The end of nation states and the beginning of the Age of Higher Awareness

The key to the Age of Higher Awareness, the key to peace, the key to the abundant life is to reconnect to your true identity in higher awareness. What will it take to manifest the Age of Higher Awareness? Well, it will take that the people of this world are willing to rise to a higher state of consciousness and overcome the division created by the artificial, man-made concept of nation states. Is this saying that there will be no nation states in the Age of Higher Awareness? Indeed, it is. For within a century or two, the current nation states will dissolve and merge into a higher unity—or they will self-destruct in warfare and conflict.

The progression in consciousness

When you look back at the history of humankind, you will see a clear progression in consciousness. Go back thousands of years, where there were only scattered tribes living in the harsh environment, having no means of communication, no sense of awareness of what existed beyond their own small territory and their own tribe. Perhaps they came in contact with a few neighboring tribes, often being in conflict with them over territory or hunting rights.

Gradually – very slowly – the population grew and the awareness grew. Yet, if you go back to the time of Jesus, there was not the sense of awareness that you, today, take for granted as nation states. Consider the consciousness of the people before you had maps. You have grown up from an early age being shown maps of the world and of your own nation. So, you have grown up with the concept of a bird’s-eye view of this planet and what it looks like from above, seen from great height or even from space. And you have been used to seeing the lines drawn on the map, that mark the boundaries of your own nation.

But that was not there only a few hundred years ago. People could not even imagine what the earth looked like from above. Only a few souls started drawing maps, but most people did not have the awareness that you take for granted. People started out with a very primitive tribal consciousness, which then gradually grew to a greater awareness, where many tribes might merge into the sense of a people, a greater people that lived in a certain area or migrated from area to area. But when the Bible, for example, talks about the land of Egypt, it is not the Egypt as the nation state you see today, for that awareness was not there.

The concept of nation states was a step forward in the growth – in the broadening – of awareness from the tribal level. Yet as you clearly see – especially in this past century, but also in previous centuries – the concept of a nation state can also be misused by the ego to create conflict and warfare. And thus, you will clearly see – with all of the warfare that the concept of nation states has given rise to – it can only be a temporary stage in the growth of the consciousness of humankind. For there must be a higher level, there must be something beyond.

Four nations are forerunners for taking the world beyond nation states, and it is not the old model, that one nation conquers the world and rules the world. The age of colonization, the age of spreading communism – even the concept misunderstood by the former American administration of spreading freedom and democracy – surely must come to an end before the Age of Higher Awareness can unfold. What, then, can replace the concept of nation states? It is a more universal awareness, that human beings come from the same source, a higher source—a source beyond the material world. And therefore, the material world is a means to an end, namely the growth in consciousness. And it is not an end in itself. For when it becomes a closed system, it will break down.

Thus, here is a vision of the potential for starting this movement of overcoming nation states. It was attempted to start this here in Europe, centuries ago. It is now beginning to manifest more clearly in the European Union, which – as its highest potential – can be a polarity to the United States. Where even though you have a strong national consciousness, the individual states are at least unified and not in direct conflict with each other—at least not, since the Civil War.

Something must begin to break down that national consciousness. And when you think about this logically, you see that one nation cannot do this alone. Thus, the greatest potential for a stepping up to a higher awareness, a more universal awareness, is indeed that there are four nations in Europe, that are prepared to be the forerunners for this.

One of them being the Netherlands. But we might say, that the core of the Netherlands is indeed what you would call Holland. Where the greatest population is, and where there also is the greatest density of the more aware people who have volunteered to embody here, to bring about this and other changes.

Although it will surprise many, another nation is, indeed, Germany. Germany, of course, has the history of having a very strong national awareness that led to – or at least was the flash point for – both the first and second World Wars. But Germany was broken up after the second World War, and therefore the old sense of national awareness, in a sense, died. And even after the reunification, it was never recreated. For the German people do indeed have – at least the many aware people who have embodied among them – a desire to leave the past behind. And they want to grow away from that national awareness based on the sense of superiority, that they have so clearly seen out-pictured in their own nation—and that they truly desire to transcend.

Thus, you have Germany as the largest country, but Germany in itself cannot make that transition. And so you see, that Holland is a smaller nation right next to Germany, on the West. On the South you have Switzerland and Austria, where the highest mountains reach towards the heavens and the energies can descend, even the waters that become the rivers that run through Germany and out through Holland to the sea. And then on the North, you have the small country of Denmark.

Equality is essential for the Age of Higher Awareness

These four countries – the three bordering the center of Germany – have a potential to bring forth a new awareness. And you will even see that these countries have for a long time had that awareness of the equality of all men—and, of course, women as well. This is ingrained in their constitutions, in their national psyches. Especially the three smaller countries who can then help Germany overcome the last vestiges of the sense of division.

For even though in all of the three smaller countries you will see a certain perversion of the principle of equality, it should be obvious, that for there to be a golden age, there must be true equality among human beings. We cannot have a golden age as long as the majority of the population are suppressed and controlled by a small elite. You will indeed see that in some of these smaller countries, there has been a strong awareness in the population of the dangers of the elite, or the noble class of the middle ages and even the big industrialists and bankers and financiers. There is an awareness in the people of the need to establish equality, where all people are valued and all people are given equal opportunity, equal freedom.

Yet you will, of course, also see that this principle of equality and freedom can be taken too far, as it has been both in this Holland and others. For freedom does not actually mean freedom to do whatever you want. If you exercise your so-called freedom to do whatever you want, well, then the material world becomes a closed circle. And then, the contracting force – or the second law of thermodynamics, as science calls it – will begin to break things down and this will take away your freedom.

This can be seen clearly in this Holland, it can be seen clearly in Denmark, it can be seen clearly in Switzerland. And of course, it can be seen most clearly in Germany and in its past, where Nazism was the extreme example of taking away the people’s freedom in the guise of some greater, “noble” cause. It is necessary for the people to be awakened, to realize that there must be a new awareness and understanding of the true nature of freedom.