Brief thoughts about Organizations

Asking the unasked questions

When you have higher awareness, you can step back and you can begin to ask some of the millions of questions that people who are trapped in the consciousness of separation simply cannot ask because they cannot even conceive of these questions. For example, the scientific elite can spend billions of dollars researching inconsequential theories, seeking to prove inconsequential theories, while millions of people are starving.

You can ask: “How is it possible that you can have these nations that have such a high degree of material welfare – such that truly no one needs more and certainly no one should want more – as long as there are two billion people or more living under the poverty level and millions of people starving?” Only the consciousness of separation can explain the fact that many among the richest nations are completely absorbed in their affluent lifestyle, only focused on getting more and more money, more and more property, bigger houses, bigger cars, more vacations. By the way, when they go on vacations, do they go and see how people really live in other parts of world? Nay, they may travel to a country where there are many poor people but they travel to the protected and exclusive tourist resorts that are set up by the international power elite.

What kind of consciousness fails to have compassion for the fact that not everyone has a lifestyle that is worthy of spiritual beings? Well, only the consciousness of separation. This is not said to blame anyone or shame anyone into changing their approach. It is simply pointing out that what will bring the Age of Higher Awareness into manifestation is that millions of people attain a degree of discernment where they naturally begin to ask these questions and ask them publicly, project them out publicly through all means available to them. This ranges from discussing this with their acquaintances to writing about it in any outlet where there is an opening, and even creating outlets where there is no opening, such as creating organizations that seek to raise awareness about these issues. This includes an organization with the purpose of raising awareness of the issues related to women. But there are many other such organizations that can be created to raise awareness of particular issues.

It is possible to create a worldwide umbrella organization that has as its goal to raise awareness through all means possible. This, of course, is an endeavor that will require many people with a variety of experience. You may say: “Well, what about the United Nations, is that not one of the purposes behind the United Nations?” Certainly it could be, but right now it is not being fulfilled for there are, of course, not enough people who dare to openly acknowledge that life has a non-material side. Society, civilization cannot fulfill its potential if we do not acknowledge that life has a higher aspect. There is only so far we can go as human beings. Only when we achieve higher discernment, will we be able to step back and ask the questions that we cannot even ask from the consciousness of separation.

Ego-based organizations

You have all heard the story of the devil saying that he is not worried about people finding the truth; he is just going to ask them to organize it. Many more aware people have taken that statement to mean that there is an inherent problem with organizing anything. 

This, of course, is not correct. There is no inherent problem with anything on earth. There is an inherent problem with anything that is done from the dualistic or the egoic consciousness. What has happened up to this point on this planet is that the devil has had an easy time because whenever he asked people to organize something, it was a given that they would be coming from the level of the ego. Therefore, their egos would begin to clash, and the usual games that you have seen over and over again would outplay themselves. It would not take long before the organization itself had actually created its own whirlpool of energy.

The conflict between the people kept everybody transfixed in this whirling downward spiral where they often thought that they were being good spiritual people working for some higher cause. In reality, they were slowly or quickly moving in a downward spiral, often without noticing it. This is why you have seen many spiritual movements that had a certain momentum for a while but eventually started to diminish or even collapse or be split apart by internal conflicts. The devil knew that because people had no real awareness of the ego, because they had no willingness to face and confront the ego, all he needed to do was to get them to organize it. Then, the rest, as they say, is history. 

Transparent communities and societies

In the Age of Higher Awareness people will come to a higher level, come to that level of having resolved enough of these ego patterns that you can begin to come into unity without having that unity, that outer unity, be taken over by the ego patterns. This requires us to create a community where you have resolved enough ego that you can be free to talk about anything and to tell each other anything without somebody being insulted and walking out in a huff. 

The kind of communities and organizations that will emerge in the Age of Higher Awareness, are those where there is this kind of transparency. This does not only mean spiritual communities but organizations of all kinds—even organizations in society, even the organization that a society is, that a nation is. 

In this age the Internet makes it possible to spread information instantly and makes it very difficult to suppress certain types of information that the people who are targeted by the information would rather see hidden. You see this with the Panama Papers or even what is happening on Facebook where a certain idea can be spread very quickly. There is an outer technology that now allows you to spread information, making it more and more difficult to suppress information.

What is it that this is moving society towards? It is moving society towards a place where nothing can really be hidden. It does not mean that in the Age of Higher Awareness you cannot have a private life. You will, of course, still be able to live in a personal relationship or a family, and it is not like anybody can monitor what you are doing in your home. Yet in the public space, when it comes to any kind of organization that involves many people – and it potentially affects many more people, such as society – nothing can be hidden. There must be and there will be transparency.

The mindset of having nothing to hide

Even among the more aware people there is still, for many of you, a certain element of ego that resists this and says: “Oh, but I certainly don’t want people to know everything about me.” It is not that people need to know everything about you, but you need to come to a point – as the more aware people who are the forerunners for the Age of Higher Awareness – where you have nothing in your consciousness or your life that you want to hide. 

This is not about a situation where you know you have done something and you want to hide it, or you know you have a certain element of your psychology and you want to hide it. It is about coming to a point where you have acquired the attitude that there is nothing you want to hide, that there is nothing that could possibly come up in the future that you are not willing to look at, that there is no situation you could imagine on earth that you would not be willing to confront and move through if that was part of your path.

In order to fully lock in to the flow of the river, you must surrender yourself into the flow of the river. You must be aware: “I am in the river. I am not standing on the bank looking at the stream flowing by me. I have immersed myself in the river. I am flowing with it, and wherever the river takes me downstream, whatever experiences the river brings up, I am not going to stand aside and just watch. I am not going to hold on to some branch on the bank of the river. I am not going to resist the flow. I am not going to cling to a rock. I am going to flow with the river through that experience. Even while I am flowing through it, I am going to be aware that I am flowing with the river. Even if it might be unpleasant right now, I know that the river will carry me through this experience, and there will again be a calm phase of the river afterwards.” 

You see, you cannot fully tune in to the River of Life if you are resisting its flow, if you are saying: “Yes, I want to flow with the River of Life, but only if it flows nicely and gives me good experiences.” That is not flowing with the river.

No more secret organizations

In the Age of Higher Awareness it will become more and more impossible for any organization to function in secret. It will become more and more impossible to stay hidden. What is it in you that wants to hide something? It is the ego. Who are the people who want to hide something in society? Who are the people who want to exercise power and hide this from the population? Well, of course, the people who are completely trapped in the ego, and they are the manipulators, the power elite, those who are completely trapped in the dualistic consciousness.

When you tune in to the River of Life, you can see that behind all the turbulence there is an ongoing movement. You can see that there may be all of these organizations, there may be some secret organizations, there may be some conspiracies, there may be all of these things going on right now, but beyond holding the vision, you do not need to be worried about this. You need to tune in to the river and flow with the river whereby you reinforce the flow in the collective consciousness. You bring society more quickly to the point where all of these secrets, all of these barriers, will fall away and people will not be able to hide anything anymore. 

Therefore, those who want to hide because they have something to hide, will begin to realize that they had better not seek any kind of public office or position because they will not be able to hide. There is already a certain selection process where there are those who have elected not to run for office because they knew they had done something that would not remain hidden if they had to go through the much more public process that it is today to be elected in many countries. There are also people who have certain psychological issues where they know that they will react with anger when they are challenged and who have elected not to run for office. This means that those who were the dictators of the past have in some cases given up trying to run for a democratic office, and this has then saved a certain society from going into a blind alley of being taken over by someone who has a more dualistic state of consciousness.