Brief thoughts about Ideas

Are ideas more important than individuals?

One of the primary ways that the manipulators manipulate people is by putting out the idea that ideas are more important than the individual. The most extreme expression of this mindset is that it is justified to kill other human beings because of an idea. In other words, an idea can justify the killing of other human beings. One of the primary shifts that needs to happen before the Age of Higher Awareness can be manifest, is that the people begin to recognize that this is a lie, this is a manipulation. It is simply out of touch with higher awareness, because an idea exists only in the mind. There is no idea in the mind that can justify killing the physical body that a being is using as its expression on earth. 

Physical life on earth is precious because life is an opportunity for growth. The people who embody on earth, being in physical embodiment is their highest opportunity for growth. When you take away the physical body, you take away that opportunity for the soul’s growth, and it is therefore the greatest violation of the free will of that being. This is why, when you look at the Old Testament and the command: “Thou shalt not kill,” there are no conditions defined under which circumstances it becomes acceptable to kill. Of course, from the very beginning, the priesthood of the Jews defined that there were indeed such conditions. That is why you see in the Old Testament that the Jews could supposedly believe in the ten commandments, and think they honored the ten commandments while they massacred men, women, and children of the tribes who inhabited what the Jews believed was their holy land. This is the manipulators manipulating the reality of higher awareness that physical life is precious, and they define conditions where it becomes not only justifiable, but even desirable, that people kill others. 

This was done all for the sake of an idea. Now you may say: “But didn’t the Jews just simply want the land that these people lived on?” No, because the Jews were motivated by an entire set of ideas that they were God’s chosen people, that there was a holy land defined for them, and that therefore it was justified that they went in and took it by force. These were ideas that justified this killing. If you will look at world history, even the recent world wars, you will see that in all wars, ideas played a role. It has always been that way because you have an instinctive drive not to kill your fellow human beings. You cannot kill another human being without knowing within yourself that this was not right according to some higher standard. You can kill so many people that you have covered over this instinctive knowing, and so you do not notice it anymore, but you still have it. 

In order to get people to kill each other, the manipulators have to do one of two things, primarily. They either have to set people in conflicts with each other where two individuals or two groups of people feel that: “If I don’t kill them, they will kill me.” This, then, is a lower way of getting people to kill each other. It can work sometimes without there being that much of an idea involved but in most cases, there is an aggressor that somehow feels justified in attacking the other group of people. Sometimes the other group of people, who were being attacked, may also have an idea of why the others are wrong and why this justifies that they defend themselves, so you can still have ideas.

The other way, the primary way, that the manipulators get people to kill each other is to define some system of ideas that justifies the killing of particular human beings. In many cases, it is exactly the pattern that you have seen so many times and that you saw in the process that led to the second world war. A group of people somehow feel superior, and they define a scapegoat that is inferior, perhaps even subhuman. Suddenly, for the betterment of some greater good, it is not only justified, but necessary and desirable to kill the scapegoat.