Brief thoughts about our view of Matter

How people look at the matter world

It would be extremely beneficial to the bringing forth of the Age of Higher Awareness if the more aware people could come to rethink their attitude towards the matter realm. This must begin with the more aware people because you are the ones who have the greatest openness. You are also the ones who, in many cases, face this very subtle challenge of how do you, on one hand, recognize that you are an aware person, you have a life goal, but on the other hand, you have to live an everyday life in a society that is very far from your vision. How do you bridge that gap? 

Traditionally, you saw that many aware people would withdraw from society because they could not maintain any sense of harmony when they were living in society. This is not what will happen in the Age of Higher Awareness. The more aware people find a way to live in society and still pursue higher awareness. If you can do this, you can be the forerunners for creating a shift in the collective consciousness where people realize that the matter realm is not their enemy. The matter realm is not a limitation of their creative efforts.

It needs to be recognized that the manipulators have done everything they can to promote hatred of the matter realm. You hate the matter realm because you think it is the one that is punishing you, that is putting limitations in your way, that is making life such a struggle on this planet. By working on yourselves, you can bring forth a new trend in the collective consciousness where people realize that the matter realm is the mirror. 

Conditions in the material realm are a mirror of conditions in the collective consciousness. If you experience that life is a struggle, it is because there is a struggle in the collective consciousness that has created certain physical conditions. People need to begin to question whether it is actually possible to change conditions by changing consciousness. This, of course, is what the manipulators have done everything to prevent, both through religion and materialism, but it is beginning to break up. 

There will be the breakthrough of a new approach to science where scientists officially recognize the need to incorporate consciousness in all scientific theories. They begin to research consciousness (as some of them have already done) and people begin to realize that there is already enough scientific evidence to prove that everything is linked to consciousness.

A secular approach cannot manifest a better age

It is more difficult to do this in a completely secular way, but it is not that progress cannot be made. However, it should also be said that you cannot manifest the Age of Higher Awareness through entirely secular means and an entirely secular approach. The reason for this is very simple. Human beings on earth simply do not have the energy to manifest the Age of Higher Awareness. 

There is a need for an influx of energy from the realm of higher awareness. That is why there needs to be this figure-eight flow, this symbiotic relationship between people in embodiment and the beings of higher awareness. You act for the good of the All, thereby multiplying what you have received so that it can be multiplied. When this figure-eight flow is accelerated to a certain level, then it will release sufficient energy that free energy becomes more of a practical reality than a vision.

It will mean that many diseases will begin to disappear. It will mean that natural disasters will drop in frequency. It will mean that new resources will be discovered around the earth. There are resources that today are driving technological progress that were not even considered resources five hundred years ago because there was not the knowledge of how to apply them in practical terms. 

As you raise the collective consciousness, as you raise the vibration of matter, suddenly matter stops being so much of a veil to people’s vision. They will suddenly discover plenty of resources that will make it possible to sustain ten billion people at a high level of affluence. You simply cannot look at current conditions and even believe that it is possible to sustain so many people at this level. Once you raise your vision and raise the collective consciousness, it is indeed possible.