Brief thoughts about the Media

People want something real

Consider what has happened to television and radio over the last decade or more. You have seen more of what you call reality shows, but you have also seen that interviews on television have, at least in some cases, taken a different turn where there are some interviewers that are able to have a more sincere communication with the guests they invite into their studio. Obviously, not all, for many are still driven by these ego games. But there are more and more who have discovered that people want something different. Instead of this slick, traditional communication from the media, they want people who are genuine, who dare to be themselves.

This is because there has been a shift in the collective consciousness, especially over the past ten years, where more and more people are looking for something. They may call it “reality.” They may say: “I want something real.” Or they want something genuine, or they may not know how to put words on it, but they want something that is at the heart level, and they want something that is not controlled by all of these ego mechanisms. 

Many people do not see the ego mechanisms. They do not know about the ego, they do not see them clearly. But they are tired of something. They have had enough of something. They are longing for something else and this is the time where the more aware people can render a great service by shifting into this more sincere form of communication. You can then help raise the collective consciousness, and more and more people will follow. It will filter down so that this shift will happen and more and more people will be able to have more real, more genuine, interactions.