The need for integration in Europe

For Europe to fulfill her role, there must be integration

As you see a division between East and West on a planetary scale, surely you have seen that division here in Europe until very recently. So even after the material symbol of this division came down, namely the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, even after that, there was a blockage in the emotional, mental and identity realm that prevented a true reunification and integration between East and West. And thus, there has not so far been the optimal flow of energy between these two regions of Europe.

Yet through the work that has been accomplished by the more aware people in Europe, higher awareness has cleared the emotional blockages, the blockages in the emotional realm. This is a very significant step. And as the work continues higher awareness can move on and clear other levels.

For Europe to fulfill her role in serving as an ambassador of world peace, there clearly must be integration between East and West, even between North and South. For if Europe is divided, how can she be an ambassador for peace, a voice of reason? Thus, the integration of East and West will now be accelerated thanks to the clearing of these emotional energies, this blockage, that has truly prevented the people in Europe from forgiving, from letting go of the past. And you will see a change in this area. You will see greater openness, greater willingness to look at the past, to learn the lessons that need to be learned and then to forgive.

Truly, with the expansion of the European Union towards the East, the nations of Europe have opened up for the physical exchange of goods and services, even of people who move between East and West, either to give their expertise or to find jobs. With this greater exchange you will see even more of a breaking up of the barriers and much more of an integration, and even the beginning of a sense of oneness. This is the sense of oneness, that has been lacking from this continent for so long because it has been divided into so many different nations that were always warring with each other or in competition with each other.

What western Europe can learn from eastern Europe

It is obvious that the nations in western Europe are far ahead economically, technologically and to some degree politically compared to the nations that used to be behind the Iron Curtain. Yet one should not overlook the fact that the eastern nations also have a significant contribution to make to the future of Europe. Not only in terms of creativity, but consider the obvious fact that most western nations have become so materialistic that they dare not truly think and talk about religion and its role in society. This is very obvious when you see how the conflicts created by refugees from Islamic countries has been handled, or rather not handled, by many western European nations, who did not even know how to have a constructive debate about the role of religion in society.

The western nations have almost become impotent when it comes to openly debating religious issues. And this, of course, is not a sustainable situation. For without true spirituality, there can be no true government. The only solution to the situations in the world, the only solution is higher government. But how can there be higher government without higher awareness? How can there be higher government in nations that are afraid to talk about spirituality, that are afraid to talk about the possibility that some universal spiritual teaching about higher laws could provide the very foundation for a free democracy? Such a democracy must recognize that the people have rights that are not given by the state, but given by an authority that is entirely beyond any human power, and thus cannot be corrupted by human power plays.

This is where the nations in what was formerly eastern Europe have a valuable contribution to make. Because these nations were under communism for so long that they know what it is like to live in a country where the state forbids them to practice any form of religion and even persecutes those who dare to be religious. Thus, you will see that the eastern part of Europe is currently going through a greater degree of spiritual awakening than you see in the West. And if this can truly gather momentum and become a true spiritual awakening – rather than being a religious awakening where the eastern people are trapped by the old religions – if it can become that true spiritual awakening, it can truly spread to the West and reestablish the balance that there should be between higher government and the secular form of government. And this has become much more of a realistic possibility after the clearing of these emotional barriers. For truly, there will be a freer exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings, where the people will feel freer to express their feelings.

A government without higher awareness will become a tyranny

And even the people in the East will feel freer to express their feelings about what they see as a materialism and as anti-spirituality in the West. And thus, they will gain the courage to stand up and witness to their realization that a government that denies higher awareness cannot avoid becoming a tyranny that suppresses the people. This is a universal law that anyone who is willing to take a look at history can confirm. Certainly, you see many examples of a government that does not deny God and still has become tyrannical. But if there is some recognition of an existence of a higher authority, then there is at least a frame of reference that is beyond human power and human definition.

There is a level where people are entirely blinded by the consciousness of duality. And in that level they are only concerned about competing and warring with other human beings. They have created their own definition of what is right, and that definition says that they are right and anyone who is different from themselves is automatically wrong. And if two nations or two civilizations have such a dualistic definition of right and wrong, how can they ever avoid a conflict? And how can they ever resolve a conflict, when each side is guided by a dualistic, man-made definition of right and wrong? There must be a willingness to reach beyond duality, to reach for a higher definition of right that is not defined by human beings or institutions, that is not defined based on the consciousness of duality where any idea must have an opposite.