The shift in consciousness that will lead to the Age of Higher Awareness

Some of the more aware people believe we should not focus on anything negative because we magnify it with our consciousness. While these people are well-meaning, they are also not very well informed because they are not willing to recognize the existence of the power elite and the manipulators. You simply cannot, on a planet like earth, bring forth an Age of Higher Awareness, by only focusing on the positive and ignoring the not-so-positive.

Why we need to look at issues

It is necessary to be aware of certain issues, but this does not mean to focus on these problems with fear, feeling completely overwhelmed and pacified or feeling like you cannot do anything about all these problems. This is an empowering teaching whereby you realize that you can actually do something.

If you are not willing to look at various issues, you cannot solve them and why is that? The earth is an educational institution. How do people learn? They learn by the push-pull of immersing yourself and identifying yourself in the material realm and then awakening yourself from that identification. The awakening process is a twofold process where you both come to see the issues that are limiting you, that have caused you to be identified with the material realm, and you also come to see that you are much more. You are a higher being and there is a positive vision of a higher society and a higher state on earth.

If you will not look at the issues that have limited you, how can you then free yourself from them and consciously separate yourself from them? It is precisely in separating yourself from the limitations that you expand your consciousness, that you raise your consciousness to a new level. There are many new-age people who have lulled themselves into, or have been lulled into by the manipulators, a state where they think they are so peaceful, they are so harmonious, they are so focused on the positive that surely they are helping to radiate good vibrations that will transform the earth. 

The reality is that many of these people are not growing whatsoever. They are not raising their consciousness beyond that level because they are not willing to look at the fact that they have an ego, they have unresolved psychology, they have ties to the manipulators. They are not willing to look at the fact that the reason why they feel so peaceful and calm is that the manipulators are leaving them alone for the simple reason that they are not a threat. As long as you are not a threat to the manipulators, they will often leave you alone—unless you get sucked into one of their more overall schemes, like for example, a war or some of the other exploitations that that affect many people.

You do not need to focus on issues with fear but actually with a love-based approach where you realize that you can do something. Yet beyond specific issues, there is a positive vision of the process of moving the earth into the Age of Higher Awareness. 

We are also ignorant today

The long-term perspectives of what can happen in the Age of Higher Awareness over the next 2,000 years will take us far beyond what most people on earth can even imagine. Yet to be more practical, consider the fact that there was a time in history that you today look back at and call the “Dark Ages.” Why do you call them the Dark Ages? Because you see today that you know so much more than people knew back then, and therefore they were living in a state of ignorance that you then associate with darkness. 

Yet the time you are talking about was not necessarily completely dark. For example, all of the great cathedrals of Europe were built during that time. Buildings that you would find it rather difficult to duplicate today even with modern technology because you simply would not have the knowledge of geometry that these buildings are based on. There are other examples you could mention and, of course, many of the productions of that time – the art, the history, the culture – may seem primitive compared to today but it was not necessarily that people were so ignorant.

If you actually project into the future a hundred or two hundred years, they will look back at your time and consider that you were in the Dark Ages because they know so much more about the world than you know today, at least at the official level. Even though you know much in the modern age, even though science has discovered much about the material universe, there is still a certain level of ignorance and it will be overcome as you move into the Age of Higher Awareness. This overcoming of ignorance is a gradual process.

You can gradually move out of the mindset that is so prevalent in western nations. This mindset is a peculiar form of ignorance where you know an awful lot about the external world but you, as a society and as most people, know very little about the internal world of the psyche, of what consciousness is, how it works, what is the potential of consciousness. As a result of this ignorance, you are actually bringing up your children (as you yourselves were brought up) in a state of ignorance about who you are, what your real potential is. This means that most people today have been brought up without having one of their basic needs fulfilled. 

The need for a sense of purpose

One of the basic human needs is a sense of purpose. You need to have a sense of purpose in life or you are very likely to go into a state of depression, mental illness, substance abuse, any form of escapism. This is not going to make you feel good about yourself and about life. It is not going to make you feel fulfilled in your life.

As we move further into the Age of Higher Awareness, there will be a shift where suddenly a critical mass of people have come to accept that we must be more than material beings. We have a need for a sense of purpose, and in fact, society should bring up children to have some knowledge of who they are, how the psychology works, what the potential for human consciousness is. It actually should bring up children with a sense that there is a purpose in life, there is a direction in life. 

There can – relatively quickly – come a shift so that people in greater numbers begin to accept some of the ideas presented on this website. These ideas may seem to be far ahead. They may even seem to be spiritual, but it is possible to express many of these ideas in a universal way so that they are not tied to any particular religion or spiritual philosophy. For the foreseeable future, it is not necessary that society recognizes where the ideas come from, but it is necessary that people begin to recognize and accept some of these universal ideas. 

Consciousness can be expanded

A very universal idea is that human consciousness is something that can be expanded, something that can have different levels. It is not difficult to even look at this today and look at people and see that they have different levels of consciousness. Look at historical persons, and you see that they have had different levels of consciousness. If you compare Hitler to Gandhi, anyone who is willing to take an objective look can see they were clearly at two different levels of consciousness. If you take a criminal, a serial killer or whatever, and compare it to a person who is working selflessly to help others (or even to the average person), you can see that there are clearly different levels of consciousness here.

It is not that far away that this will begin to be recognized. Of course, it has already been recognized by some psychologists and other thinkers who recognize that this must simply be the only way to explain that there can be such a difference in human behavior. These people have also begun to see that it is actually possible for a human being to spend an entire lifetime consciously seeking to raise its level of consciousness. It is therefore not a big leap to the point where people begin to realize that if all children were brought up with this awareness (and with some fairly universal, fairly basic, knowledge of how the psyche works and how consciousness works, and how it can be expanded), then this can give the vast majority of people a new sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

It is not necessary to give children at an early age a very sophisticated understanding of where they might be able to take their consciousness. You need not necessarily go into details about the higher levels of consciousness and what it means. By simply showing them that there is a way to raise their consciousness, giving them the tools, you put them on the path. Although they may not be able to see where this is going, it means that if they continue the process throughout their lives, they will reach higher levels of consciousness and then their vision will be expanded. 

Even though as children they may have a sense that the purpose of life is so and so, as they rise in the levels of consciousness, they will get a more sophisticated understanding of what the purpose of their personal lives really is. It will then mean that as they grow in age, they become more and more fulfilled. They have more and more of a sense of being at peace with themselves, at peace with life and feeling good about themselves, being who they are, being in embodiment on earth and making a positive contribution to society. This relatively simple change would have an incredible impact on society. 

Freeing up people’s creativity

Look at society today. Look how many people have grown up without a sense of purpose. What does it mean? Even in childhood it means that there are some children that simply do not know that there is any kind of purpose to life and therefore they are acting out all kinds of self-destructive behavior. Often, they rebel against their parents so that there is a generation gap created in the early teenage years. As they grow up through the teenage years, they may get into drugs, alcohol, any kind of escapism. They may decide that what is the point in getting an education because it does not seem like the goal of life can be to make money. You have all kinds of these behaviors that come up, that are really not constructive for the individual but also have a large-scale negative impact on society. Not only do resources have to be spent on dealing with the problems of these children and teenagers, but there is also the loss of creativity and productivity that these children could bring to society if they were able to live a more constructive life.

When you go to the later ages and people get into their twenties and beyond, you see that there are many people today who cannot feel fulfilled in their relationships. We end up having divorces that leave children without two parents and it creates all kinds of conflicts between the parents, creates conflicts in the minds of the children, and it also impacts society and ties up resources. You have those who become alcoholics or drug addicts and this ties up resources. You have those who go into crime and end up tying up resources in the police, the welfare system, the prison system and so on. You have those who become depressed and go into various forms of mental illness. 

Just imagine how big a portion of the economical resources in most modern democracies are tied up in these issues. Then begin to imagine that these resources were freed so that society could spend that money on other areas. Imagine how much more could be done if the billions and billions of dollars spent on these problems could be redirected into building something constructive. It could be anything you can imagine, but just imagine that this was freed up. Imagine also how much happier people would be, not only the people who are having the problems but also the people who have it as their daily job to deal with these people who are having all these problems, and therefore often are very burdened by this. 

All of a sudden there could be such an increase in productivity, an increase in creativity, because those who get into various forms of mental illness and depression are precisely the children that came in to make a positive contribution to society. Because they were not taught this from an early age, because they found there was no outlet for how they could do this, they then go into the negative spiral. 

Imagine that they did not and now they are making a positive contribution to society. Suddenly, everyone has a purpose. A society might even develop a purpose for how we can help other nations. Imagine, just as a historical example, that at the fall of Communism the nations in Western Europe had said: “We are each, or maybe 2 or 3 nations going together, going to pick a nation in Eastern Europe and we are going to focus all of our national resources and creativity on helping that nation come up to a higher level of material affluence.” 

What is to stop you from doing the same today? It may not be so needed in Eastern Europe but certainly there are other parts of the world where it is needed. Would it not be a tremendous shift in how nations relate to each other if you could make these decisions? 

Multiplication of resources and wealth

Now, imagine how actually there is a collective consciousness and there is an awareness of the collective consciousness. Suddenly, you have all of these people who instead of dragging down the collective consciousness are now raising up the collective consciousness. This can lead to a shift in a nation so that the nation decides to actually engage in helping others. 

What these nations, who would do this, will find is that not only will they get a sense of purpose as a nation, but they would actually gain more affluence. The moment a nation begins to spend resources on selflessly helping others, then this will multiply that effort and the nation will have more abundance. Something will be brought forth, some kind of way that the nation can manifest more abundance and prosper.