Spreading the true message of Christ is the key to the Age of Higher Awareness

Freedom is the freedom to reach beyond the separate sense of self and realize you are more than that separate self—and then express that more in this world. That is freedom. What has happened in many nations is the perversion of this, where the power elite had taken away – through subtle and sometimes obvious means – people’s freedom to express their spirituality, their creativity. And therefore, they have given them a substitute of material freedom. Which of course is not material freedom at all, but they have then sought to use both religion and science to make the people believe that the consequences of their “free” choices is not really the consequences of their choices, but something that happens that shouldn’t be there, that should be masked and camouflaged, as you see in the health field.

Where you see that people have been given the impression that they can live any way they want, eat anything they want, and then when the body breaks down, they just go to the doctor who can supposedly give them some kind of remedy or cut out some part of the body to take away the symptom without even approaching the cause. The cause, of course, being consciousness. The people are not aware that the material world is not material, the material world is mind—the basic substance of the material world is mind, is consciousness. And thus, the entire world is a projection of an image upon the basic energy, the image held in the consciousness of a self-aware being or many self-aware beings.

The earth, then, being created by beings in higher awareness, projecting a pure and balanced image upon the basic energy to create the planet as a platform for the growth of self-aware beings, who had not yet risen to that point of awareness, where they see the oneness of all life. Thus, giving them a platform for experimentation with their free will, even through the sense of separation but also, of course, giving them feedback by having nature itself and their bodies out-picture the images and beliefs they hold in consciousness. Yet, because this very basic fact of life has been taken away from the people, how can the people exercise freedom, when they do not know that every material circumstance they experience is nothing more than a projection of the images held in their consciousness, individually and collectively? This then is the awareness that must be brought forth, that must be spread abroad, through the people, for many are ready to understand this.

The new message to be spread

You may find that they will reject traditional religion. You may find, that some cannot tolerate the mention of the word God. But it is because they are rejecting the traditional theistic view of God as the remote judgmental being in the sky. Yet many of these people know within their hearts that there is a spiritual component to life, and it is only a matter of finding a way to express this that helps them go beyond the traditional images of God and the spiritual side of life, to where they see the true universality of it.

And one key to this in Europe – that has been so dominated by Christianity for so long – is, of course, to restore a true understanding of the nature and mission of Christ, so that they can see in their outer minds what they already know in their hearts. So that they can see just how far the outer, official Christian churches have strayed from the inner reality, mission and message of Christ. There is such a crying need for this to be spoken freely, by those who are willing to acknowledge who they are and why they have come. For there is absolutely no way to manifest the Age of Higher Awarenessn without restoring – or we might say spreading for the first time – a true understanding of Christ.

The Age of Higher Awareness is not something that can be brought forth on its own, independently of history. The Age of Higher Awareness must be built on a foundation. And that foundation is, that at least the top ten percent of the population need to understand and know that the central message of Christ was to be the example for all people, to show that they have access to their own higher beings—that they have access to higher awareness, directly within themselves. They do not need an outer intermediary, be it the state or political party, or a church. For the Kingdom of God is within you, as Christ said so many years ago.

That statement was never taken out of the official Bible. For those who attempted to manipulate the Bible could not even comprehend it themselves and thus did not see it as necessary to remove it. Yet it is the very center of the message of Christ. And it is the very key to establishing the true equality among men, upon which the political system of the golden age must be built.

The master key to freedom and equality

Only when each person knows, that he or she has access to higher awareness directly within themselves; only then can there be true freedom and true equality. If the population believe that they cannot access God directly but must access God through an external mediator of some kind, well, then they will be subject to being dominated by that external mediator. And whatever institution this might be, will inevitably be taken over by those people who lust after power, and who therefore will use that external institution to control the people, as indeed the Roman Catholic Church – from its inception by the Emperor Constantine – was meant as an instrument to control the people.

This must be seen. Someone must cry out that the Pope has nothing on, and that the institution that he represents was flawed from its inception, was a deviation from the true mission of Christ. Where are those who dare make that cry? You, of course, have the potential to be among them. There is a need to bring forth this awareness and to challenge not only the Catholic Church but to challenge the very institutionalized nature of Christianity—be it Protestant or Catholic or Fundamentalist or whatever you want to call it.

Look at the very idea that you are born in sin, and therefore are fundamentally flawed from the very beginning, fundamentally different from Jesus, who had an immaculate conception. You all had an immaculate conception in the mind of your higher self, when your lifestream first descended to this earth. Therefore, you can reclaim that birthright and say, “No, I was not born in sin. I do not accept that I am fundamentally different from Christ.” The principle of equality cannot be completely understood or espoused as long as there is in the consciousness of the people, the concept that one person, even though he walked the earth in a physical body, was fundamentally different from all others?

Right there, you have, in the Christian religion, a concept that undermines the very reality of the mission of Christ and the very reality of the true principle of equality that all men, all self-aware beings, all co-creators were created equal in higher awareness. Not in the sense that they were created alike, for each one is a unique individual, but in the sense that they are of equal value in higher awareness. Or rather, go beyond even the concept of value and comparison and recognize that each lifestream was created out of the unconditional love, the unconditional mind, of higher awareness.

Ponder the mystery of unconditionality

You are so used to thinking in terms of conditions, and you might stretch your minds and ponder the nature of unconditionality. For you will not fully lock in to your own higher being, until you begin to see beyond the conditions and recognize that you were born out of unconditionality. You are unconditionally loved by higher awareness—unconditionally! And this is the key to your freedom. For it is the very key to escaping the main lie that keeps people trapped in a lesser sense of identity. Which is the lie that you, in the present moment, are bound by the choices you made in the past.

And when people believe this – including the belief that they were born in sin, or any other belief, that makes it seem like there is a barrier to how far you can rise – well, when they believe this, they cannot transcend their current sense of identity. They cannot return to their true spiritual identity, for they cannot let the mortal identity die. And thus, they are destined to remain hanging on the cross, where they have put themselves and allowed their peers and their society and the mass consciousness of humankind as a whole to crucify them, by nailing them to that perverted image of what are the limitations of your four lower bodies, representing the four points of the cross. The cross, of course, being firmly anchored in the earth as a further symbol that you cannot rise.

But as Christ demonstrated on the cross, you can transcend the entire consciousness of the cross – the entire consciousness of duality – by giving up the ghost, letting the mortal identity die. And then knowing that you will be reborn as the spiritual being that you are. This is the true message of Easter: Not that Christ was crucified and suffered on the cross, but that he transcended the cross by giving up the ghost. Where in the Christian world is that message preached on Easter Sunday? Where? Where are the preachers who understand this and to dare to say it from the pulpit

Christ brought a message of liberation

There is a need to raise up those who will speak the true message of Christ: the message of liberation, the message of freedom. For until you understand the true message of Christ and its universality, you will not be free—and thus you cannot manifest the Age of Higher Awareness. The message of Christ is truly universal. For so long now it has been identified with a particular religion, that is defined in opposition to other religions, that defines itself as the only true religion and therefore as superior to all others, creating an inevitable conflict with other religions. Who, of course, must reject that claim in order to maintain their own identity and keep their followers.

What Christ came to start was not that kind of religion. It was the universal way to transcend the old. To put off the old man and put on the new man and be reborn in Christ, a new being in Christ. Not the human being, but the spiritual being—who is beyond the body, beyond the material world, but is nevertheless here to express its divine qualities and thereby manifest the Kingdom of God here in the material frequency spectrum. Or rather, it is here to raise up the vibrations of the material frequency spectrum, until it begins to resonate with the Kingdom of God and the Age of Higher Awareness, that is already manifest in the etheric realm.

The wheels of time may sometimes seem to turn slowly. But in the words of the Buddha, “Time is not.” Yet cycles are real, and you are living at the interface between the old cycle and the new, where the old cycle is dying and the people are ready to embrace the new. You should once in a while take a pause and recognize just how fortunate you are, to be in embodiment at this incredible juncture in the cycles of humankind.

This is why you volunteered to take embodiment at this time. And although you may have experienced hardships in your life – that have caused you to forget this – once in a while, reconnect to that joy, that sense of purpose, that sense of incredible opportunity of seeing what it meant to be in embodiment at this time, feeling that drive from deep within your being. “Yes, I want to be part of this change.” And then embrace it. Embrace the opportunity to be here and to be part of the difference, part of the solution, part of the change, part of the rebirth and the Age of Higher Awareness.