The difference between innocent ignorance and produced ignorance

Let us consider the hidden agendas of the manipulators. These agendas are the true cause of war. All of the outer reasons for war given on this planet are simply camouflage that are designed to hide the true cause. 

It is important for you, as a more aware person, to understand the incredible difference between the worldview you have been given as you were growing up, and then the reality of how the world actually works. The official worldview of how life works on earth and how history has progressed and what has been the cause of the progression of history is woefully inadequate. This lack of knowledge of what is really happening on this planet is not due to innocent ignorance; it is a produced ignorance, a state that has been produced by the manipulators deliberately. 

Artificially produced ignorance

The equation is very simple. If you are feeling pain in your foot and you know the cause is that you have stepped on a nail that has gone through the sole of your shoe, then what would you do? Well, you would take the shoe off and pull the nail out. If you are feeling pain in your foot and you either do not know what is causing it or you believe there is nothing you could do to avoid it, then you cannot take this simple measure, can you? 

Human beings are not stupid. If they are feeling pain or discomfort and they discover the cause of it, then they will do something about it. Many human beings on this planet are feeling the pain of the existence of war and conflict. Many people would like to do something about it. If these people could be helped to understand that the real cause of war and conflict is the presence of the manipulators, then they would instantly stop following the manipulators. This is the simple equation: The manipulators cannot keep their power if people see them and see them for what they are. They can keep their power only through deception, through a produced ignorance. For some people, this ignorance is a willful ignorance. They really do not want to know that the manipulators exist because they do not want to change their lives. 

There is a relatively small percentage of the people on earth (and this means less than ten percent) who are in what we might call an unconscious alliance with the manipulators. They are not themselves manipulators, but they gain an advantage from obeying the manipulators. They gain a sense of power, a sense of privilege, or in some cases even the advantage that they are allowed to kill, hurt, torture or control other human beings. They gain a sense of power from doing this. These people do not want to know what is really going on, yet they are only a minority. The eighty percent of the general population would free themselves from the manipulators if they knew what was really happening. 

The top ten percent of the most aware people are the ones who are more open, but some of them have been diverted by the manipulators into what we have talked about, namely the idea that “it’s all good” and that they don’t need to do anything other than send out positive vibrations. In a sense, we could say that there are some among the top ten percent who also have a willful ignorance. They want to keep believing that they can continue doing what they are doing and that they do not need to change their lifestyle or their outlook on life by acknowledging the presence of dualistic forces. 

You are not in opposition to the manipulators

It is no easy task for the beings of higher awareness to enlighten humankind to the reality of this planet. That is why they need those who are open to higher teachings to make the calls. The beings of higher awareness can then open up pathways in the collective consciousness where more and more people can begin to awaken. They can awaken without being taken into these extremes of fanaticism that you often see as a result of people studying the many conspiracy theories and other extremist views that are out there. 

There are those who will say that what is being presented here is an extremist view. When you have studied the manipulators for a long time, and there is nothing new in the dualistic mindset. It is very predictable how they will respond whenever anyone seek to enlighten humankind. 

It is important for the aware people on earth to stop seeing themselves as being in opposition to the manipulators. You are not the opponents of the manipulators. There is a very fine and delicate balance to be found as you awaken yourself from the collective state of sleep concerning the manipulators. You do not go into rebelling against them or fighting them. It is extremely important for you that you do not go into the blind alley of thinking that you have to fight the manipulators. Also, do not go into feeling overwhelmed. 

Removing war is a fully doable task

There is no reason to feel overwhelmed because the manipulators have limited power. The beings of higher awareness have unlimited power and can consume and deal with anything that the manipulators can come up with, as long as people give them the authority to do so. It only takes that a critical mass of people to give them the authority and invoke the energy that will allow the beings of higher awareness to remove these manipulators and the completely unconscious demons and entities from this planet. 

There is absolutely nothing hopeless about this task. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed at all. It is a perfectly doable task. It is perfectly doable for you to live a relatively normal lifestyle and do the work that will give the beings of higher awareness the authority to use their power to remove the manipulators. It is a doable task. Unfortunately, the more aware people do not always understand this, and they overwhelm themselves when they come in contact with higher teachings. 

This is the danger of giving an outer teaching that can be read on the Internet or in books. It is possible that people can find it while they are ready at inner levels but not ready at the level of the outer mind. This is what causes some students to go into almost a state of fanaticism. They become so “fired up” about fighting the manipulators by doing energetic work that they overdo it and become unbalanced in their zeal just like you see so many other people who, for religious or political reasons or even other reasons, can become so zealous that it is not healthy. 

Your worldview and the worldview of the manipulators

We have looked at what happens on a battlefield when you can see the entities and demons on the astral plane and the manipulators in the mental and identity realms. Let us consider this from the perspective of what the manipulators or the demons get out of war. This will help you understand why there is such a difference between the causes of war presented by the official worldview and then the deeper causes of war. Many of the more aware people have been fooled by the official view of war. They have been fooled because they do not understand the fundamental difference between how you yourself look at life and how the manipulators look at life. 

It is very common for human beings to have an almost unconscious assumption that everybody else is like them and thinks, feels and looks at life the same way. If you are an aware person, you see that war is not desirable, and you assume that most people want to stop war. You may fall prey to the common misconception, promoted by the official worldview, that there are only a very few extreme people who deliberately want to create war. 

You have all been taught about Hitler and other such extremists. You have been taught that they were particularly evil people and that was why they created war. You may have been taught about certain economic factors or political factors that cause people to go to war without really wanting to, but they feel they have to because they are threatened by some enemy outside themselves. You tend to think that it should be possible to stop war through rational means. Many of you have grown up with this sense that war is wrong, war should be avoided, and you assume that most people want to avoid it. 

It is true that most people have a drive in their psychology that drives them towards wanting to avoid war. There is even a the programming of the body-mind for self-preservation and the preservation of the species. There is also your intuitive connection. There is within most human beings this desire, this drive, to stop war. 

What you have not been given through the official world-view is the understanding that this drive can be set aside or overridden when people’s minds are taken over and controlled by beings in the emotional, mental and identity realms. These beings in the three higher realms, as well as some manipulators in embodiment, have no drive to stop war. 

The official world view is inadequate

The manipulators want war because it serves a deeper agenda. This is an agenda that goes far beyond what you have been presented as the causes of war in the official worldview. Some religions do talk about a devil or hell, but they still give a very inadequate understanding of what this truly means. The Western world has been heavily influenced by the materialistic worldview, which denies the existence of both heaven and hell. Can you see how incredibly inadequate it is to have a worldview that denies both the existence of the forces that want to drag you down and keep you trapped in an endless state of war and conflict and at the same time also denies the existence of the beings of higher awareness who are the only beings who can pull humankind beyond the struggle? 

It is truly incredible that the so-called modern, developed world can pride itself on being the most sophisticated civilization ever to grace the face of this planet, while at the same time maintain such a one-sided, one-dimensional worldview. In a century or two, people will look back at your time and see that the official worldview, that you take such pride in today, was as primitive as the belief that the earth was flat. This worldview exists only because no one has dared to speak out and say: “But the emperor has nothing on.” Or rather, some people have dared, but they have not yet been heard by a sufficient number among the population. 

How the beings in the astral plane create war

Let us begin by looking at the emotional octave or the astral plane. In this realm, you find certain demons and entities that were not created as self-aware beings. They were created, as explained, by the self-aware co-creators, including those who had fallen into the duality consciousness. They were created from the duality consciousness, meaning that, from the very beginning, they were created with a built-in sense of conflict. They see themselves in opposition to someone or something. They were also created without self-awareness, which means what? It means they cannot receive energy from the realm of higher awareness. 

Everything in the world is energy and all beings need energy in order to exist and do anything. These beings can sustain themselves only by stealing energy from the material realm, which means they must steal it from human beings, from the co-creators who do have a connection to the higher realm.

How does this play into the causes of war? The beings in the astral plane cannot create war on earth directly. They can do it only by taking over the minds of people in embodiment. When they have done so, then those people will be as unable to respond to rational reasons as the demons and entities themselves. 

You have a sense that it should be possible to come up with rational reasons to get people to stop war. What you need to see is that this simply cannot happen when people have had their minds taken over by these demons and entities. The demons cannot reason rationally. They are like computers who are programmed to do one thing: they are programmed to perpetuate the very conflict out of which they were created.

If you are swimming in the ocean and you are attacked by a big shark, would it do you any good to try to reason with the shark? You cannot reason with the demons and entities in the astral plane and you cannot reason with the people whose minds are taken over by them. You will know that there are certain groups in the Middle East who have posted videos on the Internet of them beheading hostages they have taken. These people are examples of those who have allowed their minds to be completely taken over by demons in the astral plane. You cannot reason with these people because you cannot reason with the demons who are ruling their minds.

This you need to understand. This understanding is not given you in order to make you feel hopeless but in order to help you see that the only way to deal with such people is to make the calls that allow the beings of higher awareness to bind and consume the demons and entities in the astral plane. This will give the people in embodiment a freedom that they have not known before. They still have free will. They can continue their behavior and their aggression, but now they have been given a choice. Since their minds are no longer taken over by the demons, then, if they still choose aggression, it becomes their judgment.

How beings can be removed from embodiment

There is a very complicated equation for how people can be taken out of embodiment before their natural time. You may have heard certain spiritual teachings that say that, when you come into embodiment, your days are numbered. There is already a certain time that is your time in this lifetime, but this can vary in both directions. You may live longer or shorter depending on your own behavior. 

It is possible that the people who are committing aggression can be taken out of embodiment earlier. If not, there are many cases where – when they judge themselves by choosing to continue aggression – then the full weight of their karma will be returned to them. This may incapacitate them physically through illness or even mental illness. There is a positive physical effect that can be brought about by you, but you do not bring it about by fighting these people or by trying to reason with them. You bring it about by making the calls so that the beings of higher awareness can step in and set these people free from the demons and entities in the astral plane. 

It may sound ominous that these demons and entities have to be bound and consumed, but you need to realize that they have no self-awareness. You should not allow yourself to feel any kind of pity or sympathy for these beings. There are people in embodiment who feel sympathy for the devil. This is because these people have had their minds taken over by beings in the astral plane. Or it is because they are manipulators in embodiment who feel sympathy for the demons that they have created in past lifetimes. Some of them are proud of having created such powerful demons that can take over the minds of other people. They take pride in it, and they want other people to feel sympathy for the demons that they have created so that they will feed them their energy.

What you need to recognize is that the demons and the entities that do not have self-awareness can never be free from their aggression. They were created out of aggression, and they will continue for as long as they have opportunity. A being with self-awareness has a certain opportunity. Even a manipulator is a being with self-awareness who has simply gone into the duality consciousness. It has opportunity, it has a certain time, to turn around and start the upward path. A demon and entity has no such opportunity; therefore, there is no law that extends a certain opportunity or time to these demons. As long as they are in existence, they will continue doing what they are doing. They will remain in existence until someone in embodiment makes the calls and gives the authority to the beings of higher awareness so they can bind and consume them. 

How demons have been created

You need to understand that these demons and entities have a very simple agenda. They will continue to carry out that agenda until they are bound and consumed. Their agenda can be described as having two elements. One is to steal energy from human beings. This They can only survive by stealing energy, and they will continue to do so as long as they are allowed to do so. They will steal as much energy as possible because it makes them more powerful.

Beyond this, you need to understand that these demons were created out of conflict. They were created by manipulators, and we will later talk about the agenda of the manipulators. When it comes to the demons, you need to recognize that they are programmed to destroy human beings. They are programmed for destruction. They are not capable of doing anything else because they have no self-awareness. They do not even think in terms of right and wrong. You cannot reason with them and tell them that what they are doing is wrong. They cannot see it. They are programmed for destruction, and they will continue to do everything they can to get human beings to destroy each other, to destroy nature and the planet upon which you live. This is all they can or will ever do. You cannot even say that this is all they ever will do because they have no will. They only have programming. 

There is only one way to deal with them and that is to give the ascended masters the authority to bind and consume them. The beings of higher awareness can literally neutralize these demons. They can bind them almost with a net spun of threads of light. This instantly neutralizes the demon so it cannot then affect human beings in embodiment. Then, it takes a little more time to consume the negative energy or to free the energy from the negative matrix, and then the demon is dissolved permanently. 

Can manipulators take embodiment?

We will look at some of the manipulators who have become trapped in the astral plane. They have almost lost the self-awareness that makes it possible to reason with them. In their core, they do have a Conscious You, a conscious self, but it is totally surrounded by such a dense shell of negative energy that you cannot reach it. The Conscious You really does not have a realistic opportunity to become conscious, as long as it is trapped behind this shell. 

This is one of the criteria that determines whether a certain lifestream will be allowed to embody physically or whether it will be confined to the astral plane. If there is no practical probability that the Conscious You could step outside of its normal state of awareness, then it will not be allowed to embody. If there is just some opportunity, then that being may be allowed to take physical embodiment. 

Even though this being did start out as a self-aware being and does have free will and does have self-awareness, it is for all practical purposes unreachable. Again, you cannot reason with them, you cannot reach through. What you can do is to make the calls for the beings of higher awareness to step in. What they will do in many cases is that they will bind such a being so that it cannot continue to influence human beings. This has a double purpose. It frees the human beings in embodiment from this influence. It also frees the manipulator itself in the sense that it is not making more karma, and it is not reinforcing the shell around the Conscious You. 

Over time, the beings of higher awareness can reduce that shell and re-qualify the energy so that the being now has more of a potential for seeing beyond its state of consciousness and choosing a higher way. If it will not choose the higher, then, it can be permanently removed from the earth and taken somewhere else. 

This is not hereby saying that the clearing of the emotional realm is the only thing that needs to happen in order to remove war. What is being said is that the biggest hindrance to the removal of war from planet earth is, indeed, the astral plane. It is essential for bringing peace to earth that a critical mass of more aware people become willing to acknowledge the existence and the nature of the astral plane. They need to gain the determination to make the calls so that the beings of higher awareness can step in and use their power to deal with the astral plane and the beings there. 

You cannot, with your own power, remove war

If this is not done, then all of the flowery talk about bringing peace and making love not war is simply that: talk. As you know, talk is cheap. If enough aware people would stop talking about making peace and would use their voices to invoke higher energies, then you would begin to see change. You would be surprised at how quickly things could change if enough people would do energetic work. It may sound so simple. It may sound beyond belief that this could have such an effect, but ask yourself this: “Have not the more aware people, at least since the 1960’s, been talking about making love, not war? Have not quite a few of them made a lot of love, but has it removed war from this planet?” 

Perhaps, it is time to remember Albert Einstein who said: “If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, you are insane.” If what you have been doing for so long has not produced the results you desire to see, perhaps it is time to do something different. Perhaps, it is time to recognize that, regardless of your good intentions, you (the more aware people in embodiment) cannot by your own power remove war from this planet. Perhaps, it is time to recognize that thinking that you alone can remove war is a manipulation of the manipulators. It is the essence of the dualistic mindset that you think you are a god who can know good and evil and who can do something on earth. 

Contributing more than good intentions

There is a very subtle and almost completely unrecognized spiritual pride that infuses the New Age movement, most spiritual movements and most religions on earth. If you are honest you will look at many spiritual movements and religions, and you will see that the people believe that they themselves (in their group, however large or small it is) are the truly spiritual people who have the power to do something for this planet. You need to remember that Jesus said he could of himself do nothing; it is the Father within who is doing the work. He also said that with men, this is impossible, but not with God, for with God, all things are possible. 

Regardless of how good your intentions are, how many positive vibrations you produce and how advanced you think you are spiritually, you do not have the power to remove war from the earth. Not even all the spiritual people taken together have that power. You do not have the power. The beings of higher awareness have the power. What you have is the authority. If you stop thinking that you have the power and, instead, focus on giving the beings of higher awareness the authority, then they can use their power to remove war from the earth. They will not do it based on your romantic notions of how this should be done. They will do it based on their knowledge of the reality of this planet. 

Many spiritual people have a correct vision of what should happen, namely, that war should be removed, but they do not have the correct vision of how this can, must and should be done. This is indeed true for many of the aware people in the top ten percent. You are the ones who have the biggest potential to respond to the teachings of thigher awareness and make the calls, but too many times you are dragged into various beliefs created by the manipulators. These beliefs keep you trapped in blind alleys where you are not having the maximum impact. 

You cannot clean up a mess by ignoring it

Many spiritual people do not want to hear about the astral plane and the demons and the entities, but you cannot clean the bathroom without acknowledging that the toilet is dirty. This does not mean that you have to let the dirt affect you or cling to you. It does mean you need to put your mind on it for the time that it takes to clean it up because ignoring it will not make it go away. The astral plane is literally the toilet of planet earth. It needs to be cleaned up before there will be any positive change. Someone on earth needs to look at it, acknowledge what needs to be done, acknowledge how it can be done, and then make the calls for the beings of higher awareness to step in and clean it up. They will clean up the mess on this planet, but someone needs to make the calls before they can do so. 

Will you count yourself among those someone? Or will you continue to believe it can happen some other way that seems more convenient to you? Convenience is not the hallmark of those who make a difference. Those who make a difference are those who are willing to acknowledge that, on a planet as dense as earth, there are situations where things are simply so messy that you have to roll up your sleeves and clean out the mess. You cannot always tiptoe around and avoid getting dirt under your fingernails, but you have the tools so that you can do the clean-up and also clean up the dirt under your fingernails. It may be inconvenient. You may indeed feel a certain burden of energy when you start making calls for the astral plane to be cleared, but you have the tools to clean this up. It is a doable task. 

You might consider that it is not really the purpose of this embodiment to seek spiritual experiences. You are here to perform a certain task, and then, after you ascend, you have eternity to pursue spiritual experiences. You chose to come into embodiment to perform a task, to be part of cleaning up this earth. There are many enjoyable things you can do on earth. This is not saying you need to stop doing anything enjoyable while you are making calls for the clearing up of the astral plane. You can still live a relatively normal lifestyle. You need to do something, whatever you can do, depending on your personal situation, to fulfill the task that you set for yourself before you took embodiment.