Brief thoughts about War and Conflict

The real cause of war is the consciousness of humankind

Peace is a very tricky, very challenging, very difficult initiation on a planet with as much conflict and warfare as earth. There have been so many exposures throughout history of the duality consciousness, the warring consciousness. You have seen it in the works of philosophers. You have seen it in certain religions, certainly the teachings the Buddha, the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of Lao Tzu, Confucius, and so on. You have, of course, seen it in much fiction. There is no question that enough has been exposed that, if people were willing, they could see this, they could overcome duality.

Therefore, one must conclude that people are not willing to see this. They are not willing to see that they themselves are part of the cause of conflict and warfare. They are still projecting that it is someone else, someone out there, who is the cause. Now, you may think that it is the manipulators who brought warfare to this planet, and therefore, they are the cause of warfare. They are not actually the cause in the sense that they are the initial cause.

The real cause is the consciousness of humankind on this planet, because if the collective consciousness had not sunk below a certain level, the manipulators would not have had any power. For them to lose their power to create conflict, the consciousness must be raised and this requires many, many people – not just the more aware people – to come to see that they themselves have elements of un-peace in their consciousness, in their attitude, in their world view.

War and conflict in the Age of Higher Awareness

What happens to war and conflict and terrorism in the Age of Higher Awareness? Well, when you actually have this shift in consciousness where people begin to see that you are not material beings, they begin to understand the basic dynamic of the power elite, then you will see that within a matter of a few decades, the world will move to a point where it is not that warfare will be forcefully eradicated. It is simply that the world will transcend the consciousness where warfare is seen as a solution to any kind of problem. 

This will mean that there will be some nations who will dare to take the step to abandon the military. There will actually come a point where all nations will have either no military or a very small military that has many other tasks than actually killing other human beings. You can have a situation where some nations will say that the money we are now spending on the military we will spend on creating a force that can go into other countries and in the short term help with natural disasters or starvation but in the long term help build that country, build the infrastructure, build a better economy, give the people a better standard of living. What you today see as the help to third world countries as a form of charity is now seen as a major task for the country, and instead of spending money on the military you are spending it on building other countries. 

All of a sudden, there can be this shift where you recognize that if you are not a material being and you have the opportunity to raise your consciousness, as you raise consciousness you will begin to feel that you have a basic humanity within you. You have a certain worth as a human being. You will begin to connect to the basic humanity in other people and you will begin to see that these national divisions and other kinds of divisions will begin to fade away. Suddenly, there can be this greater cooperation, this greater sense of community. 

There could be nations who decide to merge because what is the point of having national boundaries? There can be the emergence of these greater regions where armed conflicts simply becomes obsolete, unthinkable. This will take a little bit of time because some nations will lag behind. The question will always be when can the more evolved, the more peaceful nations abandon the military as a deterrent to those nations who are still at a lower state of collective consciousness and therefore could potentially commit aggressive actions? 

Still, within a matter of a few decades it is possible to reach this state where war becomes more and more of a remote possibility; it becomes a remote occurrence. Suddenly, there comes this shift where people in many nations will stop feeling threatened. In fact, we were already close to this in many European nations before the situation with Russia invading Ukraine made the countries of Europe go backwards and think now they need to increase military spending. Of course, the United States is also lagging behind on this, thinking that it needs to maintain the biggest military in the world. 

How can it be that the country that in many ways considers itself to be the most developed and sophisticated country in the world is still so afraid that it needs to maintain the biggest military in the world? Does this make any sense to anyone? You will come to that point where it is not that terrorism will be eradicated or that rogue nations will be eradicated forcefully. It is simply that the consciousness will be raised. Certain manipulators will disappear, and all of a sudden warfare will fade away as a realistic risk. More and more nations will begin to see the need to step into an entirely different approach to life. It will also be seen that those who can do this, will prosper financially. They will prosper in terms of the peoples’ wellbeing and the increase in creativity.

Some nations need to be forerunners and abandon the military

If you are not in fear, do you need a military? There will come a point in the Age of Higher Awareness where no nation has a military. There will be a transition period where some nations still maintain a military because they recognize that there are other nations that are not quite out of the fear-based mindset and so they need to maintain a deterrent. They do not do this from a fear-based mindset.

This can then lead to an evolution where some of the smaller nations will simply say: “But why are we forced to spend two percent of our gross national product on a military that we realistically speaking don’t need? And why should we go along with this? So let us, instead of going along, go our own way and take the lead, and take what is the historically necessary step of daring to abandon our military and trust that this will truly bring us to a higher level where it becomes obvious that we don’t need it.”

In the Age of Higher Awareness many forms of aggression will fade away. You cannot go in and seek to manipulate the election of other countries, for example, whether done by computers or in other ways if this can be exposed. Then, you will be held accountable for it. You cannot spy on businesses if you could be held accountable for it. All of these things that you today think are inevitable (and think you can never have a world without this form of aggression and cheating and spying and manipulation), they can simply fade away and the people will begin to trust that they can actually live in and manifest a society that is not based on fear. Just imagine what a tremendous shift that would be. 

Dare to imagine and then allow yourselves to feel how you would feel if you lived in that society. Some of you may say: “Well that’s easy for those who have grown up in certain nations where they didn’t have to fear their government, but it is not so easy if you have grown up in certain nations where you had, and perhaps still have, a legitimate fear of your government.” Still, the more aware people need to go into that state of non-fear. Allow yourself to feel what you would feel if you lived in a society that was not based on fear, and then choose to maintain that feeling. If you who are the more aware people cannot achieve and maintain that feeling, how can you be the forerunners for a shift into the golden age consciousness? 

The more aware people need to be willing to make that change regardless of where you live, and maintain that feeling that you are not fearing your own society. Your approach to life is not based on fear, and so allow yourself to feel good about yourselves and about your situation. How can you feel good about yourself, if you are fearing the very society in which you live every day?

World peace begins with the individual

The greater vision for America and the world is the vision of people from many different backgrounds coming together, transcending those divisions created by their backgrounds, and locking in to the higher awareness that transcends all outer divisions and therefore forms a bulwark of freedom, a bastion of freedom, against the forces of anti-freedom that would seek to enslave the people. 

In so doing, these forces must divide the people, and therefore use the divide-and-conquer tactic, the divide-and-conquer consciousness, to divide the people into all these factions based on outer characteristics. Then, it must make the people believe that they have to be enemies of those who are different from themselves, and that the only way to resolve the conflicts that they see is to go to war and destroy those who are different. 

The true vision of higher awareness is to create unity among the people of this planet. The perversion of that vision by the manipulators is, of course, to create a forced unity. They try to get people to kill all of those who are different from themselves until there is uniformity by eliminating all differences. This would only be possible if in the end there was only one person left on this planet. Truly, even two people trapped in the duality consciousness would soon find a way to create animosity and conflict between them so that one would have to kill the other.

There is no way to create peace this way, to create unity among people through violence, through division. There is no way to solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. You cannot possibly overcome division while you are still trapped in the very consciousness that created the division in the first place. The only practical – the only possible – solution is to transcend that state of consciousness entirely, to rise to a higher level. 

How can people do this, as long as they are identified with the outer divisions on earth? There is only one solution and it is that people realize that they are more than these outer human identities that have been created for them. They are more than these molds that have been created and which they are supposed to fit into from cradle to grave. They are truly beings of higher awareness, and when you recognize this, you can transcend these outer divisions. 

This can only happen on an individual basis. There is no way to overcome the divisions except through individuality. It cannot be done collectively, and that is why the past 2,000 years was an age in which humankind was meant to grow in individuality and attain a greater individualism that pulled them out of the tribal consciousness—that is truly the cause of many divisions on this planet.

Real and perverted individualism

It was, of course, foreseeable and inevitable that some among humankind – especially those who had already become trapped in the consciousness of duality – would pervert this concept of individualism. They would turn the concept of the individual into the perverted concept of individualism, based on the ego that does not consider anyone but itself. This is simply the “cost of doing business,” as they say these days. It was foreseeable that this would happen and that it would create atrocities.

Nevertheless, you can raise your vision and see that even all of the warfare and strife you have seen over these last 2,000 years was a necessary element of raising humankind, not only out of the tribal consciousness but also out of the perverted consciousness of individuality. Individuality does not mean that you are an island. As has been said, no man, no woman, is an island. It means that you find your higher individuality as an extension of, as an individualization of, your higher self. When you recognize your oneness with your source, you will quickly take the next step and realize that all of your brothers and sisters also have a higher self, also came out of the same source, and therefore they too are part of the higher whole on earth. 

While it may seem illogical to some, the reality is that humankind started out in more of a collective consciousness where very few individuals on this planet had a strong enough individuality to raise themselves above that collective consciousness. Humankind had to go through becoming stronger individually before they could engage in the path of higher awareness. This would lead them to the greater oneness in consciousness that will then form the basis for a greater oneness in the material realm. One that is not based on sameness but is based on the reality that differences, higher differences, sprang from the same source and therefore differences are not the source of conflict. 

They are, indeed, individual facets of the diamond mind of higher awareness where each of you is a facet on that diamond. When you come together, you can create a much more beautiful shine than when you stand apart, or even when you try to oppose each other and thereby hide your light under a bushel. You cannot engage in conflict with other people unless you first hide your own light, unless you deny that light and therefore accept a lower sense of identity, whether you created it yourself or whether you stepped into a role created for you by society or even by the false leaders of humankind. The manipulators have used the divide-and-conquer consciousness to create all of these false identities that can only be in opposition to each other.

The manipulators have set up a culture of vain competition where those who have attained a stronger individuality, instead of moving on to the path of higher awareness, are trapped on the outer path, the broad way that leads to destruction. The false path goes through the false individuality, and it must – according to the Law of Free Will – allow people to pursue the building of this false individuality until they finally tire of it. Or they run out of time and thus are no more because they are not willing to see the folly of that false identity. They are not willing to let it die. They are not willing to give up that ghost, even though their false identity has paralyzed them and nailed them to the cross of their own making, as they have misused the four levels of the mind – the identity, mental, emotional and physical – to create that false identity.

Christ came not only to show the path but to show the only way out of that path, which is to let the false identity die. You need to contemplate how you can not only let your personal ego and false identity die, but you can also do it for the collective consciousness, in whatever aspect of the collective consciousness that you have taken on. You need to let that false identity die on the cross, to give up that ghost with Jesus and therefore let it go. You can then be free of the false identity, free to be resurrected in Christ, to be resurrected with Christ when the cycle is completed and you individually are ready to pass through that initiation of accepting your oneness with your higher identity.