The one thing that holds back the Age of Higher Awareness

No one is above anyone else, for all are part of the Body of Higher Aweareness. And only when you realize that, will you know that you are not here to raise yourself up. You are not here to hide yourself. You are here to serve all, to be the servant of all. And in serving all, you will indeed be the greatest among men, but not with a human standard, but with the standard of God, where the greatest means that you are constantly becoming more and so there is really no comparison.

You see how men love to create a linear standard and say, “Ah, according to this characteristic, that person is great compared to all these other people who are not great.” And do you see, that the codependent relationship between those who are trapped in superiority and those who are trapped in inferiority promotes and reinforces this comparison, this standard that there must be some who are higher than others?

Do you see that the scourge of the earth has always been this interplay of the inferiority/superiority, where some want to be superior and some want leaders that they can be inferior to, that they can blindly follow? And thus, both of these groups of people are preventing society, civilization or a spiritual movement from rising above the dualistic struggle. And do you see that this is the one thing, the one thing that if it could be overcome, that in itself would propel the earth into the Age of Higher Awareness? For it is that one thing that keeps the earth out of the Age of Higher Awareness in which the abundant life is there for all. For as Jesus said, “Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Those who do not want the abundant life

If you take that statement and realize the truth of it, you must also realize that higher awareness is fully willing to give you the kingdom. And indeed, it lets the sun rise upon the evil and the good and the rain descend upon the just and the unjust. And therefore, higher awareness has done its part of the work to raise planet earth into the Age of Higher Awareness. It is simply that humankind has not been willing to receive it, to receive the gifts that are descending from Above. And why have they not been willing to receive it?

Well, because they are trapped in the inferiority/superiority duality. Those who are trapped in the superiority complex do not want the abundant life to descend to earth, because that would raise up those they consider below them, so that they would no longer be superior to anyone. And at the same time those who are trapped in inferiority do not want the abundant life either, because then they could no longer be blind followers. They could no longer disappear into the crowd, they would have to realize that they are co-creators, that they are fully responsible for their own lives instead of thinking that someone else will save them.

What it will take to bring the earth into the Age of Higher Awareness is that the top ten percent of the more aware people come to a full awareness of this dynamic, and make an absolute determination that they will rise above it because they have had enough of it. And they see that for ages this has been going on on this planet. And they know that they came to earth precisely to be here in this Age, in order to propel planet earth out of that state of dualistic struggle. And they realize that this is their highest love, and this is the time—and now is the acceptable time. And thus, they will indeed do everything they can to free their own consciousness from the forces of duality and then bear witness to the one truth that they see—now that their vision is single and their whole body is full of light.