The legal system of the Age of Higher Awareness

Consider the remark made by Jesus so many years ago when he said: “Woe unto ye lawyers.” What does this mean for the bringing in of the Age of Higher Awareness? Well, it means simply that the profession that you now see as the legal profession will have to change dramatically in order to align itself with the vision of Age of Higher Awareness. This must start, not just with the lawyers who are, so to speak, interpreting the law but also with the lawmakers who make the laws. 

Lawmaking for the privileged elite

What you have today is a tradition that is very, very old. The purpose of making laws and the purpose of setting up a legal system, a court system, that is interpreting these laws is affected by the mindset of the manipulators to such an extent that in many countries the real purpose of the entire system is to give special privileges to the ruling elite of people or to give them a way to escape accountability. There is, of course, in many democratic nations a certain limit to how they can set up the laws in order to give themselves privileges because a democracy is based on the fundamental principle that all of its citizens should be equal to the law. Yet even in democratic countries there are always those who seek to create laws in such a way that they set up exceptions for certain people or certain segments of society. You have seen this especially with the business community where in many countries there are certain corporations that are so big that they are considered too important for the country so that the country cannot risk that they will either go down or move their businesses elsewhere. Therefore, there is a tendency to create laws in such a way that these businesses are, in effect, given a favorable position.

This is something that cannot exist in the Age of Higher Awareness. There is a need to remove all such special privileges or exemptions in the laws of democratic countries so that they do not favor particular businesses or organizations. This will require a change in the mindset. Of course, there needs to be a trust in the nations that we do not need to give special privileges to certain companies. We do not need to, in effect, give them monopolies in order for our economy to survive.

There is today a widespread belief in many countries that the economy of certain nations simply could not survive without these huge corporations. It is, of course, not correct because it is indeed very possible that many smaller businesses can make up for the loss of one big business. It is a perception created by the power elite in order to give them power and to give them privileges and maintain those privileges so that they, in effect, do not have to run a business that is geared toward serving its customers. Therefore, they can get away with this because there is no effective competition due to the favored position they have been given.

Unnecessarily complicated laws

Once you remove such barriers in the laws, then what remains is to look at the legal system and how the courts and the lawyers are interpreting, and in many cases manipulating, the laws. When you look at democratic countries, it is not so difficult to bring about a situation where certain organizations no longer have these special privileges. You still have the fact that you have created a culture in the legal system of most nations where those who are part of the legal system do not want to change the system in fundamental ways because they make their living from that system.

In most countries the lawyers are often among the wealthiest people because they can charge very high fees. They can charge high fees because the country has such a complicated set of laws and such a complicated legal system that in effect it gives a privileged position, even in some cases a kind of monopoly position, to the lawyers. They are the only ones who can interpret the system. Countries need to realize that this entire culture is based on a simple fact, namely that the law system, the system of the laws, is becoming increasingly complicated, increasingly large. There is simply an unnecessary burden of all of these laws that are becoming more and more complex in all countries. 

Obviously, you cannot create a very simple law in a complex country because there are many considerations that need to be put into the system of laws. Nevertheless, there is a need to simplify the laws so that there is not as much room for interpretation. What often makes the law system complex is that the entire legal profession in a country has created a culture where, for example, they say that the laws must not discriminate. In order to avoid discriminating, we have to write various conditions into the laws so that no-one is discriminated against. Even this can be used, not only to create complexity but also to create a situation where the efforts to seemingly not discriminate actually become an openness for an almost endless interpretation of the laws so that there is no clarity in how to implement these laws.

Once you start creating such a complex system of laws that hardly anyone can interpret them, you end up in a situation where the people who are writing the laws often simply do not have the vision of how a new law they are creating might potentially contradict what is said in a previous law. You end up with these situations where everything is so complicated that no one can really foresee the consequences of a new law and how it might contradict a previous law. This, again, gives leeway for the lawyers to begin to interpret, and all of a sudden the laws that were meant to, for example, prevent discrimination against certain groups actually become a tool whereby those who can afford to hire the expensive lawyers can use the laws as a form of loophole. They can actually use the law that was meant to prevent discrimination to create a new form of discrimination where they themselves can manipulate the laws so that they are claiming a certain freedom that they are not entitled to because they are not actually being discriminated against. They are using it to set themselves up in an exempt position where they do not have to follow the same rules as others.

There is a need for the democratic nations to wake up and realize that they need to step back and look at their legal system and look how it is being misused by the lawyers to give exemptions to a small elite who can afford to pay the attorneys. They can continue to pay these attorney’s fees and create these court cases that seem to go on forever and ever. In the end, they end up giving them special privileges that no ordinary citizens could ever claim because they simply could not afford to pay the legal fees.

Only the elite can afford legal fees

What you have created here is a legal system that has become very complicated. Even though it is based on good intentions of preventing the discrimination against certain groups of people, the complication of the system, the level of complexity of the system, is actually reinforcing the situation where there is an upper class who can afford to play the legal game. Then, there is the broader population who simply have no recourse because they cannot afford to run a court case that costs tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars in legal fees. 

You end up creating this privileged position where those who can take advantage of the system do so, and therefore can set themselves up to either have privileges or to generate profits. They can effectively destroy competition by running these lawsuits against their competitors that no smaller businesses can afford. Therefore, the smaller businesses cannot challenge the older established businesses. There is also a tendency in most countries, to create so many rules that, for example, businesses have to comply with that this in itself creates a privileged position for the large businesses that can afford to hire the lawyers or the experts or build the facilities that are required. In essence, you have a situation where the legal system that actually was meant to protect the people, is being used by large established businesses to destroy their competition or to prevent the competition from even arising because they cannot afford to comply with the elaborate rules. 

It is not beyond the capability of the people in most nations to realize that there is always a power elite that is seeking to gain special power and privileges for themselves and they will use any aspect of society, including the legal system and the bureaucratic system. It is not beyond the capacity of most people to realize that for the ordinary citizen in a democratic country, it is in their best interest to have a relatively simple legal system and a relatively simple set of bureaucratic rules so that they themselves can figure out what their rights are. People need to realize that the tendency to complicate everything (to complicate the legal system, to complicate the bureaucracy) only serves the elite. They are the only ones who can afford to hire the attorneys to take advantage of this complex system. They are using it over and over and over again to set themselves up so that the people cannot challenge them. Thereby, this system of complexity creates a privileged position for the few and effectively shuts out the many from attaining these privileges.

Difficulties of starting new businesses

In many nations the rules that are set in place for establishing a new business in many areas are so complicated, so elaborate and so expensive to comply with, that a new business effectively cannot be started. Or at least, it cannot be started by a single person or a few people. It could only be started by someone who had enough experience and enough connections so that the person could manipulate the system and gain financing from the major financial institutions. This would then mean that such a business, in order to even get started, has to, so to speak, become part of the establishment. 

There has been created this privileged position where only those who are part of the establishment can start a new business. In order to get that business going, they must become part of the establishment. This means they accept the establishment (the rules that they are based on) and they will perpetuate the system, they will not challenge the system.

When you look back at the way many nations got their economies going, it was often that a single person could take the initiative and could start with very little capital and start a new business that eventually would grow to become a bigger business. Effectively, in many nations this is no longer possible in the main areas of business. It is only possible in new areas such as you, for example, saw a few decades ago with the computer industry. Anyone who had the expertise could start a new company, such as a software company, and simply by their know-how start a new business. The reason for this was very simply that the old established businesses did not understand the computer industry in the beginning, did not see its potential and therefore it was one of those rare opportunities for the small independent entrepreneur. It is the small independent entrepreneurs that will drive the innovation that will bring about the new technology and the new business models in the Age of Higher Awareness. 

The elite cannot receive new technology

The new inventions and the new business models that are necessary in the Age of Higher Awareness are not likely to be brought by the huge established businesses. They are more concerned about protecting their position and their interests than bringing forth something new. 

There are many businesses who become so large and they become so complicated that they cannot invent. It is because when a business becomes so big that it becomes a part of the establishment in a country, then it is inevitable that the business that is taking advantage of a complicated legal system will itself have to create a set of internal rules. These will also become more and more complicated so that the business itself eventually becomes so bogged down in these internal procedures that there is no room for invention, there is no room for creativity. Therefore, it begins to have this process of unnatural selection where it selects out the people who can invent and selects in the people who are willing to follow rules.

For the Age of Higher Awareness to be manifest, many new business methods, business visions, much new technology needs to be brought forth. This is not likely to be brought by the big established companies because they either will not see a new invention as a possibility or they will see it as a threat to their business and therefore want to suppress it. There are some very powerful forces that have been created by these huge corporations. 

Multinational corporations

There are these huge international, multinational corporations that are seeking to take over the economy in any country. You will see that these corporations will move in. If you study, for example, the situation in Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism, you will see that in every country these big multinational corporations attempted to move in and dominate the business world because they had the capital, they could afford to hire the attorneys. They wanted to make sure that they would take over the market in these newly freed-up economies instead of having a situation where the local people would act as entrepreneurs and start up businesses that eventually would take over most of the market. Instead, the big multinationals wanted to dominate these markets and they were in many countries allowed to establish this form of dominance.

It is time to increase people’s awareness of the need to limit the size of corporations so that they cannot become so powerful that they can begin to influence the political process in democratic nations. It is one thing to have a national business that influences that nation’s business because that national business may at least have some loyalty to the country in which it was established. When you look at these large multinational corporations, they have no loyalty to any nation nor to any people. They are simply looking at the people as either employees that they can use and take advantage of or as customers where they would like to establish themselves in a monopoly so that the people effectively have very little choice.

People need to become aware of this as consumers so that they can make wiser choices. To give an obvious example, even though there are two multinational corporations that sell soft drinks, they have in many countries attempted to, so to speak, divide the territory so that they can tolerate each other. They shut out any competing companies so that even though the people have a choice, the only choice is the choice between Pepsi or Coca-Cola. That really is not the kind of choices that will dominate in the Age of Higher Awareness. 

The problem of unjust court decisions

The legal system of the Age of Higher Awareness will be of the people, by the people, for the people. Not of the elite, by the elite and for the elite, as it is today in most nations. This is not said to promiote a negative view of lawyers and attorneys, as you see in some countries. It is obvious that there are some countries where the people are beginning to be aware that attorneys have set themselves up in a position where they are interpreting and manipulating the laws endlessly. 

Therefore, they are able to command these enormous fees without in the end being able to really give people a just treatment in the legal system. It is clear that there are nations where people are becoming more and more aware that they cannot get real justice in the court system because the attorneys can come up with interpretations that, in a sense, paralyze the judges from making just judgments. 

There needs to be a simplification of the legal system where the rules become more clear. Have you done something that is illegal? Well then, you will be held accountable for that according to the rules of the system. Today, it is so that if you are a person without much money, you may be held accountable by the law, but if you have enough money to hire the attorneys, then you will not be held accountable.

Using the legal system against other people

There also needs to be a rising awareness where the people will refuse to, so to speak, use the legal system to gain a personal advantage over other people. You see so many times where there are personal disagreements between different people, it can be in business dealings, it can be in divorce cases, it can be in inheritance or many other things. People are so eager to sue each other as a way to get back at the other side. What happens in most cases is that both sides end up paying enormous legal fees and there is really no decisive outcome of the case, precisely because of the conditions and the complexity of the legal system, which makes it impossible to make these just judgments. 

People need to become aware so they are not sucked in by these energetic vortexes that have been created by the legal system. This has been created because those who are part of the system want to perpetuate their existence, they want to make more and more money. People are pulled in to these spiral and become so angry that they want to sue each other because they think that they will get some kind of justice. There is in many cases in these disagreements no justice. The only solution here is not even to create a better legal system because it would be impossible to create a legal system that could settle every disagreement between the people in a nation. There are simply so many disagreements that people can come up with that any system would be bogged down by the volume of disagreements when people are in this state of consciousness.

The real solution to these personal disagreements is not to go to the courts but to raise your own consciousness. People need to make a very realistic assessment of what they want out of these disagreements. The simple consequence of engaging in these legal battles with other people is that you tie yourself to these people energetically. 

Regardless of what the outcome of a court case may be, you are tying yourself to the people you are suing. You need to therefore be realistic and say: “Do I want to tie myself to these people, so that I may have to reincarnate with them again in my next lifetime? Or do I want to be free of these people so that I can move on? In that case, I might need to look to raise my own consciousness so I can see a different way to approach this situation.” People will rise to this new awareness that there are better ways to settle things between them. 

If you go back just a few decades, there was in most nations not the tradition for suing each other that you see today. Therefore, people can begin to ask themselves: “Well, how come we could settle things back then without going to court and now all of a sudden, we have to go to court about everything? What is it that has changed in our psychology, in our national psychology, that we have suddenly become so sue-happy that we are suing each other at every opportunity?” 

There can be an awakening where people will begin to realize that things have simply gone too far. It is necessary to return to some original principles or even to rise up to some new principles that make it possible for people to be able to communicate openly and freely so that they can settle differences without having to take recourse with attorneys who are not giving them recourse because they are only complicating matters.

People can be awakened to the fact that the primary goal of many attorneys is to complicate a case so that they can extract more legal fees. The longer it goes on, the more money they make. The attorneys in many cases do not care about the outcome for the people, they do not care about justice. The attorneys, even if they started out with a certain sense of idealism, have, so to speak, sold their souls to the devil because they have become so disillusioned with the entire legal system that they do not anymore care about their ideals and principles. They realize that in most cases, they cannot give justice to their clients. They have decided that since this is their profession and since they went to school and this is the only thing they know, they are just in it for the money.

There can indeed be a change towards a golden age system where the laws are simple, the laws are clear, the laws do not give exemptions to those who can afford to hire attorneys. There is no room for interpretation whereby a privileged elite can gain and maintain privileges. There is an attitude to the legal system that it is only a last recourse. You create a system of mediation among people where there are more effective ways to settle conflicts than by going to court. 

A new type of justice system

In the present situation a courtroom procedure is such a complicated interaction of the collective consciousness, of the emotional bodies of the people involved, of the mental bodies of especially the attorneys, that the entire situation is so complex that the chances of creating any form of higher justice here is very, very remote. When you realize this, you can see that there is a need for a new awareness for creating an entirely different system that actually appeals to people’s discernment rather than their anger or their emotions of wanting to get back at people. The only way to create a completely just justice system is to create a situation where the judges have a certain measure of higher awareness. Even the people need to have some higher awareness to know what is in their own best long-term interest.