Brief thoughts about Growth

No limits to growth

Take a look at the computer industry, of how that industry has brought incredible wealth that was simply not there 30 years ago. There is no limit to growth, as they said back in the 70’s and 80’s, when they had an entire movement funded by the power elite to make people believe that there were limits to economic growth, limits to the growth of the size of the human population. 

Surely, there are limits—if you accept that there are limits. If you do not accept that there are limits, there are no limits. Everything on this planet is affected by the consciousness of humankind. The limitations that are here in the physical are the outpicturings of the limitations in the mind, the collective mind. Change your mind, get rid of the limitations in the mind and you will change the physical. This is an inevitable reality, and it is the most important thing that needs to happen right now—that people awaken to this reality and this potential.

Unfathomable growth

When the collective consciousness is raised to the point where people focus on improving their lives, when more and more of the manipulators are removed from the planet, then there will be a period of growth such as has never been seen before in recorded history. You already see the technological possibilities, and once there is that shift where people focus on the positive, so many new ideas and so much new technology will be brought forth that the planet will shift into this almost unfathomable growth, unfathomable for the people of today who have never known such growth.

There will come a point where nobody really needs to look back at history and say who was to blame and what was the problem. They actually have a certain understanding of the forces of history, and they are aware that they cannot allow this to repeat itself. Given that the manipulators are not on the planet, it is not really a risk that it will repeat itself, and therefore there will come a point where societies will actually shift. They will not ignore history, but they will not seek to analyze and place blame. They will look forward and focus on the task of creating a better society, a golden age society.