The Non-Physical Causes of War

One of the purposes of the beings of higher awareness is to give you the reality, the deeper understanding of what happens on this planet. You have been brought up with a very limited understanding of what truly goes on because you have only been given the physical, material perspective on life. You have even been given only a small portion of what goes on at the physical level. 

The beings of higher awareness seek to help you understand that the physical level is only the most superficial aspect of life on this planet. If you look only at the physical level, you get only the most superficial understanding and explanation for the deeper causes of the events that you see around you. Physical events are, in most cases, not caused by what happens at the physical level. Physical events are never exclusively caused by what happens at the physical level. There are always hidden causes that reach into the three higher realms: the emotional, mental, and identity realms. Let us look more closely at this, focused on the concept of war. 

The physical horrors of war

There are some authors who have attempted to describe in more realistic terms what they see at the physical level on a battlefield. Some have described the horrors of seeing decaying corpses. One American author, Ernest Hemingway, described a so-called “natural history” of the battlefield. Other writers have in other ways attempted to also describe the horrors of war, perhaps even in ironic terms by describing the beauty of a battlefield. There is also a “higher awareness history” of the battlefield. Many people have seen the modern television programs where they show decaying corpses and how forensic medicine can use various techniques to solve crimes by studying what happens to the corpses. Most people are familiar with some of the physical horrors that you see on a battlefield. Yet very few people are prepared for the reality of seeing large numbers of dead people in various states of being blown up, lying scattered about a landscape. Truly, this is something that no one should have to see, but given that you live on a planet where war is a reality, it is something that many people have seen throughout history.

Yet the ugliness and the horror that you see at the physical level is as nothing compared to what you see at the other levels. There is a part of the emotional octave where there has been made room for those lifestreams who have gone into such a low state of consciousness that they cannot any longer take physical embodiment on earth. In this astral plane or astral pit, there are many beings who were not created as co-creators or angels. These are beings who have been created by those who have fallen into the duality consciousness.

How entities and demons are created

You create everything out of the raw material of energy but you give energy form through consciousness. When a self-aware being, a co-creator, focuses its attention on a given matrix long enough, there will be a certain amount of energy qualified through that matrix. Because the focus happens through the consciousness of the co-creator, the energy will eventually gain a certain rudimentary form of consciousness. This is what makes it possible to create an energy being, an entity, a spirit or even what we could call a demon. 

No individual co-creator is powerful enough to create a demon, but demons can be created collectively by large numbers of people focusing their attention on the same thought matrix and thereby feeding it both energy and consciousness. This thought matrix can then take on the appearance of a being that has a consciousness and a will. It has the rudimentary kind of consciousness that is somewhat similar to what you see in the animal form. Animals are conscious that they exist, although not self-aware. They do have a survival instinct and an instinct to propagate. This is what you see in these entities or demons that exist in the astral plane.

Entities and demons cannot choose

They know they exist. They know they can only continue to exist by being fed, and they know that what feeds them is energy that comes from human beings in embodiment. They also understand, although not as clearly as you can do as a self-aware being, that human beings will continue to feed them energy only when their minds are locked in a certain track. An entity or a demon is not a being that has the ability to choose: “I no longer want to be this kind of entity.” It is the same as an animal who does not have the ability to choose: “I no longer want to be a giraffe. I want to be an elephant.” 

An entity or a demon is created out of a certain thought matrix. It cannot by itself change that matrix; it is simply not possible because it was not created with self-awareness. A demon that is created out of violence, for example, knows that it can continue to exist only by being fed energy. It can be fed energy only when human beings continue to engage in violence. Such a demon has the ability to project thoughts and feelings into the minds of human beings who are susceptible to the thought matrix that created the demon. It can, because it was created collectively, overpower the minds of individuals and, thereby, propel them into engaging in more violence. This feeds the demon so that it becomes even stronger. 

This is a principle that you need to understand if you are to understand the hidden causes of war. There never has been a war on this planet, and there never will be a war on this planet, that is caused exclusively by causes at the material, physical level. There are many physical causes of why people go to war, but war is never caused exclusively by such physical causes. There has never been, and there never will be, a war that was not to a large degree caused by demons in the astral plane who have taken over the minds of individual people. They have managed to manipulate them into taking the steps that gradually led to the outbreak of war. 

The horrors of the astral plane 

Once you understand that such beings exist and that they want to be fed by the energy misqualified by human beings, you can begin to understand the energetic history of a battlefield. Let us, therefore, imagine that there has been a battle in a war. Many, many people have been killed in one day, and now their corpses, along with their blown-up vehicles and tanks, are lying scattered around on the battlefield. Let us imagine that we move into this battlefield, and let us now imagine that you are equipped with a special pair of goggles. 

In their initial state, these goggles reveal only what you can see with your physical eyes. You are seeing the physical horrors of the decaying and blown-up corpses. You are seeing people with blown off limbs where the blood is running into the sand. You are seeing people with holes in their bodies – small entry wounds, big exit wounds – where something has blown up inside their bodies. You are seeing the horror of this, and you are naturally shocked. Now, we adjust a setting on your goggles, and you see beyond the material level. You see what is happening on the battlefield at the level of the astral plane. If you think the physical horrors of the battlefield are ugly and repulsive, they are nothing compared to the ugliness you see in the astral plane. 

You have probably seen paintings from medieval times that show various creatures. Some of these painters have actually seen levels of the astral plane. Throughout the ages, many people have in various situations, whether under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in certain life-threatening situations, had their sights cleared so that they could see into the astral plane. The entities and demons you find there are so ugly and so repulsive that it almost defies description. You may have seen some of the newer movies that have come out where computers have been used to generate various creatures. Not long ago, the movies about the Lord of The Rings showed various creatures. Other movies have showed other creatures, including space creatures. Even such creatures are not as ugly and repulsive as what you see in the astral plane. 

Entities and demons feed off life energy

What you see on a physical battlefield when you can see beyond the physical level is a large amount of entities and demons that are literally feeding on the corpses. They are not feeding on them physically as you would see, for example, maggots and insects feeding on the corpses. They are feeding on the energy bodies of the corpses, first of all, the emotional body. They are sucking out the life energy from those energy bodies. 

You may, of course, ask yourself why human beings are not constantly having their life energies sucked out by demons and entities in the astral plane. You would be shocked to know how many people are actually having their life energies sucked out by such beings on a daily basis. Still, this is for most people nothing compared to what happens on a physical battlefield. 

The reason is that there is a certain separation between the physical octave and the astral plane. There is what we might call an energy veil that provides somewhat of a protective shield that holds back the entities and demons in the astral plane from interfering with people at the physical level. This shield can, of course, be broken down by various factors. There are many such factors, but there is no factor that is more powerful at breaking down this shield than a physical battle in war. Even the loud noises of the guns and explosions serve to break down the energy shield, the energy veil, between the physical and the astral plane. Even more than this is the feelings of the soldiers who are in battle, being killed, being wounded, seeing their comrades being killed and wounded. 

In a large battle there can literally be opened up what you might call a wormhole or a black hole into the astral plane. You would see this almost like a maelstrom or a tornado of swirling energy that literally sucks energy from the physical level into a certain level of the astral plane. You may also see it as an open portal through which entities and demons of every persuasion can stream into the physical level or very close to it. They do not become physically visible, but they come so close to the vibration of the physical level that they have much greater access to the energy bodies of the corpses lying on the battlefield. 

The energy fields of the soldiers

Depending on the condition of the soldier’s energy field before the battle and depending on what happened to the energy field during the battle, these demons and entities can do a variety of things. Sometimes they only manage to insert a small hook into the energy fields, and they can then suck out the energy through what is almost like a pipeline or a hose. In other cases, bigger holes have been blown where the entities or demons can more directly reach in. Some of them have claw-like fangs where they can pull out chunks of energy. Others have suction hoses almost like the snout of an elephant, and they can suck out energy. Others manage to dig their way into the energy field and insert themselves almost like the parasites and worms you see at the physical level. 

Some soldiers have been so low in the protection of their energy fields before a battle that their energy fields can be scattered into pieces when they are brutally killed. If you see a corpse that has been physically blown up and scattered, then in most cases, the energy field of that person will also have been blown into bits and pieces. You will then see demons and entities that come out and literally eat away at these pieces of the energy field almost like you see hyenas and vultures eat away at a corpse.

The shock of realizing such forces exist

These images are not given in order to shock you beyond what you can handle. They are given in order to shock you awake to the reality of the aggressiveness of the entities and demons in the astral plane. You know very well that at the physical level there is nothing that can hold back the flies from laying eggs on a corpse. There is nothing that can hold back the maggots from eating away at that corpse. There is nothing that can hold back the hyenas, the vultures, from ripping open the corpse and eating the insides first. Even more, there is no force at the physical level that can hold back the entities and demons of the astral plane from having their fill when a battle has taken place and people have been physically killed. 

You need to understand that these entities and demons do not have the ability to feel what you feel: compassion, empathy, pity, regret, a sense of injustice, a sense that this should not be taking place. Such feelings, they do not have. You cannot reason with them and seek to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong. They are only doing what every animal at the physical level is doing: securing their own survival and their growth by sucking out the energy that helps them grow and maintain themselves. You cannot even blame them for doing that which they were created to do. 

The purpose of explaining this is to help you come to one of these hitting-the-concrete experiences, a moment of truth, a moment of realization. It is the realization that war is caused by forces that have no pity and no empathy and that you cannot reason with. There is absolutely no way that you could persuade the demons and entities in the astral plane to stop doing what they are doing. This you need to acknowledge consciously. 

Obviously, this will be a shocking realization for many people. Many people will initially feel overwhelmed, almost paralyzed, by realizing this. Naturally, when you realize that there is nothing that can stop these demons and entities, as there is nothing that can stop a charging tiger, then you might feel: “But what can I then do to protect myself from this and to stop war on the planetary level?” There is nothing you can do directly, but there is something you can do indirectly because the beings of higher awareness do have the power to deal with these entities and demons. 

What they need in order to use that power is authorization from you. We have looked at the absolute nature of the Law of Free Will. Human beings in physical embodiment have, over thousands of years, created the demons and entities in the astral plane. The beings of higher awareness cannot remove them until a critical mass of people give them the authority to do so. You can do this by giving special exercises. You also do it by becoming aware of what is going on and, therefore, knowingly transcending the consciousness that allows war to continue on this planet.

A description of the astral plane

The astral plane has many levels—thirty-three to be exact. Some of the lowest levels have almost no form because they are like the insides of a volcano. Everything is so hot that there is barely any form that can exist because everything is broken down into this melting pot. At the higher levels, if one can talk about “higher” levels of the astral plane, there are more and more distinct forms. 

There are some levels where you have the demons and the entities we have talked about. These are the ones who simply do what they do, and they are like the vultures, the hyenas and the jackals that are feeding off already dead animals. Surely, these are ugly. They are aggressive. They are beyond reason. They are beyond empathy. At, so to speak, higher levels of the astral plane, you find some demons that are actually more conscious of what they are doing. 

They could be compared to the animals that actively hunt and kill other animals. Surely, a vulture is ugly, but you might not see a lion or a tiger as ugly. Yet there is a certain level of the astral plane where you find demons and entities that simply feed off people. Then, there is a higher level where you find predatory demons that actively go out and create the situations where people are physically killed or in other ways are vulnerable to having their energies stolen.

These are demons who have a higher level of consciousness, but they still do not have self-awareness. They do not feel pity or empathy with human beings at all, and they never will be able to feel this. At this level, you find two classes of demons. One is demons that have been created as described earlier. They have been created by self-aware beings who fed their energy and their consciousness into a matrix that eventually became a being with a survival instinct. 

These have over time become more complex than the demons that passively feed on people. They have, therefore, learned to use more aggressive measures to manipulate people into committing physical actions that make them vulnerable to the astral plane. There are many such actions. Any addiction makes you vulnerable to having your energy stolen by demons in the astral plane. There is no physical action that opens up the vulnerability more than physical killing and especially the large-scale killing you see on a battlefield of war. These demons will do everything in their limited powers to manipulate people into killing or going to war; yet, they do have limited powers. 

The manipulators in the astral plane

There is, however, another class of demons that are found in the astral plane, and these are what are called manipulators. There are manipulators in all four octaves, but those that are trapped in the astral plane are what we can also call demons because they have lost almost all conscious awareness of themselves as beings with self-awareness. 

We can always debate whether they have a certain rudimentary form of self-awareness or whether they are so trapped that they no longer have it for practical purposes, but let us not here to go into an academic discussion. In the higher levels of the astral plane, you do find beings that started out as either co-creators or angels in a previous sphere. They have then dualistic in consciousness, and they have continued to fall in consciousness until they are now almost unconscious of themselves. 

Take care to note the difference. This is not saying these beings are unconscious. Many of them have a very sophisticated consciousness and understanding of what happens in the four octaves of earth. They have great ability to manipulate human beings, but they do not have enough self-awareness to choose to do something differently. It is almost impossible to reason with such demons. You might say then that we can use the terminology “a demon” about beings that are not susceptible to reason. Some will dispute this use of terminology, but let us use it for practical reasons here. 

Manipulators in the mental realm

When we change another setting on your goggles, you will begin to see beyond the emotional level, beyond the astral plane, and into the mental octave. Here, you find manipulators that we would not characterize as demons because they still have some self-awareness. They are not mechanically driven by a certain matrix. They are driven by a certain reasoning. They have a mental, intellectual reasoning for doing what they are doing. 

The demons in the astral plane are not really reasoning about what they are doing or why they are doing it. They are simply doing it because they know that it works, and it gives them energy. They are not even doing it because it gives them a sense of power over human beings because most of them do not have a high enough consciousness to enjoy having power over human beings. 

In the mental level, however, you do find many manipulators who do have enough awareness to know that they can have power over human beings and who enjoy this. The beings in the mental realm are not as aggressive as those in the emotional realm. They are not seeking to overpower or force people. They are seeking to persuade people.

This difference is important for several reasons. On a more superficial level, the manipulators in the mental realm are not nearly as ugly and repulsive as those in the astral plane. Some of them have taken on an appearance that might be very attractive to many people. You can find many manipulators in the mental realm that appear as the professors, learned people or philosophers that you see on earth, especially in history. You can find many who have set themselves up as kings or emperors, taking on a seemingly benign but very impressive and powerful appearance. 

Many of these beings in the mental realm have learned to disguise themselves as being benign and well-meaning. They come across as having only your best interests at heart, but how can they have anything at heart when they have no heart? They are all mental. It is all mind. It is all intellect. It is all relative, dualistic reasoning. When we say relative, dualistic reasoning, it means that they always operate with a scale that has two opposites. They always divide people up into categories based on such a scale with an absolute value judgment that something is right and something is wrong. Those people who are in the category of “wrong,” can justly be killed. This is the basic reasoning that you find in the mental realm: Why it is justifiable to kill human beings. 

The consciousness that justifies killing

If you look at human beings in embodiment, you will see that there are people who will kill indiscriminately. At the most extreme level, you see either serial killers or dictators – even soldiers or criminals – who have passed the point where they feel they need to justify killing. They kill anyone who seems to fit in a certain category where they are labeled as a threat. You may call them psychopaths or whatever you want to call them. They are not needing to justify their killing because they have crossed the line where this no longer seems necessary to them. 

You will, of course, see that most people who engage in killing are temporarily blinded by a certain state of consciousness. When they are distant from the battlefield or the scene of the crime, they may snap out of this and now realize what they did. Both of these instances can be explained by the fact that these people have had their minds taken over by demons in the astral plane. That is why they can kill without reflecting on it, at least in the moment. 

You will also see, especially when you look at war, that there are people who can engage in killing, even the long-term acts of planning for war or planning for so-called defense, and they do it because they feel it is a necessary and justifiable act. These people have their minds taken over by manipulators in the mental realm. 

Manipulators in the identity realm

Let us imagine that we switch your goggles to the highest setting, and now you are beginning to look into the lower levels of the identity realm. Here you find manipulators who appear even more benign or more impressive than those in the mental realm. There are, however, very few people who have had their minds taken over directly by the manipulators in the identity octave because these beings usually work through the beings in the mental realm. This means that a person who is engaging in war and feeling it is justified is, first of all, controlled directly by a being in the mental realm. The being in the mental realm is then controlled by manipulators in the identity realm.

The beings in the mental realm are all intellectual and are reasoning. As a human being, you can engage in a reasoning process with them, but you can never convince them that you are right and that they are wrong. This you also need to understand. You need to understand, as was about the demons in the astral plane, that you cannot fight them, reason with them or make them feel empathy. Likewise, the beings in the mental realm cannot be persuaded by any argument you can come up with. Why is that so? Because they believe firmly that you, as a human being in embodiment, are fundamentally inferior to themselves. They believe that no argument you could ever come up with would be better than their argument. Many of the beings in the mental realm, the more sophisticated manipulators, know that any argument is just that—an argument. It would actually be great progress if all people on earth would realize that any argument is just an argument. Some of the most sophisticated beings in the mental realm have realized this, but they are still firmly convinced that their argument is superior to yours because you are fundamentally inferior, or you would not be in physical embodiment—so they reason. 

You can engage these beings with argumentation and seek to persuade them, but all you do is feed them your energy. You never achieve a decisive outcome. Again, you might feel overwhelmed by this, but then you need to realize that the beings of higher awareness have the power to deal with the beings in the mental realm if you give them your authority. You give them the authority by doing higher awareness work but also by consciously choosing not to engage these beings and not to engage in arguments with people whose minds are taken over by the manipulators in the mental realm. 

When it comes to the manipulators in the identity octave, again, you can attempt to reason with them, but you can never persuade them because they also believe that you are inferior to them. There is no point, as a human being in embodiment, in engaging such beings. You need to make the calls so that the beings of higher awareness can deal with them. 

The hidden cause of war

The manipulators in the identity octave have a higher level of consciousness than those in the mental octave, and they understand that nothing on earth is as it seems. There are beings in the mental realm who actually believe in the cause that they are seeking to get human beings to fight and die for. They believe it is a right cause, a worthy cause. Those in the identity realm realize that none of the causes on earth are truly valid or have any real significance. They certainly do not have the significance that they purport to have. They do not lead to the end that they claim to be leading towards, whether it be to banish the devil from the earth and make God’s kingdom physically manifest or to manifest some other utopia. 

The beings in the identity realm know that all of this is just camouflage. All of the epic dramas and the epic causes are just a sham. They only have one purpose, and that is to get people to engage in a struggle, to engage in battle, for the purpose of assisting the manipulators and their battle to prove God wrong. There is an even deeper cause that has never before been articulated on earth. You can look at all of the philosophies, religions and thought systems found on earth, and you can see that none of the causes defined there are real causes. They are all camouflage for hiding the deeper cause of the manipulators trying to prove God wrong by getting human beings to misuse their free will. 

Your reaction to these teachings

These teachings are more than most people can handle in one sitting. Try to tune in to what is going on in your energy field as a result of reading these teachings. Do you feel a certain weight? Do you feel a certain sense of being overwhelmed, of being up against forces that are too big for you to handle, perhaps even too big to contemplate? Is it too overwhelming to acknowledge the reality of this? Is there a part of your mind that just wants to withdraw and run away? Is there another part that just wants to argue with what is said here? 

All of these reactions are understandable. It is not expected that you can, by reading this teaching, instantly make the switch. But you can be willing to make an effort to step beyond these feelings or thoughts. You can ask for help for yourself and other people to be cut free from the ignorance and denial of what is truly the causes behind war, the non-physical causes behind war. There are, as we have now explained, two main causes.

One cause is that war enables beings in the astral plane and in the mental realm to steal energy from human beings. Another is that war is the most extreme outcome of the attempt of certain manipulators to prove God wrong, to prove that free will was a mistake. Once you begin to acknowledge this, you have the foundation for stepping up to being truly helpful in bringing about peace on this planet. 

Giving you the overall framework

You may think that these teachings should have started more gently, and gradually built up to this realization. Yet there is a purpose for starting by giving you the overall picture. This makes it much easier to explain what will be explained in the coming discourses. Instead of starting at the lowest level and gradually taking you higher, thereby giving you a chance to get used to things gradually, we have now outlined a framework that makes it much easier for you to put the other pieces in their right place. This may make you feel overwhelmed from the beginning, but as you move into the following discourses, you will begin to feel how things gradually fall into place. You begin to see how the disconnected pieces, that people have, all fit into a bigger context. When you look at the explanations that people have attempted to come up with for war, you can see that some of them seem to be contradicting other explanations. It can be difficult to make sense out of them and find out what is really going on. 

This is because people do not have the big picture that is presented here. They do not understand these hidden causes. They think that, when you look at the physical motivation that people supposedly have for going to war, then there must be some rationale, some rational reason behind it. When you see that there is no rational reasoning behind it, people do not know what to do, and that is when they feel ultimately discouraged. 

This is one of the main reasons why so many people have felt overwhelmed and pacified when it comes to doing something about war. This is the main reason why so many people feel there is nothing they can do about war. They look at someone like Adolf Hitler, and they seek to find a rational reason for why he did what he did. When they cannot find an ultimate explanation, they don’t know what to do next. 

What is presented here is the overall framework so that you can move on from this paralysis. This is the understanding that there is no rational reason at the physical level. There is a reason in the astral plane where certain demons and entities simply want to steal people’s energy. There is the even higher reason that certain manipulators want to prove God wrong. Once you begin to see this, you realize that you do not need to explain everything rationally at the physical level. More importantly, you also realize that since the cause of war is not found at the physical level, the way to remove war is not found at the physical level either. 

Removing war with the beings of higher awareness

You have options for removing war from this planet that are beyond what you can do at the physical level. Even though there may be some things at the physical level that you, as an individual, can do nothing about, there is still something you can do about it at the emotional, mental and identity levels. You do this by doing the energetic work and transcending the consciousness so that the beings of higher awareness get the authority to step in and use their power to deal with the forces that are creating war at the physical level. Once you remove those non-physical forces, then much of the momentum, the reasoning and the motivation behind physical war will also vanish into thin air. 

Have you ever experienced how a meadow can be heavy with dew in the morning? Have you ever experienced that when the sun comes up and gains strength, the dew disappears? Obviously, the dew on the meadow is beautiful, and the forces in the astral, mental, and identity realms are not beautiful in comparison. They can still melt away under the rising sun of the power of higher awareness when you give the beings of higher awareness the authority to shine their light into all four octaves of earth. This is what can remove war.