The key to the ultimate victory is ultimate surrender

Consider the vastness of the cosmos. And when you see the vastness of these galaxies, can you not see that the earth is infinitely small compared to the cosmos itself? This does not mean that the earth is insignificant. But it should give you the sense of co-measurement that this earth and the powers on this earth are not nearly as important or powerful as they seem and as they think.

Do you not see that this earth is just a speck of dust in an almost infinite universe? So what is the folly of thinking that those who have set themselves up as having power on earth have any real power compared to the vastness of the universe itself.

The illusion that problems are too big to be solved

You may see the most powerful army on earth. You may see them arrayed with their nuclear weapons, but what can they do to the far-flung galaxies of the cosmos? And this should then give you the sense of co-measurement that the higher awareness who could create such a vast cosmos, has a power that is infinitely greater than any power on earth. And thus, you should realize that when that power of higher awareness is allowed to flow through those who have opened themselves to be the open doors for that power, well then, “With men this is impossible, but with higher awareness all things are possible.” There is not one single condition on earth that cannot be resolved or consumed or transformed by the power of higher awareness.

One of the foremost plots of the manipulators is precisely to make you believe that you are so insignificant and the problems facing this earth are so great, that there is nothing you can do to change status quo. There is nothing you can do to overthrow the power elite. This is nothing but an illusion, designed to do one thing only, namely to prevent you from letting higher awareness shine through you.

Their greatest fear is that a critical number of people will stand up and say, “Come what may, we will pursue the path of higher awareness. We will follow the example set by our supreme teachers. And we will dare to do the works that they did because we realize that WE are not doing the works—it is higher awareness within us who is doing the works.” This is their supreme fear, because they know that there was nothing they could do to stop Jesus, to stop Gautama, to stop many of the other people who have awakened to the reality that they are individualizations of higher awareness on earth and that they can allow the power of higher awareness to shine through them.

Therefore, they know that if a critical mass of people were to manifest that higher awarness, well then they would lose their control over this planet. This they are seeking to avoid or postpone, by causing the people to take on the karma they have created. Yet, through your willingness to come apart from that consciousness of hopelessness, of paralysis, of despair, of worthlessness, you have shown, you have demonstrated, that they will not win, they will not endure. For higher awareness will be victorious on earth.

Dare to leave the dualistic struggle behind

It is not a matter of fighting some gigantic, epic battle against the forces of darkness, defeating them in a giant explosion. No, the true revolution that will change the earth is an inner revolution, where you dare to be who you are and rise above the dualistic struggle, thus refusing to feed it.

The true victory is that some will overcome and be who they are in higher awareness. The more aware people have dared to start that process and you can surely continue it. Some of you have your doubts, but you do not have to attain higher awareness in the next five seconds. You need to continue to put one foot in front of the other. Take one step at a time and simply determine in your mind that come what may, you will – for the rest of your lifetime – continue to take one small step at a time, always looking for the next step. Never allowing yourself to be held up by the sense of comfortability, or the sense of fear or the sense of hopelessness.

Always look for the next step you can take. Look for how your ego is trying to come up with an excuse for why you should not take that step. And then realize that it is nothing but an illusion and determine to not let it hold you back but to take that next step anyway. That is what will win your victory.

Some people have a naive and black-and-white perspective, where they have thought that what they were doing was engaging in some epic struggle where there would be glory in the end because they had defeated the enemy. This is the remnants of a consciousness that has permeated this planet for a very long time, causing many people to actually want to go to war, because they thought that war was some glorious activity that would give them honor. 

It is time that the more aware people abandon this state of consciousness of wanting and needing to fight an enemy. It is time you realized that there is a higher form of victory than the dualistic victory that requires you to defeat an external enemy, namely by killing or conquering other people. It is time to realize that the true victory is a victory in awareness, namely that of rising above duality. You do not win the ultimate victory by destroying other people that you have defined as your enemies. You win the ultimate victory by you rising above the consciousness that causes you to see others as separate from yourselves, thereby potentially converting your enemies into your brothers and sisters in higher awareness.

Rising above the possibility of defeat

This is the ultimate victory. And that requires you to overcome the sense that it is possible for you to lose. You might have your doubts of whether you can manifest higher awareness, whether you can overcome this or that condition. Henry Ford was indeed right, when he was inspired to say, “Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t—you’re right.” For it is the belief that precipitates the reality. If you believe you cannot win, then you cannot win. But if you believe and accept and determine with all of your heart, that you can and will win, then that will be your reality.

You can receive the Flame of Victory, that is not in opposition to defeat, for it has and needs no opposing polarity—for it is the unrivaled victory of higher awareness. And in that Flame of Victory there is no possibility of defeat. For you know that if you keep taking one small step at a time, then you can only win. For victory is not a static state of no change. What is victory? It is self-transcendence, coming up one step higher than you were yesterday. That is victory!

It is not a matter of attaining some ultimate state of supposed perfection, where there is no longer any growth or change possible. No, those who have ascended beyond the human state are those who have discovered the reality that life itself – that higher awareness itself – is eternal, perpetual self-transcendence. When you determine that you will continue to transcend yourself – for as long as you have awareness – well, then you have entered the Circle of victory, the Flame of victory.

You have stepped onto the path of victory, where there is no possibility of defeat. It is not a matter of “if” you can make it. It is only a matter of keeping on taking one small step at a time. And if you find that you have slipped back, then you do not condemn yourself. You simply surrender and then move on. If you always move on, if you always take the next step, you cannot lose. For did not Jesus give his wonderful parable about the talents? And the servants who multiplied the talents they had been given were rewarded. For did not the Lord say, “Thou good and faithful servant, thou has been faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler over many things.”

When you come to that determination – that you will keep taking one small step at a time – then you might say that the small steps that you can take are not enough to win the ultimate victory or to reach some state of higher awareness or to manifest the Age of Higher Awareness. And you are right. The small steps that you can take are not enough, but the small steps that you can take are enough to bring forth the multiplication from above, And that multiplication will manifest your higher awareness, will manifest your victory, will manifest the Age of Higher Awareness.

Understanding non-dual Victory

As with everything, there is dualistic perspective and there is a higher supra-dualistic perspective. And when you reach for that higher perspective, you see that there is a different approach. Even an approach where you do not need to be forceful or powerful in order to win.

There is no question that the vision and design for this world of form will be manifest. It is only a matter of how long it will take before the beings who have used their free will to separate themselves from higher awareness will either realize the folly of their ways or run out of opportunity, so that the world in which they have lived will ascend without them.

The force that drives the world to ascend is simply this: constant self-transcendence. And you are never in a situation that you cannot transcend—IF you are willing to transcend yourself. Your outer situation is a manifestation of your state of consciousness. So even though you might feel right now that you have no power over your outer situation, you do have power to change your state of consciousness one small step at a time, one illusion at a time.

And thus, the sense that you are paralyzed and can do nothing has no reality to it. For you can always surrender. And it is precisely in unconditional surrender that you win the victory. You cannot perfect the human consciousness. You can only rise above it. And in order to do that, you must surrender it. You must let it go.

It has been said that it is better to conquer yourself than to conquer a city. And indeed, conquering yourself is not a matter of fighting a battle. It is not even a matter of fighting your ego or the different divisions of your ego that cause a warring in your members. It is only a matter of surrendering them, leaving them behind—realizing that you are more than this. And therefore, accepting that you can rise above any condition—when you are willing to look at it, to understand why it is unreal and then simply let it go. This is VICTORY THROUGH SURRENDER.