Brief thoughts about Politics

The politics of the Age of higher Awareness

You can make a new analysis of history where you simply look at history and recognize the existence of a power elite whose members are blinded and controlled by the human ego. Therefore, through the outplaying of this psychological mechanism, they have attempted to dominate the population for thousands of years. By the population becoming aware of this mechanism, even that in itself will bring forth a new day where the power elite cannot rule behind the scenes. The power elite can only rule when they can stay hidden from the people. Once they are exposed, then the people will no longer accept the elite, will no longer accept the lies that allow the elite to stay in power by manipulating the situation.

A new approach to politics

As a couple of examples of how this can outplay itself, look at the political situation. There are people in the United States who have become so attached to a conservative agenda that they see California as a threat because they see it as a liberal state. There are literally people who wish that California would slide into the ocean. They are so threatened in their conservative political beliefs that they are literally willing to see millions of people die so that they can preserve what they believe is the only true politics of the United States. Truly, it is the politics of the elite wanting to maintain status quo.

On the other hand, it must be recognized that liberalism is not the answer, for it is just another dualistic extreme. Higher awareness does not mean for California to secede from the Union. It means for California to come up higher, to come beyond duality, to find a new approach to politics that transcends the traditional two-party system, and therefore becomes a catalyst that will spread throughout the nation. By California going beyond the conservative-liberal duality and finding a new balance, well, then California will no longer be seen as a liberal, New Age state. It will be seen as having found a new approach, a balanced approach. 

What can be started here in this state can spread, for certainly there are people in every state that are attuned to the new energies and the consciousness of the Age of Higher Awareness. Through higher awareness California can transcend duality in politics and find its highest potential in a balanced middle-way approach to politics. The middle way is not the midpoint between liberal and conservative; it is transcending the duality of liberalism and conservatism, thereby finding a new approach. 

This does not necessarily mean the emergence of a new political party, although this is certainly one way to solve the current gridlock. It can also be possible that the people will take command over their traditional parties and demand that those parties stop being the parties for the elite, and get back to being what they should have been all along—namely the parties of the people.

The need for a new type of politician

There is an immense potential for new creative solutions to be brought forth. There are people in embodiment who have the expertise and the intimate knowledge of the political system, the economic system and every aspect of society. This will not come from one central authority. The more aware people can hold the vision that those who have the expertise will emerge and dare to speak out, dare to go beyond the norm and become a different kind of politician. Politicians who are not following the norms (that have been established now by the power elite for many a decade) for how a politician should behave in order to get along in the political system.

You have seen a few people who have had the courage to go beyond the norm. You have even seen some of the candidates that are now running for President and how the people have responded to those who are willing to go beyond established politics and bring a wave of fresh air. There are candidates that are not even in the running right now because the shift in consciousness has not reached the point where they can be recognized or where they will even have the courage to stand out and bring a new form of politics.

You have seen in the state of California how the people rejected a governor who represented everything that was wrong with the old ways of politics – the corruption and the wheeling and dealing – and instead elected a governor who was more of the people because he was not part of the political establishment. If the people will keep thinking beyond the traditional extremes, then there are other candidates who can quickly emerge and bring California to an even higher level of the willingness to go beyond traditional politics. They have the willingness to admit that things are simply not working in the traditional way, and we need new solutions and we need the people who dare to bring forth those solutions.

Citizen’s income

There has been talk in some countries about giving all citizens a certain basic income so that they do not have to work. This is a valid idea for consideration and experimentation. It would allow some people the freedom from making a living that could make them free to focus on developing their own psychology. 

Surely, many would take advantage of it and do nothing but there are those who are more aware people who could say: “I am going to focus, at least for some years, on developing my own psychology, healing my psychology, achieving mental freedom. Then I will see, when I have achieved some degree of freedom, what I might do for society.” 

There would be many young people who would have no clear conscious idea of why they are doing what they are doing, as you have seen many spiritual people who started the path without really knowing what they were doing. After some years, they reach a greater clarity and now they become free to actually begin to serve society rather than just pursuing their individual growth. There comes a point where you cannot grow further unless you serve the All.

More genuine communication in politics

What caused Brexit? Very simply that the British people did not have a heart-to-heart communication with the other nations in Europe. Is that the fault of the British people? Certainly not exclusively. What caused the situation in France where a candidate arose that wanted to take France out of the European community and wanted to go back to a nationalistic state? What has caused the situation in America where you see this nationalism of putting America first? Is it not because people do not have communication at the heart level? What if certain leaders were able to sit down and have a talk where suddenly you are not president this or chancellor that, you are one human talking to another human being and you suddenly connect and realize you are both human beings, and that your peoples are both groups of human beings. All of a sudden, the dynamic shifts completely, and then you are able to have this genuine communication. 

Why have you seen this wave of what people call populism where the people are dissatisfied with the political establishment and with politics as usual? What are people tired of? What are they dissatisfied with? Precisely that politics is one big game where everybody has an idea of how things should be, or how they should behave, or how they should talk, and how the other people should talk. They are all just playing this game at the surface level, never connecting at a deeper level. More and more people among the population are longing for something genuine. They do not see anything genuine in the arena of politics. If a candidate arises that is not a typical politician, that speaks with a certain conviction, it may be that what he is convinced of is not realistic, but he is convinced and he has conviction, and he is talking about it in a genuine way, and then people think: “Maybe this is what we are looking for.” It may not be what they are truly longing for, but it shows you that what people are ready for is a more genuine level of political interaction between nations.