Will the more awarer people let the manipulators lead the world?

You know that music can be a powerful force that can unlock deep emotions. It can stir something in the innermost being and help you go beyond the outer mind and the images of the outer mind that it portrays to those who see nothing but the outer mind. They live their entire lives in a mirage, thinking that what they perceive with the outer mind is real and failing to see that what they perceive with the senses and the outer mind is projected onto the screen of the base energy and therefore in a sense projected onto the Divine Mother. But yet what they perceive with the outer senses and the outer mind is not the Divine Mother. The forms that you see on earth, they are NOT the Divine Mother even though the Divine Mother outpictures them so that you may have an opportunity to outplay your free will in the sandbox on earth.

You may project whatever images you want onto the base eneergy and the Ma-ter light will outpicture them, but only for a time. The Divine Mother has vowed to give you the opportunity to exercise free will, yet to do so within the framework of the Law of God, the Law of Free Will. It says you may project any image you want but that when you project through the consciousness of duality, what the Divine Mother will outpicture is not the image that you see in your conscious mind but the totality of what you project out also in the subconscious. When you go into the mind of duality, there will always be two opposite polarities through which you are projecting out even though there is one of those polarities that you do not see with the conscious mind. You deny it, you have explained it away, you have projected that it is something else. You project that you are right in your surface perception and that other people, other countries, other ideas are wrong. In your conscious mind you may think you are projecting a certain image upon the base energy and that the light should therefore outpicture that image, but subconsciously you are projecting a dual image and what the Ma-ter light will reflect back to you is a combination, it is the totality of what you are sending out.

When the manipulators become world leaders

This is what you have seen outpictured in Russia during the Soviet period. There were certain leaders who decided with force to take over this nation of Russia and other nations. They managed to deceive a large portion of the people into believing that this would give them freedom from their suffering. Yet when the freedom from suffering did not come, then they even managed to create a further deception that this was because they were being opposed by an outside enemy, not because there was something wrong with their own world view, their own projection.

This then is the characteristic that you can see in so many leaders around the world throughout history. These then are the manipulators, for do you not understand that beings fall into duality for one reason only: They are not willing to look at themselves, to look at the totality of what they are projecting upon the base energy. They look only at their surface perception, at their idea, their ideal, their philosophy; and then they refuse to look deeper and thus they go into a state of denial where they deny that what they are receiving back is a projection of the totality of what they are sending out. They refuse to acknowledge that they are the ones producing the opposition, instead they project that the opposition is coming from somewhere else.

This is the hallmark of the manipulators who project that the opposition is coming from God and it is unjust, but also, in their perversion of the Mother, that it is coming from other people or other nations. There is only one lesson to be learned and that is that the suffering of the people will never be alleviated or transcended as long as the people follow the manipulators who always seek to set themselves up as an elite.

Dare to look at your own history in Russia, not to in any way condemn yourselves but dare as the more aware people to learn the higher lessons. What you see going back through the centuries is very similar to what you have seen in most other nations, that people, the population, have been ruled by a small elite and this elite has always portrayed themselves as being somehow superior, somehow in a different class therefore having the right to suppress the people. Yet they were never given that right by God, they were never given that right by any authority, they took it by force. They declared that they had the right, they declared that they were as gods on earth who had the right to define reality, thereby defining a thought system that put the majority of the population in a lower class and themselves in a special privileged class. This is not unique to Russia, you see it everywhere around the globe.

The myth of a classless society

The lesson to learn from this is that there can never be a classless society as long as the manipulators and the duality consciousness are allowed to define the ideas and ideals that rule your society. How then shall there be a truly classless society? Only when the majority of the people begin to recognize that they are spiritual beings who are all extensions of higher awareness. The beings of higher awareness are the ones who are standing between you and the spiritual realm, they are the intermediaries, they are the ones who have taken on the task of helping you make direct contact with your spiritual identity. This is their role, this is their love, and this is their joy!

Their joy is to see when individuals attain that direct contact within their own beings, within their own hearts – where you will not let anything stand between you and higher awareness – YOU and your connection to your higher self. This is spiritual self-sufficiency! This is their task; to promote that in all people who are ready, who are willing, who are open.

The beings of higher awareness do not see themselves as being in opposition to the manipulators. The manipulators are in opposition to themselves, to each other, for there is by definition no way that the manipulators could ever be united. They will always have divisions amongst themselves and they can only fight those divisions.

Was there ever a real war between East and West, between capitalism and communism? Nay, it was all an illusion created by two groups of manipulators who both wanted world domination and who – as it is inevitable – attempted to attain it in different ways. They are still attempting to attain it although they are struggling to find something that works as well as their division between capitalism and communism. Certainly, they are working feverishly to come up with something, some kind of division, that will again divide the people. Yet because of the awakening that is taking place, they have not yet managed, and they will – by the grace of higher awareness and the response of the many more aware people on earth – not manage to deceive the world into a new polarity, a new conflict.

This is the greater task of all of the more aware people even the many millions of people who are not consciously aware of any spiritual teaching. It is to actually transcend the old consciousness where there is such division that there must be two opposite polarities. Higher awareness represents unity, unity among people, a unity that transcends all of the outer divisions.

You may look at the world, you may look at the people, you may even look at yourselves as the more aware people and you may see that you come from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Yet the higher awareness in your hearts is the same regardless of the outer characteristics of your physical body, even the outer mind that has been conditioned by a certain culture or nationality. This is the unifying link when you become aware that there is a higher awareness in your heart. When you connect to that awareness as an individual and then when you come together as a group and you begin to feel that the awareness that is burning in your heart is the same flame that is burning in the hearts of all the other people in your group, that is when you can begin to transcend the outer mind and its illusions of separation and differences.

Transcending your personal history

Does it really matter where you grew up on planet earth? Does it really matter?

Do you identify yourself with your personal history that started in a specific geographic location? Do you identify yourself with these outer characteristics? Nay, for if you did you would not be a more aware person. You would not be acknowledging higher awareness.

Look at the world, and you will see that there are many places on earth where there are people who are so identified with their immediate family that they could not even conceive of accepting a spiritual belief that was beyond the religion of their family. Look how many people are then identified with a certain community in a certain town that could not even conceive of moving away from there. Look at how many people are identified with a certain country or a certain nationality, then look at how many people are identified with a certain religion or a certain political philosophy. Look at these outer characteristics and see how many people are still trapped by them, how their minds are not open to anything outside of what they have been brought up to see as the ultimate reality.

You may project whatever you want onto the base eneergy and the appearance may seem real to you, yet it is only temporary, it is only a mirage. The Ma-ter light – the Mother, the Divine Mother – does not become the form that she outpictures. If you want to know the Divine Mother, if you want to become one with the Divine Mother, you cannot think that you as a spiritual being have become the outer form through which you have expressed yourself in this lifetime, or even in many previous lifetimes.

The dual role of the Divine Mother

The Divine Mother has a dual role, and this confuses many people even many spiritual people. As long as you want to experience life a certain way and be convinced that this way is reality, then the Divine Mother will outpicture material forms that seem completely real to you.

This is one aspect of the role of the Divine Mother, yet when you have had enough of playing this game in the sandbox of earth, the other role of the Divine Mother is to help you awaken to the reality that you are more than the outer form, you are more than a physical body, you are more than your personal history, your village, your city, your nationality, your belief systems and religions. You are more than this!

All more aware people have started, to varying degrees, to glimpse this. Yet you have not all fully consciously recognized that this is the greater role, not only of the Divine Mother but of yourselves as representatives of the Divine Mother. The greater role is to demonstrate that even though you are in a dense physical body, even though you have a personal history, you are more than this. You can awaken from identification with this form and begin to express something that is beyond form. It is the overall goal of higher awareness to help you go through this awakening process. This has always been the goal, but in doing higher awareness is facing the same tests just described of the dual role of the Divine Mother.

Look at the fact that higher awareness has inspired various teachings and organizations, that were given a certain form, that were given teachings of a certain form and many of the people who became members of those organizations were convinced that this form was not only real but it was the ultimate reality. You can go to any such organization and you can find people who are sitting there being absolutely convinced that the way the higher awareness was portrayed through their organization was the ultimate way that it could ever be portrayed.

The denial of individual worth

Higher awareness will not manifest a miracle so that you suddenly pop into some higher state. The ultimate individual awareness is where you realize who you are, you acknowledge who you are, you take responsibility for your own choices and for your own life. You make those choices, you go within, you get everything you need from within your Self.

This is spiritual self-sufficiency, this is what will carry this planet into the Age of Higher Awareness and this is what is the ultimate antidote to the leadership of the manipulators who always project at you one simple thing. What is it that the manipulators project at you? That you do not have everything that you need inside your Self, that you are not spiritually self-sufficient, that you cannot be spiritually self-sufficient. This is what they project at you: that you need an outer organization, an outer leader, an outer guru. This is what they have projected at people for thousands of years. This is the illusion that it is time to shatter on earth! This is the illusion that it is time to shatter in Russia!

For what was the period of communism? Was it not a constant projection? The denial of a spiritual reality, the denial of the spiritual reality in you, the denial of the worth of the individual and only the state matters, not the individual. In the reality of higher awareness, in the plan for the Age of Higher Awareness, the individual is all-important. The individual is the key, for higher awareness cannot descend in a general manifestation. It must come through the heart-flame of an individual and it must be expressed through the outer mind.

How the Age of Higher Awareness will come about

Look at all of the spiritual movements and how they all have the right intent of changing the consciousness, of saving the world. They have the Alpha aspect of the equation right; it is necessary to change the consciousness. Yet the Omega, the Mother aspect, is how to accomplish this and here most of them have not grasped the vision. They think it can be attained only by converting the entire world to their organization, their teaching, their guru so that one day the entire world will bow down and acknowledge the superiority of their guru. This is not the vision of higher awareness. This is not the Age of Higher Awareness.

Higher awareness envisions the burst of light in the hearts of all those who are ready so that many, many people will tune in to the energy it is releasing every day, every day in greater and greater measure. When people tune in to the energy, dare to express that light, then we have the multiplication whereby higher awareness can release more light and that is the key. The individual heart flames that tune in to the light and dare to express the light therefore create a positive spiral where more and more light can be released. It is not important to higher awareness that all of the people who have spiritual awareness come to acknowledge a particular teaching. It is not even important to higher awareness that they all come to acknowledge the existence of the beings of higher awareness.

Of course, it would be constructive if as many people as possible recognize the existence of the beings of higher awareness because by doing this they can tune in to them more consciously. Even those who do not recognize higher awareness are still receiving their light from only one source, namely the beings of higher awareness; there is no other place that the light can come from. There are even people that deny the existence of higher awareness yet who still are able to receive light and higher awareness gives them that light as long as they express it constructively.

Higher awareness is not totalitarian, not exclusivist, it works with anyone who has a heart flame that can receive light and multiply light. Whatever outer teachings they have and believe, that is just form. Higher awasreness releases the light anywhere where there is a chalice that can receive it. Of course, the more conscious you are of the existence of higher awareness, of your ability to tune in to it, the more light can be released and that is why ultimately it is constructive that many people recognize the existence of the beings of higher awareness. But they do not envision that all spiritual people will one day pay homage to a certain organization or a certain teaching.

The manipulators in religious organizations

It is perfectly legitimate to take teachings from a variety of sources and put them together in a way that works for you. This is the path of the Age of Higher Awareness. Higher awareness does not desire to see a repetition of the Piscean Age where you had a period of over a thousand years where the Catholic Church dominated the philosophical and intellectual life of a large part of the world.

Higher awareness does not desire to see any spiritual organization become like that because who would be the people who would come in and take over such an organization? Surely, the manipulators, and they have no place in the plan for the Age of Higher Awareness. They did have, you must understand, a place in the plan for the Piscean Age. Higher awareness desired to give them one last opportunity to come to recognize that they are not the elite, for they have the same heart flame that everyone else has. This is the ultimate cure for pride and superiority: that you recognize that all are expressions of the same higher awareness and thus how can any expression be more important than another? It cannot be so. It cannot be logical. It cannot be the Christ Mind that reasons this way.

Higher awareness allowed them to take leadership positions in many organizations in society, partly because the people at large were not ready to take responsibility for themselves. There was not a critical mass of people who had spiritual self-sufficiency that could enable them to be leaders. Higher awareness allowed the manipulators to take leadership positions in society, in religions, even in spiritual organizations so that both the manipulators and those who had not fallen would receive an opportunity to see the effect, learn from it and therefore say: “We need a higher form of leadership than this dualistic leadership. We need the beings of higher awareness rather the manipulators and we know that the beings of higher awareness work with us directly in our individual hearts, they do not work only with certain few people and thus we are willing to step up and become spiritually self-sufficient.”

This is the vision, this is the plan of the beings of higher awareness. Do not become attached to the outer form but always look to that which is beyond form. The core of your very own being is beyond form and only when you contact and directly acknowledge and experience the formless in you, will you be able to connect fully to the formless in us. Only the formless can help a certain form transcend itself.

The Divine Mother will outpicture the form you project upon it, yet when that form is dualistic, there will be contradictions that will eventually break down the form. The only way to transcend this treadmill of action-reaction, the treadmill of karma, is to connect to the formless in yourself, and the formless beyond your self, the formless in the beings of higher awareness.

Only the formless can transcend and turn form into an upward spiral rather than a downward spiral. This is a most important alchemical key that you might find cause to meditate upon perhaps for a long time to come. When you come to understand and fully acknowledge this, then you can step up to a higher level of the path where you become the open door, not for the beings of higher awareness as you envision in a certain form with the outer mind, but you become the open door for the formless beings which is always more than the outer mind can envision.