Brief thoughts about Ideology

From ideology to practicality

Some of the most advanced scientists and philosophers have already made the shift, but more and more people – millions of people – are becoming ready to embrace this and to demand that it not only be made in the scientific field but that it be made in society at large so that societies realize that the time of ideology is over. The time of having theories is over. The time of having political parties that say that society should work this way is over. It is time to just look at:  “Who are we? How do we work? What works for us? What makes us feel good? What makes people happy? Then, this is what we base our society on. Not on some fanciful theory about how we should work or how the universe should work.” 

This would be a quantum leap beyond what you have seen in the past several thousand years. Even the Greek philosophers could be said to be trapped in this desire to create a theory in the mind of how the world works. Many, many philosophers throughout the ages, many political ideologists, have been trapped in this tendency, of thinking that you can look at the material world and, based on the conditions you see in the material world, you can make up a theory about how the universe works.

We cannot take current conditions in the material world and use them to explain how the universe works. The goal of the Age of Higher Awareness is to manifest a society where the material conditions, the material affluence, is so much higher than what we have today. How can you ever manifest that age by looking at current conditions and thinking that these conditions can explain how the universe works? You need to come to the recognition that current conditions were not natural and are not defined by the laws of nature. They are not inevitable. They are not insurmountable. 

They are created through the collective consciousness. By raising the collective consciousness, we can change many of the material conditions that today people think cannot be changed. When we want to explain the universe based on current conditions, we shut our minds to the vision that could take us and the earth beyond current conditions and help create a better age. 

If you had been completely convinced that the only way to produce any kind of mechanical work was to use an animal that is dragging an ox cart or walking around in one of these devices where it turns a wheel that pumps water, how would you have created the modern age? It only happened because there was a leap in consciousness where some people were willing to look beyond current conditions and say: “Something better is possible. It is possible to go beyond these conditions and create a different society.” 

How was it possible for people to invent the airplane? You take an airplane, you look at all of the components of the airplane. All of them are heavier than air. None of them can fly on their own, but when you put them all together and look at the whole, you see that there are certain conditions that actually allow an airplane that weighs several tons to fly into the air. This is holistic thinking, not details. Somebody made the leap and said: “It must be possible to fly, even with a device that is heavier than air.” 

There are so many of these limitations that have been programmed into people’s minds, and they are preventing the manifestation of the Age of Higher Awareness for the simple reason that people cannot even accept that it is possible. If you cannot accept that something is possible, if a critical mass of people cannot accept this, then by the Law of Free Will, we cannot bring forth the ideas and the technology that will take society to a higher level.