Brief thoughts about the Dynamics of Change

The manipulators seek to stop new ideas

Why is it that so many times the manipulators are shocked over a new idea? Why is it that they could not even prevent it from coming into the physical? It is because they have closed their minds to attunement with higher awareness. They may see certain trends, for example, they could see that more and more new ideas were coming in, and they were therefore seeking to counteract it by bringing out false ideas. They could not predict which idea we were going to release next, for they do not have the ability. 

They have shut themselves off from the ability to look beyond what is currently manifest. That is why the manipulators are always behind the creative growth in society. They are always trying to maintain their power and privilege, based on what is in existence now. This is how they got their current positions and they think this is the only way to maintain it. They are always afraid that something new will come up that will, so to speak, pull the rug from under them. Suddenly, their great thrones fall apart and they have lost the grip on society that they thought they would have forever.

You who are the more aware people, you can raise your consciousness so you can grasp new ideas. You do not necessarily need to go out in society and become scientists, inventors or this or that. You can open your minds to the research that is being done in the most advanced fields of science. Select one or two ideas that is dear to your heart and then make the calls that these ideas will be implemented, that there will be people who will be able to receive more and more sophisticated blueprints of how to implement these ideas, for example a new form of energy. Make the calls, hold the vision, hold the balance for this to happen and be perfectly happy that it is someone else who will bring forth the invention, receive the patent, make the money and receive the glory or the Nobel prize. Your prize will be received in a higher realm and it will be of far greater value to you than any honor you could receive on earth.

Exposing the power elite

There are many areas of society that need to change for the Age of Higher Awareness to be manifest. It is not just a matter of having unlimited energy, it is, of course, also necessary that the awareness of the population shifts so that you do not allow a small elite to hold back new technology because they want to maintain the control they have, by controlling current technology and current resources.

There is a power elite that has control over, for example, oil. They are not very anxious to give up that control and, therefore, would do whatever they could to hold back a new technology, especially a technology that is not force-based. A technology that is not force-based, cannot be patented or monopolized by a single entity on earth. It will not be possible for the manipulators to monopolize and manipulate free energy—it is free. It is freely available to all everywhere and there is not just one technology that can make use of it.

You also need to hold the vision that the people are awakened to the existence of the power elite and how they are seeking to manipulate every aspect of life on earth and how the people simply cannot allow this to continue to happen. The way to go about making a change is that the people educate themselves, speak out and demand a change. There is no violent revolution needed. There is no need to create concentration camps and put the manipulators there. It is simply a matter of the people raising their awareness, and they will lose their grip on society, as they have done before.

Some people get caught up in some conspiracy theory that claims that there is a power elite that is about to shut down life on earth and take control over everything. Ask yourself this simple question: “If there has always been a power elite that wanted to stop progress, how come that power elite allowed the emergence of democracy?” They did not allow it, they could not stop it. That is why, when the collective consciousness is raised to a certain level, the power elite can never stop progress. They can delay it for some time, but they cannot stop it when enough people awaken from the illusion.

Do not be caught up in this sense of hopelessness or despair, the sense that things are so bad and that there is such a control by the power elite that there is nothing you can do about it. There is something you can do about it and you have been given the knowledge and the tools of what you can do. So do it! Do it! 

Shift the collective consciousness so that the physical manifestation must follow the shift in consciousness. The physical world will always follow a shift in consciousness. Accept that it is possible to shift consciousness. Believe it! Accept it! Know that it is not only possible, it is happening! Be part of what is happening instead of being part of those who are standing by watching what is happening. Therefore, I say to you: “Join higher awareness in the upward movement of manifesting the Age of Higher Awareness!”

The Age of Higher Awareness will be manifest gradually

Higher awareness looks at the overall picture; at where there is the greatest amount of more aware people. Which nations have the potential to come closer to manifesting some of the complex matrices for the Age of Higher Awareness?

You may think that this will only make the inequality between certain nations greater, and this is true on a temporary basis. Some nations must be the first ones to begin manifesting the matrix for the Age of Higher Awareness. As they do so, they will make progress far beyond those nations who are not yet ready. But the Age of Higher Awareness cannot be manifest all at once all over the world. It must be started somewhere where you break through the barrier, you break through the veil, and start bringing into the physical octave the matrices of the Age of Higher Awareness.

When some nations have manifested this physically, then you have a physical proof that this is possible. Suddenly, there can be a shift in the collective consciousness where more and more people begin to accept that this is a possibility. You who are the more aware people may look at ideas about the Age of Higher Awareness and you take them for granted, you think it should be obvious to all people. But there are many nations where the vast majority of the people simply do not have the awareness needed to accept such ideas. They would look at them as pure fantasy, or they would look at the fact they go beyond their religion and then they would reject them outright, as even being the works of the devil.

How people can help their society change

Before there can be any change, before anything can become more, there must be an act of will for something more. You might from a certain perspective think that if you always want more, you are never satisfied with what is. This is not the case. When you look at the world, you see so often that people have an incredible ability to adapt. This is both good and not so good. It is good in the sense that it allows them to survive very difficult conditions that may only be temporary. They can still survive, they can stay in embodiment, they can keep some kind of composure. When the outer conditions change, they can go on with life, they can have some continuity.

The downside of this ability is that they can also become so used to current conditions that they no longer want more because they have adapted so well that they think either that this is the only way that things can be, that this is the way it is supposed to be or that they really do not want to run the risk of upsetting the applecart because you never know where the apples might fall. Some of them might fall far from the tree. There are fears in people’s beings against upsetting status quo, and they cling to status quo because for many people a known misery is better than an uncertainty. 

How then can there be positive change when people cling to status quo? The natural law is that everything transcends itself. Change is not a change that goes into a negative and creates less, it is a change that creates more. All real change is the change towards more and this cannot be a loss. It cannot be a loss to anyone except, perhaps, those who form a power elite and have taken on special privileges and powers by limiting the people and stealing the people’s energy. They are the ones who can lose when status quo is changed, but the majority of the people on earth do not lose when there is a change that brings forth more. 

How change happens

There are two ways that change can come about. One is the second law of thermodynamics and the fact that a closed system will self-destruct. When there is resistance to change, the clinging to status quo, then you do enter a downward spiral. It is only a matter of how difficult, how dysfunctional, conditions become before people wake up and decide that things are now so bad that they cannot live with it and therefore they have a will to change. This is, of course, not the most desirable way that change can come about. When people close their minds, the spiral must unfold until they get to that point where they again have the will for something different.

This is the lower way that change can come about. You first have no will to change status quo because you have a clinging to status quo and then, when things get so bad, finally something breaks and now there is a will to change. The problem with this process is that when people change this way, it is not really that they have a vision of wanting something better than what they have. It is more that things have gotten so bad that they want to get away from the misery they are experiencing. 

Why did things get so bad, why did the downward spiral go so far down? It was because people did not have a vision of something more and thus they could not even long for it, they could not manifest it. When they get to a low point and things finally break, they still have no vision of what they want instead of their misery. They just want to get away from the misery. 

That is precisely what the manipulators want because then they can step in and promise the people something better, if they only will give up something, such as freedom, such as control over their own lives. This is what you have seen in several totalitarian states where the people have been promised some mythical, magical state if only they would give up their freedom to that totalitarian government. Of course then, can the totalitarian government deliver? Well, as seen within the last century, where several totalitarian governments collapsed, you know that they can never deliver the promised land. 

Things could be much better

The alternative is an awakening where you find a positive way to long for change. Of course, the more aware people have already started this process. Hold the vision that many more people catch on to the possibility of a positive change. It is not a matter of letting things go so far that they get broken, it is not even a matter of saying that current conditions are bad, it is just a matter of catching the vision that there is something more, there is something higher.

Some people are stuck in a mud hole and they are walking around in mud, all covered in mud and getting nowhere. Many of the modern nations have already climbed out of the mud hole of previous ages. You have a condition where many people have not only a tolerable life but have a very affluent life. They have great economic freedom to do many things that their parents and grandparents could not even dream about. It is not a matter of these people coming to see that current conditions are bad. 

It is a matter of them coming to see that current conditions could be a springboard, a stepping stone, to something even better—in fact, far better. So much better that their parents could not even dream about it and that they themselves have so far not really dared to dream about it. It is time for them to dream about it, to dare to dream about what a society really could be when we do not have many of these problems we saw a generation or two ago, such as a world-wide war or two or wide-spread poverty, diseases or many other conditions.

The Age of Higher Awareness is now 

When will the Age of Higher Awareness be manifest? Now. When you accept that it is manifest now, then it is manifest for you. Then you have made your contribution, and you can become an example for others so that they can also begin to accept that, regardless of what things look like right now, it is possible to manifest an Age of Higher Awareness. Do not let the problems you see right now detract you from accepting that an Age of Higher Awareness is possible. This site is not presenting a Utopian pipe dream but an absolute reality. It is manifest in the identity, to a large degree in the mental, to a large degree in the emotional and to some degree in the physical already. Accept that. Flow with it. Be at peace in knowing that you are part of manifesting reality, a new and better age on this planet. Let not anything that happens cause you to go into a spiral of fear or discouragement, but always see that whatever happens is simply an outplaying of a certain state of consciousness. It has only the purpose of making it more visible so that people can come to the point of saying: “Enough is enough. It is time to move on.”

You move on from all the negativity, all the burdens, all the problems. You focus on the positive. What was it that you decided that you loved so much that you wanted to be a part of bringing that manifestation into the physical realm? What was that, for each one of you? Then focus all your energy and attention on manifesting that, doing whatever you can in the physical. Focus on that as a living reality and be not detracted from it by any negativity. Do not let what is present on earth prevent you from accepting what is not only possible but is already being lowered into physical manifestation.

You can hold the vision that those who are able to bring forth and implement certain higher awareness ideas will be able to do so. You may also be part of bringing forth those ideas. Do not let anything that happens detract you from holding the highest vision. It is not that everything will go smoothly. It was that whatever happens, you hold fast to the decision, and you remain at peace within yourself.

Changes in society begin in people’s minds

How could a society that was as heavily controlled as the Soviet Union actually transition into a different phase? We can always discuss whether there has been improvement or not but there has been a shift, there has been a change. The control is not there that was there during the Stalinist era. How does this happen? Because there was a shift in the collective consciousness of the citizens of the Soviet Union so that they simply did not mentally submit to the control games of the elite. 

The same has happened in the West. Why are you no longer living in feudal societies? Why are you no longer as controlled by certain industrialists as you were a hundred years ago? Why has the affluence been raised among the general population when, in fact, the power elite would do everything they could to avoid this happening?

There are physical means of control. If you focus on these, as they do in the conspiracy theories, you will be discouraged. You will think there is nothing that can be done. This is exactly what the power elite wants, exactly what the manipulators want because this delays the inevitable, namely that people raise themselves above the control game. It especially delays it because it pulls those who are the most aware people into this negative attitude that nothing can be done, that conditions are so severe, that a big crash or collapse is coming and therefore there is no point in doing anything. 

This is not mental freedom. The reality is: “Consciousness always precedes physical manifestation.” When the consciousness of the people shifts, those physical control instruments will no longer work the same way. In most cases what will happen is that the established power elite will not be able to adapt quickly enough because they are always behind. In most cases the established elite will collapse.

In many cases this has caused an aspiring elite to then come in and take power, but they never had quite the same amount of power as the old elite [If the consciousness had shifted.]. Even this has led to some progress, but if the shift can really happen towards mental freedom, there will be no new power elite. You will have a state where a power elite simply cannot exist, it cannot maintain a hold on the people. Why is this so? Because the hold that the power elite has may be expressed in the physical through physical instruments of control, but the real hold that they have is on the minds of the people. When that slips, then the physical instruments will be of no avail. 

A peaceful revolution in consciousness

It is possible to create a peaceful revolution that does not require a physical uprising and bloodshed and the overthrow of the power elite. It is a revolution in consciousness. This is true alchemy. The true alchemists of the Middle Ages (and there were few that were true alchemists but there were some), they knew that finding the philosopher’s stone could only be done by raising their consciousness to such a level that they could be the open door for the influx of energy and consciousness from the realm of higher awareness. It was this influx that would bring the increase that could transform a base substance into not only gold but a higher substance. 

There are, of course, many modalities for how psychology can be transformed. There are already many modalities that are brought into the physical. There will not be a new modality that will replace all the others. They can all be used for different people at different stages of development. There are, of course, others that will be brought in through those who are sensitive to them. 

When the awareness is raised, when the awareness shifts and people begin to demand mental freedom, then the tools will be there to bring this about. You, as the more aware people, can hold the vision for this. You can demand that this happen, and therefore you will see that the shift has actually already begun to happen. 

It is just that there is hardly anybody who has grasped the vision, namely that the next logical stage for the more developed societies is that they go beyond focusing on the material but they focus on psychological welfare and mental freedom. This is the new goal. This is the goal for the most advanced countries in the world, namely to give their citizens more than physical freedom, to give them mental freedom also or at least allow them to pursue mental freedom.

All people want to improve their lives

When more and more people are made aware of the possibility to heal their psychological wounds – even heal the wounds they come into embodiment with – well then, the other reason for escapism will disappear. They are not trying to run away from themselves, they are not trying to run away from their outer situation, and suddenly you have people who start feeling better and better about themselves. 

Truly, can there be any nation on earth where the people do not want a better material life and where they do not want a better inner life where they feel better about themselves? When you look at this logically, can there really be any government on earth who will not want its own people to have a better and better material life and who will not want its own people to feel better and better about themselves? Well, there can be, if a government is controlled by the manipulators and their self-centered mindset, but as we move into the Age of Higher Awareness, this will also fade away. 

Suddenly, you will have the emergence of governments who might even look at their past and say: “Why were we trapped in these patterns for so long? Why were we trapped in these power plays, this completely unnecessary conflict with other nations or even with our own people? Why weren’t we just simply focused on improving material life and improving how people feel about themselves and about their society? Why were we trapped in this for so long?” Well, actually, they might say: “It doesn’t even matter why we were trapped in it for so long because now we see it and now we are not trapped in it, and we are going to shift our focus into manifesting a better society.”

Closed societies will be overturned by history

You can look at Soviet society and you can see that, although there was a certain progression, it was a much slower progression than there was in other nations and that there could have been. The reason is that even in the Soviet system, there could have been much more growth, and if there had been that growth, then perhaps even the Soviet Union would have survived longer. Because there was not the willingness to change with the times, there came that point where the only realistic outcome was a collapse of the system. 

The reason why there was not this growth was that there were too many people that were not willing to bring that change. It is not here a matter of questioning the system itself. It is a matter of coming to this point where you say: “We have been doing things a certain way now for a very long time. Why are we doing it the same way? Why aren’t we trying to find a different way that will produce better results?” You will see that if more people had been willing to ask this question, there would have been change in many levels. This is not a matter of overthrowing the system, it is simply a matter of realizing that any society must change or die.

This is what history proves. If there is any validity to the concept of a historical necessity, well it is certainly that any society that becomes a closed system will be overturned by history. History will run away from it and the Soviet Union is one of the many proofs of this. There were many men in the Soviet Union who were in a position where they could have brought some improvement somewhere, and if many men had brought small improvements, it would have had an impact on the entire system.

When you are in a position where you have the opportunity to bring improvement, and you do not take it, you subconsciously sense this. You subconsciously feel that missed opportunity. That is why you saw so many men in the Soviet Union who were dissatisfied with their lives, dissatisfied with themselves. They felt that life really was not worth living because they could not stand living with that sense that there was something they had missed, some opportunity they had missed. Some blamed the system. Others did not even know who to blame and so they just wanted to get away from it all and the only escape they could see was a clear bottle with a clear liquid.

Stopping manipulation through higher awareness

The more sophisticated members of the power elite are manipulators. As an example, one banker in the United States saw the potential for a revolution in Russia, sought out the person who might carry it out and then gave Lenin the impetus, the finances to actually start the process. Surely, Morgan and other bankers did not know whether their attempt would be successful. In fact they could not even imagine that it would lead to the creation of the Soviet Union as powerful as it became.

Nevertheless, it shows you how those who are members of the power elite in embodiment, even without knowing the full extent of what they are doing, become tools for the forces of lower awareness who see even more of a negative potential than people in embodiment. This is why there is only one force that can counteract this and it is that more and more people in embodiment attain higher discernment. You can then be the open doors for a higher awareness, which is the only force that really can counteract the forces of lower awareness and the embodied power elite that seek to take the earth down into a self-destructive spiral.

The earth is in an upward spiral, but it is in an upward spiral only because some people on earth have dared to be the open door for higher awareness. Many have done this but many more are ready in this age to awaken to their potential to be the open doors, to have the raised awareness that allows them to go with whatever expertise they have. Or they might even go with expertise they don’t have but they suddenly feel the determination: “I need to study this area. I need to understand how the economy works, how politics works, how education works.” Then they go out and speak out, then they go out there and ask the questions.