Transcending the division between science and religion

The one area where there needs to be a new awareness is in the fact that in the Age of Higher Awareness there is no division in society. In a golden age, precisely what makes it golden is that there has been attained a state of oneness in society. 

This has many facets and many aspects. Of particular importance is the realization in the people that the power elite has always used the divide-and-conquer strategy to divide the people into warring groups and set them up against each other. This division of society takes many forms, but one of the most important ones to expose and transcend in this age is the division between science and religion.

Democracies are founded on the principle that all people were given inalienable rights by a higher authority. Meaning that there is a higher authority than any authority on earth, be it the President, Congress or the hidden elite that seeks to rule society behind surface appearances. If the respect for a higher authority erodes, well, then the freedoms that are described in a democratic constitution will also be eroded and taken away from the people. There simply is no way around this. It is one of those instances where the issue is either-or. Either you have respect for an authority beyond any human power or institution, or your freedoms will be eroded, slowly but surely.

Uniting science and religion

How can we, in the current climate, preserve or rather reinvigorate that respect for some higher authority that cannot be manipulated by the power elite, the human ego, the duality consciousness? Well, it cannot be done as long as science and religion are divided and therefore present two opposing views of the creation of life, the existence of life. It is not a matter of restoring religion to a dominant role in society. As many people in America are aware, the founding fathers were very aware of the potential that religion could become a factor for control—as they saw that it had been in Europe for centuries. They wanted to set up a constitution where one particular religion could not dominate and control the government. This has led to the emergence of Scientific Materialism, which denies anything beyond the material universe. By its very nature, it must deny the existence of any higher authority that could give people rights that are beyond being taken away by any institution on earth. Therefore, science is, in its current form of materialism, in direct opposition to the freedoms of a democratic constitution. Even though it must also be said that religion, in its traditional form of being an exclusivist religion claiming to have the only truth, is also in opposition to the freedoms of a democratic constitution. 

This is the divide-and-conquer strategy of dividing society into those who see themselves as religious in the traditional sense, and those who see themselves as scientifically minded, therefore being materialists or atheists. It is an illusion to believe that you can preserve freedom in an atheistic or materialistic society. There are those who are unwilling to see this truth. They believe that atheists can be moral people and ethical people. While this is true, it is not possible to preserve freedom in an atheistic society. If you want to see proof of this, then look to the Soviet Union or China. Any reasonable person will be willing to admit that in an atheistic philosophy and ideology, freedom will be taken away by the state, for there is no higher authority than the state in those societies.

You can also look at history and look at how the Catholic Church in Europe kept that continent in the Dark Ages for centuries through the control of the Pope and the Catholic hierarchy. You can see that you cannot allow one religion to dominate a society, for then suddenly that religion takes the place of the state. Now there is no higher authority than the Catholic Church. Even though it claims to be the church of Christ – claiming that the Pope is the vicar of Christ – any reasonable person willing to look at history will see that this clearly was not the case during the Middle Ages. Certainly, Christ could not have condoned the warring, the torture, the Inquisition and the many other abuses of power.

Universal spirituality beyond all religions

What do we do in this day and age to bring forth a society based on a view of life, based on a paradigm, that is neither traditional religion nor materialism? It transcends these two dualistic opposites, and comes into a higher understanding of the origin of life and the purpose of life. The only solution is higher awareness that leads to the recognition that behind the outer religions is a deeper understanding of spirituality, a deeper approach, that is universal in nature and that runs like an ever-flowing stream. Every once in a while, someone has been able to dip into that stream and bring a teaching into the physical. 

Although the teaching came from the stream, and thus has some validity, the teaching could, from the very beginning, be colored by the culture and the mindset of the people to whom it was given. The teaching could also follow the pattern that you see in almost every religion of gradually becoming rigid, therefore not flowing along with the stream. It is necessary that a critical mass of people in this age become able to look beyond the outer religions and see the universal stream flowing behind all surface appearances. These are the people who are already well aware of the weaknesses of traditional religion. They have not yet quite seen that instead of rejecting all spirituality and religion – jumping into the opposite dualistic polarity of materialism – there is an alternative. It is to transcend duality and lock in to the ever-flowing River of Life—thereby bringing forth a universal spirituality that will not violate the separation of church and state that the founding fathers correctly saw as necessary.

The separation of church and state does not mean the separation of spirituality and the state. Again, there must be that recognition of a higher authority, a higher truth, which is higher awareness, and the truth of higher awareness can be brought forth through the Living Word.

Oracles in the Age of Higher Awareness

In past ages you have seen societies where there was much more of a unity between spirituality and government, in the sense that even the rulers of the people would listen to certain prophets, oracles or seers, who would bring forth the Living Word from higher awareness. The Age of Higher Awareness will not recreate a society like that, in the sense that there was only one or a few oracles or prophets. 

The Age of Higher Awareness will see a society where at least the top 10 percent of the people all have such discernment that they can recognize higher awareness and be the open doors for the Living Word to stream forth. This is many times spoken in situations in life, such as in the Senate, Congress, political debates or the media. You have people who dare to speak out with the power and the truth of higher awareness. You have people who hear this and who recognize the truth and the validity of the Word itself, regardless of whether they understand where it is coming from.

All people on earth do not need to recognize any particular spiritual teaching. People need to tune in to the universal reality, the truth of the Living Word that resonates in their hearts and their inner beings. Therefore, they are willing to bring that truth into the physical and let it be the guideline for every aspect of society and their personal lives. Their personal lives are in alignment with their own higher beings. Society is in alignment with the higher reality that is beyond what any human mind can conceive in its fullness. 

This creates a society where there is no single individual or institution that can control society. The power elite can suppress the Living Word, they can distort the dead word that has been created by the suppression of the Living Word, but as long as the Living Word is flowing through a sufficient number of people, they cannot destroy or distort that Word. The Living Word cannot be put in a box, and it will always challenge status quo—and thereby challenge society and individuals to come up higher in consciousness.