Brief thoughts about Mental Health

Mental illness in affluent nations

The European nations (especially the more developed and affluent of them) have decades ago come to a point where they can grow no further unless they begin to look at how they can serve others. If they do not take this step, they will see more and more internal problems come up that pull on their resources and their attention, but it does not help the nation progress. One example of this is mental illness. This is an example of how, when a nation has no goal that reaches beyond itself, more and more people manifest a sense of hopelessness, a sense of despair. They go into depression or other forms of mental illness or substance abuse. 

The reason is simple. When a nation reaches the level where it has the resources to help others, there will be a wave of souls that come into embodiment because they know it is their Life plan to serve in this capacity, and they see that this nation is an opportunity for them to fulfill this. When they come into embodiment, they forget who they are. There is nothing in their nation that stimulates their desire to help the whole. Then, what can they do other than feel an inner tension, feel like life has no meaning? “Why am I here? What is the purpose of it all?” They go into this downward spiral of more and more severe mental illness.

This is not a matter of analyzing it. It is, in many cases, a matter of channeling your energies into a constructive direction so that you do what you came here to do. This is what the nations of Europe have not been willing to recognize. The reason being that they have not been willing to free themselves from the paradigm, the worldview, of both materialism and the Christian churches.

It is clear that in order for there to be an Age of Higher Awareness in Europe, the nations of Europe need to transcend the mindset that took over Christianity and the mindset that has taken over materialism. It is not a matter of withdrawing, going into the opposite extreme or rejecting all religion. It is a matter of realizing that the only alternative to the Catholic Church is not materialism or atheism. There is a middle way, a different approach where you recognize that life does have a purpose that is not contained within the material realm. 

The manipulators want you to believe that the world is a separate unit. Either there is nothing beyond the material, or the world is separated from what is beyond. Therefore, the world in a way is enough in itself. It is a purpose in itself. It is a closed circle. There are very, very few people who can be satisfied in this closed circle for an entire lifetime. Most people have a desire for something that reaches beyond, but when they cannot find it, then what can they do but feel depressed?