The need for a new type of energy source

Look at the last hundred years and how much technological progress has been made. Part of the reason for this progress is that in higher awareness there are blueprints of technological inventions. They are being released to those minds who are open and capable of receiving them and who are also in a position where they can bring them into physical manifestation. 

Realistically, it was not possible to raise the awareness of humankind to realizing and accepting the powers of the mind to create. There had to be a way for people to create and manifest new visions, and it had to be more mechanical, more technological, so that they were able to believe that this was possible. Then, the hope is that (as they have now seen how much change can be brought about through mechanical technology) more and more people will begin to open up to the possibility that you can create directly through the mind.

Many of the changes that need to happen for the Age of Higher Awareness to be manifest will not be the result of a linear, gradual cause-effect process where there is a gradual evolution. One new idea leads to another, to another invention and another invention—and pretty soon you have (through separate processes) invented all of the single technologies that are combined into a modern airplane. This is one way to bring forth something new, but it is the slow way. There are certain things that pertain to society as a whole that cannot be manifested this way and the reason for this is quite simple. 

Force-based technology

Much of the technology you have seen so far has been force-based technology. It has been technology that is a reaction to the density of matter, as it currently is on this planet. The density of matter is a product of the density of the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness has become so dense that people cannot consciously create through the mind. They need to compensate for the density they have created through a mechanical process. It is not a matter of the mind having mastery over matter; you are using matter itself to circumvent some of the limitations that are a product of the density of matter. 

This is a mechanical process. There is a limit to how far you can go with this process and it is illustrated very clearly in the current belief in science that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. If you take an object, it takes a certain amount of energy to accelerate its speed. Say it is a spacecraft. It takes a certain amount of energy to accelerate its speed, and the closer the spacecraft comes to the speed of light, the more energy it takes. As you come very close to the speed of light, you reach a limit where there simply is not enough energy. There is no energy source in the material universe that can provide the extra boost that brings the spaceship up to the speed of light. 

This is perfectly true, but it illustrates the point. There is a limit to how far you can go when you are using only mechanical technology that is based on matter. You cannot use technology that is based on the current density of matter to transcend the current density of matter. In order for the Age of Higher Awareness to be manifest, we do need to transcend the current density of matter. We do need to raise the vibration of the entire planet so that there are certain things that can suddenly be manifest that people today believe are impossible.

Free energy

Take the obvious example, the debate around free energy. Is there an energy source that can give you energy for free where you have more energy coming out of it than you put into it? You know that with your traditional energy sources, for example a steam engine, you need to put some combustible material in there to free the energy. You need to put coal or wood into the steam boiler in order to generate the energy that heats the water, which turns it into steam and then you use the steam to drive a mechanical device. In a combustion engine (such as many of you have in your cars) the energy source is more concentrated, the fuel is more concentrated. Of course, you can go to a nuclear power station where it requires even less fuel to power the plant. Still, you have to put energy in to get something out, and there are scientists who are extremely insistent that it will never be possible to create a device where you get energy out without putting anything in.

How will we fuel the progress of the Age of Higher Awareness unless we get access to an energy source that is virtually unlimited compared to the current sources of energy? It simply cannot be done. Just take what you currently believe and take it to its ultimate conclusion to see whether it is realistic. You can look at yourselves in the modern developed world and you can look at why you have the amount of progress, why you have the living standard, why you have the amount of affluence that you have. You can see that you owe this in large part to technology and this technology requires energy. It requires either oil, it requires solar, wind, nuclear, but some kind of material, physical energy source.

Then you can look at the fact that there are a few hundred million people who live in this state of affluence. In order to have raised that amount of people up to this state of living, you have expended this amount of fossil fuels or other fuels. These fuels all have a limited supply. Now, you project out and say: “How much has it taken to raise half a billion people to this standard of living? Now we want to raise the other seven billion to that standard of living, how can we do this with current energy sources?” You can see that it simply cannot be done with fossil fuels. It cannot even be done by nuclear power because it would be so complicated and the risk of pollution would be so great that it simply would not be realistic to do this. You can look at yourselves and you can say: “Yes, but we have compassion for all of the people living in poverty, we want to raise them up to the same standard of living. We know in our hearts that it is not right that some people have a good standard of living and others don’t know how to feed their children or themselves.” That is why you have all of these scientists, many of them attuned to the manipulators who are projecting these prognoses of the future and saying: “This simply cannot be done.” 

The connecting field

How is this possible? It is not possible through force-based technology and force-based sources of energy. It is possible only by bringing forth the awareness that there are ways to extract energy that do not require you to burn any fuel or to split any atoms. There are researchers who have already realized that beyond the material frequency spectrum, is a field that they may call the Zero Point field, the quantum field or other names, but it is a field that has unlimited energy. What they call the Zero Point field is really in the realm of higher awareness that is beyond the material frequency spectrum. 

What scientists are beginning to realize is that the current vision, where everything is seen as separate objects existing in a spatial dimension, is unrealistic. There are no separate objects because every object you see on earth or in the material universe is actually manifested out of the field. It is a densification of the field where the unlimited energy of the field has taken on a finite form. It is a temporary form but it can be sustained over time (as you see time). 

What these scientists have already realized is that each object is connected to the field. It is not that an object becomes separated from the field; it is still connected to the field. This means that, although the earth may seem to be an object floating in space and Venus may be seen to be another planet floating in space, they are not separated. Earth is a manifestation of the field, and it is connected to the field. Venus is a manifestation of the field, and it is connected to the field. In order for beings on earth to communicate with beings on a remote planet, they do not have to send a physical signal, such as a radio signal, from earth to that planet. There needs to be no physical signal that is traveling below the speed of light sent to another planet, interpreted there and sent back—which takes time.

Instead, it is possible for human beings on earth to connect to the field and for beings on another planet to connect to the field. Through the field, which is beyond the limitations of the physical octave, you can have instant communication. This is completely possible! You just don’t believe it is possible because you are evaluating what is possible based on what is currently manifest. 

That is the one thing that needs to be put out there in the collective consciousness. Those who will create a better future on this planet will never allow their vision of what is possible to be limited by what is present. “Never allow your vision of the possible to be limited by the present.” This is the essence of how you step up to the vision of the Age of Higher Awareness. 

New sources of energy

It is, of course, the same with energy. There are scientists who have already conducted experiments that show that you can extract energy directly from the field and use it for practical purposes on earth. They have been ridiculed and put down, they have had their research grants taken away and they have been labeled as kooks. Some of them do not have technology that is viable, but the fact of the matter is that all of the people who are researching free energy have grasped onto the possibility and they believe it is possible.

You can look at a person and say that he has created a device that he claims works and it doesn’t work and therefore the person is crazy. Or you can look at the person and say: “But the fact that he hasn’t found out how it can be done, does not mean that he has a wrong vision of what can be done.” Did not the Wright brothers have to experiment with several things before they had an airplane that could actually fly for a few seconds? 

Have you not had to improve technology many, many times to create the modern airplane, compared to those first planes of the Wright brothers? Whenever someone is quick to put down new ideas as impossible or unrealistic, you know they are manipulators. It is that simple. It doesn’t mean that any new idea is valid because there are those who are putting out unrealistic ideas. Yet the blanket rejection of a new idea based on the evaluation that it is too far beyond what is currently manifest, is the hallmark of the manipulators.

They want to maintain the status quo where they are in control. What has caused them to lose control, time and time again over millions of years, is that a new idea was brought forth that either brought forth new technology, or a new idea in society that people grasped onto and demanded change. They are mortally afraid of new ideas. Their greatest enemy is new ideas. The greatest threat they can see is this: One person brings forth an idea that they could not foresee, they could not stop, and it starts to spread.