The relationship between children and parents in Korea and Asia

Let us consider the potential that higher awareness sees in South Korea. Higher awareness does not consider that there is a particular problem or a particular crisis in South Korea, but that it sees the opportunity that a breakthrough can happen in this nation. When higher awareness brings a problem to your attention, it is not necessarily (and in fact rarely) because you have that particular problem to a critical degree. It is often because it sees that you have the opportunity to transcend that problem. Therefore, you should always consider that the teachings are never a criticism but always an opportunity.

Let us consider the situation in South Korea that was exposed to a large degree by the process that led to impeachment of the President. You can see that there was a tendency that the younger people were the ones who took a stand, who were willing to demonstrate in the streets, who were willing to speak out and demand change whereas there was the tendency for the older generation to, so to speak, hold fast to the old ways and not want change, or to rock the boat or overturn status quo. You need to recognize here that there is a necessity for a certain break-up of the family structure and the view of the family that you have traditionally had both in South Korea but throughout all of Asia.

You see this most extremely carried out in those who actually worship their ancestors as a form of divine beings or substitute for a divine being. But you see it in all cultures in the sense that there is this feeling that you have to be loyal to the family. This loyalty goes very, very deep into people’s psychology, where you are so afraid to disappoint your family members that it is almost like the family members are sitting inside your head and evaluating everything you are doing. You are always evaluating what your family is going to think about this before you dare to act or speak out.

Conflict between young and old

There are many people among the younger generation who do not have this strong loyalty to the family that some of you have who are maybe a little older. You can see that there is a potential here for a conflict between the age groups in Korean society. Naturally, higher awareness does not want to see an open conflict, such as was seen in other nations, for example during the 1960’s in western countries with the so-called youth rebellion. Higher awareness does not desire to see a youth rebellion that could so easily escalate into violence, but to see Korean society transcend this entire issue, transcend this consciousness. That is why you can make the calls that both the young people and the old people will go through an awakening where they naturally come to see the family in a different light.

There are those people who are the forerunners, who are the opinion makers. They suddenly wake up and they see the issue in a different way and they see that these new ideas are simply obvious, that it is necessary, that this must happen. One of the issues that you can make calls on is, of course that the young people will be willing to recognize that they are a different kind of lifestream, a different wave of lifestreams, than their parents and their parents’ generation. They will be willing to recognize that they are spiritual people that many of them have a higher spiritual awareness than their parents.

The strong emphasis on the family that you have in many Asian countries has in many cases been one of the underlying factors that has created these stagnant societies. Society becomes stagnant and cannot get out of the pattern it is in, it cannot renew itself, it cannot reinvent itself, it cannot flow with the times. This begins right in the family where the children are brought up not to question their elders in the family, they are not to question their teachers in school, not to question their supervisors at work, not to question the government and the supreme leader, often the dictatorial leader of that society.

This is what you see going on in North Korea right now, but even in North Korea there is a group of very courageous young souls, or rather souls who have embodied as young people. They are also ready to bring about a change there, but let us focus here on South Korea.

There is a need for the young people in South Korea to recognize that they have a more spiritual approach than their parents in a universal way, because they know from within what is right and they do not need to be told by an external authority. In fact, they are not willing to be told by an external authority because they are not willing to compromise their inner knowing as their parents have often done. You can make the calls that these young people are emboldened to step forward and recognize who they are without going into the unbalanced reaction of suddenly feeling like the fact that they have a greater awareness makes them superior to their parents.

This is what was the undoing of the youth rebellion in the West. Many of these young people carried with them from past lives a certain arrogance and therefore they became susceptible to certain leaders who made them feel that they knew better than their parents how to run society. It is not a matter of seeing that the young people should take over society and should do things differently than their parents’ generation. It is not so that higher awareness sees that the older people in South Korea have outlived their usefulness and they just need to get out of the way of the young people. That is not the vision at all. The vision is for a balanced society where the younger people can work together with the older more experienced people. The older generation has valuable experience that is not becoming obsolete by the fact that there is a generation of young people who are open to new ideas.

The young people can avoid rebelling and openly provoking their parents’ generation or even the older generation than their parents. Instead, they will find a middle way, a more diplomatic way, to express their new ideas. They will find a way to do so that will make it easier for the older generation to see that these ideas are necessary for the progress of society.

Reforming education

The area where this can most easily break through is in the area of business. Not so much, in the beginning, in the big corporations but in the smaller more independent businesses where there is greater openness to innovation and new ways of doing business. The young people can go into these areas and bring their ideas here and there will be some who can see that this is a way to create a new type of business and to actually make a good profit on serving your customers in a different way. When this movement becomes big enough, then it will gain the attention of the bigger corporations where there can be a gradual change of leadership where there is more of an opening to the younger people.

It is, of course, also necessary for the educational system to shift so that there will be more room for these young people to express their new ideas even at the educational level. There will be more of an openness where they will, if necessary, go beyond the teachers and organize themselves and find ways to support each other in bringing forth new ways and new ideas. But again, this can as its highest potential be done in a non-confrontational way where even the teachers in the educational system realize that if they are to keep up with education in the western world, they need to be open to some of these ideas.

There are, of course, many young people also in other parts of the world who also in the coming decade or so will begin to reform education there, and therefore you will not stand alone here in Korea. You will see that there will be other nations where there will be new demands made by the young people about the education and how they want to be educated. They want to have an education that is more related to an actual job situation instead of just being a theoretical, abstract education and then when they stand there with a degree, there is nobody who will hire them because they do not have the knowledge and the skills that are needed in the business world.

The fear of changing the family structure

These are simply common-sense ideas and more and more people will see how these changes are obvious and need to happen. Now, on a deeper level there is a need for the changing of the view of the family that has been prevalent in South Korea and Asia in general. There is a great fear on the part of the older people and there are dark forces that are seeking to maintain a grip on the older generation where they are very afraid of dramatic changes in society and especially dramatic changes in the family structure.

One of the great advantages of a highly developed society is that you overcome this very old dynamic where the old people know that when they get too old to work, their only way to survive is to have their children support them materially. When you have a more developed nation where the older people get a pension so they are not financially dependent of their children, then there is the potential that the older generation can overcome their fear on having a change in the family structure. You will see that in the old family structure, it is actually so that the parents have a certain subconscious desire to limit their children. They want to see the children do well materially so they can support their parents but they do not want their children to go beyond what the parents can see as the vision for how their children should live their lives. This, of course, is a force in society that works against progress and change.

Naturally, the older generation are still so blinded the dark forces that they will feel threatened by a change in the family structure, even if they are not financially dependent on their children. They will feel that this will destroy the stability of society, as many people have felt that it was the loyalty to the family that was the pillar of a stable society. Yet higher awareness is not looking for stable societies, because it does not want to wait centuries before we can have the manifestation of the Age of Higher Awareness. It wants it to happen much sooner and therefore people need to overcome all forces that are working against progress because they are afraid of change.

You can make the calls for the older generation to be cut free of this fear of change so they can realize that if their nation is to come up to a higher level, then this can happen in only one way, namely by the young people being allowed to fulfill their full creative potential. If the young people are going to be set free to fulfill their creative potential, then they, the parents need to overcome this desire to have their children live according to their vision. 

The young people have the vision of how to create a golden age society. The older generation, most of them, do not have that vision. If the old generation are so desperate to make the young generation conform to their own vision, then the golden age ideas cannot come forth because in order for the younger generation to fulfill their creative potential, they need to be free to go beyond the boundaries set by their parents’ vision. They need to be free to live in a different way, even many of them without holding a traditional job but pursuing spiritual interests. Some of these younger people coming in, they will not want to have families and this will be a great shock to their parents who want them to get married and start a family of their own.

Wanting your children to be fulfilled

You will see the need for many changes in the attitude to the children where the parents will allow them greater freedom. For example, there are many Korean parents who do not want their children to marry foreigners, but it is a great value to society to have this intermarriage. It creates an exchange of energy and ideas with other nations that breaks up the stalemate and opens up for new ideas to come forward.

In this particular example, the woman was not allowed to marry a foreigner until after so many years of remaining unmarried that for her parents it was a greater shame that she was unmarried than if she married a foreigner. This attitude, this wanting to maintain a grip on the traditional family structure, must break up and the parents must begin to overcome their fear-based look at the family and their fear-based look at their children. It is fear that is behind this attitude, and the parents need to become able to say: “But what is actually the most important for our children, is it not that the children are happy? Then we cannot allow ourselves to think that our children can only be happy if they live the way we think they should live. We need to realize that our children can be happy only when we allow them to live the way they think they should live and we love them and support them. We may even gain great joy from seeing our children unfold their creative potential in a way that we could not imagine.”

Naturally, there is a certain percentage of the older generation who will not be willing to make this change, but many will be able to make this change as some have already done. There are others who are getting very close and it just needs that last impetus of being freed from these dark forces who are having these hooks of fear in people’s emotional bodies.

There are many among the younger generation who simply are not susceptible to this fear and this is the greatest potential for change. You have all these young people who are not affected by the fears of the older generation. Of course, they can be emboldened, to stand forward, again not in a rebellious way but where the children maintain a respect for their parents. They understand their parents grew up in different time where there were forces at play that have not affected themselves as younger people.

Therefore, instead of rebelling against their parents or looking down upon their parents, considering their parents to be old-fashioned or primitive, they can have respect for their parents. They can gradually help their parents see that this is simply their way of looking at life and that they need to live their lives based on their own vision and that this is what will truly make them happy. There is nothing wrong with young people explaining this to their parents and confronting their parents with the question: “But do you not want me to be happy? And how can you expect me to be happy if I live my life in a way that is not my way to live?”

Better communication with parents

There are many among the older generation who can be changed by having their children talk openly to them in this way. It is not rebellious but indeed being willing to openly express what you feel about what your parents have been doing to you. On the one hand, you can express your love and your gratitude to your parents for the fact that they have given you what they gave you as you grew up. You can also explain to them that there are certain aspects of the attitude they have that makes you feel a certain way. You feel that this is limiting you and therefore you are asking your parents to realize that you need to live your life in your own way, not in their way. It is not that their way was wrong for them because times were different. “In the times we have today, I need to live my life in my way for this is the only way I can be truly happy and fulfill my potential.”

The young people, for they are the ones who are capable of bringing the change, will find a different way to talk to their parents’ generation and even the older generation. Instead of being confrontational, they can seek to just speak from the heart and explain how they feel without even attempting to persuade their parents. They are simply explaining how they feel and setting their parents free to gradually, over a period of time, come to see that: “Oh yes, I actually do want my child to be happy, and if this is the only way my child can be happy, then I may not accept the way my child is living but I do accept that this is the only way my child can be happy.”

Korea can be a way-shower

Again, this is not to say that there is a big crisis here in South Korea. It is saying there is a big opportunity because higher awareness has for decades seen the potential. Higher awareness has brought people into embodiment in order to fulfill this role of bringing your society forward. There are tens of thousands more young people who are brought into embodiment precisely because we saw the potential that South Korea can be the open door for new ideas that can spread not only to North Korea but even beyond this to the greater Asian area.

You may not realize as Korean people that you have tendency to be modest and humble to some degree. You may not realize that there is much attention on South Korea in this area of Southeast Asia and even beyond it. There are other nations who are realizing that you have gone ahead of them in many ways and they are somewhat curious as to how this has happened. Therefore, as you are able to manifest these changes, there is a potential that they can spread to other nations.

The final end of communism

There is much potential here but right now, you who are embodied in South Korea need to focus on your nation and this great challenge of bringing about the reunification of Korea. The reunification of Korea has very great significance even on a planetary level. It is truly the last nation that is divided by the conflict between communism and capitalism. By overcoming this division, it will, so to speak, be the final nail in the coffin on the dark forces’ attempt to use the capitalist-communist duality to create division on this planet.

You might say that the break-up of this dualistic polarity has already well begun with the fall of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Iron Curtain and the reunification of Germany and the freeing of those nations in the Warsaw pact and the Soviet Union. Yet there is a significant cleanup work that is left to be done before the planet is free of the dark forces that precipitated this. Right now these dark forces are focused here because they are desperate to maintain a foothold in North Korea and to maintain that stronghold that they consider North Korea to be, although higher awareness does not consider North Korea to be a stronghold by any means.

Higher awareness sees that it is a colossus that is ready to topple and collapse almost under its own weight but with just a little bit of influence and inflow of energy from higher awareness. Thus, there is an optimistic vision of the future. It is important for you to hold on to that vision in case there are certain bumps in the road in the coming years. This is not saying there will be, but it is not saying there will not be difficulties. The situation is unpredictable even for higher awareness  because one can never predict free will with certainty, only with probability.

There is a high probability that the transition can happen peacefully and relatively smoothly although there will be great challenges for the South Korean nation if you were suddenly reunified with the North and had to carry the responsibility of bringing the dysfunctional economy of North Korea up to a modern standard. Nevertheless, even this process can happen relatively smoothly and even be to great benefit of South Korea because it would, so to speak, force you to go beyond the established power structure in South Korea and it would force you to think anew and bring forth new ideas. This is, again, where the younger generation could be ready to step forward and say: “But this is a situation where the experience of the older generation is not sufficient, but we have the ideas and we want to be allowed to carry them out.”