world who have this particular dynamic that they never want to experience being epically wrong again. You can look at a map of the earth and you can see where they are embodied, and you will see that many of them are embodied in nations that have some form of dictatorial ruler. In other words, the irony of this is that these people who received their trauma by following the manipulators are even today embodied in countries that are ruled by manipulators and by the dualistic mindset. In a sense, they are doing precisely today what they vowed not to do many millions of years ago.

Why is this happening? Well, it is happening because there is a unique opportunity for these people to overcome this dynamic in their own psychology. That is precisely why they have, in their Life plans, chosen to embody in countries that both forced them to look at this dynamic in their own psychology and to overcome it. It is to give themselves an opportunity to grow that they have chosen to embody in such countries.  Naturally, they have in many ways moved on in consciousness from when they made that original decision. Some have healed it to a high degree.

Some have grown in other ways even though they have not touched this original birth trauma. They have grown in many other ways, so they are in a much better position to deal with this trauma today than they were when they originally received it. As a matter of fact they are in a better position today than at any time in their past, so this is not something they have done in order to punish themselves but in order to give themselves an opportunity.

Now what happens of course is that when people take embodiment, they lose the perspective and the clarity they had before choosing to come into embodiment. They are burdened by the collective consciousness, by the contents of their own three higher bodies and their perspective changes, they cannot see what made them decide to embody in China or Russia or North Korea. They can now become so burdened by the collective consciousness that they resist learning the lesson that they wanted to learn. And this is of course what you see in many nations around the world, you see it in large parts of the Arab world where they cannot even bear to consider that Islam could be a not entirely pure religion.

But you see it in Russia as well, where many Russians cannot bear to look at the past of Russia and admit that there was a certain abuse of power. Not only by the rulers of Russia but even the people of Russia participated in this abuse of power, because naturally you can look at the party officials in Russia and you can say: “Could they have taken over other nations and forced them into the Soviet Union or forced them into the Warsaw pact? Could they have created this entire power structure that forced everyone in that sphere of influence to submit to the party elite?” Of course they could not have done this physically, they needed many among the Russian people to be complicit and cooperate with them in carrying out this abuse of power. But many among the Russian people, whether they personally participated in this abuse of power or whether their parents did, or whether they did in past lifetimes, they cannot bear to look at this.

And in this respect there is a perspective that will be highly provocative to many Russians. But nevertheless, higher awareness is not concerned about what provokes people on Earth, but about what might help some, those who are open. Those of you who have grown up during Soviet times, and even later have been programmed with a certain view of history. And this is a view of history that is in some ways somewhat similar to what people in the west have been exposed to. You have been programmed to look back at World War II and focus on the atrocities committed by the Nazis, the holocaust and other atrocities. In other words, the big evil in both western society and in Russian society was Nazism.

However, if you step back from this overlay, both the western and the Russian overlay, you must say that although Nazism was a very clear and definite abuse of power, it was not the only example of the abuse of power in history and it was not even the worst one from certain perspectives.

You can even say that the abuse of power by the Nazis was in a way not the same as the abuse of power of the Communist party of Russia and the Soviet Union, because the Nazis did not kill as many of their own people if you count them as Germans, as the communist party officials in the Soviet Union. Of course you will realize the irony of this because the German Jews were also Germans but nevertheless, if you look at the soviet power structure, there was an even greater willingness to kill their own citizens than what you saw in the Nazis.

In a sense you can say that the cost to the Russian population and the population in Soviet states was greater than the cost of the German population under Nazism, so you can therefore say: “Well, what was the greater abuse of power?” This is not going to say that one was worse than the other, they were both extremes, they were both too far, gone way too far. There was a huge abuse of power in the Soviet Union, definitely comparable to the abuse of power under Nazism.

Now step back and look at the situation internationally, how do most countries and certainly the modern democracies, the more affluent countries, how do they look back today? How do they look at Russia? How do they look at Germany? Many Russians will feel that the western nations are very suspicious and hostile towards Russia, but they are all cooperating with Germany, and they will feel that this is unjust given what Germany did because many Russians feel that forever, Germany should be put down and ostracised by the international community and punished for what they did in the past.

But if the Germans should be punished indefinitely, why should the Bolsheviks and the Soviets not be punished equally? They also did a lot to other nations, which you may not know about as Russians because you have grown up with a glorified version of history. But just ask the people who grew up in some of the other Soviet Republics and Warsaw countries, or ask yourself why they were so quick to distance themselves from Russia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

It is a simple observable fact that the international community, the more democratic nations, are suspicious towards Russia but they are not suspicious towards Germany, they are cooperating with Germany, in the EU and in other ways and they treat Germany just like any other nation. Why is this? Is this some great injustice committed against Russia? Or is this hypocrisy and inconsistency?

Well, if you look at history you will see that there is a very decisive difference between the behaviour of the German people after the fall of Nazism and the behaviour of the Russian people after the fall of the Soviet Union. After the second world war, Germany went through a period of self-reflection, self-observation. Many people resisted it, but it still did happen, and Germany as a nation took responsibility for what they had done. They apologized for this and they are still apologizing for it today. They compensated for it in various ways, so in other words, Germany as a nation took responsibility for its Nazi past, took responsibility for what they had done to other nations and made a strong vow to never let this happen again in their nation.

And this is precisely why the other democratic nations feel that they can trust Germany, they can cooperate with Germany, they can treat Germany as an equal because Germany is treating them as an equal. You will see that during Nazi times and even before, Germany had this superiority complex and they did not treat other nations as equal, but after the Second World War they started doing so.

Now, look at the situation in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. There has been some self-reflection, but not in the way that the German people did it. There has not been this widespread recognition that the Soviet Union abused power in very extreme ways that affected other nations. There has not been a willingness to take responsibility for this, to apologize for it, to compensate for it and first of all there has not been a national commitment to never allow this kind of abuse of power again. And precisely because of this, there has not been the shift in the collective consciousness that there has been in Germany. And because there has not been that shift, the other nations are sensing that they cannot trust Russia as they can trust Germany.

Of course you can go to the leaders of various nations and you can tell them this, and they will give you a blank stare because they will not understand it, but intuitively they feel that there has been a shift in Germany and therefore they can treat Germany equally as Germany is treating them as equals. They can trust Germany, they can trust that there is no danger that a new Hitler will arise in Germany.

But when those same nations look at Russia, and especially after the rise of Putin, they are saying: “Can we actually trust that there cannot be a new cycle of the abuse of power in Russia? And if we cannot trust this, how can we treat Russia as an equal when Russia is not treating us as equals?”

If you look at the Russian foreign policy, if you look at the statements of the Russian leaders, they are clearly creating this impression that there is an antagonistic relationship between Russia and the West. The West is out to get Russia. This is an illusion they have created in order to deceive the Russian people into still remaining loyal to them but nevertheless, you can see it by just observing the rhetoric. And thereby you can see that Russia is not treating other nations as equals and Russia is not considering that it is an equal with other nations.

What does this mean? This means that Russia feels no obligation to treat other nations the way they want to be treated. They feel no obligation to keep their word, to keep international treaties, to be a transparent country, to be a trustworthy country. Russian leadership feels they can do whatever they want that seems to be to their advantage. And of course they can maintain this illusion of hostility so that they have to keep the Russian people restricted in order to avoid this hostile takeover from the West.

Higher awareness does not need all Russian people to acknowledge this, but it does need a critical mass of Russian people to accept that the Soviet Union was a very extreme manifestation of the abuse of power. To then accept that Russia has not risen above the potential for this abuse of power because there has not been that willingness to look at the dynamic and decide that: “We, the Russian people will not submit to abusive leaders. We will not submit to the abuse of power because we deserve better. We are not inferior and therefore we do not have to accept this abuse of power from our leaders.”

This is what needs to shift, because until you decide that you want a better form of leadership, until a critical mass of the population decides this, there cannot be a shift in leadership. The current leadership will continue, it will continue to get more and more abusive, until that decision is made, until that shift happens in the collective consciousness. It is what one might call a seismic shift where you have these tectonic plates and there is an increase in tension until suddenly the tension is released and there is an earthquake that nobody can ignore. All the small rumblings of the earth can be ignored, because you do not feel them, but when the earth starts shaking and buildings start swaying, nobody can fail to see it. And it is these kinds of shifts that we need to have in the collective consciousness of Russia for the nation to move forward, just as we have had it in many other nations including the seismic shifts that happened in Germany after the fall of Nazism.

Perhaps, some of you have not yet understood it, it has not actually clicked in your mind, because some of you have been brought up with the Russian mindset where you tend to want to reject anything that sounds like criticism. And any statement that sounds like something needs to change or is not the best possible way in Russia, will be seen as criticism. Your response, your programmed response is to reject it. You think somehow that higher awareness has some kind of intent, to put down Russia, to punish Russia, to destroy Russia. But it does not, the only intent is to raise the people of Russia up into the golden age, to have the same standard of living that you see in the most affluent countries, to have the same freedom and opportunity for personal growth that you see in the most affluent countries. This is the only desire.

Higher awareness respects free will, and therefore if the Russian people want to continue living the way they do, higher awareness will of course allow this. But it also looks at the nation and how many people have embodied in Russia in this lifetime, because they want to be part of bringing change to Russia. Higher awareness looks at the free will of these people and that is why it is balancing the free will of the older generation with the free will of the younger generation. Higher awareness is allowed to step forward and give these teachings so that the younger generation or those who are willing among the older generation, can raise their consciousness, thereby raising the collective, bringing it closer to the point where the Russian people can actually begin to accept that they are worthy of having the golden age, because right now most of the Russian people cannot accept that they are worthy to have this.

The spiritual people can use the teachings to raise yourselves above this consciousness, pull up on the collective so that the general population can begin to escape this consciousness and accept that: “Yes! I do deserve a better standard of living. And I also deserve a form of leadership that can provide the country with this standard of living and do what is needed, change what is needed in order to spread the wealth among the population so that all can be part of the wealth that is generated in Russia.”