Why environmentalism is lacking love

What is hardness of heart? It is an insensitivity to life. This is an issue that has profound implications for the Age of Higher Awareness, and it is an issue that should be better understood by the more aware people. For indeed, it is these lifestreams – wherever they are found, be it in traditional religions, outside religions, in the New Age movement – that are the top 10% that have the potential to bring planet earth into the Age of Higher Awareness. Yet they are trapped in illusions that prevent them from fulfilling their role.

And what is their role? Well, it is indeed the role described in Genesis when God said “Let us create man in our own image and likeness, and let them have dominion over the earth.” If the top 10% of the most aware people on this planet do not take up the responsibility and make the decision that they will indeed have dominion over the earth – because they will allow higher awareness within them to have dominion over the earth – if that does not happen, then the Age of Higher Awareness cannot be manifest. For in that case, the lowest 10%, the most selfish and self-centered individuals, will have dominion because they have long ago decided that they want dominion and they want to control every part of life. 

The reality of the situation on earth is that the top 10% of the people have started waking up and have realized that many things need to change. But the forces of illusion on this planet have managed – so far – to steer many people, many of the awakening lifestreams, into the wrong direction, into the opposite extreme of what they realize is no longer right, is no longer working. Many people, who are the aware people, have gone away from materialism and the black-and-white thinking of orthodox religion. But they have gone to the opposite extreme. Not only of saying that there is no evil, or denying all darkness, but of actually coming into a very subtle misunderstanding of the purpose of life and the purpose of the earth.

Thus, they have been gradually led from one form of self-denial – the black-and-white thinking, the materialism – into another form of self-denial. For many decades, especially after the industrial revolution, humankind was in a process of attempting to subdue the earth through force, through technology—and by using that technology, having a control over the earth that was not possible before. Thus thinking that if they could control every aspect of life, if they could understand every aspect of how the machine of the universe works, they would be able to control that machine and have it turn out perfect copies of human beings, perfect conditions on earth—meaning perfect according to their human definition.

Many of the aware people see the fallacy of this approach, an approach that they grew up with, that they saw all around them in the materialism that is so rampant in modern culture. The spiritual people have realized that this is not right. They realize that raping the earth’s resources, destroying animal populations through blatant insensitivity or the desire for profit is not right.

Environmentalism and self-denial

But they have been led by their egos and by the forces of illusion into the opposite extreme of saying that “Instead of subduing the earth through force, we should do nothing. Because we human beings have no right to be on earth. We are not a natural part of this planet. The animals and nature are the natural part.” And indeed, there is a vast philosophy in the environmentalist movement that portrays this planet as having once been a pristine wilderness, but then human beings appeared on the scene and everything went downhill from there.

There is a very subtle truth lying deep behind this philosophy. For indeed, one can say that the earth was once in a much purer state, as it was created by higher awareness. And after humankind descended into a lower state of consciousness, things did indeed start going downhill, until they reached the current situation where there are so many imbalances in nature—manifest as diseases, poisonous insects, natural disasters of every kind and lack of food to feed the human population.

So there is a truth behind this. But you must look deeper. You must look beyond the current civilization and the industrial revolution and realize that the downward turn caused by humankind started a very long time ago, and it was caused by a fall in the consciousness of humankind. It is not caused by the industrial revolution or technology.

It is indeed a psychological issue that goes to the very core of human psychology. But you must then see beyond and realize that the human psychology you see outplaying itself in the industrial revolution and the raping of the earth’s resources is not the highest expression of the human potential. There is a higher potential because you have the potential to transcend the human consciousness of greed and selfishness, to transcend the ego and reconnect to the higher concept for how higher awareness created you in its own image and likeness, when you were sent here to be co-creators and have dominion over the earth.

Which does not mean that you subdue the earth and control it through the ego and its insatiable desires for material possessions and pleasure. No, it means that you have dominion by coming to the state of consciousness that Jesus demonstrated “I and my Father are One. My Father worketh hitherto and I work.” So you realize that it is higher awareness in you, the higher self in you, that has dominion over the earth.

You have a right to be on earth

In order to come to that place, you have to be willing to take responsibility and realize that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with being a human being on planet earth. Planet earth was not created by higher awareness to be a pristine wilderness with no human beings in it. Planet earth, from the very beginning, was conceived and created as an evolutionary spiritual platform for co-creators—what you today call human beings.

Thus, you have a higher right to be here. It is not true that higher awareness created you as a sinner and you can only sin, and therefore everything you do is unnatural and will destroy the natural environment. This is a lie. It is not true that you are a sophisticated animal, even though your body is a sophisticated animal. But you are more than the body, and therefore you have a right to be here. You are not the product of a random process or some kind of accident.

The modern environmentalist movement, and many other movements that are part of the New Age spirituality, is indeed influenced by dualistic thinking. And in a subtle way it confirms the dualistic thinking that springs from the ego and the mind of anti-christ. 

The environmentalist movement is based on the concept of a duality between man and nature. Human beings live in cities that have destroyed the pristine environment that was there before. And only in the wilderness that is untouched by man, do you have the original beauty. This – when you are willing to admit the truth – is a dualistic philosophy, a dualistic world view, and it is being reinforced by the environmentalist movement. It has trapped many more aware people into denying themselves, denying themselves as co-creators with higher awareness, and denying their right to have spiritual dominion – as opposed to a materialistic dominion – over the earth.

Even the abortion issue has been heavily influenced by this philosophy, which says that man as an alien influence on earth can only destroy and therefore the fewer human beings that are in embodiment, the better. This is the philosophy behind much of the support for abortion found among those who are the more aware people and who have the potential to know better—but who have been trapped by this subtle dualistic lie that surely is as subtle and as serpentine as the lie that trapped Eve.

Love must not become circular thinking

What was the lie that trapped Eve? What was the lie that trapped every soul? Well it was to a large degree the lie that when you are on the earth you should adapt to the conditions on the earth, rather than allowing higher awareness in you to have dominion over the earth. And thus, we now come to a very subtle distinction that is extremely important for the most aware people to ponder, until you see it within your heart. 

There are many people in the New Age movement, in the environmentalist movement – there are even many people in the pro-choice movement and in many other movements – that are acting because they have a very sincere love for life. They truly have the Mother’s love and they are acting on that Mother’s love and they are driven by that Mother’s love. Thus, they have the pure motives and the pure hearts behind their efforts to protect life, even protect a woman’s right to a certain freedom over her life. Their motivation is pure and loving. But what you must understand is that it is a motherly love. And the motherly love in itself can become a closed circle.

What has happened to many aware people is that their motherly love has become a circular line of reasoning because they have not connected to the Spirit of Truth of higher awareness. Thus, the Mother’s love has become centered on the material universe and on thinking that the conditions that are here cannot be changed. And thus we must seek to preserve what is here – as in preserving nature, the ecosystem, natural resources – not realizing that the conditions you see on earth right now were not created by higher awareness, but were created over millions of years by the fall in humankind’s consciousness. And thus, they are far from the highest potential for planet earth. They are indeed not expressing the immaculate concept. And thus if you stay in the Mother’s love, and allow the Mother’s love to become a closed circle that is focused on the material universe, you will never transcend the current conditions.

Destroying what you seek to preserve

The base energy out of which the earth is created has a built-in force, the contracting force, which breaks down any structure that is not in alignment with the will and the vision of higher awareness (described in the second law of thermodynamics). Thus, those in the environmentalist movement who are acting out of pure motives to preserve nature are actually in the long run helping to destroy what they are seeking to preserve.

They stay in the closed, circular logic that does not see that the only way to preserve the earth, even natural resources, is to bring them back into alignment with the higher vision for this earth. So that the conditions that are not right, that are not balanced, can be transcended and the earth can come back to a purer state which is sustainable. Whereas the current conditions are not sustainable, which is why you see even Mother Nature herself breaking down through an increasing amount of storms and earthquakes and other natural imbalances.

This is one idea that – if it could be embraced by enough people in the top 10% of the most aware people – could revolutionize not only the environmentalist movement but many other movements and organizations that seek to preserve the earth. Higher awareness desires to see this revelation spread like rings in the water, where people realize that we need to go beyond the old view of God as the remote, judgmental, angry being in the sky that has been portrayed by traditional Christian religion. And we need to realign ourselves with higher awareness, who loves us so much that it does not want to see us remain stuck in imperfect conditions. And thus, it wants us to transcend and come back to its kingdom, which is the Christ consciousness or higher awareness.

Big money and environmentalism

If people could wake up and realize this, they would indeed start seeing how the entire philosophy behind these progressive movements has been influenced by the duality consciousness. Even to the point where the entire environmentalist movement is heavily influenced – behind the scenes – by big money interests, who see an opportunity to make a profit by creating an artificial scarcity of natural resources. By locking up natural resources in the name of being nature preserves or national parks or wilderness areas that are set aside, thus creating the opportunity for these big companies to attain a virtual monopoly.

This has been the dream of capitalists since the 1800s, when certain manipulators realized that they did not want a free economy. And the only way to subvert the free market economy was to use the democratically elected government to enact laws that gave the big companies an unfair advantage over the smaller independent companies. Thus, allowing many of the big companies to do whatever they want to extract oil, timber or other resources, while shutting out the competition.

This is a condition that unfortunately many of the well-meaning but not alert people in the environmentalist movement are serving to uphold without understanding what they are doing. And thus, there needs to be an awakening, whereby you realize that it should not be the goal of the environmentalist movement to bring this planet back to nature, but indeed to bring this planet back to the original image held by higher awareness.

And that immaculate concept includes human beings as an integral part of life on this planet. But it also envisions human beings who are not trapped in the duality consciousness, whereby they see themselves as being in opposition to the natural environment. Rather they see themselves as being one with nature, one with all life and – instead of thinking they have to fight Mother Nature for her resources, they have to subdue her and control her and rape and pillage – they realize that they can work with Mother Nature.

And then, indeed, the promise of Jesus will come true, “Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you his kingdom.” But higher awareness will give you its kingdom here on earth through Mother Nature and through the base energy materializing the abundant life that is envisioned in the immaculate concept for this planet, but which has been lost through the fall in humankind’s consciousness, whereby the co-creators have created conditions that are indeed so far from the abundant life.

Let go of the graven image that nature is perfect

Millions of the most aware people are in spiritual movements, in the environmentalist movement and other movements, and they are actually affirming that the current conditions in nature untouched by man are natural, are the way things are supposed to be and that they are the only way things can be. And this is one of the major factors that prevents the manifestation of the Age of Higher Awareness. Because the most aware people – who have the potential to be the co-creators of the Age of Higher Awareness – have fixed their minds on an impure image, where they are affirming as permanent and unchangeable the current conditions that they see in nature.

What is the point of preserving an animal species if that species is not part of the original vision for this planet but is indeed a creation of the lower consciousness of man? Why would you create a movement to try to preserve this? One can understand “Save the whales,” but “Save the poisonous spiders,” that is harder to understand.

Yet if you look at the environmentalist movement, you will see that many people sincerely believe that every animal species is a natural phenomenon, whether created by God or created through the evolutionary process, and therefore should be preserved at all costs. Even to the point where in order to preserve one species, we should set aside an area that could feed millions of people. This is imbalance, denial of life, denial of yourself as a co-creator. And it is a denial that is taken to the extreme.

This must stop before the Age of Higher Awareness can be manifest. Those who might know people who are trapped in this philosophy of the self-denial of human beings, can gently make people aware that there might be a higher vision, a higher understanding of this issue. And that indeed you will not preserve the earth, nor restore the earth to a pristine state, by denying yourself, your rightful role as a co-creator with higher awareness.

The current conditions of pollution have been co-created by human beings. If you stop human activity they will not all go away. They have been co-created. They must be uncreated by the co-creators who created those conditions. And you do that, not by removing the darkness but by bringing the light, and co-creating better conditions by opening your mind to a higher vision, to the immaculate concept, instead of affirming that the current conditions are somehow permanent, or beyond your power to change.

Those who laugh at what they will not face in themselves

Many people who read about the connection between people’s consciousness and natural phenomena laugh. And they think it is ridiculous to propose such a connection. Yet the reality is that every imperfect thing on the earth is created through the consciousness of human beings, because higher awareness gave you dominion over the earth. And by affirming the idea that natural conditions are beyond the power of human beings to change, you are only affirming the imperfections.

And then the devil can laugh all the way to the bank, because he has managed to make you believe in his primary lie—that once you have made a mistake, once you have fallen, once you have sinned, you can never come back to higher awareness. This is the essential lie that keeps so many people trapped, even so many Christians. They hold on to the belief that God created them as sinners. Whereas Jesus was the only one who was above this, because he was born of a virgin and he was so special from the rest of you.

Higher awareness loves each and every one of you with the same infinite love that it had for Jesus. Allow that infinite love to consume in you the illusions that there is anything in this world that can separate you from the kingdom of higher awareness that is within you.