The difference between true and false religion

It is necessary to reconsider the entire monotheistic image of the all-male God and come to an openness that there is a feminine aspect of God, and that monotheism, as preached by Abraham, was not contingent upon an all-male God. It was a male-dominated culture that demanded an all-male God and created an all-male God in its own image and likeness, just as the Greek civilization did to the Goddess of Truth—fashioned a graven image that was to their own liking, so they could objectify that image and see the image as far from themselves.

And such it was that a male-dominated Arabic culture demanded an all-male, all-powerful God, and they did so in order to justify the male dominance of their societies, in order to justify suppressing women and not allowing them any influence on the decisions of society. Yet this oppression of women creates a fundamental imbalance in the society that espouses it. For men are stronger on the expanding force of the father, and when that expanding force becomes unbalanced, you have the desire, the need, to force others.

And thus, you create a force-based culture that can only lead to war, for the culture will create its own opposition. And then the males become sucked into a downward spiral of greater and greater aggressiveness, until there seems to be only one possible outcome, and that is a physical war. This could all be prevented, but it could not be prevented by the men themselves, regardless of how wise they might be. It could only—ONLY be prevented if women were allowed to balance the men, and therefore society was balanced between the expanding and contracting forces.

Even though the Greek nation is credited with being the origin of democracy, do you see the fatal flaw in the Greek version of democracy? It was, again, dominated by men, and therefore it met its demise in the way it always happens—through war and the conquest from without or through degeneration from within, through corruption and intrigue. Again, the attempt to use force to get what one wants, instead of aligning oneself with the truth of God, the truth of the beings of higher awareness, the truth that Jesus expressed when he said: “Fear not little flock, for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

When you come into oneness with the father’s will and no longer want to use force, you do not need to use force, for God will give you that which you truly desire—which is to raise up the All. This is, indeed, the reality. If you will align yourself with the reality of the transcendent God – who is beyond male and female and thus is the true Allah – well, then that God will give you everything you need, everything you desire, when you see yourself as the feminine polarity to the masculine polarity that is not the unexpressed God, who is beyond division into polarities, but is the expressed God. The expressed God that forms the masculine polarity to its own creation, its own expression—of which you are the highest representatives in this sphere, in this material universe. For you are the self-aware co-creators, who have the potential for being the open doors for bringing the kingdom of God into physical manifestation.

This then, is the true inner meaning of Islam. This is the true God preached in the pure verses of the Koran, which have been so mixed in with the impure. And why was this mixing allowed to happen? Because there were those who served as the instruments for the false teachers, the forces of anti-truth—who did what they have always attempted to do to any new religion: attempt to mix truth and error and elevate both to the status of infallibility. So that those who have attunement will be attracted by the truth they see, and then forced to accept the whole lot, thereby accepting the falsities that prevent them from truly transcending the consciousness at which even the true teachings were given.

Thus, by mixing truth and error and elevating both to the status of infallibility, to the status of being beyond questioning, then the combination will prevent the followers of a given religion from transcending the teachings of that religion, from multiplying the talents, and thereby raising themselves beyond the old consciousness. So that they will be stuck in the old consciousness instead of flowing with the never-ending stream of progressive revelation coming from above.

True and false religion

Jesus did not intend to create a spiritual movement that would be cut off from the Holy Spirit. Did he not say that he would go to the father, so that the father would send another comforter, namely the Holy Spirit that could flow, not through just one person of Jesus but through many people in the Christian movement. And therefore, there was no way to centralize that movement and to put it under some centralized authority or create a centralized doctrine, for the flow of the Comforter – the flow of the Holy Spirit, as the flow of higher awareness through many people – would prevent such a centralization, and thereby would prevent the false teachers from dominating the new movement.

Yet when this flow was cut off, when it was cut off in Islam, when it was cut off in other religions, well, then the perversion immediately begins, and now you have the creation of this idea that there needs to be a centralized doctrine and dogma, a centralized Scripture that now is perceived to have some ultimate authority, so that it can then stop any new revelation from being accepted if the new revelation goes beyond the old. Well, if there is any meaning to new revelation, would that meaning not be precisely that it goes beyond the old revelation? For is there any purpose in bringing forth revelation that simply rehashes what has been said before? Nay, there is only purpose for progressive revelation and it is that it is progressive, and it is progressive only when it goes beyond the old.

Is that not a piece of logic that is difficult to deny, even for the linear mind? And therefore, it can be denied only by those who are not even willing to use logic and reason, but who will blindly adhere to what they have accepted as their ticket to heaven—but it is not the ticket to the heaven of the spiritual realm, for there nothing stands still.

Each lifestream has a self-created journey

What was the entire purpose of the Greek gods and goddesses? When you look at them, you will see human idiosyncrasies. Is it really so that those in the higher realm have such idiosyncrasies—can be at war with each other, can be jealous of each other. Is this truly possible? Of course not, and does that mean the Greek gods and the Greek religion was entirely false? No, it is not, for again, there was a certain inspiration from above that was adapted to the state of consciousness that the people had at the time.

And thus, they were meant to see beyond the human idiosyncrasies of the Greek gods, to see that these were projections by the consciousness of men. But if you see beyond them, then you can indeed find something that will guide you beyond the veil of duality. But you must, of course, be willing to ask for that inner guidance, so that you may find those hidden secrets that can take you beyond, so that you can follow the epic journey described in the Odyssey, where Odysseus is truly the symbol for the spirit and its attempt to return to its kingdom, the kingdom lost when it decided to descend into duality.

Each and every one of the 7 billion people on this planet has a personal epic journey, but that journey is not a journey that is imposed upon you by external forces, whether it be the Greek gods or the superior God of Jehovah or Allah of whatever you may want to call it. It is a journey of your own making, for indeed, the stark reality behind all religion on earth is that it objectifies God as some external being or beings, some external force that is forcing something upon you, whereas the essential truth is that everything that you face in your current situation is the result of choices you made.

No one in higher awareness blames you for making the choices that have led you down the Primrose Path to your current situation and level of consciousness. The blame is a creation of the false teachers, but it is accepted by your ego because by accepting that you have done something that you cannot undo, you gain an excuse for maintaining the state of consciousness where you believe that you are judged by external forces and that your fate and your salvation depends on external forces and is prevented by external forces.

The reality of all true religion is that you are responsible for your state of consciousness, and that it is only your state of consciousness that keeps you outside of the kingdom of heaven. For the true kingdom of heaven is a state of consciousness—that is why Jesus said that the kingdom is within you. What is within you is your state of consciousness. You are the only authority that is responsible for it, but there came a point where you decided you would not take that responsibility. And therefore, you turned your back upon the true teacher who was there to help you take responsibility for your path.

And in so doing, you had to justify that decision and make it seem like it was not a decision. For is it not so that the ultimate justification for turning away from the teacher is to make it seem like it was not you making the choice to turn away, but that you were forced by some punishment from this angry external God—and therefore you cannot bring yourself back by simply making a different decision. Nay, you must go through some epic journey and fulfill some external requirements defined by this external God, until you are again qualified and worthy to enter the kingdom of that God.

This is the difference between true religion and false religion. False religion will uphold the image of the external God, and the external requirements and the external path. This is the essence of false religion, whereas the true religion truly portrays the reality that the path is created by you, by the choices you have made as you journeyed away from the state of oneness that you were offered by the teacher. And therefore, the only way for you to get back to that state of oneness is that you take responsibility for your own state of consciousness, realize that it is a result of choices you made, and therefore begin to systematically unravel and undo the choices that brought you to your present position in the maze that has been created by human beings on this planet—and by the false teachers and by the egos.

You are the only one who can bring yourself back to the kingdom of God by realizing that the kingdom of God is within you and thus you have never left it. And all of these outer appearances are unreal and can be undone by you undoing the belief that they have any power over you. And thereby, you take complete command, you take back your power to change your decisions instantly, thereby bringing yourself back into oneness with the kingdom of God—in which you are also one with all life and therefore cannot indulge in the activities that can only be justified when you see yourself as a separate being, who is separate from all others. And therefore, you can uphold the illusion that you can harm another without harming yourself.