Brief thoughts about Solving Problems

How to transcend external problems

Many people in the modern world today have a commodity that was actually the greatest luxury just a century or two ago, and it is free time. That free time could be used, instead of empty entertainment, for grasping a higher vision and working on implementing it. What would it then require that people can make this transition and adopt a positive view of the future and of the potential for changing current conditions into an Age of Higher Awareness? It will require the willingness to see that so many of the problems that eat up people’s attention are inconsequential. They are just petty problems that need to be let go.

How can you then do this? It can start with a recognition that there are, currently, certain physical, material conditions manifest on earth, manifest in your society. You, as an individual (whether you are aware or not) have limited powers to change these conditions because they are created by the collective. What you can realize is that you are not living in these conditions in the sense that the conditions are defining you. Your relationship to the conditions is that you are experiencing the conditions.

What you are experiencing is not the outer conditions; you are experiencing something that is created in your own mind. Everything is energy and everything is an energy field. There is a certain physical condition but contrary to the sensory experience and the common understanding, that physical condition is still vibrating energy. It is an energy field and when you are experiencing the condition, your personal energy field is interacting with that other energy field. What you experience inside your mind is that interaction, that interference pattern, between the energy field that is external to you and your own energy field. This means that even if you cannot change the energy field that is external, you can change your own field and by doing this you change your experience of the conditions.

That is how you can come to see that a certain problem, that you may have been brought up (by your parents, your peers or your society) to see as being very important, is not really that important because it does not define you anymore than you allow it to define you by focusing your attention upon it. It is indeed possible that you can come to perceive the problem in a different way and therefore, you will see that your experience of it changes. It no longer has any hold over you, and that is when you can come to see it as truly insignificant. It cannot prevent you from going where you want to go. It is not a matter of you coming to the realization (as it has been projected at you from the traditional religions) that you are a sinner and that something is so terrible or so bad.

I am asking you, instead, to realize that you are currently at a good space but the question is: “Is there more you would like to experience on this earth while you are still in embodiment?” Then, how can you have that experience? Do you not see that the entire illusion created by the fallen beings is that the only way for you to change your life experience is to change the external conditions? The reality (that we have been telling you now for years) is that the only way to change your life experience is to change your internal condition. 

Adopting a positive outlook on life

This is the way to adopt a positive outlook on life and on the future. You realize that when you begin with yourself, you are not only changing your own life experience, you are at the same time changing the totality of the collective consciousness. If there is a problem in your particular country that most people are very concerned about, then if you change your own perception of that problem, you will shift the collective consciousness. 

You may say: “But is it so much that it is significant?” It is significant because you are not an isolated individual. Each one of you (who is open to higher awareness) have many other people who are tied to you in a structure similar to a pyramid. When you raise your consciousness, you will pull up on those below you and make it easier for them to shift their perception. 

They, on the other hand, have their own pyramid under them, and that means that when they move up, they pull on all those below them. This is how even one person can start a chain reaction that gradually spreads to an entire society. This is how consciousness changes. This is how consciousness has always changed. It starts with one, then two, then three, then more. All of a sudden, there is that shift where it becomes obvious to the majority of the people in a society that something has changed, or something needs to change and they want change. 

The Age of Higher Awareness cannot be born on the ashes of the current society collapsing. Things can be changed by those who can grasp the vision of bringing about positive change by building on what has been achieved. You can look at a society such as Europe (or the United States) and you can see that even though they have a higher level of development, there is this problem, there is that problem, there is the next problem. You could focus on the problems and think that society is on the brink of an imminent collapse. You could also shift your perception and realize that regardless of the problems that are there (and this does not mean to go into denial), compared to how society was fifty or a hundred years ago, tremendous progress has been made. You cannot really deny this. If you are not appreciative, then go and talk to your grandparents if they are still alive, and ask them to tell you how it was when they were children, and you will see that there has been progress. You can adopt the attitude that we have made much progress.

We have a good foundation for making even more progress, and for shifting into the positive where we are no longer enacting change in order to get away from something that is bad and intolerable. We are enacting change because we see that there is so much more that could be done, that could be experienced, that could be manifested. The aware people can make that switch, to be positive, to transcend the fear that there could be some collapse tomorrow. There may be bumps in the road, but it is a matter of realizing that the bumps in the road are just that. They are just bumps in the road, but it does not stop your progress. It does not stop the progress of society. 

You might even switch your perception even more and realize that the bumps in the road are not even bumps in the road. They are simply manifestations that give people an opportunity to shift their perception. There are those who cling to status quo, do not want to shift their perception. Sometimes they need to be shaken in order to shift their perception. 

If you have already decided to shift your perception into a positive, why should it bother you? Why should you look at these with fear and trepidation? Why should you be discouraged because you think things are so bad, when in reality they are not any worse than you make them out to be. Make them out to be positive, to be stepping stones to a new experience, individually and collectively. How does the collective experience shift unless some dare to shift their individual experience.

Solving problems without force

What does it take to give service to life? It takes that you are at peace with yourself. You can look upon yourself as an individual, and you can see that if you are not at peace with other people around you, over the circumstances you find yourself in or with the planet on which you live, then it is because you are not at peace with yourself.

Internal cause of terrorism

You can transfer this to a nation and say that if a nation is not at peace with other nations, then it is because it does not have peace within itself. This is an important idea to send into the collective consciousness so that nations can take an honest look at themselves and see whether they are at peace with their neighbors, at peace with the world. If they find that they are not at peace with the world, then they need to stop doing what they have been doing in these later years where there have been certain terrorist attacks.

They need to not do what the United States has been doing since the terrorist attacks there in 2001. You need to recognize that when you are being attacked by an outside force, the worst thing you can do is to strengthen the fortifications around your mind. It is precisely the fortifications you have built around your mind that attracted the attack. If you had not built the fortifications, you would have sent a different signal to the cosmic mirror. When you build fortifications, what is the signal you are sending? You want to live in a world where there is a need for the fortifications.  How will you know there is a need unless there once in a while is an attack?

Of course, there are many nations in the world that are not at the level where they are able to see this. The Arab nations, for example, where many of the attacks have come from, would not right now be able to see that it is their own attitude that creates the external enemy. There are a number of European nations that are at the level where they are ready to acknowledge this. Therefore, this is just a matter of making it break through at the outer, conscious level where they acknowledge fully that it is your own internal strife that creates the external enemy, or that at least attracts the external enemy and makes you a target of that enemy.


Many people will object to this statement, and they will point to all kinds of examples from history. They will say: “What should the people have done about Hitler? Should they have not defended themselves? Should they have let Hitler overtake the whole world? Should they have let the Soviet Union overtake the whole world? Should they have let Attila overtake the whole world?” It is possible to take certain physical measures that are aimed at defending yourself in a practical situation but you are still doing it with a mindset that is at peace.

This may seem like a contradiction, but it is not a contradiction when you step up to a higher understanding. It is possible to recognize that you may have nations in the world that have an aggressive intent and that the only way to deter them from attacking you is that they fear the consequences because you have a capable defense. All nations at this point cannot abandon their military. Some nations can do so because they are ready to set forth that example. It is still possible to maintain a certain defense that can deter an attack, though you are not in a state of mind that encourages the attack. 

There were, in fact, nations in Europe that had attained some degree of this consciousness before the terrorist attack in 2001. After that attack, many nations in Europe went along with the United States’ reaction to that attack. This has created a new consciousness in Europe where the nations of Europe have also felt threatened. It is this awareness that has precipitated the terrorist attacks on this continent and will continue to precipitate such attacks until it is again abandoned. 

Terrorism is insignificant

It is easy to be at peace when there seems to be no threat and all seems to be peace. The challenge is to also be at peace within even when there seems to be some concern, some outer force that may be looking to attack you. The real challenge is, of course, to respond to an attack by staying in peace. This test, the European nations have clearly not passed with flying colors in these last several years. Yet there are now a number of nations that are ready to pass this test and say: “We cannot allow these external attacks, these external threats, to force us back into the state of consciousness we abandoned after the end of the Cold War. We cannot allow them to force us to go backwards in our national growth.”

The nations of Europe need to realize that they first need to manifest peace within in order to avoid the outer enemy, in order to avoid the reaction from the universe that validates their view that they are under threat. The nations of Europe should indeed take precautions to prevent further attacks. Again, there is an interplay of the practical wisdom where you accept current conditions for what they are and take the necessary steps to live with those conditions in the best possible way, without letting them deter you from your progress, from manifesting your greater goals.

These terrorist attacks are just a very insignificant incident in the long history of Europe. When you see that there is a vision of what Europe can become, you will not allow such attacks to deter you from moving forward towards that vision.

Focusing on possibilities rather than problems

As the consciousness goes through this series of shifts that will lead to the Age of Higher Awareness, it can be difficult for most people to even fathom that such changes can happen. This is one reason why we have so far focused on giving you an awareness of the problem because many people are still so focused on the problems that they think that: “Yes, if there is to be a better age, we need to overcome this and that and the next problem.” 

There will be a shift, that is perhaps more subtle than any of the others, and it is that people will begin to shift their focus away from the problems and shift onto the possibilities, the potential. Suddenly, it will be seen that right now many people think that the problems are real and the potential is a fantasy or at least very unlikely. There can be a shift where people begin to realize that, in a sense, (from a certain perspective) it is the problems that are unreal and it is the potential that has reality to it. It is the possibilities that are real and this can lead to a shift, which has already happened in many nations. There have been these gradual shifts up throughout the last century where the material affluence has been increased. People have without realizing this shifted into a more positive view of life, into a more trusting view of life. They have felt that perhaps they live in a more friendly universe than their grandparents did, and certainly a more friendly world. 

This can cause this shift where people begin to actually accept that the material realm wants to nurture them and give them everything they need in the material so that they can pursue the raising of consciousness. This is a very subtle shift that can have incredibly widespread impact on how people feel about themselves, how they feel about the world, how they feel about each other, how they relate to each other. Suddenly, if you do not distrust the universe, why do you need to distrust your neighbor, especially when you experience that basic humanity in both yourself and your neighbor. 

You will see that neighboring nations who have had conflicts in previous centuries, maybe even previous decades, nations who have had distrust of each other, suddenly this will dissolve and they can scarcely understand how they used to look at each other with this distrust. They realize that: “Really, why shouldn’t we trust each other, after all we are so alike?” 

One of the areas where this potentially could happen is among the three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They are so alike in language, in culture and in mindset. Once you see beyond certain national differences, you see that they are so alike in mindset. Why is it that nations such as Denmark and Sweden have had so many wars between them over the centuries that the only two nations that have had more wars is England and France? This is a fact that many people in Scandinavia are not aware of. Why is this?

There is a potential, a very real potential, that the Scandinavian countries can suddenly step up to a higher level of consciousness and say: “Why are we distrusting each other? Why are we not cooperating more?” This, of course, can happen in other parts of the world as well where there are nations that are very close to each other. They have simply been trapped in a spiral where they do not know why they do not trust each other, they just do not. Nobody is willing to stand back and say: “Does it actually make sense that we carry on with this distrust that might have been reasonable decades or centuries ago but is it relevant, is it even relevant today?”

Transcending problems rather than solving them

The more aware people need to be aware of many problems so they can help society transcend them. Yet the main process of manifesting the Age of Higher Awareness is NOT overcoming all of these problems. Even if we overcame all of these problems tomorrow, this would not automatically manifest the Age of Higher Awareness. The golden age is something that needs to be co-created between people in embodiment and higher awareness. It needs to be brought forth gradually so that people feel that it has not been dropped upon them but that they have played a part in manifesting it. They have a sense of involvement and ownership, and the greater part of bringing this Age of Higher Awareness is to shift the consciousness. When you shift the consciousness, the problems fade away. They are transcended.

The more aware people can authorize the forces of higher awareness to step in and remove the forces and manipulators who are aggressively perpetuating the problems and have created them in the first place. This is a two-pronged process. If you do not remove the forces of duality, people will not be able to shift their consciousness into a positive approach. When you remove the dualistic forces, this shift becomes so much easier and when the shift happens, it is not that all of the problems will be solved in a linear way. It is not that the cause of the problem will be destroyed, but people will simply transcend the consciousness. Suddenly, the problem either fades away or people no longer focus on it because they are focused on the solution, on the possibility of manifesting a better society. This is what will truly manifest the Age of Higher Awareness, but it cannot be done as long as people’s attention is pulled into all of these negative spirals perpetuated by the manipulators. It simply cannot be done.

Well, you could say that it can be done as it has been done over the past 2,000 years but it will be a much more slow process. It is possible to speed up the process so that by removing these dualistic forces, people will suddenly wake up and feel free from this weight that used to pull them into all of these reactionary patterns and spirals. When they no longer have this pull, they will be free to step back and say: “Why are we having this distrust? Why are we doing things this way? Why aren’t we looking for better solutions? Surely, there must be better solutions out there.” Suddenly, there is a raising of the awareness that yes here is a better solution and suddenly people will see that it is not a matter of forcing this upon society or forcing it upon other people. It is simply self-evident that this is the next step in the evolution of society.

The Age of Higher Awareness must come gradually

Sometimes the more aware people get so eager to bring a better age that they would like to see it manifest in an instant, in some dramatic shift. They want to see these dramatic shifts so suddenly some miraculous event, such as the return of Jesus or raising the earth into the fifth dimension or whatever people imagine, occurs and everybody now is astounded because of this seemingly miraculous event. 

Bringing the Age of Higher Awareness is a gradual process where instead of seeing this as some miraculous event, people see it as self-evident, as the obvious next step for society and therefore they implement it with that level of awareness, with that approach. Not that it is dropped upon them from heaven but that it is simply the natural self-evident step to take in order to continue the process of manifesting a better and better society where people feel good about themselves. 

It is not a matter of defining that we need to change the economy and therefore we need to implement this, that and the next thing so that we can map out a plan. No, it is a matter of raising the consciousness so that step-by-step many different people in many different places suddenly see it as self-evident that we need to do this. Some people think that: “Oh, this idea just appeared at the right time and everybody could see that it was self-evident and that is why we implemented it.” 

This is what many people think about democracy, for example, but it did not appear out of nowhere. It was brought from higher awareness and it was, in fact, a long process going way back into history to bring forth the current modern democracies. Many, many ideas had to be brought into the world before this could happen.

Rethinking everything we were brought up to believe

The more aware people need to recognize just how deep of a shift in consciousness is needed in order to manifest the Age of Higher Awareness. When you begin to realize this, you will acknowledge a very important principle. In order to free yourself from the collective consciousness on this planet, you have to be willing to literally rethink everything you were brought up to believe. You must question even the most subtle beliefs that are not even political ideologies or religious ideologies. They are the subtle beliefs that nobody questions because they have been part of the collective consciousness for so long that everybody takes them for granted.

Part of walking the path to higher awareness is that you are willing to question what everybody else takes for granted so that you can free yourself from these collective illusions. Therefore, you become a forerunner for adopting and accepting a higher state of consciousness that is free of these age-old illusions. When you become one of those forerunners, you can then fill your place, holding the balance for millions of others as the shift in consciousness spreads like rings in the water.

Holding a balance for others

Most of the more aware people have, maybe several times on their personal path, gone through a certain identity crisis where you had to be willing to question everything that you believed. You had to be willing to let go of everything that you believed and give up all your beliefs and wait to get back what is real. Not everybody on the planet is ready to do that – is willing and capable of doing that – and therefore there needs to be someone who can hold the balance as the shift in consciousness occurs.

When you are willing to question these deep beliefs, these illusions, and you overcome those illusions and you accept the truth of higher awareness that will make you free, then you can hold the balance for many other people, potentially for millions of other people. As they accept the new consciousness, they will not be overwhelmed. They will not lose their sense of continuity and identity but will be able to make a much quicker transition into the higher state of awareness.

There is a high potential that the transition into the Age of Higher Awareness can happen smoothly, gradually. Or there is the low potential that humankind will continue business as usual until the planet simply can no longer bear the weight of their karma on the one side and the weight of the new light that is being released on the other. It is therefore torn apart by the difference between the two. 

Humankind will be awakened, but it will be an extremely rude awakening compared to the high potential of them gradually shifting into the higher consciousness without even fully realizing what is happening. People simply wake up and say: “Hey, I no longer believe in these old beliefs. I no longer believe this is impossible. I no longer believe that we the people have no power to govern ourselves.”

Seeing a new future by leaving the unsolvable problems behind

By walking the path to higher awareness, the more adware people create a trail in the collective consciousness that others can follow, for without it, they will remain stuck in the mud. They need to be in mud and see: “Oh, there is a path there that leads to higher ground. I want to follow that path. How do I do it?” They yell at you: “How did you get out of the mud?” You look back and say: “I just left it all behind!” If they get it, they can do the same. You will make it possible for more and more people to simply leave the quagmire behind. They can leave the unsolvable problems behind and say: “We don’t need to solve these problems. We need to manifest something higher.”

There is a story that was told many years ago about the city of New York in the late 1800s that was facing a major logistical problem. Most of the transportation in the city was with horse carts, and you know what horses leave behind all over the streets. There were some very clever engineers who calculated that, if the horses kept doing their thing for the indefinite future at the current rate, then it was only a matter of so and so many years and then New York city would drown in horse manure, for there was no way to clear it out of the streets. As those who have been to New York City will see, although there may be other kinds of manure in the streets, there is not much horse manure. The reason for this was, of course, that a new technology was invented that made horses obsolete as a means of transportation. 

This is the central idea of Age of Higher Awareness. There are problems here that cannot be solved. Even higher awareness cannot solve them. Nothing could solve these problems because people would just recreate them as long as they haven’t shifted their perception. The only way to bring the Age of Higher Awareness is to bring new ideas that simply transcend the old problems so that people can see: “Oh, of course, I don’t want a horse cart when I can ride a car. Of course, I don’t want this petty old problem when there is something better.”

Always look for the practical solution—not the ideal solution

In many cases there simply is not one candidate or political party that is in alignment with higher awareness. Therefore, be practical realists. You are not looking for the ideal candidate, you are looking for the candidate who can present the people in a particular nation with the lesson they need to learn in order to decide that they, the people, will take command over their nation and that they will no longer allow those in power to misuse that power.

Increase your determination that YOU, the aware people, are in command of your nation—not the power elite, not the lower forces, not those who are evil and corrupt and greedy and look only to how they can enrich themselves and have no love for the people. Have such an intensity of love for the people of your nation that you simply will not accept that certain conditions can continue to exist in your nation.

Your determination can be the open door for an incredible assistance from higher awareness. You can invoke light, you can invoke direction that can inspire those key individuals who are in position to change the political landscape dramatically within a very short period of time. Yet they do not quite have the power, the thrust, to cut through the opposition to their mission. This is how you can hold the higher concept for your nation. And even a few people can do this, when you are striving first for the vertical oneness with your own higher selves and with higher awareness, and then for the horizontal oneness among each other.

It takes a certain number of people to come together in oneness here below before the response from Above can be released in full measure. You need to do two things to have the maximum impact on your nation. You need to first establish the connection to higher awareness that you have within you, within your higher selves. You need to establish that sense of oneness with higher awareness, so that you no longer fall for the lie that you are simply human beings, walking around here on earth, and that you have no more power than any other human being. You are not human beings. You are beings of higher awareness walking the earth in a human body. And the power that you have is only limited by your ability and willingness to let the power of higher awareness stream through you.

And then, the second thing you need to accomplish is to come together in a true oneness, the true sense of oneness here below, where you are not seeing each other as being competitors, as being in opposition to each other. You realize that when you have differences of opinion, as you naturally will have, the only way to resolve such differences in a harmonious way is to always look for the higher vision, the higher purpose, that can supersede the lower differences, quite frankly, many of which spring from the ego.

Yet, of course, not all differences of opinion spring from the ego. In many cases it is simply that your awareness different, and thus you tend to focus on different solutions to the same problem. In many cases, both solutions can be valid. So which one will you act upon? Well, perhaps you can sometimes act on more than one. But in many cases, what you need to do is to raise your consciousness and tune in to higher awareness, so that you can come to see which solution is the most practical one in this particular situation.

Higher awareness is not looking for the ideal solution because in many cases the ideal solution cannot yet be manifest because we are not close enough to the Age of Higher Awareness. Look for the most practical solution in this particular situation. When you have attunement, you will often see a solution that seems ideal to you. And that is why many times the more aware people are in opposition to each other, where each person is arguing for the solution that is best—seen from the perspective of his or her awareness.

It is sad to see two people who are in disagreement, when they are both right in the sense that from the perspective of their awareness, the solution they see is the ideal one. Consider that even if you can see the ideal solution to a problem or situation, it may not be possible to manifest that solution because it simply isn’t practical—given the outer conditions and the consciousness of the people. Avoid these confrontations and look for the most practical solution and unite behind that practical situation.

This will bring you such a great sense of oneness of purpose, such a great sense of harmony and peace among each other, that you can truly form that platform that will bring the solution down from higher awareness. And then, if you can achieve that oneness – above and below – you will see the political landscape in your nation, begin to change within a very short period of time. But there must be the oneness here below and the oneness between each and every one of you and higher awareness.

Higher awareness can overcome the problems in any nation

All throughout the world, you see many problems. They are severe problems. They will, from a human perspective, seem like insurmountable problems, because they seem like they have no solution. But it is only when you see them from the human perspective. When you see them from higher awareness, you realize that with higher awareness all things are possible. And therefore, there is truly a solution to every problem. And all you need do is open your hearts and minds to see that solution and call it forth into physical manifestation—and higher awareness will truly release the solution to every problem you see in any country.

This is no mere idle talk. It is not talking about some Utopia that cannot be manifest. It will not happen overnight, it will not happen in a decade. But it WILL happen, if you accept that it will happen and if you refuse to continue to accept the lie that it could not happen.

Higher awareness can consume every aspect of lower awareness found on planet earth today. When you look at your nation, do not allow yourself to think that the problems are insurmountable and cannot be resolved through higher awareness.

Higher awareness can consume every human problem. All you need to do is invoke it, but not only that—you invoke them not simply by giving an outer ritual, but by becoming one with the higher awareness that you are, so that your entire being is the open door for that awareness. That is your true potential, that is your true right, namely to claim your victory as the being that you are and to BE here on earth, here in the earth plane, the embodiment and the anchor and the open door for the higher awareness out of which you sprang. This is what will turn the earth around. And this is what has not been understood in most spiritual teachings given on this planet. You need to understand that the ultimate potential you have is to become one, here on earth, with higher awareness, so that there can be a oneness, as Above, so below.

In order to anchor that higher awareness, to anchor the Age of Higher Awareness in the physical octave, you need to establish the oneness here below that is the horizontal oneness between yourselves. Because the Age of Higher Awareness is the Age of Community. The more aware people cannot go into the state of extreme egotism of thinking that they alone are the saviors of the earth.

Even if one person in embodiment could save the earth – which simply is not possible – but even if it was possible, higher awareness does not want to see that happen. Because it wants to raise humankind to the level of understanding that higher awareness is within every person and that only when you come together in unity will you become the Age of Higher Awareness.

Did not Christ say, “He who would be greatest among you, let him be the servant of all.” And the truth behind that statement is that when you are truly great, and have great vision, you see that you are not a separate individual but that you are part of the more aware people, and so is every human being. And thus you realize that the only true way to elevate yourself is to elevate the All.