War and the Quest for Power

We will now talk about another of the hidden causes of war, namely the quest for raw power. When you look at history, you will see that there have been empires, there have been certain leaders, that have been driven by this quest to extend their power. Sometimes, it has been mixed with a quest for material gain. Other times, it has been mixed with the desire to gain territory, to conquer territory. In some cases, it has been mixed with the clever use of ideas, such as the desire to spread a certain religion or a certain political ideology. It has even been clothed in the seemingly benign quest for extending civilization. Look at some of the leaders who have been driven by this desire for raw power, this quest to extend their power. You quickly see that even though they may seem to have great power over men or power to build empires, they are actually not free in themselves. 

The higher realm and the material world 

There is something you need to understand about what it means to be a human being in embodiment on earth. Earth is a quite dense planet. This means that the energies on earth are quite dense compared to the energies in the realm of higher awareness. If you are a being who has some inner memory, some inner sense of the reality of the higher realm, then you will know that the energies on earth are quite dense. You will know and feel that everything you do in the material world is limited, that there is an opposition, that there is a resistance. It is difficult on a planet as dense as earth to have a free flow of creative energies because the collective consciousness opposes transcendence, which is the essence of creativity. 

Where this is important is in understanding how the contrast between the freedom of the spiritual realm and the restrictions of the material realm can give rise to various desires. You may be mature enough to realize that your inner longing for something more is really a longing for the spiritual realm. You then direct your attention towards raising your consciousness and attuning it to the spiritual realm and also winning your ascension so you do not have to re-embody in the dense material world. When you do this, you will have a desire that cannot be fulfilled in the material realm because it will not be fulfilled until you exit the material realm permanently through the ascension. Nevertheless, it is not a longing that will be obsessive-compulsive. It will not swallow up your life. It will not prevent you from engaging in active life on earth or seeking the fulfillment of the desires you have concerning life on earth. 

How longing for freedom can cause rebellion 

There is an old tendency to say that your physical body and its desires are an enemy of your spiritual growth. This the beings of higher awareness do not teach. They teach a healthy balance where you do not allow the desires related to the material realm to run your life, to take over your life, to become insatiable desires. When you do have the inner memory that the goal of life is to raise awareness, then you can accomplish this fairly easily. 

If you do not quite have the maturity to know that there is a quest for higher awareness, then it is possible that your inner knowing that there is something more than the earth can give you a desire for freedom, a desire to rebel against the restrictions you feel on earth. This is what you see in some revolutionaries, even in many of the young people who were part of what they call the sixties, the youth movement, the youth rebellion against authority. 

These people had such a quest for freedom, but because they did not quite understand how to direct it towards raising their consciousness, they became ensnared by the desire to rebel against authority. They thought it was the outer authority, such as the institutions of society, that were restricting them. They did not understand that it was actually the denseness of the energies in the material realm that were the greatest restriction. 

How extreme desires give rise to addictions

If you are at an even lower level of consciousness, you may still have some inner memory of a higher realm. This gives you a quest for infinity, for something beyond the finite world. Because you do not understand that this is a spiritual quest (a spiritual path, a raising of your consciousness) you direct it towards finding some ultimate fulfillment of the desires that relate to the material realm. 

You will see many people in today’s world who are pursuing such an extreme fulfillment of desires. Look at how many people are allowing their lives to be swallowed up by the quest for material goods, material possessions. Look how many people are completely focused on making money, even to the point of making more money than they could personally spend for the rest of their lifetime. Look at how many people are pursuing the quest for sex, for sexual conquest. So many other of these desires can be taken to the extreme, and any time you take any desire related to the finite world and pursue it with the desire to gain something infinite through the fulfillment of a finite desire, then you will have an addiction. 

An addiction is when you are seeking a goal that cannot be attained through the means you are using. A drug addict may be seeking some inner experience. During the 1960s, many of the people who could have been forerunners for raising the collective consciousness allowed themselves to be caught up in the drug culture. Their quest for freedom, their quest for spiritual experiences, was replaced by this misguided quest of seeking them through chemical experiences. Even though a chemical reaction in the brain can lead to a state of consciousness that is beyond your normal state of consciousness, this is not spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is when you attain a higher state of consciousness without any material means. You attain it through your inner growth in consciousness. 

When you are seeking an infinite experience through finite means, you cannot ever reach the goal. You may have an experience that is beyond your normal level of consciousness, but your brain will quickly adapt to the introduction of this chemical substance. Now, it takes more chemical substance to have the same experience again, and this can go on, not indefinitely, but until your entire life is swallowed up in either being affected by these chemicals or longing to have the experience. 

You may also pursue an infinite experience through sex, but again it becomes an addiction because you can never quite reach that ultimate experience. You are always chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is never quite enough, no matter how much sex you have or how intense it is. Many people have this desire for something ultimate, something infinite, but when you seek to fulfill it through finite means, you end up in an addiction, whereby your life becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral that swallows up your attention and energy. 

Civilizations and the quest for power

There are a few people in the history of the world who have not been manipulators but who have been sucked into the desire for power. They have been misled into thinking that, by pursuing conquests in some form, they could establish a higher civilization or even God’s kingdom on earth. This quest for the Utopia, the ideal society, has caused some people to be drawn into this quest for power. The vast majority of the people who have been caught up in this quest for power have, indeed, been the manipulators. There is an entire class of manipulators who are completely trapped in this quest for power. You need to understand that this quest can never be fulfilled. It will never be enough power. 

You may say: “But what if they managed to take over and control the entire earth?” You have seen in the past some empires that thought they had conquered the whole world. In the Roman civilization, they thought there was nothing more to the world than what they had conquered. Of course, their knowledge of the world was limited, but they had conquered vast territories. As you will see from the Roman emperors, it was not enough. 

You will also see the mechanical aspect that the Roman Empire was financially dependent on new conquest. When it became difficult to find new conquest, at least new conquest that paid a healthy dividend, so to speak, then the Roman Empire could not sustain itself financially. 

You have in the modern world seen at least two empires, the Nazi Empire and the Communist Empire, that were also aimed at world conquest. You may say that they achieved some dominion over vast territories. What if, with the further development of technology and weapons, there one day was a single power that would attain world dominion? Would it be enough for those who were the leaders of that world power if they could sit there in their seat of government and know that one person or a few persons had total power over the entire planet? Would that be enough for them? 

In duality, nothing is ever enough

You need to understand that it would not be enough. When you go into the duality consciousness, nothing will ever be enough. Even manipulators started out as self-aware beings. When you are a spiritual being, you can have a sense of touching something infinite. By touching the infinite, you can have a sense that it is enough. You are filled. You are satisfied. You are whole. You are at peace. Once you go into duality, you cannot touch the infinite, you must now seek to fulfill desires through the finite world, and this can never give you that sense that you are full. Once you go into duality, you are engaged in the impossible quest. 

Going into duality is one thing, and it may take you into an impossible quest of seeking to fulfill your personal desires, but when you go into the duality consciousness, another psychological mechanism comes into play. There is a difference between having personal desires for what you want to experience, own, have or do and then being in the duality consciousness where you want to achieve a goal that is outside yourself. 

Imagine that you are walking through the marketplace, and you feel hungry. You find a suitable looking eating place. You go in and order a meal and you eat until you are full. This is a goal that is relatively easy to fulfill. Of course, in a few hours you will be hungry again, but you can be full because it is only yourself that needs to be filled. Now imagine that you go into the marketplace, and you desire for all people in the entire world to be full. This would be a much more difficult desire to fulfill, would it not? It might very well go beyond your powers. 

This is essentially what the manipulators are seeking to do. They are always seeking to attain a goal that is outside themselves and their own personal powers. This goal always involves some kind of force, and any impulse you create will have an opposite. Every action has a reaction. This makes it impossible that the manipulators could ever attain their goals. 

They do not see this, and therefore, they become addicted to the fulfillment of their goals and seeking that fulfillment by forcing other human beings to comply with whatever vision the manipulators have of how their goals can be fulfilled. If they have locked themselves on the idea that the spreading of the ideology of communism will fulfill their quest for power, then they cannot rest until that goal has been fulfilled. 

Why the manipulators have embodied on earth

Some will say that, with the advent of modern technology, the world has become smaller. It is easier to travel; it is easier to communicate. Some believe that it will be easier today to achieve an empire, a one-world government, that can control the entire world. 

You might ask yourself why the beings of higher awareness allowed manipulators to embody on earth. Once the collective consciousness on a planet goes below a certain level, the inhabitants of that planet are no longer open to the direct teachings from the beings of higher awareness. They, therefore, need substitute teachers who can take their tendencies to such an extreme that people can see the futility of it. The manipulators are, so to speak, the perfect teachers for teaching people how the dualistic games do not work. The manipulators will immediately upon arriving on a planet start taking everything towards extremes, and therefore it becomes easier for the original inhabitants of the planet to see that this is simply too much. 

This does not mean manipulators are allowed to embody on any planet where the inhabitants had gone into a downward spiral. There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled, and one of them relates to the size of the planet. You could come up with a mathematical equation that would show the relationship between the size of the earth and the capabilities of the human body. You could even make an equation that compared the size of the earth to the capabilities of the human brain: its ability to see, to understand, to organize information. If you did this, you would see that there is a precise correlation that would make it impossible for any power controlled by one or a few human beings to physically dominate and control this planet. The world may have become smaller because of technology, but it will never become small enough that human beings from a centralized vantage point on this planet can control the entire planet and all of the people upon it. 

The manipulators may have a dream that they are doing something benign by establishing this utopian, advanced civilization that will finally bring peace and prosperity to this planet, but it can never be achieved as the manipulators envision it. It can never be achieved through human, physical, material means. It could be achieved by spiritual means, by all people being connected to higher awareness within, being directed by that higher awareness to work on a greater vision. You cannot create a vision with the human mind, the mind trapped in duality, of an ideal society and then manifest that vision as a physical reality on the planet. You cannot extend your control of this planet to the entire planet through material means. It would be impossible, due to the ratio between the size of the earth and the capabilities of the human brain and body. 

This planet was chosen carefully in order to allow the incarnation of manipulators. There was a limit to how far they could go in their quest for conquest and raw power. As more aware people, you need to be aware of this. You need to see that there are certain manipulators who are completely trapped in their quest for power. You need to see that it is an impossible quest that can never be fulfilled. You need to give up your own desire for some benign power to control the entire planet. There are many spiritual people who have been drawn in by the religious or political ideologies and thought systems created by the manipulators in order to justify their quest for power, their search for this utopian society. This is all camouflage. 

Ruling through raw power or false ideas

There are two main classes of manipulators. One class is completely caught up in this quest for power. They want to have power for their own sake. They want to prove that they are the most powerful, the most superior beings. There is another class of manipulators who are not primarily seeking personal power. They are seeking to prove God wrong. Both of these classes of manipulators have created and used these epic philosophies that portray the world as being in an epic battle between good and evil. 

In many cases, the more sophisticated manipulators who are seeking to prove God wrong are using the manipulators who are driven by a quest for power. The more sophisticated manipulators are saying that the power-hungry manipulators are evil, are bad, are negative. The religious or spiritual people should join them in working against the power-hungry manipulators in various ways. This may be anything from fighting them directly to fighting them with ideas. Both classes of manipulators are pursuing an impossible quest, and they are driven by an illusion. 

These manipulators are driven by the illusion that, if they had some ultimate state of power, then that would be enough for them. Even if the manipulators or one of them managed to conquer the entire earth and have control over the entire earth, it would not be enough for that person. He or she would then instantly begin to say: “But earth is not the only planet. I need to conquer the entire universe.” Of course, you know very well that the universe is so big that you could not even physically travel to the farthest reaches of the universe in a lifetime. Even if time slows down during space travel, you still could not travel very far in a lifetime. The desire to conquer the entire universe is obviously an impossible quest, but even the desire to conquer the earth is physically impossible. 

You need to see this so that you are not sucked in by the manipulators and their quest for the impossible. You also need to make the calls that the manipulators who are driven by this impossible quest for raw power are judged by the mind of Christ and that those who will not abandon the quest for power are removed from the earth. Right now, you see many conflicts going on in, for example, Ukraine, Africa and the Middle East. There is an element here of the desire for material gain, but there is a deeper element of the desire for raw power and the willingness to do anything in order to attain that power.

The Muslim religion is in subtle ways perverted by the manipulators and their mindset. Under the guise of the seemingly benign goal of extending Islam to the entire world, there is a quest for raw power. This was inserted in this religion at a very early stage because the mindset was there in the Arabic culture where Islam emerged. The reason why the mindset was there is that the Arabic culture and the Jewish culture have for thousands of years had a collective consciousness that allowed many manipulators to embody there.

How manipulators can be removed

When the manipulators started embodying here, it was because the majority of the people on earth were not able or willing to listen to the beings of higher awareness. This meant the manipulators were free to do whatever they wanted, if they could deceive people into supporting their quest for power. If no one protests, then the manipulators are literally given free reign on a planet, and they can wreak havoc as they have done many times. When no one is objecting, people are silently accepting what the manipulators are doing. Silence means consent. When a critical mass of people awaken themselves and look at a certain state of consciousness and say: “This is not acceptable to us,” then their choice now has an impact on the will of the collective. 

The beings of higher awareness are not forcing the manipulators because the manipulators are seeking to force others. When you go into the mindset of deliberately seeking to force the will of other people, then the law makes it legal for the beings of higher awareness to go in and confront these people with the fact that there is an alternative to their state of consciousness. Again, they are not forcing the manipulators. They are actually giving them a choice they do not have right now where they see no alternative to the duality consciousness. The beings of higher awareness confront them with a choice. 

This does not, in most cases, happen at the level of people’s conscious minds. It happens at inner levels, below the level of conscious awareness. The beings of higher awareness confront the lifestream with a choice between its present state of consciousness and a higher state of consciousness, and then they allow that lifestream to choose between the two. Of course, if it chooses to remain in its present state of consciousness and refuses the higher state of consciousness, then the consequence can in many cases be that the being is taken out of embodiment either immediately or fairly quickly. 

The victories achieved through invoking light

There is a proportional relationship between the energies you invoke while you are in physical embodiment and what the beings of higher awareness are allowed to use in terms of purifying energies in the other octaves. It is not so that there is a one-to-one relationship. The energies that you invoke are multiplied. There are various multiplication factors that can apply. 

The energetic work you do is multiplied many, many times, and it has a tremendous effect. The trick is, of course, that the effect is in the three higher octaves, which most people do not see. Therefore, you do not see a direct, physical result of your efforts. In many cases, you may give invocations for a long time without seeing a direct physical result; yet there have been physical results. 

The students of higher awareness have over the past century attained many victories by invoking high-frequency energy. Of course, you can look at the earth, and you do not know what difference it made. There were many students of higher awareness who used special tools during the Second World War. Had it not been for them, the war would have lasted several years longer and millions of more people would have died. Nazism would ultimately have been defeated anyway, but it was possible that communism, the Soviet Union, would have gained even more power after the war. 

Likewise, many students did work for the fall of communism. Without this, communism would not have collapsed when it did. It would have lasted longer. There was even the potential that the Cold War would become a hot war, even with nuclear exchanges. The fact that the Soviet Union collapsed without a third world war was a direct effect of the work done by the more aware people during the 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Many, many other physical conditions would have been far worse had it not been for the calls made. 

“The prayer of a just man availeth much,” as it says in the Bible. The same, of course, goes for a just woman. A just man and a just woman means one who has begun to raise his or her consciousness above duality. Only when you have transcended a certain state of consciousness, do you gain the full authority to make the calls for its removal from the earth. That is why Jesus told you to first remove the beam from your own eye. Then you will see how to remove the splinter from the eyes of your brother because you will not start fighting your brother. 

You will start seeing beyond the person and see that the person is trapped in a state of consciousness. You know that it is the state of consciousness that needs to be removed. You also know that it is not you who can fight or remove it. It is only the beings of higher awareness. You see your correct relationship to them, namely that you are a partner with them. You do not think that you are the doer, that you have to go out and fight other people or fight a state of consciousness. 

The difference between oneness and sameness

This is a subtle outcome of the quest for power. There is a certain desire, even among some spiritual students, to be the prince on the white horse, to be the knight in shining armor, who singlehandedly comes in and saves the damsel in distress or the entire community, the entire country or the entire world. There are people, who are not manipulators, who have been trapped by this consciousness of wanting to be the hero who singlehandedly made a difference. Even Jesus and the Buddha did not singlehandedly make a difference. What good would it have done for Jesus to go around and give his teachings and perform miracles, if people had forgotten them as soon as he left physical embodiment? It was only the efforts of his disciples that spread the Christian movement and made it a movement with any significant impact. 

No human being can singlehandedly change the world or save the world, but many individuals who see themselves as part of the beings of higher awareness on earth can make a decisive difference. Being part of higher awareness means that you know that there is a vertical oneness and a horizontal oneness. You see yourself as one with your higher self and with the beings of higher awareness above. You see yourself as one with your spiritual brothers and sisters below and ultimately with all people below. You stop seeing yourself in conflict or in opposition to other people. You stop seeing yourself as being different from other people. You stop seeking sameness. 

There are various philosophies that are created by the manipulators in order to camouflage their quest for power and make it seem benign. What is it that the manipulators are attempting to do? They are always attempting to establish one centralized control point, be it a government or an emperor or whatever it may be, even a religion. The manipulators are driven to establish power through force. This means they have to control, and how do you attain control? By destroying or suppressing differences so that you create either a forced or even a voluntary sameness. 

The whole idea that one religion needs to eradicate other religions and become the only religion on earth springs from the dualistic mindset. The beings of higher awareness have no desire to see one religion dominate the earth. Jesus had no desire to see Christianity dominate the earth. The beings of higher awareness are not seeking sameness. Why not? Because they have become beings of higher awareness by daring to acknowledge and express their higher individuality. They know that their divine individuality is unique. 

Higher awareness created diversity, not sameness

The beings of higher awareness are seeking to raise every human being up to where that person can express his or her higher individuality. They are not seeking to establish sameness. They are not even seeking to create a new religion that will dominate the earth. They celebrate differences. The manipulators want sameness because it allows them to control. It allows them to suppress the individual creativity that is the greatest threat to their power over the earth. Sameness is a sign of the duality consciousness; diversity is an expression of the higher consciousness. 

Higher awareness has no desire to see a planet with seven billion people who all believe the same and act the same way. The beings of higher awareness have created those people as individual expressions of their own beings, and they wants to see them express their individuality, rather than suppress it. The manipulators want you to suppress your individuality or express the human individuality, which puts you in conflict with others. When you are expressing your higher individuality, there is no conflict between yourself and others. You are not threatened by others and they are not threatened by you. You are complementing each other, as the different flowers on a spring meadow complement each other. Surely, it can be beautiful to have a spring meadow filled with yellow dandelions, but does there not quickly come a point where the human mind tires of the conformity and looks for something different? Is it not more interesting to look at a meadow with many different colors of flowers? 

What you have seen in history is how the manipulators have been driven by this quest to establish one dominant religion, one dominant political ideology, one dominant nation, one dominant civilization, one dominant corporation or one dominant army. Have they ever been successful? Nay, because when one group of manipulators attempts to create one dominant religion, it is inevitable that another group of manipulators will create another religion to rival the first one. 

What you see on earth is a quest for power perpetrated by the manipulators. Even though the aim of this quest for power is to establish one dominant force, you should not be fooled into thinking that the manipulators are united in this quest. The manipulators will, by the very nature of the dualistic consciousness, always be divided into at least two rivaling factions. The power struggle that has been going on is nothing more than the rivalry between at least two groups of manipulators. 

They may each claim that they are benign and that they are working for some ultimate cause. Each of them is completely wrong. They are driven by an illusion. They may believe that they are working for God’s cause by seeking to establish their religion as the dominant one, but it is a complete illusion. God’s cause is not sameness. God’s cause is not control. God’s cause is individual creativity leading to individual beings attaining higher awareness. 

You need to recognize that neither capitalism nor communism was a force established by higher awareness. Neither Islam nor Christianity, as they fought in the Crusades, was a cause established by God or Christ. This is nothing more than the rivalry of manipulators. None of them could ever win. Even if they could, it would not be God’s cause or God’s kingdom that was established on earth. It would only be the kingdom of the manipulators. 

Is this what you want as an aware being? If it is not, then make an effort to free yourself from the very subtle ideas and beliefs that have been inserted by the manipulators into the collective consciousness on this earth. If you have grown up on this planet, you will have been affected. You will have been programmed with some of these ideas, which will be discussed in the next discourse.