The elite is reaping the profit off people’s labour and do not want people to change their consciousness

There are many examples of entire towns that have been so locked down by a certain consciousness that they can only work in these dirty, dangerous jobs underground in order to make a living. Yet, who owns the mine? Who makes the profit off the sweat and the risk that these people are taking? Is there not somewhere someone who forms an elite who is reaping the profit off the people’s labor? Is that elite not dependent upon keeping the people in a state of consciousness where they will keep walking that treadmill of thinking that this is the only way to make a living.

Many people around the world have a better economy and many job opportunities, they can have even better pay and a better lifestyle. Is there still not someone who is reaping the profit off what you are doing? Whether you are working for yourself or whether you are working in a job, there is someone somewhere who is reaping a greater profit than you are because they have somehow managed to get an entire state, an entire population, locked in a mental box, in a mindset, that allows them to reap a profit off other people’s labor without giving anything in return.

This is a completely unnatural principle that you will see throughout the history of this planet where there have always been those who want to receive without giving in return. The higher principle is what was described in Jesus’ parable about the servants who received ten, five and two talents. Two of the servants multiplied them and one buried them in the ground. The principle is simple: If you multiply what you are given, you will receive much more in return. When you are willing to multiply in your own life, you are multiplying the abundance that is available for everyone on earth. Those who bury the talents in the ground – and not only bury them in the ground but seek to receive from others rather than multiplying their own – they are the ones who form an elite, who are seeking to take advantage of others.

This is precisely the consciousness that must be overthrown for the Age of Higher Awareness to manifest. People need to realize that they do not need any overlords in the physical octave, in the material realm. They do not need a priesthood who tells them they can only be saved by following the priesthood’s every command—or they will burn forever in hell. Neither do they need a political priesthood who tells them that unless they vote for them (or allow them to do whatever they want once they are elected), calamity will happen, the economy will fail, the stock market crash, or this or that. Nor do the people need an economic elite behind the scenes who are pulling the strings of the politicians – the political marionettes – who are simply dancing to the tune of the hidden power elite.

The people have the power to thrive without an elite

If you removed the power elite tomorrow, the economy would not collapse. Surely, there would be an adjustment—there would be a major adjustment. But the economy would not stop to function, the economy would not collapse. The political system would not collapse. People would step up to the plate and fill the roles that are now being filled by the elite or those who are controlled by the elite. The elite can survive only by beating down the people, by making them believe that they are as nothing, that they cannot govern themselves, that they cannot run their societies or their communities. This is the lie that has been perpetrated upon humankind for a very, very long time. 

It is as big of a lie as when it was first released in this world. There is absolutely no amount of argumentation – no matter how subtle, no matter how seemingly sophisticated – that can make it any less of a lie. It is a lie for the simple reason that everyone has the potential to attain higher awareness. When the people are not beaten down by an elite, higher awareness in them will step up to the plate and they will be able to govern themselves and to run the economy and their families. This is a higher truth The people have power, and the power elite can survive only by preventing the people from unleashing the power that is found where? Well, the power is found in the Kingdom of higher awareness that is within you, within every human being. 

If you will take another look at the teachings of Jesus, you will see that he was anti-establishment, anti-elite, from the very beginning. He came to set the people free from the elite who had managed to make the people believe that they needed the elite in order to be saved, in order to run their society, in order to keep law and order, in order to keep the government going, in order to keep the economy going. This is the lie that is daily being perpetrated upon the people through the mainstream media who are also subject to the lie. They think that they cannot survive without the elite and therefore they must promote the mindset and the belief system of the elite, even though many of them know that it is a lie that they are writing in their newspapers or broadcasting on their television stations.

The elite as the “saviors” of the people and nature

Because of the raising of awareness, the clearing of the heart, the American people have begun to realize that they will not support their president when their president is not their president but is the president of the elite. The people are beginning to realize that they can no longer allow their leaders to follow the agenda of the elite instead of following a higher agenda.

As explained elsewhere, everything in nature, even the balance of nature, is affected by the consciousness of humankind, one of the subtle beliefs behind this idea is that there are certain aspects of life on this planet that are beyond the power of the people and thus you need someone outside yourself to do something for you. This is the lie that Jesus exposed. The fallen beings elevated his example to an idol that he is the only Son of God and everybody needs him in order to be saved. In reality, his true mission was to show everyone that they can find the kingdom of God within them and thus do not need an external savior.

The manipulators (who are attempting to set themselves up as gods on earth) are getting the people to worship them as gods on earth. What they have attempted to do is a very simple strategy. Through their dualistic consciousness, through their selfish consciousness, they create a state of imbalance on the planet, and then they set themselves up as those who can save the people from that imbalance. You see it today. They are the ones who have misused science and technology in their greed to create multinational corporations that have no respect for the environment, no respect for the people they employ. These are the ones who have created the pollution that is threatening the ecosystem on this planet.

If anyone is responsible for global warming, they are the ones who are responsible for it. Pollution is first and foremost created by the elite. Now that the problem is there and has been recognized by the people, well, then the power elite comes in with the second part of their strategy, which is to set themselves up as the saviors who can tell the people how to overcome this problem.

For nigh a century, they were trying to hide the fact that pollution could have an influence on the environment so that they could continue to have the biggest possible short-term profits by polluting. Now that the consciousness of the people has shifted – where they could no longer get away with this – they are trying to use the new environmental awareness to their advantage by setting themselves up as the saviors of the people. This is what they have done over and over again. Every single problem on this planet is created through the consciousness of duality. Although many of the people have fallen into duality, it is first and foremost the elite – of the most rigid and closed-minded manipulators – who are upholding that consciousness as the dominant state of consciousness on earth.

Through that consciousness, a problem is created and then the elite comes in and says: “Ah, but we have the only solution—and it is that you, the people, give us more control over you and then we will solve the problem and take you to heaven on earth.” This is, of course, a complete fallacy. Obviously, you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that has created that problem. How can those who are the most blinded by the duality consciousness solve the problems created through the duality consciousness? Obviously, the elite will never save the people.

For a time, a particular elite will be able to use the problem to control the people until the people start seeing through the illusion. Then what happens? Well, what happens is that now an aspiring power elite begins to form and they say: “No, the established power elite is wrong, but we are the real saviors. We have the real solution. So follow us instead of following the old elite.” Is it not time for a critical mass of people to awaken to the reality that you have come into embodiment to rise above this dualistic game, to totally leave it behind, to expose it for what it is and to stand up and say: “The emperors of duality have nothing on!”