Transcending the consciousness behind the Great Wall 

When you build a wall to keep someone else out; you will inevitably keep yourself in as well. This is, indeed, what has happened over and over again in China so that they attracted to themselves the invaders from the north. They were actually magnetized there to give the Chinese people an opportunity to overcome the closed circles of their own thinking, their own mindset. Thus, the Chinese became an instrument for breaking up the closed mindset of Tibet. Well then, indeed, the invaders of China have served in the same capacity for China, itself. 

The Chinese people have a certain adaptability. They are not as rigid as many other nations. They have, due to the influence of Taoism and Confucianism, an ability to flow, and to flow around obstacles and seek for harmony. Even though, it has been perverted through various periods, most notably, of course, during the Communist reign where harmony meant that you kill all those who object to the rule of the state and who will not deify the Chairman that has been raised up as a god on earth. Much the same, of course, was seen in previous emperors, but nevertheless, Chairman Mao was the premier example of a person who was willing to kill anyone objecting to the goals he had set, as if he was the ultimate god defining or charting the future course of this enormous nation.

Truly, there was an attempt during the Communist reign, the heyday of the Communist reign, to define China as one China. And they did everything possible to indoctrinate the people to become one people. But, of course, this has not happened; for despite the fact that several generations grew up under Communism, there are ancient divisions that go back millennia and that cannot simply be erased by this outside programming.

A new opportunity to overcome isolationism

In the Age of Higher Awareness there is a new opportunity; if the Chinese people are willing to take it. Of course, they must overcome the sense of superiority that they have some higher system and that all those who are on the outside are more primitive or barbarian than themselves. And thus, the rest of the world must adapt to China, rather than China adapting to the world. 

Of course, there are many people in China, especially those in the business world, who have realized that they must also adapt. The movement has already started. But it can build a momentum until China can eventually find her place as an equal among nations; rather than seeking a superior state.