Brief thoughts about the Dynamics of History

Crucial points in world history

Consider one of the mysteries that have often confused people when they look at the earth. You see, for example, how at certain crucial points in world history one person has been able to either hold back a new development, to hold back peace or to create a conflict that, once it had crossed the borderline into the physical, could not be stopped for a long time.

This is the extreme outplaying of the law of free will. What you need to recognize here is that even though one person may sometimes seem to be the one who has the power to change the course of the entire world, it is not actually so. It is only that this one person becomes the focal point for a movement in the collective consciousness.

Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao could not have done what they did in their nations had it not been because there was already a spiral in the collective consciousness of those nations. Vladimir Putin cannot do what he is doing today by his own power alone. He is also riding a spiral in the consciousness of the Russian people, not only in Russia but in other nations, especially right now in Ukraine.

How the Age of Higher awareness can come about

There has been much talk among more aware people about the New Age or the Golden Age, a better time, a shift into another dimension or whatever you have. Most people have a completely unrealistic expectation of how this can come about. They think that currently things are very bad and that is why there needs to be a change. Somehow, magically, some force will come in and bring about the change. Yet the force that can bring about change is not some heavenly beings, it is you who are in embodiment because your free will is what determines the course of planet earth. 

How can you bring about the Age of Higher Awareness if you do not shift into a higher awareness. Do you think that in the Age of Higher Awareness people are fearing for the future? Do you think they are afraid of this or that problem, this or that major calamity or collapse? No, of course not. An Age of Higher Awareness is, among other things, an age where people do not fear the future. They look to the future with great expectation, anticipation and a joy of waiting to see what is the next wonderful thing that will unfold in the world, not the next calamity, but the next great thing that will open up and give them an even richer experience, an experience of more.

What is the Age of Higher Awareness? Is it something that will come about in one grandiose event where you can say: “Two minutes ago, the Age of Higher Awareness was not there but now it is there?” Of course not; it is an ongoing process. There will be people who do not even realize that there is an Age of Higher Awareness. In the past, there have been golden ages, but there was still a certain percentage of the population who never realized that it was a golden age. In a sense, you could say that every age is in its own way a golden age for those who are focusing on the positive.

Have you not seen a growth in society for centuries and thousands of years? Is it not possible to say that in every age some people became part of the change and other people remained part of the problem? This is always the case, and you can be part of the change and know that things are positive, that we are moving up, that things are becoming more. How can you do this? You certainly cannot do it by looking at current conditions, but you can do it by attuning to the higher awareness. That will give you a frame of reference.

How the Age of Higher Awareness is manifest by many different people

The Age of Higher Awareness will not be brought by thirty or forty people who are following a particular teaching. It is not even going to be brought by thousands or ten thousands or millions of people following a particular teaching. It is going to be brought by millions of people who are receptive to receiving the ideas that make up the Age of Higher Awareness. Many of them will not need to know where the ideas come from. They will need to have the openness so they can receive that one idea that they can bring forth and put into action because they are in that position where they can bring a particular area of society one step forward. 

There are millions of such people around the world, and the more aware people need to transcended this ego-based desire that you want to be among the few who bring the new age. It is not a matter of who brings the Age of Higher Awareness and who gets the credit. It is a matter of bringing in the Age of Higher Awareness for the benefit of all.

It is when you transcend the desire for personal credit or personal honor, and work for the benefit of all, that you will find that your mind suddenly, magically becomes free of many of the psychological issues and petty problems. It was the egoic desire to be someone special that caused you to be drawn into many of these activities. When you let go of it, you will find that it is such a relief to just release this. You are not seeking some outer credit, honor or glory, you are just enjoying being in the flow and finding your place, finding your contribution to manifesting this grand overall scheme of the Age of Higher Awareness. 

In the past, various religious, spiritual or political groups have thought a few hundred or a few thousand people were the ones who would bring in the Golden Age. Yet it is only a matter of who has the potential to make some contribution. If you let go of the desire to be someone special, then you will find that you will be special because you will be able to receive the exact idea from higher awareness that you have the potential to bring forth. That will be your greatest joy.

The power of collective decisions

There are modern nations that have begun to realize that the world, or at least the more evolved part of the world, is moving into an era that has by some been called the information society. The basic resource of the nation is not coal or iron or even land, but it is information, know-how, creativity. This makes you much less threatened by those nations that have physical resources you do not have. Suddenly, you see that you need less and less from other nations in order to maintain your standard of living. This ties in with how things are connected. Everything that you see on earth is connected to this energy field. You have an underlying field of unlimited energy that has the potential to manifest many physical things. When a physical thing is manifest, it is manifest out of the field of energy.

What is it that makes the energy take on that particular form? Well, it is information—information applied by a conscious mind to basic energy. Source energy is what manifests form. When you begin to realize this on an individual level, you can see the need to shift your consciousness, to purify your consciousness of information that does not help you manifest a higher vision. You also need to fill your mind with information that does help you. Get your mind off what you don’t want and put your mind on what you do want, as the old saying goes. 

Even nations can come to realize that it is a growth in awareness that has been the driving force of all the progress you have seen in society. Even technology has been driven by a growth in awareness. There is a possibility to step up to an even higher awareness where you are not looking for mechanical solutions. You are looking for creative solutions.

You may think this is fanciful and too far beyond what the nations are ready to accept. Yet some of the more developed nations of Europe – Holland among them, the Scandinavian countries, to some degree Germany – have manifested a higher level of abundance. They have manifested a higher level of equality through a raising of the collective awareness in that nation. 

You can manifest what you can envision

You can look at the United States and see that it prides itself on being the richest country in the world, yet it is not able to provide free health care for all of its citizens. Many countries in Europe are able to do this, and how is this possible? There are people in America who would say that it would bankrupt the country if they enacted universal health care, but it has not done so in the European countries.

Why has it not done so? Is it because those countries have found some magical, mechanical formula? Nay, it is because the collective consciousness was raised to such a level where it was determined by a majority of the people that everyone should have access to health care. Everyone should have equal access to health care. Nobody should be forced to go bankrupt because they had a health problem. Nobody should be forced to not go to the doctor because they were afraid of the cost so that the health problem would become worse or they would die from a curable disease because they could not afford to see a doctor. This was a growth in compassion, in sensitivity towards life. By a nation collectively making this decision, the resources were manifested.

If you analyze some of the nations that have gone through this process, you would be able to see that it simply should not be possible that they would have the money to do this. Certainly, some of them have had to go into debt for a time. Nevertheless, it is the raising of the collective consciousness that simply brought forth more resources than were physically available. Suddenly, the country found that what they had collectively decided to manifest, somehow the money was there to implement it.

Collective decisions raise the economy

This can be transferred to many other things. There has been a decision collectively made to raise the standard of living, to raise wages, so that no one is truly poor in a nation because all should share in the abundance and have a decent life. When a nation makes that decision collectively, then the resources will be there. They will be brought forward because, through the collective decision, there is a release of more energy to that nation. This makes it possible that somehow people find a way to make more money, to bring forth more abundance so they can pay more taxes. The entire economy of a nation is raised to a higher level. 

Look at some of the nations – Holland, the Scandinavian nations – look at how their economy was right after the Second World War, and then look at how much more wealth there is in those nations today. This is not brought about only by physical changes. It is brought about by a series of collective decisions that opened up for the release of energy to those nations. This provided the increase that somehow made it physically possible, often through many different means, but it raised the entire economy to a different level.

Downward spirals in history

There is a concept that the more aware people were were winning from the beginning because the manipulators cannot stop the flow of life. At the same time, it is clear from history that people can create downward spirals that hinder their growth, that keep them and society trapped in such a spiral. 

You might benefit from physically going to a river if there is one within a reasonable distance from where you live. It does not need to be a big river. It can be a stream, but it needs to have two qualities. It needs to have some stretches that are calm and some that are more turbulent. You can also imagine this in your mind’s eye.

When you look at a river, you can see that there are some places where, for example, the current of the water passes around a rock. This means that the stream of water is now compressed and it is given a direction that is not exactly the same as the direction of the river. It is going to the side, it is being compressed, the speed is being increased and suddenly a whirlpool, a maelstrom, appears in the river. You now have this small vortex where the water is swirling around in a circle that becomes narrower and narrower. Everything that is close enough gets sucked into it, and once you are inside that vortex, you are spinning around, seemingly out of control, and your mind feels like it is out of control. This is the illustration of a downward spiral.

You have seen in history many of these downward spirals. You see them today as well where suddenly a group of people can be pulled into this maelstrom of emotional energy, mental energy, where they are swirling around and they have no control. It is like their minds have become a mass mind, as you saw in the rallies of Adolph Hitler and as you see today at a rock concert, for example, where people’s minds have lost their individuality. They have surrendered to the mob consciousness, and they are being pulled into this. 

You can go to a river that has a stretch where there are lots of rocks and twists and turns and you can see that there is no calm area in the river. It is all swirling energy, fast-flowing energy, seemingly chaos. Then you can go a little further downstream, and now there is a stretch where there are no rocks and where the river is straight and all of a sudden the water is flowing calmly. Then you can ask yourself: “Is that the same river as what I just saw up there in the turbulence?” And you realize that it is the same river.

This makes you realize that when you look at earth, if you go into one of these downward spirals, one of these vortexes, you can easily feel as if the world is going backwards, that things are bad, that some calamity must happen. If you step back from this, you realize that this particular whirlpool, as powerful as it may be on the inside, the whirlpool itself is actually being carried along by the greater current of the river. This is what is meant by the River of Life. This means that an event on earth is just an event. It does not stop the river of the raising of the collective consciousness and of the entire universe where the earth is being pulled along by the billions of planets that are in an upward spiral.

The reality beneath surface appearances

As the more aware people, you can lock in to the river. Do not focus your attention on all the whirlpools, and certainly do not go into them if you can possibly avoid it. When you find yourself in them, then do what you need to do to get out of them. Focus on the river and see that whatever happens in these whirlpools that come up, it is necessary to outplay a certain state of consciousness physically so that people can see it. You don’t need to focus on this because you have overcome that consciousness. Or if you have not, then you look at yourself and overcome it. Then you focus on the river, the ongoing flow of the river, and you allow yourself to experience and feel that you are in the river, that you are being carried along with the river.

You know very well that if you are in a train, you can walk back and forth in the train, and you can walk as easily in the opposite direction of the direction in which the train is moving as you can walk with the movement of the train. In fact, if the train is one of these modern trains that is quiet and you are not looking out the window, you might get the impression that you are standing still. This is why it is easy to get the impression that you are either standing still or you are going backwards because you are trapped in this whirlpool of energy. Part of discernment, part of developing higher awareness, is to become aware of that flow of the river that underlies everything that is happening on earth.

You might even see that whatever is happening on earth, the earth is moving through space. The earth is not moving in a stationary orbit around the sun, for the sun is moving in a greater orbit, and that means the earth is moving in a spiral around the sun. Therefore, the earth never comes back to the same place twice and this is part of the movement where the earth and the sun (and the entire solar system and the entire galaxy) are actually being pulled along by this directional movement of the material universe. 

Scientists have not yet realized, cosmologists have not yet realized, how directional the material universe actually is. It is not just directional in a spatial way but also in a vibrational way. This is the way to understand that there are multiple dimensions and that the universe can move from one dimension to another, and that it will gradually move through various levels of frequencies until it is ready to ascend to a higher level of awareness. The universe is directional, not just in a physical sense but also in an energetic, vibratory sense. You can, even though you are in embodiment on a heavy planet like earth, learn to sense this.