Brief thoughts  about the Money System

A new awareness about money

What have most people in the more developed part of the world learned about money? You know that there are many people who live at such severe levels of poverty that they do not have much money to spend and therefore do not have some of the concerns that you have when you have surplus money, money that is not needed for the bare physical survival of yourself and your family. You have, in the last generation especially, seen that in many countries the majority of the population has been in this state of affluence. They had more money than was absolutely needed for their physical, material survival and sustenance. This has raised an entirely different way of looking at money where you suddenly have the choices of what to do with your money.

What have many people learned from this experience? They have learned that there are people out there who are out to get your money and who will seek to manipulate the money away from you through various schemes. Some may be relatively innocent, in a sense that they would make you buy something or buy some experience that you don’t really need, that isn’t very important for you but that gives you maybe some cheap, brief sense of entertainment. Many people have also learned that there are more severe scams and schemes that are aimed at taking money away from you, even to the point of taking more than your surplus but taking everything that you have. This might be anything from various con artist tricks to the greater con artist tricks of the manipulation of the economy, the manipulation of markets, and the manipulation of various pension funds and schemes that were supposed to be there for your retirement but suddenly may not be there due to some manipulation. 

What have people learned from all of this? They have learned that they need to be aware of what they do with their money. Before they give their money to someone, they need to consider what those people are going to do with it. Is it still going to be there for you? Is it really going to multiply ten thousand times as they promised you? Or is it just too good to be true? Most people have developed this growing awareness that before you give out money, you need to make a careful, conscious evaluation of what the consequences will be because once the money is out of your hand or bank account, you have no guarantee that you can get it back. This is practical wisdom.

The money system in the Age of Higher Awareness

In the not so distant future there will be a breakthrough of awareness of the power elite and how the power elite has manipulated the economy and the money system. This his will lead many nations to come to that truly revolutionary shift in consciousness where they realize that it is, in fact, one of the primary responsibilities of a democratic government to make sure that the economy of their country and even the economy of the world cannot be dominated and controlled by a small power elite who do not have the interests of the people at heart. They have no concern whatsoever for the people and only look at them as slaves that they can make work for them and they can reap the rewards of the people’s labor.

This, of course, is not democracy, this is not freedom and it is the responsibility of a democratic government to make sure that this does not happen. There will be this awareness that we need to rethink how the money system works, we need to get out of a debt-based economy. We cannot allow a small power elite to create money and reap the profit from lending it with interest. This is something that the state needs to take on, and the state needs to be in control of the money system so that only the state benefits and thereby the people benefit. If the state makes money off of money, people do not have to pay so much taxes. 

It needs to be seen that the only institution in society that has a right to make money off of money is the state. The state, of course, cannot go into the many forms of schemes that the capitalists have come up with in order to manipulate the economy because the state has no interest in manipulating the economy. It simply has an interest in creating a money system that allows for the greatest amount of creativity, movability of the money, the greatest ability to finance new businesses. This will promote a growth in the economy, and the more the economy grows, the more it is in the interest of all of the people and also, of course, in the interest of the state. These are very, very dramatic shifts compared to what you have today but they are not so unrealistic that they are so far off. It can come to that point where there is such an awareness of the existence of power elites that they will very quickly be put out of commission by the democratic nations. 

There will be either a raised awareness of how the power elites work and how anti-democratic it is, or there would be an awareness that if we do not reform the money system, then our economies, our debt-based economies, are going to collapse. The debt has reached such proportions that no country can pay it back and it is, in fact, in no way democratic, in no way in accordance with the democratic ideals, that the population of an entire country are enslaved financially so that for the next many decades a majority of their resources will go to pay back the interest to a small power elite. How is this democracy? How is this freedom? How is this allowable in a democratic nation, in a democratic world? 

This ties in with exploitation where, as the people begin to realize how the economy is being exploited by a small elite, it will be seen that we cannot allow this to happen and therefore we will create a new money system. Now, the new money system can be implemented in a variety of ways but the main thing is that when you do not concentrate or allow the concentration of wealth in the hands of a small percentage of the population, but instead spread it out over the entire population, then spending, consumer spending as it is often called, will increase. This means that there will be a need to produce all of these goods that people want to buy and this will create a tremendous growth in the economy. 

It is a very simple fact that if you have 2% of the population of the United States who controls 90% of the wealth, well those 2% have the money to buy all the luxury yachts they want but how many luxury yachts can you actually use? If you instead took some of that money and gave it out to the population, then many more people would want to buy, not a luxury yacht, but maybe a nice boat. All of a sudden, there would be a much bigger demand for boats than there is today for luxury yachts, and it would create a tremendous growth in the economy. 

This is just a very simple example but there are so many other shifts that will happen when you free up the money so that it is not tied up in these investment schemes that really have only the purpose of creating greater and greater numbers on certain peoples financial accounts so that they can feel that they are richer and richer. They have long ago gone beyond the point where they can actually spend the money but they have this insatiable need because they have been sucked into being controlled by the manipulators. They have an insatiable need to accumulate more and more money. When this is not allowed to happen, the money will now no longer be tied up, it will become liquefied. Therefore, it will be freed up to be invested into new businesses, new ventures and all of a sudden again there will be a tremendous growth in the economy.