The free energy technology of the Age of Higher Awareness

If you look at the ideologies and the theories, whether they are religious, political or philosophical, they are in most cases based on the rational mind, the linear mind, the intellectual mind. This is the mind that is a comparative mind. It always wants to compare anything new to something known. On top of that, you have the mind that is not rational in a neutral way, but imposes that value judgment where what is known is true or good; and that which differs from what is known and accepted is therefore false, bad or evil. 

By using a combination of intuitive insights, intuitive flashes, and the scientific observations of how the world seems to work, you have a powerful process for raising society beyond all of these illusions that have been created. It is not necessary that people know about manipulators because there are enough people already who have sensed that there are illusions in the world. There are people who are beginning to realize that, even though they have so far been focused on how the Catholic church during the Middle Ages created all of these erroneous and superstitious doctrines, they are beginning to realize that religion is not the only source of such superstition. Philosophies and ideologies can also be erroneous and out of touch with how the world actually works. 

There is this tension in the collective consciousness that has been building, where a relative small number of the more aware people can trigger a shift so that people become aware that it is necessary to step up and become more conscious of how we use this process of combining scientific observation with intuitive insights. We can then figure out how the world actually works, not only the material world, but also how the world is actually constructed. 

Scientific observations have already been made that demonstrate that there must be a realm beyond the material world, that there must be energy in this realm, and that this energy can enter the material world. Right there, you see the need to have a combination of neutral scientific observation (what they call “objective” scientific observation) combined with these intuitive insights in order to bring forth the technology that will free humanity from this lower form of energy that can so easily be monopolized by corporations, or even a state, and therefore used as a weapon to restrict the people. 

A vision of free energy technology

In a matter of decades, perhaps only a few decades, there will be a breakthrough in what they call free energy but which is really non-material energy. Imagine that you have a society where energy is completely free, there is no cost associated with obtaining energy. Every house has a little box that is hooked up to the electrical system of the house, and that box produces electricity. There is a cost associated with producing the box, but it can be produced in such a way that it will last a long time. Once you have bought that box, there is no ongoing cost of producing the energy. It just appears. It comes out of the box, it is an out-of-the-box experience as a result of out-of-box thinking. 

Imagine what that will do. Do you remember your parents telling you to turn off the light when you leave your room? Well, that will not be necessary in the future. You can leave the light on night and day. You can keep the temperature in your house constant summer and winter because there is no cost of heating or air conditioning. More than that, do you need to live in an area where they have run electrical lines to your house? No, you do not, so you can move anywhere you want.  

You can, for that matter, build a house that floats on the water and you still have electricity in that house. You can build a boat that has an electrical motor that powers the propeller, and you can sail around the world at no cost. You can have Internet connection wherever you are because that will also be the new technology. You can sit in your boat out on the ocean somewhere while you are doing your work on the Internet and making a living that way. 

Now, imagine how you have cars that also have a small box that produces electricity that drives an electric engine. Therefore, you can go anywhere you want. There is no cost associated with transportation. This would mean that you could, for example, live out in the countryside and still work in the city because there would not be any cost of going back and forth. Even more than that, people would have a whole new view of their possibilities. Travel would become much less expensive. 

Of course, when you have free energy, you will also, very shortly afterwards, have the release of technology whereby the free energy can actually be used to create devices that can suspend gravity. Therefore, you do not need a car that drives on the road. You can have a car where you push a button, and the free energy drives a device that makes the car float into the air, and it can now travel through the air. 

Imagine that the main transportation vehicle that people have does not have to drive on the surface of the earth. You do not need roads, you do not have congestion because vehicles can travel at multiple levels. If it is too congested at the level of 10 to 15 meters above the surface, you just go up to 20 to 25 meters and there is much less traffic there. 

Imagine also that you have vehicles that are, of course, driverless as what they are experimenting now with cars. Because these vehicles can move up and down, not just back and forth, it is much easier to avoid collisions. You can get in your car, enter on a screen your destination, and then you can sit back and do whatever you want to do while you are being transported there. You can take a nap, you can work on the Internet even though computers will also be much more sophisticated. 

Therefore, vast new opportunities open up. Look at a city where you have these high-rise buildings where people work in offices. They live in other high-rise buildings that, for some reason that no one really understands, are located many kilometers from the high rises where people work. This means that people have to travel back and forth with the congestion either in trains or subways or in cars, and so much time is spent on going back and forth from home to work. Imagine that this has been replaced by first of all better transportation that makes it easier to travel to your workplace. In the longer run, societies will be much more spread out. There will not be the large cities you have today where it is necessary to build up, because people can live either further from their work because of easier transportation, or their workplaces can be decentralized so that people can actually live closer to their workplace. These are just some examples of what will happen, not what can happen, but what will happen as humanity begins to rise above the vision of the manipulators.